How to Waterproof Electronics || Nail Polish, Silicone, Potting Compound

  • Published on Dec 23, 2017
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    In this video we will find out how well nail polish, silicone and potting compound can waterproof electronics and how well they can handle heat transfer. Along the way I will show you how to apply those coating materials and what is important to remember when utilizing them.
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  • Emilio Narciso Cadena Martinez

    Now do this on a 3ds

  • Niw Naes
    Niw Naes Day ago

    I think proto putty would be alot easier to work with than straight silicone,add cornstarch to a netural cure silicone(normal silicon releases acetic acid while curing and will corrod metals) and you got moldable dough like substance

  • MotionArtist3D
    MotionArtist3D 3 days ago

    We used to have a cooker that its main electronic control box was susceptible to 'flooding' from cooking overs-pills which water spills usually contained salt and as we know salt is not only corrosive but also conductive. Therefore it used to short circuit the entire circuit board. Obviously this was a design fault on part of the manufacturer but I had to find an alternate solution until we can afford a new cooker. After buying a new control box and removing the cover, I protected its' circuit board with epoxy resin which made it pretty water proof. But I always wondered if the resin had any effect on the operation and current flow. This video was very helpful! Thank You!

  • Youssef Dirani
    Youssef Dirani 4 days ago

    So if the temperature was significantly higher with the 3 water-submerged cases, that would be a bad thing ?

  • sothye
    sothye 6 days ago

    Thanks for the tips - nail polish FTW !

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 6 days ago

    Time to nail polish my car

  • Javier Molina
    Javier Molina 7 days ago

    Why not use conformal coating instead of nail polish since that’s what it’s for and applies the same way?

  • Reapor Of Dragon
    Reapor Of Dragon 9 days ago

    now how to remove a pudding compound? XD

  • P. O.
    P. O. 9 days ago

    And what about just hot glue?

  • P. O.
    P. O. 9 days ago

    Hey Scott! Is there a way to make electrtronic components proof of low temperatures? For example if you want to keep some electronic outside the house.

  • El Frank
    El Frank 10 days ago

    You need to go to the doctor

  • Junior Civic si
    Junior Civic si 13 days ago

    I had the idea of water proof fones in 2009 I use to do this mixture at Green Lee inc

  • The Drone Horseman
    The Drone Horseman 14 days ago +1

    Das laben.. uhn voller hindernisse....hhhh... do a review of ...hhh... Cororssion X! ....hhhh... and I will see u....hhh... next time!!

  • Just Gravy
    Just Gravy 15 days ago

    Hmm. Wonder if dipped in glass, with potting compound to perhaps protect device against the immediate heat of the molten glass, could make a device protected from quite deep ocean pressures. Then it could be a subsea hydrophone or something like that. _(or something to troll passer-by submarines. E.g playing the 'trololol' song when some irregular noise were detected. lol)_
    provided enough energy, perhaps it could also resurface itself with simple electrolysis, having a chamber where hydrogen gas could be generated using the ocean water.

  • 777 Marchuk
    777 Marchuk 16 days ago

    - What was your position in a previous job?
    - Heat Sink Engineer of waterproof electric circuits with no load.
    - Next

  • armenvegas
    armenvegas 21 day ago

    Wouldn't "Corrosion X" work just as good?

  • TheDavidCraft !
    TheDavidCraft ! 21 day ago +1

    Im german 😂

  • Thrax
    Thrax 23 days ago

    should of tried hot glue

  • ErCapoAlex
    ErCapoAlex 24 days ago


  • Jeffrey Templeton
    Jeffrey Templeton 25 days ago

    I use a 2 part epoxy with a brush like your nail polish. It doesn't build up much volume so allows heat transfer. The epoxy resin is also much more robust than an acrylic paint.

  • Mohammad Alahmad
    Mohammad Alahmad 27 days ago

    Top nick 😱👌

  • dominic kämmerer
    dominic kämmerer Month ago

    Silikon kannst du mit einer spüli wassermischung und deinen fingern schön glatt bekommen.
    Und wenn du Klare Vergussmasse bekommst du mit Vakuum blasenfrei bzw die an der oberfläche bekommt man mit ein wenig wärme gut in den Griff.
    Viele Grüsse aus Pirmasens und mach weiter so tolle Videos

  • AbangZai2.0
    AbangZai2.0 Month ago

    Good info.thanks for sharing bro

  • CandyGramForMongo
    CandyGramForMongo Month ago

    Degas your potting compound by putting it under vacuum. Cody’s Lab has a nice vacuum chamber.

  • H lei
    H lei Month ago

    what kind of water did u use +salt? it makes a diffrence i think

  • Eric Seidel
    Eric Seidel Month ago

    Hello using motor with no load is not a valid test, should be at least with an airscrew that load it at least to 50% of its specs. Then you will see that the original heatsink with wrapping is barely suffiscient.

