Is the EU Democratic? Does Your Vote Matter?

  • Published on May 19, 2019
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    Being a citizen of the European Union means that many aspects of our lives are regulated by a weird entity. It feels like a huge bureaucracy is making decisions over our heads. How democratic is the EU really and does your vote actually affect anything?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  6 months ago +4859

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    • Gul Maraz
      Gul Maraz 25 days ago +1

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Is the EU pro individual freedom?

    • Daire McDermott
      Daire McDermott Month ago

      There’s no Irish version!!

      BOSS BOSS BOSS! Month ago

      NO, it's not democratic becouse the elections for the eu are capitalist elections, in which the result is besecly rigged by capitalists (via, of other things donations) , and the politisians represent them. No matter what party or person you vote for, the result is still the same.
      In short: the eu is a olagracy!

    • Thromnabular
      Thromnabular Month ago

      But why should I let citizens from some other country vote for what laws govern my country? Seems like a stupid idea

    • Thromnabular
      Thromnabular Month ago

      Gee I wonder what the conclusion of this video will be?

  • Autsadaporn Tagoneam

    Can United States of Europe begin?
    (i am not european)

    • MrSnowman
      MrSnowman 16 hours ago

      Euroscepticism in the EU is usually directed at much less entangled situations than the US is in. Even parties that don't consider themselves eurosceptic would be strongly opposed to such extreme loss of sovereignty.
      We won't see that anytime soon. Before that the member states would have to approach each-other much more on every issue or there would need to be a drastic change in attitudes.

  • Milan Hlaváček

    It does not matter for who you are going to vote it will always end the same: at least thats my opinion

  • Edgemade Foxe
    Edgemade Foxe 2 days ago

    2:03 why is the UK going up !

  • SOKÓŁ Sokolowski
    SOKÓŁ Sokolowski 2 days ago

    The Union should be destroyed

  • R Malarkey
    R Malarkey 2 days ago

    Obviously not, given the UK is still in the EU...

    • R Malarkey
      R Malarkey 9 hours ago

      @MrSnowman I'm simply stating that what the nomenklatura want and what the actual plebs want are at odds. And that the British nomenklatura are pretty much pan-European in large part. And this has been the case for quite some time, despite what some people think it's not like this referendum just came out of the blue as a sudden thing, a 'Tory spat'. Way back when Gordon Brown was promising one. The only unique thing about Cameron was that he actually did it.

      And I think our political system is working fine tbh so far, the other referenda in the EU just got ignored. Various pro-EU MPs elected under false pretences have already been ditched. The Brexit Party put the fear of the electorate into the Tories, and it seems likely that after the next election, we will actually be off.

      It's just a shame it took so many votes to get it done. But it's better than a vote simply being ignored.

    • MrSnowman
      MrSnowman 13 hours ago

      @R Malarkey So you're implying it's doubly the UKs fault? Because it's not the EU as an institution that's keeping you.

      I'd also like to call to your attention that the conservatives are the ones that have a majority in parliament right now. You can look at exactly which MPs voted against your no deal brexit. You'll find that it's Conservative rebels which keeps you from that. The quickest way in recent time would be to vote against the Benn act which would allow BJ to not seek an extension and you'd be out the EU. Labor can't stop that. They can't stop anything in this process. They're not in majority.

      When people vote to leave they don't automatically mean that they only want no deal or only want to leave with a deal. They mean they want to leave the EU. You can look to polls to see that the majority among those who voted to leave are in favour of a deal and opposed no deal. A deal is possible with compromise but the officials you chose aren't willing. So perhaps no deal is the only option. That's fine. But it's all on you to make that choice.

      I'm all for you leaving. It's what you voted for. I don't believe it's a wise move but it's what you voted for. But put blame in the right place. To make up conspiracies about some shadow government working from within the EU when your own elected officials are openly showing how they keep you in the EU is nuts.
      "If voting allowed you to change anything they'd outlaw it"
      Yeah that's clearly the case in the UK.
      Perhaps you should change your political system so that the establishment has to fear they lose your vote.

    • R Malarkey
      R Malarkey 14 hours ago

      @MrSnowman The British ruling class is part of the European ruling class, it's all the same thing really, these people are international. People like Peter Mandelson are very powerful behind the scenes.
      They didn't expect to lose the vote. The vote was to cement our position within the EU. Hence the immediate resignations, the backsliding, the delays. Hence why Paddy Ashdown, on voting night, doubled down and said if it wins even by even 1% and you disagree you're against democracy. They really did think the vote would be for the EU. It's one of the rare cases when a vote really didn't go the establishments way. The talk of deals is just smoke, nobody voted for a deal. They voted to leave.
      If voting allowed you to change anything they'd outlaw it, as the old joke goes.

      And it's not just the UK, referenda in other countries have been routinely ignored too. The UK is actually doing pretty well compared to other examples of votes being ignored.

