5 Gluten-Free Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Hunger • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Check out these gluten-free recipes that will still leave you feeling full and satisfied!
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  • maddy bum
    maddy bum 5 days ago

    why does this sound like club penguin music

  • SOsGLUTEN لا للغلوتين

    Very nices recipes IS very délicieuse

  • Artisan Maison
    Artisan Maison Month ago

    I’m so happy I went gluten free it’s been life changing

  • ぶろんブリア
    ぶろんブリア 2 months ago

    Sigh, being a super sensitive celiac aint easy :/

  • Eleonora Sacchetti
    Eleonora Sacchetti 2 months ago

    Gluten free? What about receipt number 2???

  • Chelsea Frank
    Chelsea Frank 2 months ago

    Please do more gluten free recipes

  • Mary Sakal
    Mary Sakal 3 months ago

    Awesome recipes, will try for sure, going gluten-free.

  • william hines
    william hines 3 months ago

    Please dairy free videos

  • Iconic Doof
    Iconic Doof 3 months ago

    I'm 165,140th!

  • LH
    LH 3 months ago

    My grandmother has celiac disease, I am glad I now can make her some desserts that she can eat! 😊

  • CJ Redd
    CJ Redd 3 months ago

    I noticed you were looking at me...

  • Kayla Williams
    Kayla Williams 3 months ago

    What is gluten because I’ve always wondered

    • Sophie Eagan Dvoretsky
      Sophie Eagan Dvoretsky 55 minutes ago

      it's a binding agent in wheat, barley, and rye flours. Some people are sensitive to it, and others' bodies destroy themselves when they eat something with it.

  • A10
    A10 3 months ago

    I have not been compatible with gluten for several months. But now I have great recipes to eat without loss of taste...
    your welcome to drop by :d

  • Ronnell Roulhac
    Ronnell Roulhac 3 months ago

    Great suggestions and variety. For more help in the kitchen visit www.njuniorkitchens.com

  • Daira Mateu
    Daira Mateu 3 months ago

    Wonderful! Please upload more recipes like that, I'm celiac and is grate find somes in tour videos.

  • Katrina Warren
    Katrina Warren 3 months ago

    ayeee tasty do more gluten free vids for us celiacs out here

  • Video Game Monster
    Video Game Monster 3 months ago +1

    Gluten free cancerous trend. Unsubbed.

    • doggie's channel
      doggie's channel 2 months ago

      +Video Game Monster I'm not saying I like that gluten free trend that's been going around, I have celiac disease myself. I just don't like that people assume eating gluten free is just a stupid trend and that it doesn't matter to anyone

    • Video Game Monster
      Video Game Monster 2 months ago

      +doggie's channel Those are very rare cases, so rare that food companies didn't even consider them before that stupid gluten free trend that came around and it became so popular because of ignorant people who see a word they don't recognise and get afraid. That's exactly the reason both glutten free and anti-vaccines trend came to be.

    • doggie's channel
      doggie's channel 2 months ago

      Some people have celiac disease or something similar, and they get (severe) health issues if they eat food containing gluten

  • Webshet Bekele
    Webshet Bekele 3 months ago


  • mochi su
    mochi su 3 months ago +3

    why they put so much cilantro on the curry.. it’s supposed to be a garnish not a salad sis

  • Lydia Jose
    Lydia Jose 3 months ago

    Andrews voice after every video gives me life

  • Eliska Charlotte W.
    Eliska Charlotte W. 3 months ago

    more gluten free please! Celiac's cooker here

  • I got yes jams
    I got yes jams 3 months ago

    i'm officially hungry ._.

  • mi2boiz
    mi2boiz 3 months ago

    Those donuts, pancakes and waffles would be devoured in seconds by my gluten free son!

  • Martin Pallasigui
    Martin Pallasigui 3 months ago +1


  • Alaisha Eden
    Alaisha Eden 3 months ago

    Now to do 5 gluten free vegan recipes that are yummy and filling or like gluten free vegan junk food.

  • Leedle Ladle
    Leedle Ladle 3 months ago

    *Shane Dawson has left the chat* 🐷

  • Saif Tutorials
    Saif Tutorials 3 months ago +1

    Finally after few days Tasty again started uploading 3 videos per day.!! Yeah!!!!

  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip 3 months ago

    I need this beat🥵

  • SH3R🐻
    SH3R🐻 3 months ago +1

    That beat though... 😎😎😎

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 3 months ago +2

      Right, makes you wanna beat the dough and make some bread. 🤣

  • ZombiBunni
    ZombiBunni 3 months ago

    I’d love to see some low fodmap recipes here sometime too! A couple of these are / could be if edited a tiny bit, but it’s so hard as a person with digestive issues to find really good savory food that doesn’t totally set my stomach off

  • Abbswim
    Abbswim 3 months ago

    It’s awesome to see some gluten free options.
    Maybe dairy free next?
    Or a dietary-restrictions challenge?!

