Rosin Tech THC Testing Reveals Parchment Paper Warning ?

  • Published on Dec 14, 2015
  • The bid question is , what is i n your Rosin?
    Well today I ran a few sample to see the THC levels that were in my Rosin and during my testing I discovered something else that scared me so I made a few calls.
    What do you think you are seeing and do you think that pressure, heat and Cannabis terpenes can degrade parchment paper ?
    With further research we found it was not the parchment paper .
    Video up date on what is floating in the test tube coming soon ..

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  • CHristopher Hagerty
    CHristopher Hagerty 15 days ago

    Parchment is for Baking and Eating off of because you can digest the wax film that comes off the parchment. Parchment was NEVER meant to be Inhaled via Smoking sticky extracts off of it! Be Safe and Do your Research, Parchment is COPD waiting to Happen!

  • Ross Clapper
    Ross Clapper Month ago

    i think i figured it out..... ive been rolling bubble hash under parchment paper and when i peeled it up the design they print onto the parchment paper is what comes off.... at least in my experience... i have pictures if anyone cares anymore.... (john b) buuut yeah thats what ive come up with....

    • John Berfelo
      John Berfelo  Month ago

      If you rub your hand over the image you can feel the imprint, its like they stamp the design into the parchment paper , I have also had the same experience, I have been informed from the company their is no die or ink in the logo. ..

  • Kemmer Williams
    Kemmer Williams 2 months ago

    Your 6 minute mark is actually a 10 minute mark the seconds are running @ 100 pre minute 😂

  • Janina *
    Janina * 3 months ago

    OMG, you are SO Boring🌺

  • Thanh Nuber
    Thanh Nuber 4 months ago

    What's the baseline for the traces there? What are you comparing in order to get a percentage out? I hope you have some sort of standard curve you're comparing it to?

    THE DRUNK COOK 6 months ago +1

    As soon as I saw a glass of coca cola on the 'lab' table I ran from this vid. This clown is a wanna be dr. Paul hornby. hahaha

  • Phil Barrows
    Phil Barrows 8 months ago


  • steven landry
    steven landry 8 months ago


    STONEFREE 9 months ago +1

    You have too much time on your hands... Go smoke a bowl...

  • KJ
    KJ 9 months ago

    Look at this fuckin idiot all clean only to go back into his dirty bug infested shit show he calls his garden. New growers..don't listen to the shit this guy preaches that he doesn't even follow himself.

  • Omgcezwho
    Omgcezwho 9 months ago

    What would you recommend to use instead?

  • Le Sato
    Le Sato 11 months ago

    That stuff can’t have came from the parchment paper for one with how little material that was tested to have pulled that much residue off the little surface area that directly came in contact with the Rosin you would have been able to see it on the paper after pulling the rosin off. If it was just a few flecks in solution I would buy it but not that much. Also try running a sample with out filtering so the system can tell you exactly what the flakes are.

  • Denny
    Denny 11 months ago

    Your full of shiat buddy

  • Aaron Kapner
    Aaron Kapner 11 months ago

    "I'm seeing something I"ve never seen before." Yep, yep, yes. Someone pack a bong for me, this is too intense!

  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible Year ago

    Bro, when you pulled the rosin off the paper, it was super aggressive, and if you really think about it, even if it wasen't an aggressive ripp (before you froze/cooled it off and popped it off the paper). It'd still have grabbed particles of the parch p. Especially the wax off the parch p. Just a thought, i could be totally mistaken. BUT an idea came to mind on how to do this differently. i'll give it a shot or contact me privately and i'll share. Publically may not be wise it's a bit of a different process i have in mind, may work/ may not... but i'll keep it to myself for meow ;) as it may just be OP.

  • DrippyKid Brett
    DrippyKid Brett Year ago

    You should stop growing

  • Briggs Lund
    Briggs Lund Year ago

    how much does that program to do that cost to buy

  • StarDelta-9
    StarDelta-9 Year ago +1

    Jonny B just want to shoot u an invite to the fellowship of the Dank. As my guest to discuss this and what your doing. It’s amazing ty again hit me back

  • StarDelta-9
    StarDelta-9 Year ago

    Love the video this is my dig i would love to be in that lab with u. Can u share more in the parchment paper chemical change please. Ty love u hope u able to stop by my platform sometime

  • :paul- :j
    :paul- :j Year ago

    separation is THCA

  • Todd Hagist
    Todd Hagist Year ago

    I'm late to the party, 2018 in the States,
    i'm going thru the same thing. fuck there is a lot to it.

  • Aslan
    Aslan Year ago

    You must be loaded dude, how can you afford everything?

  • spikeEdt T
    spikeEdt T Year ago

    Thank you! U' being given such a way to see each development, in this yet to find things we need be aware of wile enjoying great medicine grown with love a certain way to look after eachother the USA should have found this out at their labs and no mention of any forien matter yet? /so now Canada gives you the means, and an important info on this new dab, rosin,ect... and ways to get it all down right! save us from lung troubles as we get older n smarter?/ciggs' are not very worth the cancer, a prayer to your health of you all!!! ENJOY

  • bernd baarzer
    bernd baarzer Year ago

    Hi John How much is a lab Test Kit like u have and what exactly i Need?I Sent u a Message on Facebook!

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker Year ago

    How bout distilled testing?

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker Year ago

    If you check your parchment after press, it’s obvious there has been something removed, and it had to go somewhere.

  • danjf1
    danjf1 Year ago

    Nice video. That is Liquid Gas Chromatography/mass spec? Looks similar setup i used to use as a lab tech back in the 90's in the hospital testing therapeutic ranges of all kinds of meds - Lithium was one i remember (many other meds but i forget what i had for breakfast let alone the meds we'd run thru the machine) since that poison's range for its "therapeutic" level is pretty narrow. Thanks for posting this - never thought id see cannabis testing with that technology. welcome to a brave new world :-)

  • Honest Vapes
    Honest Vapes Year ago

    good thing I use a hair straighter with nothing but hand pressure with my parchment so I dont think my grip can generate enough pressure for it to come off...

