RazörFist Arcade: BATTLEFIELD 1

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • The best World War 1 stealth game never advertised.
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  • Christian Bethel
    Christian Bethel 9 months ago

    Why did you skip Storm of Steel????

  • Benjamin Rood
    Benjamin Rood Year ago +1

    It’s “Can’t you let me go to hell the way I want to?”
    Possibly the most tragic sentence ever uttered in TV, written by television’s greatest writer.

  • Benjamin Rood
    Benjamin Rood Year ago +1

    _Gallipoli_ is essential watching for anyone familiar or ignorant with the ANZACs, but as a film/show it’s nothing compared to _All Quiet On The Western Front_ let alone _Lawrence of Arabia._

  • MinuteBracelet
    MinuteBracelet Year ago


  • self-loving loser

    Razor's let's play's get a lot of fucking views. Some devs need to get in on that cheddah.

  • Nicholas Marinich
    Nicholas Marinich Year ago +1

    the campaign was so weak

  • Magus Trigger
    Magus Trigger Year ago

    Id fuck razor fist but he as the curves of a skeleton that was a twig before necro magic hit him.
    Work out or eat more one of the two

  • tyler roberts
    tyler roberts Year ago

    Eve, as far as ice cream go's, we've got a semi-local brand called Tillamook.
    FUCK Ben and Jerry's

  • Jwalle Le Lu
    Jwalle Le Lu Year ago

    Razor you got to do a venom metal mythis

  • LordSquirrelShow
    LordSquirrelShow Year ago +5

    Damn. Looks like they didn't notice my super chat. I spent good shekels to have my hard hitting question answered! And by hard hitting I mean the stupid stuff I think is funny in between the moments of insanity and sleep that I often have watching these because of how late you stream for where I live.

  • Brian Fitzgerald
    Brian Fitzgerald Year ago

    Is pope Francis really that bad? I thought he was actually pretty cool. What had he done that makes him an asshat?(genuine curiosity, not sarcasm)

    • Emily G.
      Emily G. Year ago +1

      Mostly just his lipservice to leftist shit like environmentalism and gun control, and most recently, making excuses about the recent set of scandals even though the main figureheads involved were pretty personally close to the Pope, and he seems conplicit in the coverup

  • TERRIBLE vision
    TERRIBLE vision Year ago

    You rule

  • Jack Walters
    Jack Walters Year ago +2

    Why can you see perfect silhouettes behind walls and through fog and everything? This is silly.
    1:02:45 - _Through the fog? Seriously?_
    Well...? Yeah. If you're allowed to do it, why shouldn't they?

  • Alp Tigin
    Alp Tigin Year ago

    I had a soiboi man-tits history teacher who sent me to the principal's office for being Robert E. Lee's great-great-etc-grandson. I had to spend that period sitting in the corridor until he went to prison for trying to kill his wife (true!).
    Also, Marty Friedman >>> Dime Bag Darrell, fite me.

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude Year ago

    No... liberty prime mod to scream Alex jones quotes!!

  • DarthDregan
    DarthDregan Year ago +2


  • Mathias Jensen
    Mathias Jensen Year ago

    Could you pleasee make a Metal Mythos: Cinderella. Why you may ask? Let me fucking tell you why!
    - Compared to a lot of other 80's hair metal they had an unique sound just like Dokken.
    - Their sound changed throughout the years
    - Only four albums exist, so it would be a easy video for you to make :)

  • I'mBatmanHI
    I'mBatmanHI Year ago

    "say it" .... " no"....." come on your my comedy jukebox" ...."no" lmao what did he what eve to say

  • dodofro
    dodofro Year ago +35

    41:24 RIP Daniel Edwards, a 23 year old pigeon who had a promising future whose life was cruelly cut short by Razorfist

  • West Is Best
    West Is Best Year ago

    That was my goddamn complaint. I play almost exclusively as a medic just so I get that WW1 feeling.

