Neville and Carragher argue over their Premier League Team of the Decade | MNF

  • Published on Nov 26, 2019
    Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are tasked with picking their Premier League Team of the Decade on Monday Night Football.
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  • Akshat Betala
    Akshat Betala 11 hours ago

    Carragher is off his mind

  • wohnungsnomade
    wohnungsnomade 5 days ago +1

    I go with Jamie Vardy. He won the title with the foxes as underdogs, and he keeps up good stats for the 4th year (and he had a mediocre+ season with 13 goals and 6 assists inbetween), and still in an underdog team. You could also argue van Persi, but he also won only one PL title, in a far better team stacked with stars.

  • Akash M
    Akash M 7 days ago

    Carragher XI is better👍

  • Ciaran Lee
    Ciaran Lee 7 days ago

    Liverpool team right now 2019/to infinity and beyond simple

  • Sagar Varma
    Sagar Varma 8 days ago +1

    Why didn't David Silva make the team???!!! He's been just as influential for city this decade.

    • Aleksandar Jokic
      Aleksandar Jokic 7 days ago +1

      He should be, most important player in history of city, besides Kompany and Aguero.

  • George Russell
    George Russell 11 days ago

    Gary showing his class....Jamie the opposite

  • Love Royals Club
    Love Royals Club 11 days ago

    Terry should be in here! Van should be removed

  • Adams Tetteh
    Adams Tetteh 11 days ago

    The arguments made for VVD is he is doing well and if he continues... but John Terry during the decade is proven and has trophies to back that and yet he’s still not in. That’s just biased!

  • Kopite4life12
    Kopite4life12 11 days ago

    Suarez any day over Aguero!

  • daddy
    daddy 12 days ago

    Any players outside of utd, chelsea, arsenal and city should not be in here, cech, a.cole, terry, lamps, drogba, ballack, makele. Chelsea had the collective best team. The biasness from gary especially saying de gea 😂😂😂👋🏻

  • Felix Dale
    Felix Dale 12 days ago

    But funny how JT won 3 league titles and for 2 of them he was the best cb in the league, this decade

  • brown beast
    brown beast 12 days ago

    only in Britain this is "arguing"

  • Marcin Siek
    Marcin Siek 13 days ago

    De Gea - Azpilicueta, Kompany, Van Dijk - Kante, David Silva, De Bruyne, Bale - Hazard, Aguero, Kane

  • Ksj Dudh
    Ksj Dudh 13 days ago

    Do they know that a decade is ten years?

  • Mr Celtic Reggae
    Mr Celtic Reggae 13 days ago

    These two are class its proper entertaining

  • yannich1991
    yannich1991 14 days ago

    Carra and Nev deserve a comedy movie

  • Kevin Castilla
    Kevin Castilla 14 days ago

    These morons

  • TheDiegoo17
    TheDiegoo17 14 days ago

    John terry has to be in there ahead of VVD

  • ahmed soyan
    ahmed soyan 14 days ago

    A decade is'nt 2 years

  • Az Sean Quigley
    Az Sean Quigley 14 days ago

    Van Persie? Drogba?

  • Ya Want Shum?
    Ya Want Shum? 15 days ago

    Whoever is mad about VVD being in this team, should also be mad about players like hazard Suarez bale. They were the best for brief periods inside the whole decade. But what you can’t argue is that VVD is outright THE BEST player. Not even in the premier league, but the world. Period.

    FLVCKOO 15 days ago +2

    Wait... So KDB has been solid for 3 seasons now( missed one through injury) but he puts Yaya in the team(understandably) yet John Terry was solid for almost two decades yet he puts VVD over him who’s only had a good season and a half of prem football?? Make it make sense🥱🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Aina Shams
    Aina Shams 15 days ago


  • PK Karthik
    PK Karthik 15 days ago

    2010-2013 4 years of Fergies MUFC outta the 10 surely one of Wazza Van Persie in there!?

