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  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
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    We’ve made a film featuring our talent bringing to life genuine complaints which viewers have made about them. We understand that not every programme, or even every presenter, is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s because Channel 4 was set up to be different, to provoke debate, take bold creative risks and represent unheard voices from all around the country. So sometimes we may cause a bit of a stir, but that’s part of our job.
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  • S
    S 3 days ago

    Wow channel four you're so edgy, better get back to censoring the Simpsons you wusses.

  • Infertile Piggy
    Infertile Piggy 3 days ago

    Put as many unfunny gay people on at dinner time or all day for all I care, aw I don't watch your channel anyway cause who watches TV, and what sad sacks watch TV channels on TheXvid anyway, all the content in the world and you watch channel 4? Unless it's for Rachel Riley then that's ok, now begone from my recommended

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson 4 days ago

    I like the way you say "complaints welcome" but then you prove they're clearly only welcome so you can show how bigoted YOUR viewers are.
    And as far as that rat Guru goes, he has been inappropriate on many occasions.
    Jamie Oliver's tongue doesn't fit in his mouth.
    Hollyoaks is blatant LGBT propaganda.
    Channel 4 sucks SJW dick.

  • It’sArchieAnimates YT

    Nice to know you guys over at Channel 4 can’t take criticism

  • zombiegameruk
    zombiegameruk 7 days ago +1

    Nice to know channel 4 won't take any complaint seriously unless they offend the far left... Good job on being impartial 😉😉

  • Kallie Morton
    Kallie Morton 7 days ago

    Dont understand the derry girls sub complaints I understand them perfectly well they do it with nadine coyles as well.

  • Peter N.
    Peter N. 7 days ago

    "Great" Britain EleGiggle EleGiggle KappaPride

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 9 days ago +1

    Hello channel 4, I would like to complain about your paedophile executives earning 100's of thousands of pounds.

  • Anita Shah
    Anita Shah 9 days ago

    Hi I saw an e4 advert for all the comedy on e4 and it had the song 'do it. I do it every day'. I can't find the advert on TheXvid and I type in the lyrics in Google and get something else. Anyone know who sings it?

  • Gladwyn Scott Music
    Gladwyn Scott Music 9 days ago +1

    You smug fuckers think this is hilarious don't you?

  • Yorrick Pathos
    Yorrick Pathos 16 days ago +1

    I would like to complain about Channel 4's paedophile staff and being complicit in suppressing establishment paedophiles. I think it's wrong. I know many of your viewers support your disgusting paedophile ways.

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 16 days ago +1

    All the complaints are valid, you are just intolerant to any criticism of your pedo loving staff

  • Roberto Miali
    Roberto Miali 17 days ago +1

    Omg this is really cringy.

  • mstrpig123
    mstrpig123 17 days ago +7

    The hateful contempt in this advert is very real-Glad everyone finds this arrogance so cute. The "journalism" on this channel is basically fanatical left-wing activism, at a time when we need genuinely balanced and investigative journalism to render the confusing political landscape into some sort of focus. Much as I'd love to laugh at it, there's just too much at stake now, we're living in serious times and if we get it wrong there's no reversing out of it. London is becoming a murder pit, acid thrown in peoples faces (465 attacks in a year).Our collective poor decisions as a society have led to this, and we rely on honest journalism to help us make informed choices. Instead we get an arrogant class of elites promoting one world government with no representation , an Orwellian expression of contempt for those who don't follow their orthodoxy."Thank god leave voters are mostly old, they'll soon be dead". Welcome to a liberal version of North Korea.

  • Trim Trimmer
    Trim Trimmer 19 days ago +3

    this advert is packed with prejudice whilst sending a message of liberalism,
    just idiotic, and contradicting the fact, you cut sexual references from daytime programs, and, then put on an advert which has 2 men kissing more intimately than any kiss i've ever seen on tv at 9 o clock the morning,.
    You do this on the bases only homophobes would complain, and homophobes can be dismissed as such, and it's an ism or ist to be against seeing this, (even though i'm sat with a seven year old) AND even though it's packed with prejudice, is supposedly taking or implying a liberal high ground whilst stereotyping people because of their opinion,
    do you not see you're just the same as those this advert clearly mocks.
    2 people kissing in an advert clearly taking the piss at 9 o'clock in the morning, homophobic and liberal, has allowed you to forget responsibility and become prejudice yourselves.. that the psychology, and you come out of it looking like stupid victims reversing what you're victims too. idiots. 7 year olds watch that, you twats, responsibility.

