I LOST $10,000 twice

  • Published on Apr 18, 2018
  • I can't believe I lost this much money two times.
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Comments • 7 927

  • Magikstaff
    Magikstaff Year ago +4696

    1st!!! Finally.

  • Phoenix Fury
    Phoenix Fury 4 hours ago

    I lost £40 that’s the most

  • Nerf Brothers
    Nerf Brothers 17 hours ago

    10 dollars

  • Naomi Bello
    Naomi Bello 23 hours ago

    I lost 20. i was 8 i found it in front of school my stupid 8yr self didnt pick it up

  • X2scepten
    X2scepten Day ago

    I realized da people you mentioned was from etn

  • Fae G-S
    Fae G-S 2 days ago

    Alex:my first reaction when i lose money i blame other ppl

  • 8 Bitz
    8 Bitz 2 days ago


  • john ny
    john ny 2 days ago

    2 dollars

  • Law & Haleigh
    Law & Haleigh 2 days ago

    Schwoozie (i spelled that wrong didnt i): whoever wins this game of mario cart gets 10,000$
    Mr beast: i met my new rival

  • fanta emperor -gaming

    First rule of fight club Is that a A secret life of pets 2

    DRIZZZ 3 days ago

    U and the odd1out

  • Zachariah Dominguez
    Zachariah Dominguez 3 days ago +1

    I lost 100 dollars 💵 one time for my 12th birthday 🎂

  • Neva Frasier
    Neva Frasier 3 days ago


  • Muneer Jassat
    Muneer Jassat 4 days ago

    I lost R50 once

  • THEO15
    THEO15 4 days ago


  • Dragon Girl999
    Dragon Girl999 4 days ago

    Swoozie is secretly Mr. Beast

  • Dragon Girl999
    Dragon Girl999 4 days ago


    Leik, 2

  • Craig Day
    Craig Day 5 days ago

    You never lost 10,000$ you had the option to win that

  • E.N.D Dragneel
    E.N.D Dragneel 8 days ago


  • Mozzie
    Mozzie 8 days ago

    you had me at rooster teeth idk y but Red vs. Blue is funny af

  • SuperMelw
    SuperMelw 9 days ago


  • Lucas Mom
    Lucas Mom 9 days ago

    I’m 9 and I lost 85$

  • Ellis EDWARD Lynch
    Ellis EDWARD Lynch 10 days ago

    I lost £75/$75

  • trash panda lady
    trash panda lady 11 days ago

    your not the only one that does that when losing money my mom does it

  • sword pro27
    sword pro27 11 days ago +1


  • Grace Perry
    Grace Perry 14 days ago


  • Sadeq Guhlami
    Sadeq Guhlami 14 days ago

    I lost 5000 dollors

  • Daisy Diaz
    Daisy Diaz 14 days ago

    I lost my 50 dollors

  • Emily Bullet
    Emily Bullet 15 days ago

    Not much but maybe 30 or 50 bucks

  • Saba Riaz
    Saba Riaz 15 days ago

    This ain't a lie I lost 5,000 dollars

  • Vedant Gupta
    Vedant Gupta 16 days ago +1

    Buy a wallet

  • Sofdicia
    Sofdicia 18 days ago

    I ask everyone I know about where is my glasses but they are always on my eyes

    • Sofdicia
      Sofdicia 18 days ago

      I made too many mistakes in the comment but I am lazy to edit it

  • Justme Stillme
    Justme Stillme 18 days ago

    If he wiped his butt with it, I don't think I'd take the money either.
    Not without thoroughly washing it first.
    And then I'd be arrested or money laundering.

  • Beau Walker
    Beau Walker 19 days ago

    1:05 My Mom actually does that whenever she loses something too.

  • Anichan
    Anichan 19 days ago

    idk how much money i've lost...
    but the reason is always that my dad just takes some
    without telling me

  • Leah S
    Leah S 20 days ago

    I’d prefer a friend

  • Boss Boss
    Boss Boss 21 day ago


  • Ari A.
    Ari A. 21 day ago

    *maaz on a random dollar bill*
    Alex, I appreciate you putting random animators in your vids. It’s actually pretty cool!

  • JJ Dyno
    JJ Dyno 22 days ago

    i love swozie

  • The epic gamer
    The epic gamer 23 days ago

    I saw the video

  • dalife_ofhaving_an_anoying_ sis

    Me to but mom finds it

  • Matej Animates
    Matej Animates 26 days ago

    I never lost money.I am a good BOI!!!

  • sebastian Wright
    sebastian Wright 26 days ago

    i lost 100,00 dollers

  • Sebasguaguagua YT
    Sebasguaguagua YT 26 days ago

    I lost 2000 dollars 😭😭😭😭

  • DaanDanx
    DaanDanx 26 days ago

    But hey, you can't lose it of you never even had it

  • TheKiller HotDog
    TheKiller HotDog 27 days ago

    I lost a quarter to a broken vending machine does that count?

  • Percy Mc
    Percy Mc 28 days ago

    It was 5k

  • Ruby Jacqui Saunders Slater

    20 cents 😂

  • Check Creeper
    Check Creeper Month ago

    Someone lost $45 my parents made me take 5 dollars

  • Bunny Love
    Bunny Love Month ago

    LA so expensive in Palos Verdes

  • Xx save the Wolves xX

    I losted a dollar once I was mad and telling every body they took it and my brother lost my 20 dollar bill I told Nathan my brother that he would pay me every dollar back he never did I'm still waiting and I'm 12 I lost it when I was 11 I was so mad

  • Amber Harshfield
    Amber Harshfield Month ago

    Almost 200

  • TheLegendary Rare Alpha Queen

    $111 dollars my mom used $20 dollars and i lost $10 dollars and i cried alot trust me

  • Rodrigo Ramos
    Rodrigo Ramos Month ago

    I lost 7$

  • Gamer Central
    Gamer Central Month ago

    I lost a 10.

  • Hyper-wave Animes
    Hyper-wave Animes Month ago

    When i lose stuff i blame ppl too

  • Agne Brovkaite
    Agne Brovkaite Month ago

    hi Alex

  • Gamer Puppy 689
    Gamer Puppy 689 Month ago

    The most money I lost was 2.50 cause I got robed

  • Anthony Kelley
    Anthony Kelley Month ago

    Finally!!!!!! I'm not alone!!!!!!!

  • Quinn Hetherington
    Quinn Hetherington Month ago

    I lost 221$ once