TITANS Official Trailer #2 (2018) DC Universe Series HD


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  • 100x100RUJO
    100x100RUJO 17 hours ago

    Raven is sooooo dark!!!
    I love it!😍😍😍😍😻😻😻

  • Joshua Budd
    Joshua Budd 17 hours ago

    Please, some one tell me this is a joke, just like the avatar last airbender movies all over again

  • Aaron Contreras
    Aaron Contreras 17 hours ago +1

    Love this show fuck all these hate comments there all still gonna watch the show, just people with hate in there hart #fuckbatman

  • Richard Townsend
    Richard Townsend 17 hours ago

    Why the hell is star fire black. So I guess we're switching things up and we cyborg is revealed is going to be white. Other the other hand it doesn't look bad and Robin looks like a bad ass

  • K4 Josiah
    K4 Josiah 18 hours ago

    Thumbnail looks like a halloween party or a comic con.....never mind I've see better stuff at comic con. I understand that it's gonna be progressive but that starfire costume needs work.

  • Mason Ori
    Mason Ori 18 hours ago

    Did not like starfire

  • TheKevinNerd
    TheKevinNerd 18 hours ago


  • Ochir OscarGamingMaster
    Ochir OscarGamingMaster 18 hours ago +1

    Where the hell is cyborg and why is star fire black and why is raven a scaredy cat

  • Sin Trasix
    Sin Trasix 18 hours ago

    It feels like disappointment

  • Stephen Baskerville
    Stephen Baskerville 18 hours ago

    Why does starfire look like a 70's hooker :-\ and why so damn dark

  • James Kent
    James Kent 19 hours ago

    So now starfire must be the white evil sister and blackfire with the good guys?!?!?!

  • The Ultimate Punisher
    The Ultimate Punisher 19 hours ago

    I wasn't expecting this. I was expecting beastboy to be green at all times. Starfire to be orange. Raven is kinda ok and robin also. Also i think they might bring cyborg later on

  • les twins fan
    les twins fan 19 hours ago

    This is so not teen titans i mean they are completely out of their character since when raven had this kind of wimpy personality she was not an emotional teen she knew how to hide her emotions well all the charaters are so not what they stand for

    • les twins fan
      les twins fan 19 hours ago

      And don't even get me started on starfire, the person who is playing this character made it so cool and badass but the cloths and personality doesn't match to starfire at all its like they switched their personality or something which takes everything away from the teen titans

  • MockingBirdd
    MockingBirdd 20 hours ago

    I am not racist but please stop making fire characters black...

  • Laur Wolf
    Laur Wolf 20 hours ago

    Judging by the Thumbnail, *Just don't. Just ..... don't*

  • Pres MNent
    Pres MNent 20 hours ago

    Wtf is DC doing man?

  • Little Badger
    Little Badger 21 hour ago

    How I feel at Halloween

    • Little Badger
      Little Badger 21 hour ago

      Yeah, your gonna have to stay away from me at halloween

  • Christopher Shahi
    Christopher Shahi 21 hour ago +1

    This is going to be shit and fuck batman

  • Kuma in Kana
    Kuma in Kana 22 hours ago

    can't stand that fake wig and bad acting.

  • Green Raven
    Green Raven 22 hours ago


  • Costa Govan
    Costa Govan 22 hours ago

    Okay am I the only one frustrated that they Starfire, an orange alien Black.

  • S.O.A.P Crew
    S.O.A.P Crew 23 hours ago

    They forgot one more person that's in this group and that's cyborg

  • Apostol Vlad
    Apostol Vlad 23 hours ago

    let's guess cyborg is white ? fucking cunts

  • Tshepi Simon
    Tshepi Simon 23 hours ago

    this is such a joke. I hope Netflix cancels before it embarrasses us with this mess. so many things wrong with it, cant watch I'm sorry.... sooooo whose ready for Aquaman :D

  • CharizardDragon
    CharizardDragon Day ago +1

    Movie: "They're all broken"
    Me: "Yeah, no shit"

  • Destiny McNair
    Destiny McNair Day ago

    I love this tralier soooooo much but i though starfire was orange

  • Gino Tan
    Gino Tan Day ago

    This is worst than the Teen Titans Go cartoon show!! We need the Teen Titans Cartoon decency atleast(the first one before the reboot)

  • Thunder Nova
    Thunder Nova Day ago

    This... Really doesn't feel like how titans should go... Urg... Animated series, and even the comic book makes more sense then the portrayal of this live action movie. Wth is wrong with DC Live action producers? If they can't stay with the most basic of portrayal as the comics like Marvel did... Then they shouldn't bother making another live action movie.

