Michael Cohen Releases His Secret Trump Tape: A Closer Look


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  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman 5 days ago

    It's anuthuh shoah!

  • Commander
    Commander 6 days ago

    Trump wants to pay by check to be transparent, then he didn't need to set up a company. Furthermore, let's see the checks he used to pay off the porn star and the Playboy model and all the others

  • Make Racists Afraid Again

    Trump Must face American Justice.

  • deano
    deano 13 days ago

    First Closer Look i’ve seen in a while that doesnt end in a clip from earlier as a punchline...

  • Hood Life in Erie
    Hood Life in Erie 14 days ago

    The nwo is in panic mode and they are fighting back. The ones they say are the worse are more on our side. The ones who claim to be so offended and on our side are the ones causing most of the mess and they are trying to hold on to the power that is being given back to the people. But people believe the propaganda. It's all bread and circuses. Politics is about illusion and what you see on the idiot box is what they want you to see, the media even admitted it before calling the American people stupid for believing them. They admitted we are gullible and believe whatever they want us to believe. They admit most of what they say is made up with no proof but it's good for ratings and promotes the globalist agenda. Selective editing out of context followed by 3 days of biased opinion by people who work for think tanks, ex lobbyists and all who work for the same mega-corporations. Just follow the money. Nothing is as it seems, and I say this as someone who studied this for 27 years.

  • Salomé Guzman
    Salomé Guzman 14 days ago

    Is this real life?

  • Jon dow
    Jon dow 14 days ago




  • Proactive Active
    Proactive Active 15 days ago

    Hahaha left Americans laughing at Trump not realising your lawyer's can now record you and bribe you, what a bunch of morons the left Americans are.

    • Marylee deFerrari
      Marylee deFerrari Day ago

      Attorney-Client privilege is negated when both the client and the attorney are acting in concert to commit crimes!!!!!!! Cohen knew that and he didn't make a peep about all that when he was raided or later.

  • Nathalie Bank
    Nathalie Bank 15 days ago

    The only thing that surprises me about all of this is that Trump adds 'please' when he barks 'get me a coke'.

  • EarlVentRR
    EarlVentRR 15 days ago

    Enjoy the show

  • Claire WORRELL
    Claire WORRELL 15 days ago

    "Oh Cletus! Help me to my fainting couch!"

    I do👒 déclare! The writers on this show are incorrigible. I never catch the show, however I do devour these clips. Seth, as always, *you be hilarious* 😂
    Give your Awesome Writers a huge ass raise, Black, Lesbienne, or otherwise.
    They help you shine.

  • Jasper
    Jasper 15 days ago

    How nasty and stupid are you. The release of these alleged secret recordings now means confidential recordings between Lawyer and Client are no longer privileged. Wonder what things you have told your Lawyer in the past.

  • Marcus Middleton
    Marcus Middleton 15 days ago

    Have we moved into the new season of House of Cards?

  • ernie green
    ernie green 15 days ago

    that tape is bs ...the rest have zero to do with Trump ! we don't like high taxes and our borders open for terrorists and gangs ..dems are gonna vote for that ...dumb dems ! DT 2o2o ..real action and jobs .what voters care about>>U people are dopey seals !

  • Patti CAKES
    Patti CAKES 15 days ago

    not the truth ,,,, at all but no one CARES about the truth ,,,, U,SA HAS GONE TO HELL and so few care that is the sad part ,,,

  • mussman717word
    mussman717word 15 days ago

    I hate Trump, but he obviously said, "Don't use cash." It ruins otherwise funny material

  • Jennyblake Blake c
    Jennyblake Blake c 15 days ago


  • Anna Harasym
    Anna Harasym 15 days ago

    Michael Cohen created his own problems by being an ass what a pathetic person who turned out to be

  • Sam Campo
    Sam Campo 15 days ago

    Omg. Google sends bible/Mormon adds and request connected to my viewing Late Night with Seth. Propaganda Plus.

  • Ben Beasant
    Ben Beasant 16 days ago

    Does this guy talk or joke about anything else but Trump, Trump, Trump?

  • Jp K
    Jp K 16 days ago

    The clown flipped way before this happened.You'll know he's lying when hid pie hole opens.Good for wipe only.If you buy it, you're the smudge.

  • Gordon 2000
    Gordon 2000 16 days ago

    When are you going to speak about QANON Seth? The biggest and craziest right wing conspiracy theory according to the left

  • N S
    N S 16 days ago

    Do not allow Trump to corrupt the Supreme Court by appointing a Justice. Trump is under criminal investigation and appointing a Supreme Court Justice is a conflict of interest.

