• Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, Man Utd FUT Draft Challenge, Highest Rated Man Utd Draft,
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Comments • 298

  • A1ex _
    A1ex _ 14 days ago

    Did he realise Valencia was there🤣

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams 17 days ago

    Why didn't you take casemiro in the first draft? Perfect link to the Marcelo you just picked over Sandro.....

  • William Price
    William Price 21 day ago

    If I have a 192 and I get 1 man United player I get a 191?😂

    VINNIEJONES10 21 day ago

    15:50 mate you had to take De gea anyway you daft prick

  • elmochacho3
    elmochacho3 25 days ago

    What a man child.

  • Dougy HD
    Dougy HD 28 days ago

    Bro you've blocked me on Twitter but I dont know why? I never say anything offensive etc?

  • Stuart Kennedy
    Stuart Kennedy 29 days ago

    Taking 85 sterling when over socrates really? Nowhere near as smart as you think you are u man child

  • Tim McGinnis
    Tim McGinnis 29 days ago

    I typically enjoy watching your drafting, but this video had several cringe moments. Just slow down a little and don't let your first thought be your last one before making a choice

  • BIZZABrandon31
    BIZZABrandon31 29 days ago

    0:45 If I have a 192 but I have a man u player it goes to a 191. Make sense that 😂😂👍👍. And he said at start people didn't get the rules but he doesn't even know himself 😂

  • Jacob Sollis
    Jacob Sollis 29 days ago

    Normally I agree with every decision you make but today jeeezzz every draft I would of done differently 😂

  • Easystreet
    Easystreet 29 days ago

    Absolutely does my head in when Nep picks these narrow formations in draft. So stupid honestly.

  • ryanator_109
    ryanator_109 29 days ago

    I wonder if the reus and da costa stronglink wouldve made a difference

  • Username NA
    Username NA 29 days ago

    Kante base card over Casemeiro??? You're turning into Skillz!

  • Asim Karim
    Asim Karim 29 days ago

    Y did he do 2 drafts

  • Dzaky Nauvalika
    Dzaky Nauvalika 29 days ago

    Highest rated spurs with nick please!

  • Luke Kukla
    Luke Kukla 29 days ago

    first draft challenge was a lot more interesting because you were forced to build more interesting teams. i feel like the next 10 drafts will effectively be highest rated draft challenge with the odd "challenge" player.

  • Michael Sheehy
    Michael Sheehy 29 days ago

    “If I have a 192 with one Manchester United player in the squad, it becomes a 191”
    Got it, Nep 😉

  • Danny Crook
    Danny Crook 29 days ago

    +1 rating for every player I your category, reminds me a lot of that reev and miniminter video 🙄🙄🙄

  • Karel De Groot
    Karel De Groot Month ago

    U should add up the ratings of all 3 drafts and the one with the highest total rating wins the challenge. So if u get 3 195's, u have a 585. Because now when we watch AA's video first and his highest is a 192, and then you hit a 193 in the first draft, the other two drafts don't matter anymore and aren't exciting

  • Gaming’s Savior
    Gaming’s Savior Month ago

    You just stole reev and miniminter

  • TheBananaInbound
    TheBananaInbound Month ago

    Should have taken Ramos in the last one

  • Jonny Reed
    Jonny Reed Month ago

    Why do u always do single player drafts when AA9 does online..?

  • Garrett Lord
    Garrett Lord Month ago

    In the first draft you could have had marcelo, militao, luiz, and ronaldinho with kante and zanetti cdm's.

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres Month ago

    - nep, 2019

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres Month ago

    do chelsea next!

  • Note4 Snuck
    Note4 Snuck Month ago

    Arsenal draft, next video

  • chef kouizine
    chef kouizine Month ago

    bowen was the choice not sterling ;)

  • Boze_ghost Boze-clan

    Upemancano stupid

  • Ebaad Madridista
    Ebaad Madridista Month ago

    Nep goes boom there you go after putting telles at left back whis a 93 for a 96 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Haekal Abdalla
    Haekal Abdalla Month ago

    socrates for toreira its better than taking 85 sterling

  • Haekal Abdalla
    Haekal Abdalla Month ago

    "i will take the highest possible rated" then take 85 sterling than 92 socrates...

  • Haekal Abdalla
    Haekal Abdalla Month ago

    nep please be more cautios, u can put upamecano than luiz....

  • Michael Tsang
    Michael Tsang Month ago

    Best arsenal draft
    Best spurs draft

  • WSupercars
    WSupercars Month ago

    Do a no-links draft with gameplay

  • Michael Oyeniran
    Michael Oyeniran Month ago

    Highest rated draft challenge no chemistry included?