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 3 months ago +1

      Nope, that doesn't sound like Tasty.

  • Tipo Momin
    Tipo Momin 3 months ago

    Please like and subscribe this channel and page
    Maano is cooking

  • Tipo Momin
    Tipo Momin 3 months ago

    Please like and subscribe this channel and page
    Maano is cooking

  • Chaia's Curations
    Chaia's Curations 3 months ago +1

    Guys I just started a TheXvid cooking channel and would please love some feedback plz!!!!!!

  • Veej Crowley
    Veej Crowley 3 months ago

    Anyone got suggestion for gluten free flour substitute that isnt almond flour? My friends has celiac but I'm allergic to nuts

  • Victoria Sanchez
    Victoria Sanchez 3 months ago

    I’m allergic to gluten and lactose

  • Keri McCall
    Keri McCall 3 months ago +1

    this music update is soooo much better than their old playlist

  • IX Dementos
    IX Dementos 3 months ago

    I love this food p*rn :P

  • aria darden
    aria darden 3 months ago +1

    The beat😂

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 3 months ago +1

    Gluten free? Yes
    Healthy? Hell no

  • Haley
    Haley 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for making gluten free food my mom has to be gluten free now and we can’t find very many recipes

  • Sofia Hagen
    Sofia Hagen 3 months ago

    Hey Tasty can you please make some gluten free recipes for kids?🍽 I’m patiently waiting.

  • Rochell Facey
    Rochell Facey 3 months ago +1

    love the beat

  • ananas 26
    ananas 26 3 months ago

    Please can you make recipes with Egg - Free (allergic) 😍

    TOK XON 3 months ago

    Actual curries don t have tomatoes.

  • matteo manselli
    matteo manselli 3 months ago

    Why do you make it look like gluten free people cant eat flour

  • m
    m 3 months ago

    1:02 "iT's cUrRy ChIcKeN1!1!1!"

  • xXtentionKord
    xXtentionKord 3 months ago +2

    Yall bett yo asses ima put gluten in this bitch

  • Muhanad Khleifat
    Muhanad Khleifat 3 months ago

    Hey guys, I’ve been making cooking videos for 2 years now and I’m working very hard. If you can please take 5 minutes to watch my one of my videos it would be appreciated very much.

    Thanks, Muhanad Khleifat

  • Aaron Gifford
    Aaron Gifford 3 months ago +1

    Number 2 is legit diabetes

  • Song Kim
    Song Kim 3 months ago +1

    Will get diabetes or some other diseases if you season/put sugar that much🤮

  • Sassy Batch
    Sassy Batch 3 months ago

    Some of these look pretty tasty... might have to try a few ☺️

  • foxykitty69
    foxykitty69 3 months ago

    Happy to see them make a video for gluten free people. I end up always having to change recipes to make them gluten free.

  • Pinan's Cook-house
    Pinan's Cook-house 3 months ago

    wow, so nice.

  • Baskinshannah Craftco
    Baskinshannah Craftco 3 months ago

    0:09 at .25 the times of the speed is kinda satisfying............ Except for sound

  • Ayush Srivastava
    Ayush Srivastava 3 months ago +1

    I won't go gluten free🐒

    • doggie's channel
      doggie's channel 2 months ago

      Some people have celiac disease or something similar, and they can't eat gluten

  • Shubhangi Bajpai
    Shubhangi Bajpai 3 months ago

    Egg alternatives!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Demolisher Infinite
    Demolisher Infinite 3 months ago

    Anyone got any gluten and dairy free recipe recommendations?

  • Nicole Gray
    Nicole Gray 3 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that is not curry

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee 3 months ago


  • Heartslove 3
    Heartslove 3 3 months ago

    "Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen"

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 3 months ago +1


  • R M
    R M 3 months ago +3

    *Indians leave chat at first recipe*

  • lunameowl
    lunameowl 3 months ago +1

    That beat is lowkey fire

  • Anson Hu
    Anson Hu 3 months ago +2

    What if gluten knew what u were doing keeping it out of things

  • KettouRyuujin
    KettouRyuujin 3 months ago +1

    You ruined the last one right at the very end! Cheese bread doesn’t need turkey, lettuce, or tomato.