    • Trim Trimmer
      Trim Trimmer 17 days ago

      Dirty Duck they censor sex talk in programs during the day and then show sexual kiss like that at 9 in the morning, they contradict themselves, you mend your broken brain now you mental man tool fool, and prejudices is prejudice

    • Dirty Duck
      Dirty Duck 17 days ago

      @Trim Trimmer I can't figure out where you're coming from... must be your broken English

    • Trim Trimmer
      Trim Trimmer 17 days ago

      @Dirty Duck ps is it okay to be prejudice in this manner is it? prejudice is prejudice full stop mate, and they do care because the cut sexual references out of other programs but havent given it a thought when making this

    • Trim Trimmer
      Trim Trimmer 17 days ago

      @Dirty Duck it's not irony dumbass it's contradiction

    • Dirty Duck
      Dirty Duck 17 days ago

      They don't care. This advert is openly mocking people like you, they are completely aware of the irony and yet, here they are showing off their degeneracy.

  • Qwad Luzr FPV
    Qwad Luzr FPV 23 days ago +4

    I'd like to complain about Jon Snow, trying to incite racial hatred over the Brexit march.

  • Mwewa •11
    Mwewa •11 24 days ago

    1:11 best part

  • Mississippi Mudpie26
    Mississippi Mudpie26 25 days ago

    Living In The Upside Down, by Shaking My Head Productions. Now there's real documentary maker's. No wonder it got blocked in England.
    Jealous much channel 4?

    • Megan Gunning
      Megan Gunning 7 days ago

      I just looked at your channel and you definitely *have* to be a troll.

  • Mississippi Mudpie26
    Mississippi Mudpie26 25 days ago

    My complaint is that channel 4 has blocked a documentary on TheXvid, by Shaking My Head Productions, because of apparently copyright laws.
    Unbelievable channel 4. Stop being petty. It's nearly 2020.

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble Month ago +2

    You should change the title to: 'Valid Complaints Ignored' you bunch of SJW fascists

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble Month ago +1

    So you don't care about valid complaints if they offend your staff's overly sensitive sensibilities, just ignoring the public is a great move, one of many reasons I boycott your horrible channel. We can only hope you all fall into liquidation soon.

    • Jim .Bob
      Jim .Bob 16 days ago

      @Travis Rabble I have 😂 it must be awful being so bitter.

    • Travis Rabble
      Travis Rabble 16 days ago

      @Jim .Bob maybe you should try getting a job

    • Jim .Bob
      Jim .Bob 16 days ago

      @Travis Rabble 😂 brilliant. Thanks for proving me correct in my judgement of you.

    • Travis Rabble
      Travis Rabble 16 days ago

      @Jim .Bob okay Jimmy, good luck with your rotten womb

    • Travis Rabble
      Travis Rabble 16 days ago

      @Jim .Bob okay so using a male username and you can't have kids so your barren lol and you think I'm the problem

  • Breda Vegana
    Breda Vegana Month ago

    how about getting actual derry girls to play derry girls and their family being from derry NOT BELFAST and at least an attempt to have a derry accent

    • Jim .Bob
      Jim .Bob 28 days ago

      So you know all about the casting process? They needed good comedic Irish actresses who had a good chemistry together. Maybe, just maybe they couldn't find that combination solely from Derry......

  • Breda Vegana
    Breda Vegana Month ago

    symbols of oppression shouldnt be given a platform on channel 4. ban the hijab and burkha. are people allowed to wear crosses on the news? the accent of people introducing things should be from great britain unless its a celebrity we all know from channel 4

  • Vassil Vassilev
    Vassil Vassilev Month ago

    "Non, je ne regrette rien" in the background - nice touch!

    • JiggyMcCue
      JiggyMcCue 14 days ago

      Shut the fuck up you spastic

  • Joe King
    Joe King Month ago +1

    So what you're saying is...

  • cosmic 815
    cosmic 815 Month ago +4

    😂 Most of these are legitimate complaints though

  • Ken H
    Ken H Month ago +2

    My complaint is I can't get your channel here in the States.

  • Hudson Portillo
    Hudson Portillo Month ago +2

    its funny because instead of taking constructive criticism channel 4 is just mocking good advice.

  • erh yj
    erh yj Month ago +2

    So if you dont like two males kissing you are also racist . More black Asian men are against this than white. Ps I dont want to see a man and woman slavering all over each other when I'm eating my dinner never mind two males

  • Dan B
    Dan B Month ago

    BBC receive complaints = Jeremy Clarkson gets fired.
    Channel 4 receive complaints = We don't give a shit you snowflakes.