  • Duke Evil
    Duke Evil 16 days ago

    Oh wow so he paid to keep an affair under the rug so what does this have to do with being the president??? Oh wait nothing so your fucking stupid must be great to make some thing out of nothing but thats the left do real crime dont get in no trouble lol lets talk about the uranium one or been Ghazi or wiener or any of the other crimes Bill Clinton oh yeah thats rite you dont wanna talk about that hahahaha!!!!! USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA

  • Chris Bradley
    Chris Bradley 16 days ago

    I can't wait to hear the Hannity and Cohen taps.

  • Chris Bradley
    Chris Bradley 16 days ago

    Scatch a liar, catch a thief.

  • R Jonboy
    R Jonboy 16 days ago

    Think: Cohen had to tape the Orangeutang to prevent him from going back on his word. Wasn't there something about t'Rump reneging on the $130000?
    Wouldn't trust him to stick to one story once he is out of sight...

  • Andria Marie
    Andria Marie 16 days ago

    wow! ole marky suckerberg is really pouring the money into ads. lol! trying really hard to recruit those last 3 ppl on the planet that don't have fb.....

  • Amber Gaucher
    Amber Gaucher 16 days ago

    Turn on the closed captioning.
    No one believes Trump or his team. Even the folks who are typing up the CC. Think the folks on the right will say it's a controversy?

  • chad windham
    chad windham 16 days ago

    seth meyers, late night cuck

  • Johonny Bravo
    Johonny Bravo 16 days ago

    It’s time to stop listening to these people trying to tear this country apart. #Walkaway

  • dumpthe chump
    dumpthe chump 16 days ago

    They should have just STFU. Who believes the Enquirer anyway? Oh, yea, trumptards. Well, now they're not going to believe he's a con-man either.

  • Munashe Msipa
    Munashe Msipa 17 days ago

    I heard don't pay with cash as well

  • Fatma Eldesouky Eldesouky

    It is always good to record someone like Trump, Trump trusts himself too much

  • gatsby newman
    gatsby newman 17 days ago

    This is wat happens wen you shag slags

  • erik aaron
    erik aaron 17 days ago

    I suggest that the majority of the population replace their phones with a banana. Don't worry. You'll look just as ridiculous as you do now. #TooManyStupidPeopleUseSmartPhones

  • Namsatasman
    Namsatasman 17 days ago

    Is it just me or is this guy really not that funny?

  • Lar M
    Lar M 17 days ago

    This is the re recorded tape done by Robert Mueller in order to speed up his witch hunt.Mueller's fingers got caught in between the button and the recorded speed got 'spaghetti' !

  • Lar M
    Lar M 17 days ago

    First of all. This is not the tape Cohen recorded but a re recorded one to frame Donald Trump.Secondly this audio recording was done completely without the consent of his client Donald Trump which is illegal to begin with.Therefore this show has committed a criminal act for obtaining any illegal act of re recording on top of the already illegal recording original.

  • Spiderman _kieran
    Spiderman _kieran 17 days ago +1


  • jhonny xxd
    jhonny xxd 17 days ago

    Trump trump trump trump
    No I'm not a Russian bot normies

  • Lifesabitch214
    Lifesabitch214 17 days ago

    I'd record that lying motherfucker too.

  • missylks123
    missylks123 17 days ago


  • R. B.
    R. B. 17 days ago

    Trump and Cohen are such mafia thugs.

  • Milton Elliott
    Milton Elliott 17 days ago

    I need to open up a company sept 2016 for the transfer of all that info (money, money laundering) regarding our friend David (the word “info” does not fit nor does it work with the flow\matter of the conversation, unless the word “info” is a code word that means money, if so then it works and flows

  • Savage-T fitness
    Savage-T fitness 17 days ago

    I love our embarrassment of a president and our joke of an administration. To the either rich, entitled, or just plain dipshits who were duped into voting for him, hope you're happy 😂

  • kallebaah0
    kallebaah0 18 days ago

    Inshannity is nervous 😂

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 18 days ago

    All of these late night communist are allowing Alex Jones to be censored. Yeah, yeah, it is only okay for them to speak.

  • James LIndzey
    James LIndzey 18 days ago

    Giullana is an idiot. The press secretary is a real idiot as well.

  • Willie Godbolt
    Willie Godbolt 18 days ago

    Having Trump in the Oval Office is like having John Gotti running the executive branch of the federal government.

  • Daniel Weeden
    Daniel Weeden 18 days ago +1

    Sorry, but can someone remind me how this joke of a mammal became president?

