TITANS Official Trailer #2 (2018) DC Universe Series HD


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  • npc 117
    npc 117 3 hours ago

    This is fan made right...o wait a real fan knows these ppls personalities are a ass wipe compared to the real characters

  • Jordan Barclay
    Jordan Barclay 3 hours ago


  • rosy lima
    rosy lima 6 hours ago

    Tá faltando o robo😂😂

  • Lonely ClownyPenny
    Lonely ClownyPenny 16 hours ago


  • Xordan Xiles
    Xordan Xiles 17 hours ago

    Why is Starfire fat and black?

  • T Series
    T Series Day ago

    Why did they change starfire and beast boy? And why is Raven such a little bitch. This sucks.

  • Nfinitii
    Nfinitii Day ago

    All the characters look off, especially starfire. Like wtf is she wearing? She looks like a black hooker not an alien.

  • Adriana C
    Adriana C Day ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t mind starfire being black??? To me I don’t think they have to EXACTLY look like the characters. Yeah I would’ve looked cool but it’s better than having no starfire.

  • i miss lil peep
    i miss lil peep 2 days ago

    y’all are so fucking UNAPPRECIATIVE

  • Actively Anime
    Actively Anime 2 days ago

    That black girl is supposed to be white and the boy with the green hair is supposed to be green at all time.Raven is not supposed to have emotions wtf is wrong with this show fuck u and there is also sex. This is not teen titans. And where the fuck is my boy cyborg.

  • Reyvin Coarite
    Reyvin Coarite 2 days ago

    Q asco de serie, los heroes hacen el papel opuesto de los originales

  • Kenneth Galindo
    Kenneth Galindo 3 days ago

    Where in the world is cyborg and isnt starfire supposed to be tan and have straight hair and also her blast's isnt it supposed to be green and what the hell happened to raven did her emotions suddenly shot her cause i know she supposed to be somewhat emotionless and one more thing why did beast boy suddenly turn white he is supposed to be full green whole green to be exact and one last WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE BOOOYAAHHHH (CYBORG)

  • Black King
    Black King 3 days ago +1

    Actually good

  • Theresa Witcher
    Theresa Witcher 4 days ago


  • Jc anims
    Jc anims 4 days ago

    U Know WHAT the parody one is better

  • Jc anims
    Jc anims 4 days ago


  • Chris dah boss
    Chris dah boss 4 days ago


  • Brwn
    Brwn 4 days ago

    This shitty as hell

  • B. R.
    B. R. 5 days ago

    Was this canceled?

    • Adriana C
      Adriana C Day ago

      B. R. No, there season 1 is fully released. Actually pretty good👍🏻

  • Ninjazz
    Ninjazz 5 days ago

    8/10 for me so far because there’s no FUCKING CYBORG!!!!