  • Bruno Bronosky
    Bruno Bronosky Month ago

    Silicone doesn't "dry". It cures as a reaction with water. It gets the water it needs from the air. But when you apply it thick, the cured outside seals the inside preventing it from getting water from the air. The solution is to fold in just a few drops of water before putting it into your mold. Search TheXvid for King of Random ProtoPutty.

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell Month ago

    i use dope.
    always more fun to have a tin of dope on the shelf than nailpolish when people drop in...
    dope... for model planes.

  • dao thuyen lam
    dao thuyen lam Month ago

    ax5s receiver waterproof ?

  • Ronnie Pirtle Jr
    Ronnie Pirtle Jr Month ago +1

    Clear, temporary peel coat paint for cars work great! It's good enough to hold up to the weather for 6 months or more.

  • Sabbir Hossain Shawon

    i use hot glue for water proofing...

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith Month ago

    im putting somework electronics outside of the house what do you recomnend me to use for my naked cable cover

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith Month ago

    my russian friend

  • Minion Man
    Minion Man Month ago

    Manufactures offer this and call it "topicalization".

  • Mohammed Anas
    Mohammed Anas Month ago

    This reduces thermal conductivity and failure of components earlier

  • Diego Aguilar
    Diego Aguilar Month ago

    I allways wondered why nobody ever did this, i usually use some high closs clear acryllic spraypaint from a can , it feels like an extra cheap little thing companies can do to make their products waterproof

  • Alex Kalicharan
    Alex Kalicharan Month ago

    I think your ESC temperatures aren't accurate as there was no load on the motor. If there was a propeller attached, current draw would be greater and your ESC temperatures would rise to the 35-50 C range, more or less depending on the propeller and RPM of the motor. These increased temperatures may or may not have an impact on the methods used in this video when put into real world use. I just wanted to point that out. Otherwise, great video!

  • Gap801
    Gap801 Month ago

    This is exactly what E6000 is for

  • Jason Natalim
    Jason Natalim Month ago

    Time to test my phone

  • Robin Orca
    Robin Orca Month ago

    the problem is when your trying to repair smd components.

  • 0m3n
    0m3n Month ago

    You should make another video showing all the new stuff that's come out and what's the best

  • Rip Current Pools
    Rip Current Pools Month ago

    Melt Wax! Simple,Fast and Non Toxic

  • Behzad Sedighzade
    Behzad Sedighzade Month ago

    900K views and just 18k thumbs up! People are dumb as ass!

  • Linus Preiss
    Linus Preiss 2 months ago +1

    Du bist Deutschland und man hört das Das Akzente

  • Sabina Zass
    Sabina Zass 2 months ago

    Good video thank you

  • siddharth Tiwari
    siddharth Tiwari 2 months ago

    Wow you bro

  • stachuthc 001
    stachuthc 001 2 months ago


  • Karl Norman
    Karl Norman 2 months ago

    Dip in epoxy resin. Job done.

  • Koning Bolo
    Koning Bolo 2 months ago

    Maybe a good idea to get hold of a refrigerator compressor and a pressure cooker and build yourself a small scale vacuum chamber to remove air bubbles and air voids from projects like these...

  • HBZ crations
    HBZ crations 2 months ago

    Thanks from my heart

  • HBZ crations
    HBZ crations 2 months ago


  • Sammy D
    Sammy D 2 months ago

    Motor under zero load is almost useless

  • rick coleman
    rick coleman 2 months ago

    Wish the auto manufacturers would do this to electronics they mount in the floorboard of cars and trucks which fail frequently, boat manufacturers are smart enough not to mount electronics in low water collection points.

  • badboybarber1
    badboybarber1 2 months ago

    Why don’t Apple do this to their devices. What a brilliant idea.

  • Mr.Muqri Murad
    Mr.Muqri Murad 2 months ago

    Thank you for show us this video

  • Lard British
    Lard British 2 months ago

    For nail polish, why didn't you 'dip' the ESC into a nail polish bath? Alternately, pour the nail polish into a plastic bag and put you electronics into the bag with it (the wires can dangle out of the bag). remove as much air from the bag as you can, and swish the nail polish around for complete coverage.

  • Greg Z
    Greg Z 2 months ago

    Will an ultrasonic sensor work if we apply nail polish at its two holes ?

  • anta yudi
    anta yudi 2 months ago

    How to do it for smartphone?

  • Karl Jensen
    Karl Jensen 2 months ago

    NEVER EVER use household/automotive silicone (acetic type) around wiring and circuits unless you’re intentionally wanting it to eventually fail. These Silicones continues to out gas corrosive vapors (that pungent vinegar smell) for months. If there is any moisture present, copper, tin, silver and other metals will corrode with such large oxide growths that things will short out. Use shoe goop/ household goop instead. Build up with thin layers because air is needed to dry. Neutral cure silicone can be used but thick areas cure slowly. flexible thin pouring potting compound is best.

  • Bojie Manalastas
    Bojie Manalastas 2 months ago

    I'm afraid of he's voice, I got chills! The end is coming. The 3rd Reich will ressurect. 😱