    • E B
      E B 18 days ago

      Daniel Weeden. Alot of Democrats didn't vote because they didn't like tRUMP or Hillary. The mid terms are critical, every Democrat needs to vote this time! 👍🌊❤️🇺🇸

  • casey leedham
    casey leedham 18 days ago +1

    Giuliani lies as much as Trump

  • casey leedham
    casey leedham 18 days ago +1


  • JadenKaye
    JadenKaye 18 days ago

    Hannity’s sweating. Love it.

  • james evarts
    james evarts 18 days ago


  • Angelo Grosso
    Angelo Grosso 18 days ago

    I Hate The F*%$ing Eagles Man!

  • Kris K-os
    Kris K-os 19 days ago

    I have been waiting for a Dick Tracy reference for the past year...I know, I'm crazy. However, I can't help noticing how many republicans look like characters from that film! Oh, and Bob Menendez too, not a surprise.Tre Gowdy, that freaky lawyer that Paul Manafort has. Matt Gaetz, Sean Hannity. I'm shuddering just visualizing these subhumans. Rudy Giuliani...I need a bleach bath. Don't think I'm lost on the irony of my own freakish (chosen) appearance. The difference is, I cause no harm.These "men", have chosen to willfully disregard most of us for personal gain! All the while, part of them understands this to be true. If any of them, ever, feel personal affect, I will eat my kitchen sink. Cheers people.

  • shainRylie
    shainRylie 19 days ago

    it actually does sound like don't pay with cash... I appreciate these talk shows shedding light on these kind of things, but don't put out false info for the sake of a story. That's no better than what this administration has been doing...

  • teetee tee
    teetee tee 19 days ago

    I will be waiting for recordings between Cohen and Hannity about their dealings. I have grown really tired of Hannity's lies. People like Hannity, Trump, Giuliani are so corrupt that they can't tell difference between their lies and the truth.

  • D Parks
    D Parks 19 days ago

    Why would someone with all these affairs and financial improprieties desire to be president? Why would he place himself in a position that all his shady business deals and personal lifestyle choices (adulterous affairs) would become public? He choice has ruined the lives and reputations of some of his family members and those who chose to work in his administration.

  • Bob Lowney
    Bob Lowney 19 days ago +1

    Scum. We have scum in the wh

  • Bob Lowney
    Bob Lowney 19 days ago +1

    Well clutch my pearls!

  • Sandra Mathis
    Sandra Mathis 19 days ago

    These people just say anything and think it will fly.

  • Ned Thumberland
    Ned Thumberland 19 days ago +1

    Evangelicals...the shining beacon of "family values"? NOT... LOL LOL LOL

  • Rhaegar Targaryan
    Rhaegar Targaryan 19 days ago

    serious question. why do u americans let these clowns run your country?

  • trae le
    trae le 19 days ago

    I remember watching cops and they would set up a sting arresting ppl that pay for sex for 20$ js

  • Micheal Myers
    Micheal Myers 19 days ago

    Don't you see the irony, He is corrupt but you still can't do nothing about it haha. America land of the corrupt.

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe 19 days ago +1

    Sebastian loves backdoor shenanigans

  • H S
    H S 19 days ago

    lol now release a diss track

  • jimsterok1
    jimsterok1 19 days ago

    This is crazy town we're watching. How did my country become crazy town.

  • l-2 dogs-l
    l-2 dogs-l 19 days ago

    Bill Clinton 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔.. Trump released the tape himself. (still winning ppl)
    And yes am a Russian bot

  • atotheg1991
    atotheg1991 19 days ago

    I died at 1:55

  • Earl Garcia
    Earl Garcia 19 days ago

    So what happened to Russian Collusion? We all know rich and powerful men like to have sex with women. Plus all this happened when he was a private citizen. Now Dems care about sexual sins? When Clinton was getting blow jobs in the White House from interns, they didn't seem to care very much.

  • CrapVictory
    CrapVictory 19 days ago

    What if the other 11 recordings are boring? Like the legal equivalent of "pass the salt." I want hookers, booze and drugs on those "tapes". By the way, this is 2018. Where do people buy tape recorders, and blank tapes?

  • Google Sucks
    Google Sucks 19 days ago

    Ghoule-lie-ani is one of the biggest Moron there ever went on TV. Anyone who gives him a platform is just as guilty

  • Traci Weston
    Traci Weston 19 days ago

    Trump even sounds like he's stupid on the phone call. He claims to be an expert deal maker yet he sounds like a dumb criminal calling his court appointed attorney from a jail cell.