    • MrSnowman
      MrSnowman 17 hours ago

      That's the UKs fault entirely. You could have left the day after the vote. The EU doesn't choose the terms you leave on alone. It's a negotiation. And no-deal is always an option you have next to full control over. You're only accountable to the WTO in that circumstance.
      To blame the EU for this is just not sensible. It's the UKs internal politics and the slim majority for leave that keep them in the EU.

  • fitbit ace 2 song
    fitbit ace 2 song 3 days ago +1

    Guess what. UK is trying to get out of Europe!

  • Collin Phillips
    Collin Phillips 4 days ago

    Britain : imma fly out

    Also anyone notice the tierzoo reference

  • Lautaro adolfo Manzano bacarrezza

    Nice tiene zoo referencs 4:17

  • Między Morze
    Między Morze 5 days ago +1

    I dont like eu

  • Brice Capelle
    Brice Capelle 5 days ago

    Good vidéo as usual. But you do not use correctly the word anarchy. Anarchy is not chaos, order without authority.

  • gbjbaanb
    gbjbaanb 5 days ago

    Shame this was made before Ursula van der Leyen was elected on a ballot with ONLY 1 NAME ON IT. Or forgot that the vote on the Copyright Directive bill was messed up and they got the order of bills wrong so MEPs voted for the wrong things, and although they later realised and counted the MEPs who wanted to vote against it, still decided that the original vote would stand, so the bill failed by 8 votes but still was passed.. hmm. You can vote your MEP out, but it really doesn't matter. Democratic or corrupt?

  • شعفري طاهير

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  • Chirchy
    Chirchy 6 days ago

    *this video has been blocked in your country*

  • alexis grondin
    alexis grondin 8 days ago

    This no

  • Firebrand
    Firebrand 10 days ago +2

    'If Voting Made a Difference, They Wouldn't Let Us Do It' ~Mark Twain

    • Firebrand
      Firebrand 3 days ago

      @Jacob L I have.... it's a lovely theory!

    • Jacob L
      Jacob L 3 days ago

      Never heard of the single transferable vote?

    • Firebrand
      Firebrand 6 days ago

      @Guinness Technology changes... politics and society does not. While not relevant (respectfully), I do love your analogy.

    • Guinness
      Guinness 6 days ago +2

      Linking a quote about democracy from a man who died in 1910 and saying it's still relevant is like going to work on a horse because you claim it's the fastest manner of transportation.

  • Silvan Tielemans
    Silvan Tielemans 10 days ago +1


  • Javier Gallegos
    Javier Gallegos 11 days ago

    Let's all agree

    Soviet Union was the best govenment

  • Daniel
    Daniel 11 days ago

    we need to destroy these cunts before they destroy us

  • HYRI :3
    HYRI :3 11 days ago

    3:02 lmao Britain trying to get away

  • Peter Kile
    Peter Kile 12 days ago

    EU is not a super state or a sovereign state.

  • Just a ball with a blue eye

    A: **Exists**
    B: *I'm going to ruin this mans whole career*

  • thunder pro
    thunder pro 14 days ago +1

    hello person scrolling the comments

  • Carbo
    Carbo 14 days ago +1

    Bel video

  • One Two
    One Two 14 days ago

    Donald Trump > You

  • One Two
    One Two 14 days ago

    Fucking unionists, do your fucking job without whinging!

  • One Two
    One Two 14 days ago

    Fuck politicians.

  • One Two
    One Two 14 days ago

    Fuck the EU

  • SquidyBoy
    SquidyBoy 16 days ago

    It’s cute how you explain about the eu using birds

  • Darwin Annable
    Darwin Annable 16 days ago

    did you see the uk leave? 3:01

  • Hardcore Chewie
    Hardcore Chewie 16 days ago


  • hpod3sx
    hpod3sx 17 days ago

    UE - Hitlers dream...

    • Jacob L
      Jacob L 3 days ago

      Is the EU fascist?
      Does the EU reject migrants based on nationality or race?
      Has the EU waged war on other countries?
      Does the EU silence and imprison critics?
      Did Nazi Germany tackle climate change?
      Nazi Germany and Brexit = both nationalistic
      Nazi Germany and Brexit = "putting their own people first"
      Nazi Germany and Brexit = increased military spending
      Nazi Germany and Brexit = Has a preference for male dictators
      Nazi Germany and Brexit = Always criticising others
      Nazi Germany and Brexit = Fueled by anger and hatred

  • Dario Spirit
    Dario Spirit 17 days ago +1

    EU is just Holy Roman Empire in disguise 🖕🏻

    • Dario Spirit
      Dario Spirit 10 days ago

      Xamufam US is just their colony.