  • E Lee
    E Lee Day ago

    it is "based" on Teen Titans. Everyone who is losing their shit right now. Whenever a TV show or a movie comes out that relates to a book or comic or whatever they always say it's based on the previous works. Which means the most you can be sure of is they'll use the main characters and they'll have the same name. But beyond that - personalities, story lines, whatever - they take full creative license with it.
    It's better to turn around and look at this as a brand new thing rather than canon

  • Jabberwocky
    Jabberwocky Day ago

    Starfire cannot be excused, she's supposed to be innocent, naive, oblivious and cutesy.. This 40 year old looking woman having a romance with a teen robin? I don't ship that.. I can look past raven and beast boy but starfire just annoys me

  • Hugo
    Hugo Day ago

    STAR FIRE IS BLACK!!!!!!!?????!!?!????!??

  • Nancy Molina
    Nancy Molina Day ago

    One question...?
    What happen a purple hair girl aka in (Teen Titans cartoon: as Raven)....what happen to her red gem💎 on her Forehead?

  • Wycliffe Barnard

    I thought the characters would be like the comics.but holy shit this is to much.this got the feeling of justice league.what a waste of my time last time id tuning in for this crap.

  • Tony Slapper Jr.

    God It's like Dc just wants to disappoint us at every turn. God forbid they actually but a decent budget for something and do it right. I'm actually surprised this is a Netflix show they did so well with the most of the Marvel ones.

  • Zia
    Zia Day ago

    Cringy as fuck

  • Jeandre
    Jeandre Day ago

    Looks like a rip off :(

  • Justin Ross
    Justin Ross Day ago

    Netflix just cancelled Marvel's Iron Fist. How long will it take for this one I wonder?🍿

  • - TBL Productions -

    Df, Starfire's black, Garfield doesn't have green skin, and Jason Todd was never in the Teen Titans he became red hood

  • SourWaffles
    SourWaffles Day ago

    was pretty skeptical, but after watching the first episode this show has a lot of potential to be amazing. I'm on board

  • Alex Menezes
    Alex Menezes Day ago

    why do people always have to fuck up our childhood. First it was Starwars, then marvel, now its DC.... so so evil

  • Aaron Clarke
    Aaron Clarke Day ago

    Weres cyborg

  • fluffpuff7
    fluffpuff7 Day ago

    jeez this shows budget must’ve been so unbelievablylow. I haven’t seen green screen this bad in a while

  • Johnathan Clair
    Johnathan Clair Day ago

    Bruh this still look gay

  • Black Heart34
    Black Heart34 Day ago

    🤢🤮 no offense but starfire is white and doesn’t have bright pink hair she has red hair straight hair! Also she shoots lasers out of her eyes and doesn’t shoot fire she shoots laser balls so... not something I’ll be watching anytime soon 🤧🤢😤

  • Lu Okrakel
    Lu Okrakel Day ago

    Why, why did they do this?

  • Fandomstuck XOXO

    ._. I know I'm gonna get hate for this but...
    Seriously guys. Give the show a chance. Just because some of the characters' traits and appearance were changed doesn't mean it we should be that negative towards those who made the show. Heck, some of Marvel's characters look far from their comic book appearances yet no one gave a damn about that.
    Why must it be different for this show?
    Also, I've been seeing alot of comments saying it should have been like the cartoon.
    Guys. Have you ever heard of live actions or something like that? They give a more realistic (and sometimes humane) turn to the characters. Heck, it would have been weird if the characters actually wore the same clothing like in the cartoons or acted like as if they were some kind of child's cartoon character.
    (If anyone is gonna reply to me irrationally, please, don't. I would rather read a well constructed criticism of my comment.)

  • MimiTube C
    MimiTube C Day ago

    Raven and Starfire are something I didn't expect. Starfire isn't a teen age girl and Raven is being chased by the church and beast boy is awesome. Even though they don't really look like the real teen Titans I like it

  • Moon dust smells funny

    I really don't get why everyone is hating on Starfire tho like would y'all have preferred an over tanned white girl?

  • Nikki Chase
    Nikki Chase Day ago

    When does it come out

  • Noel Siah
    Noel Siah Day ago

    uhm.... what happened to starfire lol

  • Michael Simkins
    Michael Simkins Day ago

    This is THE SHIT! After Teen Titans the animated series stopped, and I've never adopted that joke of a series Teen Titans GO!, this comes along and even though they messed up Starfire, just looking back at her Americanime version... which is cuter and sexier, and my eyes tear up with joy for the longest time all of a sudden!

  • DrEniViSiOn
    DrEniViSiOn Day ago

    I think will def flop
    Please come back to this comment and like it 5000000 times if I right

  • Rei Dragneel
    Rei Dragneel Day ago

    I don't get it...what's up with Raven?...Starfire?...Why is robin killing people!?

  • InspiringOwls Owlover

    They didn’t put Ravens real backstory to it SHE IS THE DAUGHTER OF TRIGON

  • Aldren Lavarias
    Aldren Lavarias Day ago

    Wtf starfire is a stipper what did they do?! And raven doesnt look and wimp like that goth thing p.s r.i.p

  • ExplicitTM
    ExplicitTM Day ago

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't raven knows what happened to her childhood?

