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Frog Fish Eating (Viewer Discretion Advised)


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  • Sydney P
    Sydney P 7 years ago +31

    Crab knows what's about to happen. "Excuse me... I think I'll just go over here for a while..."

  • captainbrunch
    captainbrunch 7 years ago +15

    That crab was like oh hell naw lemme gtf outta here and under this rock before shit gets real!!!!

  • MrOnlyeye
    MrOnlyeye 8 years ago +30

    hermit crab's like "fuck dis I'm out.."

  • Super Michael 2003

    "ARE YOU READY?!?!"
    Well the frogfish was... The black fish wasn't, I wasn't, the crab partially wasn't... and I don't know why Daily Dose of Internet got me into watching videos of Frogfishes eating other fish.

  • Vanessa Andreassen
    Vanessa Andreassen 9 years ago +1

    Awesome video! The soundtrack goes great with it.

  • Phong Tran
    Phong Tran 4 years ago

    Who also gets shocked as soon the fish eats the other fish

  • DSGamer Growd
    DSGamer Growd 4 years ago

    Frog fish can blend from protect himself.
    Loves to eat smaller fish
    Can minijump
    Blending and protect himself
    Live in the Reef
    That's the FRogFIsh Do

  • GoldenPuppy14
    GoldenPuppy14 6 years ago +1

    This really scared me 0:49 IT WAS SO QUICK.

  • mikenater6000
    mikenater6000 6 years ago

    Hey I'm just curious. Is that hermit crab the frogfishes roommate? like does he live in the tank with him? Cuss I noticed it just walks by the frogfish without fear

  • Flora lover
    Flora lover 5 years ago +6

    0:48 UR you READY?! *Dies*

  • RhetoricWalrus
    RhetoricWalrus 8 years ago

    Frogfish are now officially the most metal fish.

  • El Lucha
    El Lucha 7 years ago +5

    So i guess i ventured to the weird animals eating other animals part of youtube again..

  • MistahKrabs55
    MistahKrabs55 5 years ago

    I'll let you pet Mr Whiskers... If anyone gets this reference they get a cookie

  • Goyimaster Buu
    Goyimaster Buu 3 years ago

    i want a frog fiah ;_;

  • LJS African Cichlids
    LJS African Cichlids 6 years ago +3

    i was like wtf happened

  • William Covington
    William Covington 8 years ago

    Bloody Hell!! Never seen the like of it!!!

  • Julia Horton
    Julia Horton 4 years ago

    this is the most fucking metal thing i’ve ever seen

  • Noah Codling
    Noah Codling 4 years ago

    why is this age restricted?

  • knightleo chio
    knightleo chio 6 years ago

    are they salt water fish?

    • Val
      Val 4 years ago

      knightleo chio Yes

  • MX
    MX 7 years ago

    Lmao so cool

  • Isaac Miller
    Isaac Miller 4 years ago

    Oh hecc, I wasn't ready...

  • Mikie Pendergraft
    Mikie Pendergraft 4 years ago

    10/10 just bcs of the song

  • chuckschilling
    chuckschilling 4 years ago

    Oh snap!

  • Chris Duncan
    Chris Duncan 7 years ago

    Dat anticipation

  • Owen Mason
    Owen Mason 6 years ago

    I have 10 hermet crabs in with mine and a urchin and a peppermint shrimp

  • Kudzu
    Kudzu 5 years ago +2

    Every time those Vegetariens 😞😑

  • Amiah Hair
    Amiah Hair 6 years ago +3

    Anyone here from wild kratts?

    • yoshidude 456
      yoshidude 456 5 years ago

      I'm watching the episode right now

    • mialaure
      mialaure 6 years ago +1

      I'm here because of my little sister lol, this video was so funny

  • Remy Santiago
    Remy Santiago 6 years ago

    When it gets the fish by the head all your can see is black and uelli

  • MUAsarina
    MUAsarina 6 years ago +11

    You do not need to share your taste in music with us as well....

  • Count Pastacreep
    Count Pastacreep 8 years ago +3

    Reminds me of my ex haha

  • residentgood
    residentgood 7 years ago +2

    lol awesome music and are you ready there goes the black fish inside the tummy.

  • Hisyam Saimin
    Hisyam Saimin 7 years ago

    thats molly is a fresh water fish and u put inside a salt water aquarium. ..either way the molly is goin go die

    • Homur Seempsone
      Homur Seempsone 7 years ago +3

      @Eider Ef'rain Mollys are one of the few fish that can tolerate both. In fact, although its sold as a freshwater fish, it actually does twice as well in saltwater.

  • Nightcore_baby5000 2017

    Come look at my new damselfish

  • Chaotic Eclipse
    Chaotic Eclipse 8 years ago


  • Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere

    Why put music over it?

  • Olbibulbi
    Olbibulbi 4 years ago

    oh shit

  • Robin Robinson
    Robin Robinson 4 years ago

    0:50 what the f*ck

  • Nethaye hhh
    Nethaye hhh 5 years ago +1

    Aand that is how the nature works kids!

  • Dark Light sonic
    Dark Light sonic 8 years ago

    Oh my

  • Sir Duke USA
    Sir Duke USA 5 years ago

    What an ugly fish, its horrid looking

  • dorisabel
    dorisabel 7 years ago +10

    it's so obvious that the frogfish will sooner or later eat the other fish in such a small aquarium. to show this process of eating in such conditions and bad quality is needles, stupid and brutal. and the process is already documented in documentaries of fishes in the wild, which is much more interesting (btw the strength of the frogfish is camouflage).
    the video only shows that humans should not have aquariums, neither pets

    • Jake Blakesley
      Jake Blakesley 4 years ago

      LizLou, most frogfish don't eat flakes or dead things, that guy was a frogfish that needed a 20 gallon tank and he was in a 20 gallon tank.

    • Dragonborn Gaming
      Dragonborn Gaming 4 years ago

      TroublingMink59 Hahahah lmao

    • dorisabel
      dorisabel 7 years ago +4

      Its hard to write for me in english, but i really like your opinion "about the love and joy that people and animals get from each other" - and its great that your frog fishes are both happy :)
      The conditions are for me brutal, because there is no chance for the other fish to escape, its an aquarium - where only waiting for his death.
      And its hard to say ...when is there enough money? to give a animal anything that it needs (btw nothing should depend on how many money you got. but this is an other problem)
      I think we shouldn't own an animal, we should give them there natural conditions and share this room we both life in.

  • Remy Santiago
    Remy Santiago 6 years ago


  • Maria Aviles
    Maria Aviles 5 years ago

    This is cruel they do not have any chance to escape.

  • Hazel The McWitch
    Hazel The McWitch 9 years ago

    Do NOT under any circumstances put your hand in there (but it could be fun to dare your mates to pmsl) that's one scary fish lol {:)