Ghost Adventures S17E05 Halloween Special Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum Part 1


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    • Ss999brandon
      Ss999brandon 18 days ago

      C'mon Dude Productions pray for zak. he has an attachment. darker than the ones that most of us deal with

    • general lee
      general lee 22 days ago

      You welcome .

    • David trueslayor
      David trueslayor Month ago

      Its funny you say that about someone who finally gets it, truth is I think its Zak who years ago finally got it. I think a season or two before Nick left, I believe Zak realized its not actually the paranormal people want the legend of the paranormal the stories the what if's. I remember the Documentary and Bobby Mackey's , Linda Vista etc. when it was about the activity and capturing it on film, how proud Zak was of that but it came at a cost. Whatever this becomes I don't hold it against Him, because what he did was to define a genre.

    • C'mon Dude Productions
      C'mon Dude Productions  Month ago

      +GhostCity Shelton and like wise!!

    • GhostCity Shelton
      GhostCity Shelton Month ago

      +C'mon Dude Productions Oh wow!!! Then you know what it is like during Christmas season!
      So many wonderfull businesses have helped us out with the Angel tree this year, what a blessing.
      Thanks for doing what you do. God bless.💖

  • Taylor Stickle
    Taylor Stickle 3 days ago

    Zak and his crew r awesome....

    RICKY HOFFA 4 days ago

    Zak is just a salesman with good ghost stories .. he plants the seed in your head with stories and your mind takes over from there ..also a good showman ....

  • Cori Brunen
    Cori Brunen 7 days ago +1

    The face in the mirror was there from the time they went in to the room the whole time

  • Hannah Bowsman
    Hannah Bowsman 7 days ago +1

    Thx for cutting out da adds!! ❤

  • Lorrie Marti
    Lorrie Marti 7 days ago +1

    You know I left u a like love your videos ty for the uploads

  • Nafisa Quazi
    Nafisa Quazi 8 days ago +1

    My phone is glitching..ya'll my phone is possessed

  • CheluTV
    CheluTV 9 days ago +1

    1:12:07 Epic witch battle.

  • CheluTV
    CheluTV 9 days ago +1

    Interesting renuion lol hahahahaha

  • Celeste !!!
    Celeste !!! 9 days ago

    did anyone else's video glitch?

  • Ally Donohuge
    Ally Donohuge 10 days ago

    Await the hate BUT...I used to love this show but now practically every week Bagans gets possessed by a dark spirit,it's just boring predictable and bs now sure I get that it's only entertainment but stop claiming that it's proof of the paranormal anyways this was a great advert for Bagans museum I guess with so many employees you need all the help you can get

  • Jacob Valdez
    Jacob Valdez 15 days ago +1

    Anyway the Barton mansion used to be a school a Hospital and an Indian burial ground

  • Jacob Valdez
    Jacob Valdez 15 days ago +1

    You guys have to look that Park up

  • Jacob Valdez
    Jacob Valdez 15 days ago +1

    The scariest place I've ever been to was Prospect Park that's Redlands California

  • Jacob Valdez
    Jacob Valdez 15 days ago +1

    I know a good spot the Barton Mansion Redlands California go there that you will see something

  • Thomas Barr
    Thomas Barr 21 day ago

    Josh said there's no one else in the building but the guys...then, they stumbled upon a witch in the basement...

  • Jericho Dulatre
    Jericho Dulatre 22 days ago +1

    I think his like that because he said that he is not feeling well

  • general lee
    general lee 23 days ago +1

    Wow you are thee best TheXvidr keep them videos coming !!!

  • grammas thebest
    grammas thebest 26 days ago +1

    I wish they didn't have the narrator guy in their he permanent? HOPE not.

  • Jason Pettit
    Jason Pettit 26 days ago +1

    Thank you for not opening the box, I'm proud of you guys,you made the right choice

  • Jason Pettit
    Jason Pettit 26 days ago +1

    The Ghost adventures crew has changed it's an amazing change and I'm proud of them,,they have a heart and it now shows,this change is wonderful and I hope it continues,I actually cried on the nov.17,2018,thank you

  • Emily Rivera
    Emily Rivera Month ago +2

    Did any one see the man's face in the mirror. Na I'm cool

  • Adam Albright
    Adam Albright Month ago +1

    Where the hell is nick?