  • Honest Vapes
    Honest Vapes Year ago

    There is always something wrong...

  • Joe Miller
    Joe Miller Year ago

    that white stuff is wax and amino acids

  • Chrissy Chavez
    Chrissy Chavez Year ago

    Love you for the knowledge you share... Please any emails or social pages I love to join the cannibas society. I gotten sick after a knick during surgery turned out I had to live on pills 😥 nope I got grow me some medicine though I still have to take some expensive pills I minused so far a good amount... Grow your own meds with help from masters at cannibas...

  • bishop198666
    bishop198666 Year ago

    so what about cooking with parchment at 400F? who will start making hemp paper with coconut wax on it????

  • Mir Gene
    Mir Gene Year ago

    Watched videos of how it's made or produced. Parchment paper is how it's collected. It originally was first only prescribed . Of course tiny amounts of parchment would be there . However all of the other harmful carbon monoxide elements removed. In effect a vape like experience I'm told .

  • Wayne Cadman
    Wayne Cadman Year ago

    How do I get that set up? Im Not a scientist and would love to do my own test

  • esbekay
    esbekay Year ago

    What model SRI is this?

  • farmacy Bros
    farmacy Bros Year ago

    we agree that with pressures and heat combine will take a cumulative degeration to the parchment 100 %

  • Smoke Weed
    Smoke Weed Year ago

    Your worried about wearing a lab coat, but you have that soda popping everywhere nearby.

  • pendragon1950
    pendragon1950 2 years ago

    Ive been watching all this stuff all over the net and i still don't understand why everyone is suddenly afraid of smoking a joint. i don't remember anyone dyeing from it.

  • Psalms Five
    Psalms Five 2 years ago

    Thanks for the video. Can you help me with a question? Is Rosin cannabinoid selective or discriminatory? Are any cannabinoids left behind more than other methods, say those using non-polar liquids specifically?

  • PranksterGL25
    PranksterGL25 2 years ago

    AWW WHAT how u gonna put that inn comments, WHAT IS IT?! lolol is it the plant fat joining or the smashed pieces!?

  • Bluegrasshero
    Bluegrasshero 2 years ago

    Lol way too much trouble to extract thc. must be nice to have tons of time on your hands. I think youd benefit from learning how to grow better....

  • Rock78 Rock78
    Rock78 Rock78 2 years ago

    So in the video's description, it said it wasn't the parchment paper?

  • NDupsChannel
    NDupsChannel 2 years ago

    46% THC??? I'd call it quits if that was my return 😆😆😆 why even make rosin? Shatter is 75% on avg.
    Parchment doesn't react at that low of temps. It reacts to butane if you blast on it, that's a no no.

  • Derek Saenz
    Derek Saenz 2 years ago

    This might sound gay. But dude i really wanna meet you and hang. I am all about SHO.....

  • Greg Hudson
    Greg Hudson 2 years ago

    I can taste the parchment in my rosin and the I think the screens we use release something in the rosin too.

  • Robert Bradford
    Robert Bradford 2 years ago

    But with the mats you won't get paper fibre, hello which is what that is

  • Robert Bradford
    Robert Bradford 2 years ago

    Parchment and mats are made with the same stuff minus the paper of course, but chemically they are the same, just different levels of silicone, it the same as your mama telling you "don't go outside when it's cold and your head is wet you'll catch cold" completely not true but widely believed, the same with parchment vs silicone mats

  • Robert Bradford
    Robert Bradford 2 years ago

    do you know how parchment is made? Its made by infusing the paper with silicone, just like a silicone baking mat, so not using a baking mat because of chemicals and then using parchment instead is the same thing, HELLOOOOO

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 years ago

    That'll happen if you press rosin in cheap ass parchment paper. It's not designed to be used like that. It's 2017 now. Use proper rosin bags.

  • East Los Patient Group

    where can I get my hands on that testing system?

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 2 years ago

    this is what happens when people try and pretend they are scientist....there is wax on parchment paper, if its used in cooking its are not a scientist, you stated that yourself, so stop releasing misguided, yourself contaminated it buy touching it with RUBBER GLOVES, there is powder on rubber gloves, and they are made of nitrile mostly...all medical grade oils are tested in real labs, and wouldn't be released if it had "bad' stuff in it.....

  • piitun
    piitun 2 years ago

    if you mix Silica Supplements it look's exactly like that

  • Let’s Talk
    Let’s Talk 2 years ago

    So instead of using parchment paper why not use a non stick surface material like teflon on the heating plates?

  • william parada
    william parada 2 years ago

    Passion, dam you my friend deserve an award, but anything man made will kill a man so don't really matter

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 2 years ago

    this dude totally creeps me out. he probably had dead bodies on the other side of those curtains.

  • Randy Fisher
    Randy Fisher 2 years ago

    Thanks for the schooling. Looking forward to what is suggested to use other than Parchment.

  • Tumbleweed 420
    Tumbleweed 420 2 years ago +1

    So what do we use that is safer?? ☮️

  • Angie Paopu💛💙
    Angie Paopu💛💙 2 years ago

    crystalline was forming in the rosin methylene ? extracting the thc-a

  • Andrew Liam C
    Andrew Liam C 2 years ago

    Do you recommend a good introduction book..

  • Andrew Liam C
    Andrew Liam C 2 years ago

    It is awesome that even though you may not be a formally educated chemist that you're rock a gas chromatograph. Rock on. Where do you live that allows you to grow so many plants?