    DO YOU WANT TO 5 days ago

    Beastboy can only transform to a tiger what a disappointment

  • Universe Z
    Universe Z 5 days ago

    Why is Starfire Black

  • Colt Knigge
    Colt Knigge 5 days ago +1

    This show is BS

  • CyberTiger 45
    CyberTiger 45 5 days ago

    - The creators obviously don’t understand the character so they turn him into a different character and obviously have no respect for the actual character because they even change his name because the original name to them was stupid
    - Arrow is a rip-off Of BATMAN in every way
    - He changes his voice to be darker and scruffy like BATMAN
    - He goes out in the night only like BATMAN
    - He has an on and off again relationship with the lady in the chair, and she ends up getting disabled and put into a Wheelchair like BATMAN
    - He is on the run from the Police and they believe he is a vigilante that needs to be taken down like BATMAN
    - He was trained by Ras Al Ghul and has a relationship with Talia EXACTLY BATMANS RELATIONSHIP WITH THE TWO
    - He was Trained by the league of assassins EXACTLY LIKE BATMAN
    - Trickster is NOTHING like himself he’s more like the JOKER a BATMAN VILLAIN
    - Green Arrow has a secret son he never knew about that will eventually become Green Arrow in Future kinda like how DAMIAN is BATMANS SON who will eventually become BATMAN in the future
    - He won’t stfu about the island, the creators don’t even have a script anymore, everytime they don’t know how to progress the storyline they go back to the same Island BS, and it’s not how things should be, in order to have a good story you have to go forward not backwards
    - Oh and Deathstroke is a BATMAN VILLAIN not an Arrow one
    - I can easily explain this show with a skit, an overused one but a realistic one
    Literally everybody: Don’t fuck with the timeline Barry
    Barry: Imma fuck it
    **Fucks it**
    Barry: Mommy yay! Oh no but everything is wrong now
    Barry: Guys I’m sorry but I fucked the timeline
    Literally everyone: Well fuck you them Barry
    Barry: But I did it for my Mom
    **Barry goes back again and puts things back**
    Barry: Oh no I put things back but not everything is the same
    - Then rinse and repeat the same boring stupid plot at least 3 times already with a stupid twist oh and
    - Don’t forget the fact that every fucking time it’s all
    Omg somebody is faster than Barry theirs a new speedster like every fucking week and how are we still surprised, better get fAsTEr bARrY
    Omg I’m not fast enough to beat this person I’m not fucking fast enough BeTtEr gET fAsTEr
    - These entire show is a lazy excuse to have a bunch of Female versions of Superman villains show up, I kid you not most of these characters are fucking female versions of Superman villains, honestly I wouldn’t care if they made a Supergirl show over a Superman one but it’s so obviously just gIRl pOwEr iMmA RiGhT gIrLS, if they had used REAL Superman and Supergirl villains i would have been fine
    Silver Banshee, Metallo, Lex Luther, Zod And etc.
    - And wtf is this agency government bullshit that Supergirl joined, its so stupid
    - And who’s bright idea was it to have her reality take place in another Universe, like seriously it doesn’t effect the overall narrative besides the fact that they have to go through a load or Bullshit storytelling everytime she’s with Arrow and Flash, just let her be in the same Universe as the two it literally won’t affect anything
    - Do I need to say anything about this trash? No ok then bye!
    - So your gonna pull a Supergirl on us now? Lemme guess all her villains are Female versions of Male Batman Villains instead of actually using the Batman Villains

  • Ugly Hag
    Ugly Hag 5 days ago

    I know everyone's complaining about a black Starfire but my biggest issue is Raven. Like why do they always take the most bad ass characters and portray them as wimps?

    ADITHYA ADITHYA 5 days ago

    It's DC , what do you expect ??

  • Salea Gilner
    Salea Gilner 6 days ago +1

    Starfire looks like a prostitute.

  • Alex Delacoudray
    Alex Delacoudray 6 days ago

    It’s not on Netflix idiots

  • Tommy Le
    Tommy Le 6 days ago

    Starfire looks absolutely disgusting.

  • wilson lee
    wilson lee 6 days ago

    Alternate teen titan universe

  • benny perez
    benny perez 6 days ago

    lol i was planning to see this series but good thing i looked it up god this is garbage

  • Lord Demonoss
    Lord Demonoss 7 days ago +2

    Wait. Starfire is an alien princess. not a hooker. Raven comes from another universe. Not a emo girl. Robin and beast boy are ok. Pretty much another disappoint show.

    • Lord Demonoss
      Lord Demonoss Day ago +1

      +Adriana C let me guess. beast boy doesn't know who he is either? I'll pass on this show.

    • Lord Demonoss
      Lord Demonoss Day ago +1

      +Adriana C ok. Now please explain to me Starfire hooker.

  • Vicky Medina
    Vicky Medina 8 days ago


  • Tengu Teezy
    Tengu Teezy 8 days ago

    this shit is so 🤮 bro. another live action adaptation of an originally animated series gone wrong 😭😭😂😂🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Tyler Woody
    Tyler Woody 9 days ago

    I don't care that about Starfire being black... I just don't understand why they took out the already black character, and changed Raven into this generic angsty teen and Starfire into normal tough girl (uh woman?) I also think changing them into adults genuinely hurts the story. The reason the original resonated with some many people is because it's such a good take on five teens dealing with issues of growing up. Many of the problems they deal with in the original are just metaphors for growing up as a teen.

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 9 days ago

    Where is cyborg??

  • FieryHammer
    FieryHammer 9 days ago

    Oh, this doesn't look that bad as I remembered...yeah it's dark, but it's pretty cool loo...oh yeah there's Starfire...nevermind...

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid 10 days ago

    How do you fuck up everytime? 👆☝

  • rk 123
    rk 123 11 days ago

    Starfire is black? Did she burned herself?

  • Belajar Game
    Belajar Game 11 days ago +2

    Why star fire why this ruin my chillhood of a hot starfire

  • Amani Daniels
    Amani Daniels 11 days ago

    Not trying to be racist or rude because i like the person who plays starfire but why is starfire black?

  • The Smelly German Guy
    The Smelly German Guy 12 days ago

    dafuq is this

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 12 days ago

    Casting a black person as an alien who doesn't belong in society. Wow!