    • C'mon Dude Productions
      C'mon Dude Productions  Month ago

      Nicks been gone a few years now. You'll want to check out Paranormal Lockdown, that's his show.

  • Karen Richardson
    Karen Richardson Month ago +1

    Man flu zac... get over it!😨😨😢

  • Karen Richardson
    Karen Richardson Month ago

    Just subbed to this channel, loving it so far, well done you guys.....🍸🍸🍸

    IT CHUPUN Month ago +1

    32:5 there's a little ball of light did u guys notice it?

  • ImetGodinperson
    ImetGodinperson Month ago +4

    Wow. David Koresh had good taste in cars. that thing is sweet!

  • ImetGodinperson
    ImetGodinperson Month ago

    I hope Zak and the team invite me on an investigation one night. I would make it epic! God gave me special abilities and awareness of all the realms including the spirit realm all around us. I can communicate with and command and banish spirits. But I don't command or banish good spirits only evil ones who mean harm. I've had some mind-blowing things happen in my life. It would be great to meet Bishop Bryan and Sister Mary. I can do and have done exorcisms successfully.

  • Judy Carey
    Judy Carey Month ago

    Would like to know what happened in the last five minutes with the box. Rest was great.

  • Cacy C
    Cacy C Month ago +1

    Some of it does seem staged though.

  • Cacy C
    Cacy C Month ago +1

    Josh Gates is the man.

  • mike Lazembie
    mike Lazembie Month ago

    Its a gd show but nothing beats their original doc when bricks and 2×4s started flying and they screamed and scattered. (Understandably) " that u making all that noise?" And bricks start flying..WOW!

  • Fran sc
    Fran sc Month ago

    Queria ver se um realmente ficasse possuído...pq brincam muito com essas coisas.. ganham dinheiro..fazem um circo ..

  • Xeno Hyde
    Xeno Hyde Month ago

    Why there are shadows of zaks and others when its pitch black? Im fan of gac by the way huge fan

  • DsGalin
    DsGalin Month ago

    FAKE FAKE FAKE, All fake as shit

  • Teinysha Patterson
    Teinysha Patterson Month ago +1

    Why did they let the lady do rituals? Opening evil

  • Immy Young
    Immy Young Month ago

    anyone else getting super bad static and in interference

  • Wonder Warlock HTD4LIfe

    Brillant Up Load. Thank You 4 Thinking of Us..

  • shelley vasquez
    shelley vasquez Month ago +1


  • Lyndel Beckwith
    Lyndel Beckwith Month ago +1

    FUCK FACEBOOK! Stream live on youtube!

  • Vivvi Pallas
    Vivvi Pallas Month ago

    I love Ghost Adventures but damn does this feel so Hollywood.

  • Catherine Mellon
    Catherine Mellon Month ago +1

    Thanks for posting this without 10,000 ads! I just want to watch it!

  • Potwheelz
    Potwheelz Month ago

    Lady Snake is a fake. She doesn't answer direct questions. Liar.

  • Sander van der poel

    I watch this show since the first episode, and i loved this show, but now i start hating it because off zac worse and fake acting, this halloween special is really one off the worsed and bullshitt ever, this is no ghost adventures but fake adventures,.

  • solarman tint
    solarman tint Month ago +1

    I know people are going to think that this is really mean, but that little midget lady is one of the scariest things at the Museum

  • Ruthie K
    Ruthie K Month ago

    Self-proclaimed witches are a joke. Magic is not real. That's a silly fairy tale. Spells and incantations are just words. They have no power whatsoever. I believe in ghosts for sure, but witches are basically actors that live inside their own head.

  • Potwheelz
    Potwheelz Month ago +1

    There are no cops in the spirit world and apparently a lot of dead murdered children. When u die time slows down to a crawl and we'll be meeting these creatures that scratch w claws!!