  • hksrb25s16
    hksrb25s16 Day ago

    The Street Walker, Nerd Rager, Goth and the kotaku.

  • moon man
    moon man Day ago

    So Raven is scared to hurt humans right bc if it is oh she just noticed she got demonic powers but then didn't she spent some years with her father

  • Greencommtt2295
    Greencommtt2295 Day ago

    Were Is cyborg

  • FireBreather626
    FireBreather626 Day ago

    No cyborg?

  • Carlos Eugênio CL

    Where is Cyborg?!

  • Davi Oliveira
    Davi Oliveira Day ago +1

    Acho que os únicos que vão prestar são o Robin e a Ravena

  • Dsny Sz
    Dsny Sz Day ago

    I still do not like starfire, it's not because of its color, a clear example of that is gamora, she is black, and we all love her

  • Bob Oling
    Bob Oling Day ago

    1st I thought this was for the dc streaming service. 2nd Robin looks like the only thing watching it for. Thats definitely not the Starfire or Raven I know.

  • Yara M
    Yara M Day ago

    It looks like it had a very small budget

  • AccidentallyKylie

    This is going to be bad

  • Juan Aviles
    Juan Aviles Day ago

    Wtf is this shit??

  • Heather Estrada
    Heather Estrada Day ago

    I’m sorry guys I might get a lot of hate but I like this. This seems cool

  • Johanna Beckett
    Johanna Beckett Day ago +1

    First Death Note...now Teen Titans...wow Netflix ...what good stories will you destroy next? 😩

    • Johanna Beckett
      Johanna Beckett 22 hours ago

      Michael Simkins Thank you. Have a nice day 😂

    • Michael Simkins
      Michael Simkins Day ago

      Don't you mean "what good stories will you destroy next?"!

  • nad abdo
    nad abdo Day ago



    I hope this shit gets cancelled.

  • Victor Leal
    Victor Leal Day ago

    Why tf is starfire black 😂😂

  • Wombat
    Wombat Day ago

    Why cant we have a great DC movie like Watchmen 2

  • James Raven
    James Raven Day ago

    Batman. Does. Not. Kill.

  • becz _247
    becz _247 Day ago

    I guess the sun didn't want to be involved in this crap

  • Kaleb does crap
    Kaleb does crap Day ago

    Mixed emotions that’s all I gotta day

  • HyBrId Luna
    HyBrId Luna Day ago

    Yeaaaahhh... Not my teen titans... Being a huge fan of the older shows I’m gonna passssssss

  • Alexander Riggs
    Alexander Riggs Day ago

    And no cyborg because the cost to CGI that would be too much

  • Power100
    Power100 Day ago +1

    So no Cyborg and Starfire is a porn artist. Nice DC and you said that were trying to be racist.

  • Mimo Za
    Mimo Za Day ago

    Teen titans deserve more than that

  • Andrew Barrett
    Andrew Barrett Day ago

    I am extremely disappointed.

  • bgsniper k
    bgsniper k Day ago

    Budget starfire

    RWBY FAN BOY Day ago

    Fuck Batman

  • Lily Mendes
    Lily Mendes Day ago

    I thought Raven was supposed to be the bad ass

  • Hoodnewzmedia
    Hoodnewzmedia Day ago

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  • Jack Curran
    Jack Curran Day ago

    Guys look what you did teen titans go wans’t good you said and they do this look cyborg isn’t even there

  • xisfernandes
    xisfernandes Day ago


  • Slasher X
    Slasher X Day ago

    AIDS on the brain

  • Henry Abbott
    Henry Abbott Day ago

    But do they have the tower?

  • snuggles tv
    snuggles tv Day ago

    Where sideboard

  • Mr Robinson
    Mr Robinson Day ago

    where is cyborg?

  • Hadi Soearadiri
    Hadi Soearadiri Day ago

    Oprah can throw fire ball...

  • Hadi Soearadiri
    Hadi Soearadiri Day ago

    They look like wanted to going to comic con, but I swore that no one will suspect that they're Teen Titans

  • starboy530
    starboy530 Day ago +1

    Where is cyborg

  • Andy Willis
    Andy Willis Day ago

    Just called in with Chief, he said that ain’t it.

  • Robert Dunn
    Robert Dunn Day ago

    The person who is acting as star fire is so lucky unlike you idiots who probably are jealous assholes 😡

  • beta
    beta Day ago

    i dont get why people dont like this tv show. It doesnt look that bad

  • Kai Foster
    Kai Foster Day ago +1

    People hate starfire just cause she’s black im disappointed in today’s society

  • stay low
    stay low Day ago

    👎😒seriously what the hell is wrong with hollywood . They mix everyone(races) and make the worst shit to watch. I think they should stop making new trilogies. The moment I saw star fire 😵