  • Boris Johnson
    Boris Johnson Month ago +1

    I'd like to complain about EU not giving me an extension of Brexit.

  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter Month ago +1

    Ok but talking with your mouth full is actually dangerous. When you talk, a little flap above the trachea is open in order for you to breathe, but when you eat, its closed so food doesn’t enter your lungs. If you eat and talk, the flap is opening and closing constantly, and bits of food may enter your trachea and cause you to choke.
    It being “uncouth” however is bullshit.

  • noenne
    noenne Month ago

    Sandi on a motorbike just set off every lesbian within a 50 mile radius

  • The King
    The King Month ago +3

    Give it a few more years and they’ll be defending pedophiles. Fuck you channel four vip pedo scum

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale Month ago +2

    Whoever’s complaining about Alex Brooker’s arms is truly the saddest and most bored person alive

    • Dirty Duck
      Dirty Duck 7 days ago

      @markads The country has been taken over by people addicted to instant validation who virtue signal so they can get it. It's not anything to be proud of, being overly kind just so you can get patted on the back and feel better about yourself.

    • markads
      markads 7 days ago +1

      Spot on dirty duck. The virtue signallers can't handle the truth tho

    • Dirty Duck
      Dirty Duck 17 days ago

      Since the beginning of television. Infact, we're now doing it over here too. Our presenters are mostly quite presentable. They have white shiny teeth, hair transplants, make up, fashionable clothing, are often in shape ect. All hallmarks of healthiness. The human eyeball is drawn to symmetry and beauty, hence why attractive people are often singled out for television work.
      It's only when you introduce political correctness to the equation do things start to become confusing. He wasn't cast for his good looks, or his unique skills or personality. It was solely for the sake of virtue signalling their kindness. Which is fine for them, and I completely understand why channel 4 did that, but for me, a normal human who's eyeballs are drawn to symmetry, I find it repulsive and counter intuitive to the point in an ironic way which is wasted on them all, including him.

    • Joseph Bleasdale
      Joseph Bleasdale 17 days ago

      Dirty Duck Since when was beauty a signifier of success? I’d much rather watch 2 days worth of Ant and Dec than 1 minute of contrived fake US reality TV. Americans envy our stuff

    • Dirty Duck
      Dirty Duck 17 days ago +1

      I don't like his arms for 2 reasons. Reason 1. They only cast him because of his arms, which now means I have to focus on them and not his character. Pity is not a virtue. Reason 2. It's way too typical of Britain to show off our adulation for low standards. Americans are known for white teeth, us Brits are known for yellow teeth. Americans are known for excellence, Brits know for managing decline. Americans known for super models. Brits cast Ant & Dec. It irks me as an Englishman that we celebrate disabilities and show off our kindness globally, as if it's a virtue, forgetting that when it comes to television, people are subconsciously put off by illness, ugliness or weakness. The Americans understand this really well, and that's why they out perform us in this department. But you keep on managing that decline, patting yourself on the back all the way and make sure to feel kind about it.

  • GlideSlidey
    GlideSlidey Month ago +1

    Eating with your mouth full is just plain bad manners.

    • Dirty Duck
      Dirty Duck 17 days ago

      Right? But now in 2019 it makes you a 'hater' and therefor your opinion is meaningless. See what they have done?

  • Richard McEllan
    Richard McEllan 2 months ago +5

    pure propaganda

  • OliverTittyTwist
    OliverTittyTwist 2 months ago +9

    the patronising tone and music, assure me that CH4 will take my complaint very seriously...

    • kristofer cameron
      kristofer cameron 7 days ago +1

      @TheFreshSpam naw what he means is channel 4s came out and said FUK YOU'RE COMPLAINTS we'll do what we want REGARDLESS ie viewers concerns mean fuk all to them

    • TheFreshSpam
      TheFreshSpam 2 months ago +6

      The way you type this comment already makes you seemingly more patronising than channel 4 and no doubt with a bit of luck you are probably one of those complainers wanting their 'golden' opinion to be heard all the time

  • RELOAD Official
    RELOAD Official 2 months ago

    So then, what have we learned?

  • Empathic Paradox
    Empathic Paradox 2 months ago +4

    Lol channel 4 has censored its own complaints advert. They no longer have the two men in foreplay... Because they know its too fucking much for morning tv. There is such a thing called "watershed"....