  • Potwheelz
    Potwheelz Month ago +1

    If you want instant communication with these spirits then u have to practice witchcraft. Dumb machines don't compare to what the ancients have already figured out. It's deeper than electric detectors. Ghosts have a purpose when they interact with u. It's your spirit destiny they're interested in. Not parlor tricks. They know what you're about.

  • Pixie Stone
    Pixie Stone Month ago +1

    Thank You for the up load, I missed this episode, thank you so much, appreciated. 🎃❤🎃❤🎃

  • wondering willy
    wondering willy Month ago +1

    the only thing that scares me is when i used to wake up next to my ex wife

  • wondering willy
    wondering willy Month ago

    what aload trot

  • Laureen Hall
    Laureen Hall Month ago

    Zac, wonder who edited my comment on the face in the mirror incident? Now completely deleted😠 Weird that but it happened to another video prior to watching this one. Wassup with You Tube? i wonder with concern.

  • Crissy D
    Crissy D Month ago

    Ugh I always get the worst vibes from Lady Snake. She does not go with the light. She has blackness all through her. Poor Patti

  • Laureen Hall
    Laureen Hall Month ago +1

    Kia ora😀 Josh & the ZAK Team Members. Nice intro Josh now let's do this👀💪👻Inserted Mirror face caption: 50:09 face i see, looks like a Butler, big nose, mouth open, bow tie, facing left & covering half the mirror. Can make out another face in the top r/hand corner of the mirror that's evil looking...54:16 saw an orb that passed behind Aarons back & floated on to the right side of him just b4 u asked, "did u smell it?" Yes Zak, speak loud but you don't have to yell, be bossy & over dramatise certain situations. Ladies shud've spoke louder. Static interference occurred now & then, spoiling things. That white moving circle I believe, was an Orb & doubt it was a big dust particle. Thank you for your time & energy in sharing this experience with us. Am gonna watch again as the static was getting to me, comment deleted, typing difficult & lagging just pssd me off so do apologise for my negative attitude😱 5* rating at best overall 😻💪👌👍💝😍

  • Charity McCarty
    Charity McCarty Month ago

    Never ever practice any discussing form of witchcraft.

  • Eric Sackman
    Eric Sackman Month ago

    The worst 4hrs of ghost hunting of all ghost hunts of all time just terrible.

  • Sharon Legnon
    Sharon Legnon Month ago +1

    Wish it would of quit breaking up.

  • matty Taylor
    matty Taylor Month ago +2

    The battle of the witches was pure cheese.

  • Christian Patriot
    Christian Patriot Month ago +2

    I personally think that it is counterproductive in a paranormal investigation to have the lights off when you can help it.

  • billythelondoner
    billythelondoner Month ago

    One of thee worst episodes they have ever done there getting worse every week there feelings can't be seen on camera what a waste of my life!

  • Karen Gunn
    Karen Gunn Month ago

    what a load of crap, i never seen no spirit activity. all i heard was the yes, but that could of been anyone. please don't waste ur time watching cuz u will be very disappointed just like i was??

  • matty Taylor
    matty Taylor Month ago +1

    We need a place like this in the uk with haunted and occult artifacts there are a few but nothing on this scale I would love to visit a place like this. I've been scratched by a demonic entity also recorded audio of a demonic voice won't say what it said I have 3 deep scratches on each side of my chest 6 altogether later I watched and recorded the scratches grow from a unseen force, that year I came down with a mystery illness where I nearly died in hospital lost loads of weight was in hospital for just over two months all this after messing with the occult angelic scrying I recorded every documented scratches the demonic voice photo etc they all went missing from my phone. I feel foolish for even trying necromancy I definitely wasn't prepared for dark demonic forces attacking me.

