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  • Published on Apr 28, 2019
  • time for baby exo
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  • lillchen2020
    lillchen2020 3 months ago

    Haha 7 years ago I was 25 and i loved it back then haha especially their predebut song "what is love" made me fall in love with D.O. and Chens Voice and then Lay popped up in the MV and I sold my soul to them XD

  • Devoured by Hallyu
    Devoured by Hallyu 5 months ago

    You can see the english translations of mama, and it has a really deep meaning.

  • Tessa Rei
    Tessa Rei 5 months ago

    WOW, I'm so impressed that you recognize Suho in this MV!!! probably his own mother couldn't figure out where his own son went since half his face was covered by that horrible hair xD
    btw, thank you for your reaction, this was so funny to watch xDDDD

  • 최성우
    최성우 5 months ago

    [MV] Park Hyo Shin(박효신) _ Goodbye(굿바이)

  • Amanda EXO l
    Amanda EXO l 5 months ago

    The voice on Kai is called distortion. I'm glad Kai doesn't use it that much since it'll damage your voice If you don't have strong background as a screamer. People use it in heavy metal songs. Some people might not like this song at first but dang since I love rock this song hit me hard and I instantly became an exo l after. You heard the orchestra kind of vibe at the beginning and at the end of the song which makes it super strong. I think we're gonna see combination of rock and orchestra in Metallica's S n M concert. It was lit. Musically Mama is strong and well produced. There's a heavy metal version of this song which they performed it in SBS award. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    I can't wait til you react to Wolf.

  • Melody heart Donguines
    Melody heart Donguines 5 months ago

    MAMA is really THAT debut song. It is very hard to sing and to execute in live performances. But EXO did it😍

  • Yara Sy
    Yara Sy 5 months ago

    We are one forever

  • Yara Sy
    Yara Sy 5 months ago

    Thank you ❤❤

  • • Kai Hun •
    • Kai Hun • 5 months ago

    Kai n sehun was only 18 or 19 y.o

  • Jamaica Nipot-Nipot
    Jamaica Nipot-Nipot 5 months ago

    Thank you for the reaction towards EXO's MV.As Exo-l,I truly appreciate it you are indeed awesome.I suggest EXO Black pearl and I hope you will like it.👍❤

  • achan chan
    achan chan 5 months ago

    Let me give you a little bit explanation about exo with my broken English 😂
    So actually exo was divided into 2 teams, EXO K (Korea) and EXO M (mandarin). Their super powers:
    Xiumin (EXO M): Frost
    Luhan (EXO M - Former member): Telekinesis
    Kris (EXO M - Former member): Flight
    Suho (EXO K): Water
    Lay (EXO M): Healing
    Baekhyun (EXO K): Light
    Chen (EXO M): Thunder
    Chanyeol (EXO K): Fire
    D.O. (EXO K): Earth
    Kai (EXO K): Teleportation
    Tao (EXO M - Former member): Time controller
    Sehun (EXO K): Wind
    So basically exo's super powers are paired up to each other:
    Kris - Chanyeol
    Kai - Luhan
    Suho - Xiumin
    Sehun - Tao
    Chen - D.O.
    Lay - Baekhyun
    So all the members are correlated to each other and when the boys are together the effects of their super powers will be multiplied. There's a lot of theories about their concept and their super powers things, but I hope it could help you to understand about exo's super powers 😁

  • Patty Patsy
    Patty Patsy 5 months ago

    Chen has more lines in the Chinese M ver

  • nay_ sijeuni
    nay_ sijeuni 5 months ago +1

    If you want know exo super power, you must reaction this video dayna thexvid.com/video/E6CCVDxd3as/video.html

  • Wilda Agustina Harsy
    Wilda Agustina Harsy 5 months ago

    I knew it. Not everyone loves MAMA and me too 😆 but now yeah, i miss it so much 😭

  • exo baekhyun
    exo baekhyun 5 months ago

    React to History to see more tiny EXO.

  • P A P
    P A P 5 months ago

    *Yes, EXO debut started too strong. And MAMA becomes stronger when they used it as an opening of their concert. Goosebumps all over my body 🔥If I remember it right, they used it in Exor'dium. You should watch it too! Tysm for this.♡*
    *Exo concept is complex and I don't know if it is just me that as I go deeper, understanding their concept, the more my brain will stop working.*
    *Those who've said that t'was bad, I think their brain just didn't handle the complexity of it.*