  • Tucker Latham
    Tucker Latham Year ago

    Hacking time...

  • blackbull77
    blackbull77 Year ago +1

    2:56:51 I forgot to ask this. Didn't the Captain of the Lusitania go up the cost of Ireland on purpose because he thought the ship was fast enough to out run the German U-Boats?

    • blackbull77
      blackbull77 Year ago

      From one of Dr. Robert Ballard books it sounded like Captain Turner was blamed for the entire thing. It's funny you mentioned Churchill, he was involved with that case against Turner only to have him exonerated. I don't know if it's true or not.

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  Year ago +2

      The ship was more than fast enough to outrun U-boats. Even without going at top speed.
      The problem was that a ton of fog rolled in, so they had to reduce their speed and turn toward the shore to orient themselves. Which brought them directly into the path of the U-20.

  • Gerrit Worthington
    Gerrit Worthington Year ago +2

    Yo razor, really love your cinema episodes. Have you ever seen the animated movie Heavy metal? Between your music and sci-fi tastes I think it'd be up your alley.

    TACADD Year ago

    2:50:03 *singing*

  • TrueCarthaginian
    TrueCarthaginian Year ago +8

    I'll never understand your hatred of beards/facial hair, especially when metal gods like Lemmy and Halford featured them prominently.

    • Legendary Mumble Rapper Ozzy Osborne
      Legendary Mumble Rapper Ozzy Osborne Year ago +1

      @The Rageaholic well Halford is a fudgepacking homosexual

    • Lieutenant Dude
      Lieutenant Dude Year ago

      The Rageaholic Lemmy has the sick muttonchops, and I’m pretty sure at worst halford had a van dyke/goatee. Neither of which are that full hipster beard (the low T lumberjack-off)

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  Year ago +12

      I hate hipsterbeards.
      Lemmy never had one, and Halford has a TERRIBLE one.
      You should hate them too. They look like shit and only shitbags grow them.

  • Berserk Shirt Bear

    You do not have a Hugo Weaving forehead or mouth

  • Berserk Shirt Bear

    Here we are 21 hours after the stream and I can finally see what's going on in the video, instead of just a black screen

  • Assault Spoon
    Assault Spoon Year ago +11

    Gas the spiders

  • Terrible Flash Animation

    razor and eve are soooo cute

  • Erik Jimenez
    Erik Jimenez Year ago +1

    Hey razor since you're a big ww1 history buff, if the Zimmerman letter work somehow how one sided the engagement with Pancho Villa and the Mexican federal army be even though the Germans were willing to armed and trained the Mexican forces.

  • Nubhub
    Nubhub Year ago +16

    Does Razor not know about China's silent empire in Africa rn?

  • Beery
    Beery Year ago +17

    >Oz Fox seen wearing "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" tshirt
    >later diagnosed with brain tumor
    Somehow I'm becoming less and less of an atheist as time goes on.

    • moon bat
      moon bat Year ago +4

      @Beery not saying I like the T-shirt not saying I like the name of the Outreach. I'm saying I like the work they do. And I'm thinking he was hoping the controversy would draw people to actually look into it and hopefully get a little more support out of it. It's not the tactic I would have picked but hey stripers been doing controversial stuff since the beginning I mean I wouldn't have named a Christian album to hell with the devil or God damn evil.

    • Beery
      Beery Year ago +1

      1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.
      KJV, of course.

    • moon bat
      moon bat Year ago +5

      I'm pretty sure Oz Fox helps with a Christian outreach program for prostitutes and other sex workers helping them get out of that business. The name is a little bit controversial it's hookers for Jesus so it may have been something to do with that.

    • Bub Zombie
      Bub Zombie Year ago +6

      Getting older usually (for the sane) means getting wiser.

  • Rokiriko
    Rokiriko Year ago

    Would you mind cutting out some of the more interesting parts?