  • Lisa Martinez
    Lisa Martinez Month ago +1

    I like your style of shows and look forward to seeing more ,, thanks Lisa

  • Love J3nny
    Love J3nny Month ago +14

    I commented this before watching. I live in Vegas and went in early October. Its your choice which rooms you enter and which cursed items you want to look at for example Bellas mirror , I did choose to look into it and when it was my turn and did, I felt such a heavy presence, I felt like my knees buckled and felt tons of weight on my lower body, like something instantly weighing me down. When i was done my face was so hot and I was just sweating profusely right after. The same thing happened when we went down the hall where the staircase is located going towards the Basement where no one is allowed to go, they just let you see the stair case, that is where rituals took place and some still to keep certain spirits at bay. It felt dark, heavy, I was overcome with dread and fear. I HATED looking towards that staircase!!! the last room that made me feel like I did with the mirror and some fear, my heart palpitations stronger than ever was in the dybbuk box room. I cant see how anyone who is spiritually weak or mocking of things like this could get out without anything following or happening to them. ITS CRAZYYY. The tour changes so we will go back for another round and see whats new. Its only 15 minutes away from where i live.

    • Jenn Thacker
      Jenn Thacker Month ago +1

      Thanks the comment it's interesting

  • Nikki Serna
    Nikki Serna Month ago +1

    I wished they would of opened the box but i understand why😈i wouldnt either😂

  • Nikki Serna
    Nikki Serna Month ago +1

    Im from vegas too and wished it was open to the public like last year😈😈

  • Shervon Diggs
    Shervon Diggs Month ago +2

    Thanks for the upload, not everybody has the big cable package #basic

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper Month ago +1

    did anyone else have it glitch a couple times while watching? It happened to me and my wifi was working

  • Monica Lizana
    Monica Lizana Month ago +1

    one hour and nothing happening, just to put people in the mood, I hope the second part is better I like the ghost adventure guys but it looks to me only a PR for the museum disappointing stuff

  • Robin Hill
    Robin Hill Month ago +7

    Ive been watching since they first went on air. Seems like back in the day Zac was more down to earth. Now it seems as if hes always yelling at Aaron. This seems so staged compared to watch it was years ago. Im not saying the spirits arent real im saying when he kept things simple it was much better. Goes to show money can change ones values. I found on u tube a great show called urban ghost hunters. No fancy gear but they sure catch good things on their camera. They just explore abandoned places. Check them out.

    • Esra Art
      Esra Art 16 days ago

      Robin Hill yes indeed it’s sad and I wish they solve it out with out getting divorce I wish that really I know sometimes ppl fees cold or they think they don’t have feeling for each other after long time living together but it’s not true it’s only life stress they should go for marriage counselor or something idk if I say it right but I wish they not think wrong for the sake of their family they built along together

    • Robin Hill
      Robin Hill 17 days ago

      +Esra Art i do watch omar and i love him so much. His family is amazing. Its sad omar got seperated ftom his wife.

    • Lauren Matarazzo
      Lauren Matarazzo 17 days ago +2

      I have said that to my husband a BUNCH!!! We have been watching since their hour-long special, b4 the show, and Zak was much more likable then. He kinda seems like a sell out now. But I love Aaron!!!!!

    • Esra Art
      Esra Art Month ago +1

      Robin Hill oh also check Omargosh and the fam and patty her channel name G paranormal something they all friends with urban ghost hunter they are really awesome

    • Katelynn Cogdill
      Katelynn Cogdill Month ago +2

      He was really nice to him, like in the christmas photos of nick aaron and zak. Its honestly 💰. I called him out on facebook about how he was yelling at him a few years back, and it was surprisingly deleted. Glad someone else noticed too. :) gotta love Aaron

  • ariana wyndham
    ariana wyndham Month ago +1

    Like they had nothing planned out? The whole time its you go over here you come with me.
    What? This is just annoying.

  • ariana wyndham
    ariana wyndham Month ago +1

    This is so chaotic!

  • ariana wyndham
    ariana wyndham Month ago +3

    Is it just me or does that zac guy just come off as.... idk... bossy? Entitled? I understand its his show or building or whatever but he just bosses everyone around him.

  • Robin Hill
    Robin Hill Month ago +3

    They couldnt pay me enough to go in that place. To think people pay money to go in is nuts to me. Even if that place wasnt haunted before, i believe just by talking about negative stuff attracts the evil in there. Love this show, but its a huge hell no id ever go in there.

  • theletteronyourcoat
    theletteronyourcoat Month ago +1

    Is it supposed to be funny that Bagans is trying to be the new Warren?