  • galina Harish
    galina Harish 5 months ago +1

    Please react to this for know the superpower of exo

  • Mama Aurora
    Mama Aurora 5 months ago

    To me it was epic... it was strong

  • Samantha Ramesh
    Samantha Ramesh 5 months ago

    Baby giraffe lol

  • EXO's Guardian
    EXO's Guardian 5 months ago

    Yes that's Xiumin. Suho (water) and Xiumin (frost) are a pair. If you check the Chinese version the video is aboit EXO-M longing to see EXO-M too. Hence the story says they were divided into two (EXO M and EXO - K). They are seeing the same sky but standing on different grounds. They were split during promotions. EXO K mainly promote in Korea and EXO M catering to Chinese-Mandarin audience. (EXO-M had a dorm in China for album promotions) but they normally perform as 12. So all 12 of them had to memorize both versions.
    And they incorporate their "powers" in their choreo as well. Pls check INTRODUCTION TO EXO'S SUPERPOWERS.
    Even Lay's mvs are also related to EXO's concept. On Power MV you can see 9 elves standing on the roof worh 2 elves standing a little distant from the others. Lay and Baekhyun are a pair in the parallel universe Baek is EXO K and Lay EXO -M. So in Mama video you can see Baekhyun on Lay's mirror.
    In Power, you can only see Baek on the last part only. That is bec the rest of the members they lost their orb (stolen by red force aka robot) but Baek still got his and is guarding Lay's orb. The end of the video he was in the water. On Lay's Namanana Lay got the parcel from the water and in it was his orb. On Tempo Suho was holding the box and green light came out. Green is the color of Lay's power. He is sending Lay a message. If you watch Pathcode Teasers you'll know how they summon other members.

  • You messed up my tempo Do D.O

    OK but I really love your wall 😍

  • Febie Marquez
    Febie Marquez 5 months ago

    l enjoy to watch your reaction,,,, you a bit shocking to thier looks😄
    can you watch and react mama chinese version, chen vocal there is so good,
    thank you for your happy reaction in mama exo👍👍👍👍👍

  • nympha leigh27
    nympha leigh27 5 months ago +2

    MAMA is amust to understand all their mvs bec their storyline start from here.
    Now you understand why they are called EXO bec of their concept. It may sound weird being a fiction but they release their mvs in time when there is something happen in the celestial body or what is being predicted in the lunar calebdar.
    They are "aliens" from EXOPLANET thus the name EXO and their concert tour is called exoplanet or simply planet.
    The "red force" is the enemy. The "mama" (queen/majesty) sent them to earth for a mission. To distract the red force who wants to destroy the tree of life, they were split into two (EXO-K and M). Their "powers go in pair too. Like Suho (K-water) go in pair with Xiumin (M-frost) D.O (K-force/earth) and Chen (M-thunder/lightning/electricity Baekhyun (K-light) and Lay (M-healing) etc. That's why in the mv near ending you can see them summon with each other using their power. Remember they are scattered all over the place (planet earth) and they missed each other they only communicate through their "power".
    You can see the tree of life in their Wolf choreo. The tree was split into two. But after members left and EXO-M was dissolved forming the group into simply EXO, the tree of life is now one. The story of how the tree survived and members continue fighting the red force the summary is on Wolf (Exordium) concert.

  • Althea Gutierrez
    Althea Gutierrez 5 months ago

    react to the chinese version exo m's powers are cooler so the mv was so cool

  • babychanbaek mitch
    babychanbaek mitch 5 months ago

    Please Dayna watch the Chinese version, you'll see your chen there 😁, and it's partly in connection of the Korean version, thanks ,
    Love your reactions

  • Kyungsoo Sings
    Kyungsoo Sings 5 months ago +1

    Girl, serioisly, I WILL PAY YOU TO REACT TO IT!!!

  • Kyungsoo Sings
    Kyungsoo Sings 5 months ago +3

    Dayna, just type into your computer - EXO Exordium beginning INTRO+MAMA Remix - exactly like that, it's 10 minutes and 15 seconds long, and it should show Chen, so that's the video to click. PLEASE?!You need to wear your headphones to hear the girl's narration. Yes EXO is immortal and do not age. They have been around throughout time since they are aliens, and have gathered on Earth to save and protect life. Just go with it Dayna, that's their story. Oh yes, and when angered, they turn from innocent looking schoolboys (the concept back then) to wolves. What the heck, they're aliens. They are aliens disguised as humans. Come on Dayna, Please?!💖Sony from Hawaii🌺🍍🌴

  • suho's sanity
    suho's sanity 5 months ago

    tbh im not really embarrassed of mama. its a good song but the looks are iffy, i can forgive it though since it was 2012.

  • Kyungsoo Sings
    Kyungsoo Sings 5 months ago +1

    Dayna, you know I love you girl, so here I go again, begging you, for a reaction to the following link, you will not be disappointed! PLEASE?

  • M S
    M S 5 months ago

    You should read the lyrics please

  • Subilynn oweight
    Subilynn oweight 5 months ago +1

    The words on kai's face i think says from exo planet 2012 then it naems the exo -k members...and in the mv you can see that each members parallel each other's powers...like beakhyun's power parallel with lay's healing power, kris with chanyeol and i think suho with xiumin...they are in paraller worlds according to the narrator..thanks for your reaction:)

  • chouchou_ 94
    chouchou_ 94 5 months ago

    please react to EXO coming over mv

  • love is ain’t it
    love is ain’t it 5 months ago

    omg please watch the chinese version too the scenes are different and chen and xiumin are there!!