  • Varangian Bill
    Varangian Bill Year ago +9

    I know of at least one WW1 horror movie, it's a British/German film called "Deathwatch".
    It has Andy Serkis as a murderous psychopath.
    It's pretty great.

  • Patrik Archy
    Patrik Archy Year ago +8

    I love Megadeth don't make me feel bad.

    • itlivesinthere
      itlivesinthere Month ago

      Sometimes I think razor is a metal snob. But then he says stuff like "Static X is all right" and then I become confused

  • Patrik Archy
    Patrik Archy Year ago +29

    Stop calling school education, call it indoctrination. We can at least be accurate.

    • Erich
      Erich Year ago +2

      No argument there. The fact that I was aware of how I could influence students probably means I was the sort of person that needed to be teaching that stuff. Though, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad to be out of it. In between having to manage 32+ class sizes, with at least half of each section either knowing little English or having some sort of issue requiring modification (eg autism, dyslexia, anything else a kid could have an Individualized Education Plan or 504 plan) and the other half wanting to be anywhere *but* school, along with trying to work on a master's at the same time, it was too much.
      If someone who reads this is going down the teaching career path, I would recommend *not* working on a Master's during your first few years of teaching. I fell for family saying "you can teach and work on an Master's at the same time, just don't take as many classes a semester." Between that and the very fucked up kids I was teaching, I was toast.

    • Magus Trigger
      Magus Trigger Year ago +1

      Erich to bad you quit, you could have made a difference

    • Erich
      Erich Year ago

      There definitely can be some actual indoc. going on. For like, the very short time I taught 8th grade social studies, the main textbook we had for the course was Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" adapted for middle schoolers. All the 8th grade soc. studies classes used it at the school I taught at.
      So glad I'm not teaching anymore. I'd have a difficult time falling asleep because chances are what they'd learn in that class would be all they get (regular/IEP and 504 plan/ESL kids) and that'd color anything US history that they'd learn later.

    • Dragon's Red
      Dragon's Red Year ago +3

      Any school for young children can be called indoctrination, not a very clever thing to point out. Kids have to be filled with a basic amount of "known/accepted" knowledge of the culture because that's how the world works.

  • Schnick
    Schnick Year ago +2

    1:29:42 that cut scared the crap out of me lol
    Oh and early in the stream you said that the fact that everyone uses the same tanks in multiplayer was annoying. At least when it comes to french and British tanks, everyone was using them. The Germans deployed more captured Entente tanks than their own Sturmpanzerwagen's since they only built 20.

  • Patrik Archy
    Patrik Archy Year ago +7

    Where is Terran Gelded?

  • Domino Godbane
    Domino Godbane Year ago


  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva Year ago +21

    Stream starts at 3:48.
    Turn off your phones, keep your limbs inside the car at all times and enjoy the show.

    • Angel Noose
      Angel Noose 4 months ago

      Some men are are born heroes.

    • Dean Thomas
      Dean Thomas Year ago +4

      *Goes to click link*
      *Hears Motorhead*
      Nevermind, I'll wait.

  • LysanderNemoinis
    LysanderNemoinis Year ago +15

    When Lady Fist mentioned the spider, I suddenly had flashbacks to MangaMinx beating a spider to death with a vibrator during a livestream.

    • Caesar Nero
      Caesar Nero Year ago +1

      It was a dildo thank you very much.

  • Metsän Otus
    Metsän Otus Year ago +1

    Unfortunately no. We learn jack shit about World War 1. History class is really all just about Nazis.

  • TheFool'sArcana
    TheFool'sArcana Year ago +2

    When will we get that Chevelle mythos, Razor?

  • Clayton Cole
    Clayton Cole Year ago


  • Elric of Melniboné
    Elric of Melniboné Year ago +17

    The womans stole poor T boogies job, I bet she sleeps with boos man.

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller Year ago +4

    I still haven't played B1. Playing CODWW2 now.