  • Typical American
    Typical American 13 days ago

    This is why DC needs to step away from the cinematic universe.

  • 1
    1 13 days ago +2

    Can you guys just chill? The shows great just finished watching it. Just cuz its not like the cartoon doesnt mean its bad. This is how it would play out it if really happend in the world and they captured that great. Ppl saying ravens a wuss lemme see your ass with a demon inside plus its the first season she didn't even know whats going on with her later she might be a badass. Also robin comes from gotham city where bad shit happens and you only need about 3 brain cells to know that , that kind of life fucks you up, what did you excpet that he would be a comedian like the show?? Shows great give it a try it has 8.3 rating.

  • Andy
    Andy 13 days ago

    When starfire is meant to be a skinny orange alien but instead shes some middle aged chubby black woman wearing prostitute clothing and a fake curly wig

  • rainbow sunshine
    rainbow sunshine 14 days ago


  • Unchained Dragon
    Unchained Dragon 14 days ago

    Remember when netflix fcked up death note?

  • E K S H A T E K
    E K S H A T E K 14 days ago

    Trailer Looks Good , Series is fucked up

  • Tortured Soul
    Tortured Soul 14 days ago

    question for DC Universe: Is Cyborg ever gonna show up or are you gonna dissapoint us once more.

  • FranciscaS FuentesD
    FranciscaS FuentesD 15 days ago

    Cyborg? :(

  • emeniel
    emeniel 15 days ago +2

    Man, all those cartoon Teen Titans watchers coming with their half-assed knowledge about characters and how they suppose to be... Go and pick up some comics before even opening your mouth about “source material”.
    For others, man, it’s Elseworld story. Adaptation. Characters don’t go note to note with comics, but in the core they’re still very much how they supposed to be.
    It’s different. It’s not comics. And thanks god it’s not even cartoon. Try to be open-minding, instead of heating just because you want to.
    I think Titans is a good show on their own way.

  • emeniel
    emeniel 15 days ago +1

    Man, all those cartoon Teen Titans watchers coming with their half-assed knowledge about characters and how they suppose to be... Go and pick up some comics before even opening your mouth about “source material”.
    For others, man, it’s Elseworld story. Adaptation. Characters don’t go note to note with comics, but in the core they’re still very much how they supposed to be.
    It’s different. It’s not comics. And thanks god it’s not even cartoon. Try to be open-minding, instead of hating just because you want to.
    I think Titans is a good show on their own way.

  • Levi
    Levi 15 days ago

    Is star fire really black in comics?

  • Jodie Marie
    Jodie Marie 16 days ago

    Worst thing ever made, disgraceful to the teen titans

  • greglarsen1
    greglarsen1 16 days ago

    This series is amazing!

  • Rebekah Feliciano
    Rebekah Feliciano 16 days ago

    What're these wigs?????????

  • Jhefferson Holanda
    Jhefferson Holanda 16 days ago

    O maigod

  • John Dominic Escapular

    I hope season 2 comes with cyborg and orange skin star fire

  • John Dominic Escapular

    I wish star fire was orange and shot green fire like in the cartoons and some of the good comics. They should've just added cyborg because 1 he is black already in the cartoons. And why call Raven Rachael just why? It's so corny. Please who ever has a lot of money and a lot of time who knows the real comics of teen titans please make something better than this shit. I just finished the whole season 1 on netflix. And the only good thing about this was the swearing timing

  • Marie Christina
    Marie Christina 17 days ago

    Starfire ruins this whole thing for me

  • Angel
    Angel 17 days ago

    Why in the world must starfire be black if in ALL the series she´s an orange alien?... I loved Black Panther because it was the first time a character created as a black man deserved a full movie, one of the best I´ve seen in years, but that character was black in his very origins!!, let the characters be as they were created...please...

  • Arianna Bodycomb
    Arianna Bodycomb 18 days ago

    How do I watch this show? It’s not coming up when I search it on Netflix...

  • Saketh
    Saketh 18 days ago +2

    Of course it’s made by Netflix. No wonder it’s ass.
    Why do they have to make everything drama? Fucks sake.

  • Galaxiaas
    Galaxiaas 18 days ago

    Well, at least to me it's like watching season 6 even though iys not out. ;-;

  • superblahmanofdoom
    superblahmanofdoom 18 days ago +1

    Starfire looks shit, utter shit. She is meant to be a gorgeous orange alien female that is tall and majestic, not an ugly corner whore.