    • Xamufam
      Xamufam 10 days ago

      Nah that title belongs to the US

  • Markus Olofsson
    Markus Olofsson 17 days ago +1

    All of you criticizing the EU. You do know there are several ways to have your voice heard in all parts of the EU from council to commission, court except from the elections.
    1.There’s the possibility for a People’s motion to the parliament. 1m signatories and the parliament both have to discuss and take it into account.
    2. You can follow all work in both parliament and commission by contacting the EU and demand all documents in a certain question, you can follow all work and see where it is at on EUs websites. You can directly email all MEPS (which I have done several times)
    3. Demand your national media to report on EU work better. I used to live in Spain. I learned more in one month living there, than I do in one year in Sweden.
    The EU is designed around paperwork and the members of parliament and other institutions getting stuff to read, work with or discuss. It’s not a direct type of situation like a national parliament only answering to its people. A protest march against an article in Helsinki won’t guarantee anything. Protesting the EU in the channels I laid out would.

  • Vladimir Lenin.
    Vladimir Lenin. 17 days ago +1

    2:03 British ight ima head out.

  • iSAiAH MoReL
    iSAiAH MoReL 18 days ago

    Could I dub the Irish version?

  • Silvers YT
    Silvers YT 18 days ago +1

    Britain: ight bro. Ima head out

  • Tomasz Elliott
    Tomasz Elliott 18 days ago

    Activate the beaurocracy machine...

  • something anonymous
    something anonymous 18 days ago +1

    No. It is not. It's an undemocratic right wing authoritarian alliance that destroyed greeces economy.

    • MrSnowman
      MrSnowman 16 hours ago

      Should probably not have lied about your financial situation if you didn't want a terrible economy.

  • freddy04123
    freddy04123 19 days ago +1

    The EU is what the US as supposed to be. The states were supposed to act as independent nations coming together in a Union, hence why that term was used so much after our founding.

  • Gxulia Yt
    Gxulia Yt 19 days ago

    The UK be like:
    𝙄𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙞𝙢𝙢𝙖 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙤𝙪𝙩

    TINTIN 19 days ago

    why? why? why all these struggles! supremacy? why supremacy over the same species? when we all are same why not be as one and think as one? The world has sufficient for everyone's need, but not for anyone greed!

  • dd b
    dd b 20 days ago

    of course. fucking communists

  • Lexi Greenwood
    Lexi Greenwood 20 days ago

    I love the moment the bird got angry over copyright and screamed at the politician. Makes me giggle

  • Blaiir.__
    Blaiir.__ 20 days ago +3

    England trys to escape

  • Tax Evasion
    Tax Evasion 21 day ago +12

    The thing is, indirect democracy gets exponentially more separated from the interests of the people the more layers there are.

  • Meto Fembot
    Meto Fembot 21 day ago

    this is incorrect. The heads of the EU who decide most of the rules and laws aren't even elected, they're implanted. Most are rich or influential. Do you think the EU demanded importing millions of ECONOMIC migrants because... well why even do that? For fun? To make the nations stronger? Or was it because it would be an easy and sneaky way to import millions of underskilled workers and vastly decrease the cost of labor? Why outsource millions on jobs in 3rd world countries when you can just bring the 3rd world to you.

  • NinjaCatz 107
    NinjaCatz 107 21 day ago +1

    Is anyone going to talk about the TIER ZOO reference!? 4:17

  • Abe Drole
    Abe Drole 21 day ago

    Bullshits... International right exists.

  • Ho Hui
    Ho Hui 21 day ago +1

    I love how throughout the video England is just leaving the scene then coming back to reflect Brexit!

  • Stop It
    Stop It 21 day ago +5

    3:03 look in the top right. Hahahha

  • Mackenzie Benefiel
    Mackenzie Benefiel 22 days ago


  • john Thatcher
    john Thatcher 23 days ago

    Vidio funded by the eu

  • Steve Hadley
    Steve Hadley 23 days ago +4

    I didn't need to watch the video to know the EU isn't Democratic anymore. They've surrendered their freedom to the globalists. Rest in peace Europe.

  • AridChannel Official
    AridChannel Official 23 days ago +1

    boris johnson: i will postpone the brexit deal
    People: no-
    boris: yes

    • DecRulez96
      DecRulez96 21 day ago

      AridChannel Official the people don’t want brexit

  • Flät Ëãrth
    Flät Ëãrth 24 days ago +2

    Europe citizens:I like this union
    Arcticle 13:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    DESTRUCTIONTAMTAM 24 days ago +2

    who noticed Britain moving in and out of the map of the EU?

  • An_Annoying_Cat
    An_Annoying_Cat 24 days ago +11

    “Opinion: Democracy is annoying and confusing.”
    That’s a fact, not an opinion.

    • Eric Lee
      Eric Lee 20 days ago

      2 authrights in the same place, that's a sight to behold

    • bob smith
      bob smith 24 days ago

      universal suffrage made it that way. why let someone have a say in a game they have no skin in?

  • Affluent Nerd
    Affluent Nerd 25 days ago

    This makes American politics look simple and effective, and I didn't think that was possible.

  • Mark Hoppe
    Mark Hoppe 25 days ago

    Article 13/17 that's what I only say to to EU Parliament