  • Chewbacca
    Chewbacca 16 days ago

    Didn’t even mention Ozil

  • Nick
    Nick 16 days ago

    I’m with Jamie. Really annoys me when people force people into positions they’ve never played before when they make these. Hazard centre midfield? Kane/Aguero/Suarez squeezing into a front 3?

  • Handrianto Soegianto
    Handrianto Soegianto 16 days ago

    Yaya instead of Bruyne? Yeah right...

  • DaveKraft400
    DaveKraft400 16 days ago +3

    Suarez absolutely has to be in there he was magical at times

  • Youssef Mohamed
    Youssef Mohamed 16 days ago +4

    Putting VVD in the team of the decade is an absolute nonsense like John Terry Is some kind of joke I smell salt from these tow even though I am a LIVERPOOL fan

    • Irish Red
      Irish Red 14 days ago

      He was at his best in the 00s, don't be silly

  • AH25
    AH25 17 days ago +2

    Van dijk is so overrated . Hasn’t even won a premier league wtf ?..

    • Original Nuttah
      Original Nuttah 15 days ago +1

      There's more to it than that, how many league titles does kane or bale have? You have to look at the whole picture.

  • jcdirty30
    jcdirty30 17 days ago

    Should’ve replaced Kane with De Bruyne in central and moved Hazard up front.

  • Tobi Van Mierlo
    Tobi Van Mierlo 17 days ago

    How is Suarez not in this mate

  • Abel Mushabe
    Abel Mushabe 17 days ago +2

    Virgil has just played two solid seasons in the decade won zero premier titles

    • Y T
      Y T 13 days ago

      Tomislav Rimax Yeah like I said Gary Neville is a manc.

    • Tomislav Rimax
      Tomislav Rimax 13 days ago

      @Y T yall Liverpool fans think that Milner is better than Iniesta and that Firmino is better than Suarez, I ain't taking credibility from your irrelevant opinions

    • Y T
      Y T 13 days ago

      Tomislav Rimax Hes won it. They are 13 clear with a game in hand. Its over. Yeah premier league team of the decade, not title winning premier league team of the decade. Neville is a Manc and was a defender. If he put VVD in his team it just shows how good he is.

    • Tomislav Rimax
      Tomislav Rimax 14 days ago

      @Y T it is P R E M I E R L E A G U E team of the decade, he hasn't won a PL this decade, it's in 2020 and they are 13 pts advantage but STILL haven't won it.

    • Y T
      Y T 17 days ago

      Well hes won 1 now. And won the champions league, super cup and world cup.

  • sion sebastian
    sion sebastian 17 days ago +2

    just compare vincent company and john terry, terry simply wins over him

  • Malo Tielemans
    Malo Tielemans 18 days ago

    Jamie's team is the best. KDB deserves a shot, Fabregas deserves a shot, JT deserves a shot and also Kane

  • [MxQ]Tonks69 420
    [MxQ]Tonks69 420 19 days ago

    @SkySportsFootball you need to do an underrated players team of the decade (with Gary and Jamie) with players like Dimitri payet. Agree?

  • primepants
    primepants 19 days ago

    Kane? Over Aguero.. HaHa best joke I have heard in the last decade.. 😁😁

  • Haunted
    Haunted 20 days ago +1

    Surprised HEATED wasn’t used in this title

  • Adam Marshall
    Adam Marshall 20 days ago

    Suarez or Diego Costa?

  • Ca 1
    Ca 1 21 day ago

    If they wanna put vvd in there they might aswell put Robertson and Taa in there not saying they ain’t great players but really vvd in team of the decade jt winning 3 prems in the decade vidic 2 prems just doesn’t make sense

  • daryl ong
    daryl ong 21 day ago +1

    when a man united supporter AND analyst/pundit picks Van Dijk as his CB for the team of the decade, there isnt any need to explain how good VVD is.

  • TheHeadBangGuy
    TheHeadBangGuy 21 day ago +2

    I like Carra's team better, but I would swap Zabaleta out for Walker and Bale for Sterling.