  • Ciara Armstrong
    Ciara Armstrong 3 months ago

    Tasty can you please try and recreate crab meat rangoons and cinnamon rolls to gf? I miss those the most

  • Aditya katti
    Aditya katti 3 months ago +1

    What is gluten?😧

    • doggie's channel
      doggie's channel 2 months ago +1

      It's a thing ( I think a group of proteins or something) that you find in grains/cereals like wheat, rye, barley,...

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 3 months ago +1

      To gluten or not to gluten... that is the question.

  • OmgitzAnnieee
    OmgitzAnnieee 3 months ago +1

    _I don't cook._

  • Basila
    Basila 3 months ago +1

    the background music is poppin

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 3 months ago +1

      Right, but that gluten free ain't got no beat.

  • ProMachineRider
    ProMachineRider 3 months ago +1

    Tasty, have you heard of gluten free flour?

  • Ashwati Khanduri
    Ashwati Khanduri 3 months ago

    The doughnuts are so smart

  • Nabawia Fahmy
    Nabawia Fahmy 3 months ago


  • bill smith
    bill smith 3 months ago +1

    Yeah they are pretty much all crap. This is what happens when someone that is not gluten intolerant tries and fails to make something good that is gluten free.

  • Christina Uka
    Christina Uka 3 months ago +1

    Cardboard and motor oil. If you know what i mean

  • Spoilkid508
    Spoilkid508 3 months ago

    Make a super sized California Sushi Roll

  • gibbs1966
    gibbs1966 3 months ago +1

    Everything looked soo good execpt for that cauliflower dish.. I dont like cauliflower

  • Nawal Hajja
    Nawal Hajja 3 months ago +1


  • Alexander Vu
    Alexander Vu 3 months ago

    More gluten free videos

  • Sethuraman raman
    Sethuraman raman 3 months ago +3

    I know that chicken curry recipe because am from Tamil nadu curry is also mean by chicken

  • Yessie Garcia
    Yessie Garcia 3 months ago

    Show me how to make cinnemon rolls gluten free!!!

  • Angelina Peter
    Angelina Peter 3 months ago +1

    When people say Gluten free it reminds me of the Kardashians

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 3 months ago +1

      Kardashians are full of gluten.

  • Emm a
    Emm a 3 months ago

    Yes I needed some gluten free pancakes

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith 3 months ago +4

    Find the pretty face

    You know why you didn't find it
    Because your the pretty face😉

  • Seth Andreoli
    Seth Andreoli 3 months ago

    As long as I don’t see a fat ginger dude judging again I’m fine with these videos

  • Courtney 🌸
    Courtney 🌸 3 months ago

    Yay something I can eat!!! Woo woo

  • Birtycle 204
    Birtycle 204 3 months ago +1

    No. Not satisfied.

  • Ibrahim Raza
    Ibrahim Raza 3 months ago

    Chinese hand pulled noodles recipe like if u agree

  • Manzcube
    Manzcube 3 months ago

    Should be cool fit recipes avoiding butter and fat ingredients

  • 1 1
    1 1 3 months ago


  • valeria world's
    valeria world's 3 months ago

    Yummy !!!!!

    YOU'RE BAD 3 months ago +2

    This beat snaps does anyone know what it is

    • YOU'RE BAD
      YOU'RE BAD 3 months ago +1

      +Micheal Rows ha...

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 3 months ago +1

      I dunno any gluten free beat... just sayin' !

  • Azza Endo
    Azza Endo 3 months ago


  • feebeci
    feebeci 3 months ago +1

    When something says "simmer for one hour" I cant commit . I eat while cooking, in one hour ill be two pizzas down before dinner is even ready.

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 3 months ago +1

      One word comes to mind: *savage* 🤣

  • Leyna Tan
    Leyna Tan 3 months ago

    In my country butter are NOT gluten-free

  • SupLeon
    SupLeon 3 months ago

    Raw chicken is best chicken

  • Saher Merchant
    Saher Merchant 3 months ago +1

    But.... That's not chicken curry

    • Micheal Rows
      Micheal Rows 3 months ago +1

      Right, it's gluten free chicken curry.

  • Lecia Bella
    Lecia Bella 3 months ago

    Except for the direct egg in chocolate. ...all looks good

  • eMiLy CaBrErA
    eMiLy CaBrErA 3 months ago +1

    *Type 1 Diabetes all over the world are just livin it up, huh?*

  • Erik Debawse
    Erik Debawse 3 months ago

    As someone who comes from a family where celiac disease runs rampant, gluten free recipe videos like this are awesome. Thanks so much!

  • oasisbeyond
    oasisbeyond 3 months ago +1

    gluten free yet so bad for you... Not good.