  • Brendan Crilly
    Brendan Crilly 2 months ago

    Saw the part where the Derry Girls need subtitles, aye bloody right I'm from Northern Ireland & if No1 likes the way we talk with our accents then u can all bloody well sod off

  • SynthBritannica
    SynthBritannica 2 months ago +5

    Bit cringy

  • sunnieflowers
    sunnieflowers 2 months ago +1

    okay, they make this advert, and then, while we’re all sat on our couches using all 4, they flipping shut it down! of course we’re going to complain! was just starting another episode of The Circle today, absolutely hooked, and then they shut it down 🙄

  • mcaardvark42
    mcaardvark42 2 months ago +11

    If I complained it would be about the TOTALLY LEFTIST BIAS CONSTANTLY SHOWN ON CHANNEL 4 NEWS.

    • kristofer cameron
      kristofer cameron 7 days ago

      @The black dove speaks read my comment again, ALL MSM is bias and lying bastards

    • Megan Gunning
      Megan Gunning 7 days ago

      My mum considers C4 the least biased news source, she trusts it more than even BBC News

    • The black dove speaks
      The black dove speaks 7 days ago

      kristofer cameron like the BBC and itv having bias against the Labour Party and seem to kiss the tories boot

    • kristofer cameron
      kristofer cameron 7 days ago

      @The black dove speaks aye freedom of speech, but political bias from a news broadcaster is dangerous regardless which side your on!

    • The black dove speaks
      The black dove speaks 9 days ago

      Numb Vibes the real left has been silence for years and the media is controlled by conservatives and lying about the labour leader

  • iftlatlw
    iftlatlw 2 months ago

    not enough episodes of derry girls!

  • Richard Champness
    Richard Champness 2 months ago +1

    Lol love this

  • 108The Captain801
    108The Captain801 2 months ago

    too *BLACK* BLACK Black

  • Millie Ahmed
    Millie Ahmed 2 months ago +2

    Seriously, some people have too much time on their hands.

  • Millie Ahmed
    Millie Ahmed 2 months ago


  • Colin McKerlie
    Colin McKerlie 2 months ago +10

    Exactly captures the contempt Channel 4 demonstrates to the people stupid enough to watch it.

    • Neil c
      Neil c Month ago +1

      Yeah baby. Keep watching it. You love them

    • aliXFR
      aliXFR Month ago +1

      @Neil c Yeah it must be that 🙄

    • Neil c
      Neil c Month ago +1

      Haha. You love it.

    • aliXFR
      aliXFR Month ago +1

      @Neil c With an advert so nonchalantly ridiculously, it is worth it.

    • Neil c
      Neil c 2 months ago +2

      Hahaha. You hate them so much you searched for them and watched it. Haha.

  • Michael Jarrett
    Michael Jarrett 2 months ago +1

    The only thing worth watching on this channel is The Simpsons. Too bad they cut the funny parts out, I mean apparently it's fine for kids to be exposed to Drag Queens and made up Tumblr genders and Cathy Newman but god forbid they hear the work "Sex" on a family cartoon.

  • Edward Mcloughlin
    Edward Mcloughlin 2 months ago +2

    A compilation of clips people dislike every 15mins during the adverts. Excellent strategy channel 4! 🙄

  • TOG1962
    TOG1962 2 months ago +3

    Basically telling you don't bother complaining. Pathetic cry baby cunts.

  • That CarGuy
    That CarGuy 2 months ago +4

    More subliminal messaging here dressed up as comedy big narstie dropping in the TOO BLACK!
    PC bullshit to brainwash with.. AGAIN!

  • halo killah01
    halo killah01 2 months ago +1

    Okay but Katherine Ryan isn't funny in all seriousness..Secondly Channel 4 give us Longer seasons Of Derry Girls dammit!

  • Ryan Springer
    Ryan Springer 2 months ago +1

    Confused American, wouldn't you rather Alan Carr than Big Narstie? Rather take fun with some ignorance from guests rather than watch a moron host a chat show. If you are looking for a moron to host a show then maybe Joey Essex? At least he is funny

  • Jack Thew
    Jack Thew 2 months ago +6

    No one say anything bad about Cathy Newman or she'll call the police again

  • ur name here
    ur name here 2 months ago

    who's that black guy in the end ?

    • That CarGuy
      That CarGuy 2 months ago

      The magical negro theres always one in advertising look it up

  • Oscar Macintyre
    Oscar Macintyre 2 months ago +3

    This advert is genius.

    • Dirty Duck
      Dirty Duck 17 days ago

      How would you know? You can't recognise genius. Humble yourself.

  • matsocool
    matsocool 2 months ago +1

    All these comments about 'valid complaints'... Nobody is forcing you to watch C4. Power to them for letting people that are too sensitive know that their opinions aren't really worth that much!