  • AL Don
    AL Don 21 day ago

    I have alot of respect for Terry and his achievements BUT Rio Ferdinand and Vidic were far better even at Chelsea, William Gallas or Carvalho were better

  • Arjit Jere
    Arjit Jere 22 days ago

    Unpopular opinion- vvd has just been 3 years of this decade, he has been good but not there long enough. Vidic or Terry should be there.

  • Rod Jr
    Rod Jr 23 days ago +1

    Are u comparing Van D. to John Terry?
    It's a joke

  • nootNOOT
    nootNOOT 24 days ago

    john terry over van dijk, and kante/carrick/gerrard over hazard in the middle. terry's 6 years of top flight football for chelsea as their captain trumps vvd's 2 years of football for liverpool... his time in southampton wasn't that impressive either.

  • jenynce
    jenynce 25 days ago

    If you are playing 4-2-1-3 then yes yaya and Kante on 2 will not only premier league but world league they are the best and that team is coming with a victory and those two position will be the only position that will stay consistent . The remaining 4-1-3 will differ from people to people so Kante discussion is disrespectful I mean Leicester won the league against the likes of Chelsea city Utd Liverpool Tottenham arsenal . The big 6 not like German league or French league or Spanish league where it’s 1 horse race or sometimes two or rarely three horse race but 6 big teams and Leicester who nearly got relegated the previous Year Kante wins the league and Kante was the PFA player so Kante has to be there well said cara

  • Darren
    Darren 25 days ago

    Eden hazard is being shown exactly how good he really is, absolute flop. He is good for small clubs like Chelsea and the French club he played for but he ain't good enough for the biggest clubs and the proof is right in front of you. Fact.

    • Darren
      Darren 16 days ago

      @Nicolas Fonts erm clearly you can't read, I didn't say he wasn't good for Chelsea, I just said he isn't good enough for the big clubs. The proof is this whole season with Madrid.
      Even at Chelsea he only turned up once every 2/3 games 😂

    • Nicolas Fonts
      Nicolas Fonts 23 days ago

      Darren stats don’t lie. The guy is one of the best the prem has ever seen

  • Zach M
    Zach M 27 days ago +3

    The fact they’ve put van dijk in is disgusting, like the majority of Liverpool fans didn’t even know his name 2 seasons ago

  • Cristian Fuller
    Cristian Fuller 28 days ago +4

    2:10 the savagery 😂

  • TDSM 99
    TDSM 99 28 days ago

    Walker over Zaba imo

  • Nolan O'Gara
    Nolan O'Gara 28 days ago

    zabaleta was a monster and so was azpilicueta but Leighton Baines deserves a big mention

  • John Samuel
    John Samuel 29 days ago

    This 2 guys don’t really have sense😂😂 no wonder that short one went to disgrace himself at Valencia. Very easy to see

  • Pirrie. E
    Pirrie. E 29 days ago

    Sanchez at arsenal should be given an honourable mention. 11.5 million in fantasy football 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  • Enogie Andrewsms
    Enogie Andrewsms 29 days ago +1

    Van Dijk🤣🤣🤣?? It's really laughable to leave out John terry for him

  • Taylor Krupinski
    Taylor Krupinski 29 days ago

    De Gea

    Trent -Van Dijk - Kompany - Azpi

    D. Silva - Kante - Hazard

    Mane - Kane - Aguero

  • Alkit Gugalia
    Alkit Gugalia 29 days ago


    11S32 GAURAV JAISWAL Month ago +4

    De Gea
    Walker Kompany Terry
    David Silva Kante Yaya Toure Hazard
    Van Persie Kane Aguero

  • New Thought
    New Thought Month ago

    De Gea

    • Alan Aherne
      Alan Aherne 21 day ago

      Baines 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 walker 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sterling 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • New Thought
    New Thought Month ago

    Where’s Kane or Rooney?!