  • Valere White
    Valere White Month ago +1

    Thank you so very much for sharing all the content you share, I really appreciate it 😊

  • Miss Laura
    Miss Laura Month ago +1

    Thank you for this video. I have 2 grandchildren and didn't have the time to watch it. I love Zach n ghost adventures!! I was so excited n happy they was having Halloween special

    RICHIE MORGAN Month ago

    Taught it was crap ,,, to many adds Most Haunted destroy,s ghostoffendsrs

  • Sandee Jaime
    Sandee Jaime Month ago +1

    I thought źak did not believe in coincidences ?

  • germangirl12571
    germangirl12571 Month ago +1

    Thank you for taking the time to upload !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Thompson
    Sharon Thompson Month ago

    The film really breaks up a lot. I really wanted to watch this but it's really hard because it fast-forwards and breaks up, the pixels are horrible, can you fix it and re-air it.

  • Tzaddiel
    Tzaddiel Month ago +1

    BTW I love paranormal lock down can you upload more?

    • C'mon Dude Productions
      C'mon Dude Productions  Month ago +1

      +Tzaddiel We appreciate that! Thanks you.

    • Tzaddiel
      Tzaddiel Month ago +1

      +C'mon Dude Productions yassss you bet I'll be patient! I love your channel.

    • C'mon Dude Productions
      C'mon Dude Productions  Month ago +1

      Working on it. We're pretty busy here throughout the course of the please be patient.

  • chellieann
    chellieann Month ago +1

    I can see the face in the mirror !

  • Ombry Nicoletti
    Ombry Nicoletti Month ago +1

    In italiano ? ....almeno con sottotitoli !

  • Lucy Fur666
    Lucy Fur666 Month ago +3

    Such a shame, I was genuinely looking forward to this and it was sadly SUCH A LODE OF BOLLOCKS!!!!!!...... What utter fucking cheese on toast shite!!!!!! I should have known better really, so my bad...... Cringe...... Sigh ......Head shake......

  • Peace Full
    Peace Full Month ago +2

    everything was good but these two wicthes !!! euhhhhhhhhh!!!! really !!!

  • Michael De Jesus
    Michael De Jesus Month ago +1

    It's my right to bash! I love Zak and the rest of his team & have zero bad thing to say about any of them. Lady snake, on the other hand, I just get a energy of hate towards her because of wot she is trying to do...Even her voice makes me angry!

  • Winged Salad
    Winged Salad Month ago +1

    Anyone else experiencing glitching?? ):

    AMANDA BARNES Month ago +1

    Zak,s a drama queen.

  • Shell Beechey
    Shell Beechey Month ago +1

    I don't believe the yes, I heard nothing and if that was as clear as that and disembodied then it should have been heared.

  • Amanda Stevens
    Amanda Stevens Month ago +1

    It's nt a face in the mirrow it lines off where it hasn't been clean

  • biggregs45
    biggregs45 Month ago

    Zack needs to tone it down, don't care for the way He speaks to Grown men … Not cool. Not the first time either.

  • Clare Bear
    Clare Bear Month ago

    Gary galka really went for that pose.

    PSYC LINEZ Month ago

    Damn, Miss Patti Negri is sexya as hell,and being proud of who she is just amped that by 100. outstanding nice to see people are not afraid to say what the are,practice and live. I got 22 years practicing the same thing.

  • Jaclynn Chan
    Jaclynn Chan Month ago +1

    At 21:58 there was a giggling sound on the background, it sounds like a little girl or a woman

  • Michelle Preece
    Michelle Preece Month ago +1

    Woah 2witches in same rokm one good one badish awsome paddy kick her ass lol 😀

  • marilou jarencio
    marilou jarencio Month ago +1

    I saw a face under exactly the hat.. Blck face and eyes..

  • Kirsty M
    Kirsty M Month ago

    Oh just open the fucking box, I'd walk right in there and open it. If something kills me..I don't care lol at least I wasn't a pussy and opened the box.

  • jennifer yoo
    jennifer yoo Month ago +1

    My dream is to goto Lasvagas one day to see Zak and his crew members and the haunted Museum

  • jennifer yoo
    jennifer yoo Month ago +1

    Big fan from South korea anyone from asian countries?^^