  • nerodantenero1234
    nerodantenero1234 Month ago

    Since when is James Milner pronaunced Hamez Milner ?? :D

  • Alex 0512
    Alex 0512 Month ago

    you didnt know upamecano is in the bundesliga, wow

  • parallell ludde
    parallell ludde Month ago

    u fucking idiot

  • Bailey Whish
    Bailey Whish Month ago

    2:21 he said bonuci not chilene

  • Cameron Regan
    Cameron Regan Month ago

    You could do a rest of the world draft where you get an extra point for each player from outside the top 5 leagues

  • IXGambit98
    IXGambit98 Month ago


  • Daniel Fernandes
    Daniel Fernandes Month ago

    He was so good at drafts. He takes so weird choices now

  • T C
    T C Month ago +1

    0:48 192 + 1 Man Utd = 191

  • Chambers Nathan
    Chambers Nathan Month ago

    You where considering not taking David de gea u had to take him

  • British Albino
    British Albino Month ago

    Not really a man united ‘challenge’ when you don’t have to take the Man U player...

  • Harry P
    Harry P Month ago

    so shit at drafts

  • Jeff Is Unbelievable

    Zanetti in CB and kante and lala in first draft

  • Ethanwillpotter Potter

    Shit at draft

  • K W
    K W Month ago

    Nep no offence but you’re drafting horrifically

  • Cooking with Simrat Nahar

    Bonnuci it's chiellieni

  • Alejo Giamba
    Alejo Giamba Month ago


  • Maks Warse
    Maks Warse Month ago

    I think you should stick to the old rules where you have to put the players in your team as it makes it more difficult

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor Month ago

    Do Tottenham

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago +2

    In 2nd draft why you take 85 Sterling over 92 Socrates? omg...

  • Jude Brown
    Jude Brown Month ago

    casemiro perfect linked to casemiro

  • Ray C
    Ray C Month ago

    Man said bonucci ..

  • Jeddy Nipps
    Jeddy Nipps Month ago

    Hi!!! Very good content!

  • Battle Pie
    Battle Pie Month ago

    My nigga you can not do that

  • Maxxy D
    Maxxy D Month ago +1

    It should be first to 6 not best of 10

  • Shadow
    Shadow Month ago

    FIFA 20 :
    What they should do is get away from this pressure ball because in real life teams dont pressure all of the time, like in real life when a defender gets the ball away from an attacker the offensive players push off and dont really pressure unless it is the last minutes of the game and they are losing then the offensive players will pressure. And also when playing Fifa i get tired or bored after barely playing 2 matches, and I feel like they should lower the half time playing time from 6 minutes to 4 minutes so that a match doesnt take so long to finish and feel fatigued after 2 matches. Finally for Fifa 20 they should put in the best soundtracks from all the fifas into this game. Imagine the vibes you would feel hearing great music after another and not needing to skip music.

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes Month ago

    A few things u done wrong downgraded in sancho for tellies and u picked young over Valencia plus missed the French bunders defender that linked aswell

  • Ryan Bell
    Ryan Bell Month ago

    Teenager challenge

  • Caleb Reed
    Caleb Reed Month ago

    My man for doing Man Utd! I figured at least pogba and de gea would pop almost every time...

  • iGo0gIe
    iGo0gIe Month ago

    Hey nep, before starting an episode with aa9, it would be nice if both parties would show their record so that we can know no one is doing more than 3 drafts. It seems like aa9 cheats which takes all the fun away

  • Juan Delgado
    Juan Delgado Month ago

    I wanna see you and AA play against each other. Your FUT team against his.

  • Lucas Bradley
    Lucas Bradley Month ago

    You should do a highest rated left footed draft

  • David Guzman
    David Guzman Month ago

    “What Man United right wingers are there?”... Same. As a United Fan, we’re always searching for one. It’s stupid

  • U1 Does stuff
    U1 Does stuff Month ago +1

    In the first draft could he have just put Upamecano at CB?

  • Joseph Martin
    Joseph Martin Month ago +1

    who else looked at the comments when he said “worser”

  • tobias dewall
    tobias dewall Month ago

    thexvid.com/video/ErQQc6cUSTA/video.html buy this

  • Israel Angelo
    Israel Angelo Month ago

    Young over valencia :'(

  • God bummer
    God bummer Month ago

    Why are you deleting aa9 cheated comments?

  • moses le c h
    moses le c h Month ago

    Hi, I have an idea for a draft challenge:
    Do most leagues in a draft with highest rated so if you get a 192 but you have 6 leagues then you rlly have a 198.

  • 123 four
    123 four Month ago

    "Use him as a buffer" wut

  • Jude Hajichambi
    Jude Hajichambi Month ago

    15:50 this guy could have got his second draft disqualified if he didn’t take de gea like he was debating the decision as if he didn’t have to take the Manchester United keeper