  • Eb theDoc
    Eb theDoc 19 days ago

    Thanks, Seth. My post on this, after hearing the tape: On the Michael Cohen / Trumpie tape Cuomo played for us.
    People, what’s REALLY interesting about this explosive tape is that Cohen not only mentions Alan Weisselberg, but makes it quite clear that worthy was instrumental in setting up the cutout straw corporation for handling the MacDougal transaction (and other things later, as well). Please remember that Weisselberg was, in 2016, not just CFO for the Trump Organization (the fraudulent bizness), but also Treasurer/CFO of the Trump Foundation (the fraudulent nonprofit), though he declared publicly, in 2017, that he was “completely unaware of the fact”! Remember the Trump Foundation? That “nonprofit” Trumpie hardly paid anything into? That misused donor donated moneys to buy everything from huge Trumpie portraits, through faked Time Magazine covers with him on them, for his resorts, to the payoff to Florida’s AG, that made the Florida Fraud Case against Trump “University” go away? That fake charitable foundation?
    These mobsters are all SO dirty, I can smell the stink 9 States away, in New England.

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe 19 days ago +1

    and i thought Nixon was the absolute worst

  • jonpatkin
    jonpatkin 19 days ago

    So tired of rich, privileged people thinking they are somehow above the law.

  • octavia maze
    octavia maze 19 days ago

    Hope all is well

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans 19 days ago

    They don't want the fake phone calls made from a banana, it shows off their monkey business!! Can we get a specialist to bleep innocent parts of those tapes to really make it sound funny, we gotta put something in the barrel for the monkeys!!

  • Tony Trenkle Jr
    Tony Trenkle Jr 19 days ago

    Now I do hear him say "Dont use cash". To be honest its hard to tell 100% what hes saying but this time on here I did hear "dont use cash" so who freaking knows.

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 19 days ago

    And Trump couldn’t see this coming? Dumbest President EVER!

  • broandrew
    broandrew 19 days ago

    Not funny at all. GOT LOST

  • Noemi Rodriguez
    Noemi Rodriguez 19 days ago

    Hahahahahah Very funny.

  • Richard Smart
    Richard Smart 20 days ago +1

    Michael Cohen sounds like something off The Sopranos. Just sayin'...

  • daryl H
    daryl H 20 days ago

    there are in fact 100 Tapes !!!

  • markomus
    markomus 20 days ago

    I heard Trump say, "Don't pay with cash," but I didn't hear the word, "check." Seth Myers: -1, Trump team: 0.

  • run2thebeat
    run2thebeat 20 days ago

    I thought I heard “Cash me outside... hoe now dah!” 😜😂🤣

  • 11 Breaking News
    11 Breaking News 20 days ago

    5:45 ROFL!

  • Rob Murdock
    Rob Murdock 20 days ago +1

    I wish whatever crime I would comment would try to be complicated.

  • Craig Barrett
    Craig Barrett 20 days ago

    don't have a clue why people even post comments here, it is just a massive amount of people agreeing with each other
    *get a room*

  • janzy1980
    janzy1980 20 days ago

    Why does everyone keep calling it a TAPE? It's not 1991 folks, it's a goddamn RECORDING.

  • HugeJohn51
    HugeJohn51 20 days ago

    Cohen is literally a mouth breather. Sad!

  •  20 days ago

    It doesn't sound that way at all. It sounds as if exploiting the mechanic of backstabs would be efficient and worthy of exploiting. This isn't Dark Souls 1 or 3 we're talking about after all.
    And nowhere is exactly where the rest of the discussion SHOULD go. The reach is completely insignificant in pvp and pve. And yes, the horizontal attack is worthless.
    I could make a case that the Bandit's Knife has more reach than a dagger, but that would just be silly considering the discussion of relevance to be had.

  • Box Entertainment
    Box Entertainment 20 days ago

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  • D. Paul Sikand
    D. Paul Sikand 20 days ago

    Don't be fooled....Trump knew two years ago the investigation would go after Cohen.
    That is why Trump dumped him.....it is called entrapment and it did not work...…
    Now once again Mueller looks like the criminal....as Trump beat him at his own game....
    Trump beat Hillary at her own game also....that is how we got here.....
    sadly Cohen must be a real criminal or he would not be so desperate to suck Muellers dick....
    this is all smoke and mirrors anyway......the goal is to boost democrats in this Falls elections....
    the democrats and the deep state are now desperate....as they have lost complete
    control...….but it wont work.....
    Trump is an American hero......we will re-elect him....and we will vote across the board republican
    in the Fall...….
    America is great and getting greater...…..Gooooooooooooooooooo Trump
    But hey, that is just my opinion.....and about 65 Million other voters agree....

  • Jesse M
    Jesse M 20 days ago

    are pepole laughing just cause they agree?....this is not comedy...please get a comedian to host

  • Milán Molnár
    Milán Molnár 20 days ago

    Hannity knows Cohen personally? Oh boy! :D