  • Randy
    Randy 18 days ago

    Why the fuck starfire is black

  • Ondřej Hanke
    Ondřej Hanke 19 days ago

    Wher is wander girl , cyborg a kid flash

  • ibrahim belkebir
    ibrahim belkebir 19 days ago

    where is cyborg

  • Fm L
    Fm L 19 days ago

    I don't know why everyone's hating this show.If you look past the trailer and watch the whole thing it's an amazing series

  • skooly
    skooly 19 days ago

    bad casting for firestorm an raven wtf lol

  • Marvel fans
    Marvel fans 19 days ago

    I don't like starfire

  • Warrel Rilly
    Warrel Rilly 20 days ago

    Put more please

    STEEL WEASEL 20 days ago

    What a bunch of whiney pussy ass comments from acne faced racist Millennials living in their parents basement, grow up and fuck off!

  • Olivia Lerch
    Olivia Lerch 20 days ago

    Did they try and put starfire and cyborg in the same person cause it doesn’t feel right

  • Heartless Thoughts
    Heartless Thoughts 20 days ago

    I'm not afraid to admit that when this trailer came out I was a hater but the show was pretty good. I'm actually looking forward to season two

  • Choi Hyojinx
    Choi Hyojinx 21 day ago

    Well that’s nice 🙂 (not really) just glad star is a black girl but WHERE THE HELL IS CYBORG

  • The Kronos
    The Kronos 22 days ago

    Its not on netflix

    GRAVITY SP1K35 22 days ago

    ohh nooo they really fucked up teen titans didn't they

  • Grvv-tuber
    Grvv-tuber 22 days ago

    Raven better be adopted

  • Cj Sings!
    Cj Sings! 23 days ago


  • April Ravendew
    April Ravendew 24 days ago +1

    What the fuck is wrong with starfire

  • minecraft gaming
    minecraft gaming 24 days ago

    why is starfire BLACK wtf, no hate just saying thats not how she is in the shows or comics. Would have been better if the actress was idk maybe a tanned actress, maybe a latin actress or asian. Also raven looks like a wuss, a typical nerd with no friends in school.

  • Scullex
    Scullex 24 days ago

    Is that matpat

  • Ned E
    Ned E 25 days ago

    Its better than teen titans go

  • Nico Animations
    Nico Animations 26 days ago

    I don’t like stars character in this they have completely missed out the part that she’s an alien and have just made her automatically understand all the human emotions

    IRON BOY GAMING 26 days ago +1

    Is it a part of DC universe'movies'

  • Bri-Bri 92
    Bri-Bri 92 26 days ago +1


  • Icypanda smith
    Icypanda smith 26 days ago

    Also starfire outfit is bad😒😒

  • Icypanda smith
    Icypanda smith 26 days ago

    Is this going be on Netflix

  • Brown Fingers
    Brown Fingers 26 days ago

    And it isn’t even on Netflix

  • AndreiTube HD
    AndreiTube HD 26 days ago

    Dont judge watch it it is very cool and good

  • Deanith
    Deanith 27 days ago +3

    Soo I gave first episode a chance..
    This series is a joke. Everything looks cheap and messy.The acting is mediocre if not bad, the graphics laughable and the pilot weak af.The first episode is supposed to hook you but bored me to death.
    Raven screams bratty, edgy teanage girl..so cringey.
    Oh and starfire looks like a prostitute.

  • Freya Connolly
    Freya Connolly 27 days ago +1

    everybody i judged this show before i watched it but it is amazing like omg go watch now the last episode is so good aswell everyone go watch it right now its amazing.

  • Twila Thompson
    Twila Thompson 27 days ago

    This is way better then the regular teen titans :)
    Please dont hate i have opinions to you know :)

  • Nadiyuhh Tv
    Nadiyuhh Tv 27 days ago

    Netflix isn’t letting me watch it ☹️

  • Lunasent
    Lunasent 27 days ago

    How hard is it to find orange and green body paint? And da fuq!? Starfire’s power is supposed to be green!

    TAYLOR BASSETT 28 days ago +1

    yall sayin how orange starfire is, in that case just get trump to play her 😂 at least this womans a good actress

  • studybeats
    studybeats 28 days ago

    They literally didn’t even try with starfire LMFAO did they just drive through Cleveland and yell at the first crackhead they found and say “hey wanna make 20 dollars”

  • Sonia Miguel
    Sonia Miguel 28 days ago

    No tryna be racist but why is starfire black? And they should of pick someone younger to be the actor for starfire...