  • Ola Lola
    Ola Lola 5 months ago

    Suho= water , Baekhuyn=light , Chanyeol=fire , D.O =strength (earth) , Kai =teleportation , Sehun = wind , xiumin =ice , luhan=telekinesis , Kris = flight , Lay = healing , Chen =thunder and lightning , Tao = time control.

  • Josephyne Pudaite
    Josephyne Pudaite 5 months ago

    There's also a line about humanity in the lyrics

  • gogo kabso
    gogo kabso 5 months ago

    I love you 😊

  • maya p
    maya p 5 months ago

    Wow u already had a 4k subscribes,congratulation dayna 🤗👏

  • Andika Rasyid
    Andika Rasyid 5 months ago

    Please react got7 girl girl girl

  • laini BAEKYEO-l/n
    laini BAEKYEO-l/n 5 months ago

    You have to watch chanyeol and baekhyun on return of Superman ! The cutiest thing on earth
    Actually every ep with a exo member ( there is Chen+xiumin, Kai, Kai +chanyeol one) are so adorably with children

  • EXO L
    EXO L 5 months ago

    if you havent already please watch what is love, BaekSoo and LuChen vocals are out of this world

  • loveya ok
    loveya ok 5 months ago

    Chanyeol does look like a baby giraffe 😂😂😂

  • Meso Maissem
    Meso Maissem 5 months ago +1

    That's the tree of life they make in the opening MV of Wolf hehehe
    Super powers concept is for EXO indeed you should really watch the Elyxion VCR and the effects soooo amazing!

    Btw please watch We Young by Chanyeol and Sehun

  • AAA
    AAA 5 months ago

    Mama performance in RAIN .... That was fucking hot performance

  • dave.
    dave. 5 months ago

    This song was very strong and especially vocally it was for a group that had just debuted. Some groups cant even pull off those vocals now, so that was interesting what SM decided to do but they do focus on vocals so its probably why they made it for them.

  • Meryem EXOL
    Meryem EXOL 5 months ago

    Read the translation! !! You'll get it

  • Eris
    Eris 5 months ago

    EXO's debut was one of the most expensive debuts. Please react to `What is Love' both EXO K and M version. Most EXOL's aren't a big fan of Mama. Thanks for you reaction. I love seeing Kyungsoo and EXO on your wall.

  • Poola Soo
    Poola Soo 5 months ago

    HAHAAHAHAHA the part you react to Kai rapping is so funny 😂

  • exo exo
    exo exo 5 months ago

    Love you baby

  • exo exo
    exo exo 5 months ago


  • I EXO U
    I EXO U 5 months ago

    I hope you will see more EXO music

  • Raymundo Filosofo
    Raymundo Filosofo 5 months ago

    Please react to EXO history mv and dance practice💕💕💕

  • I EXO U
    I EXO U 5 months ago

    I love them too thank you for reacting to their songs

  • I EXO U
    I EXO U 5 months ago

    I miss him so much 💜EXO

  • Disney Chanyeol
    Disney Chanyeol 5 months ago

    The most legendary debut song in Kpop history.

  • María Gutierrez
    María Gutierrez 5 months ago

    When i see Kris,Tao & Luhan
    I'm crying
    They're my babies

  • Deniz E
    Deniz E 5 months ago

    I love this song so much idk why but i love the chorus ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This is so epic for a debut MV 😂

  • Meriem Kai
    Meriem Kai 5 months ago

    Thanks I was waiting for this but , this not the first song for exo , the first one is what is love

  • Zana Duonfug
    Zana Duonfug 5 months ago +7

    Girl you NEED to get into exo's theory's , it's one of the best thing of being an EXOL , I highly advise you to check that out it's really well made and explained. The first link is the most acknowledged theory in general
    The second link is a shorter one and a bit more funny (but I still advise you to react to the first one first as it's really complete and talk about a lot of exo's global theory )
    Add to those 2 link you should watch theory's of some exo's MV, which are really interesting because each MV are tightly linked to each other yet so different ^^ If you're done with everything the watch exo's VCRs and Pathecode era you will be I hope as amazed as we EXOL were when we discovered them:)

  • Merve Çadır
    Merve Çadır 5 months ago

    Honestly I really love this song and mv.. apart from k-pop I usually listen rock and metal songs so this song is really interesting to me in fact I hope they would do something like this again..Kai with those paints on his face going brutal vocal is really hot 😊

  • nessa ilagan
    nessa ilagan 5 months ago

    i always go back on this when i miss them being tiny and baby.. 😂