The Ending Of It: Chapter Two Explained

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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    How well does the sequel to 2017's It adapt Stephen King's classic novel while tying up all the loose ends from the first installment? Let's roll up our sleeves, wade into the sewers and dig into the details of how the saga ends. This is the ending of It: Chapter Two explained.
    And before you open the door labeled "very scary," be warned: Spoilers await you.
    Stephen King's novel It isn't just the story of a creepy clown terrorizing some kids and then returning to do it all over again when they're adults. There's a whole cosmology to the saga, which includes a giant, godlike turtle that coughed up the known universe when it had a tummy ache. Aside from a few subtle nods here and there, the movies mostly sidestep the ancient, interdimensional mythology of the book, but one element does show up in It: Chapter Two - the true form of It.
    When he goes to visit the Shokopiwah tribe and takes one of their vision-granting concoctions, Mike learns that It came to Earth in a meteor strike that left a crater in Derry, and is made up of "Deadlights," mostly orange but sometimes-blue spheres of light of immense power. Though the lights can be seen in brief moments in the first film, It appears entirely as deadlights as Chapter Two reaches its climax, and even after taking on other forms, the deadlights are still visibly powering the creature, becoming increasingly weaker as the Losers literally bring It down to size.
    It's true form is revealed because the Losers perform the Ritual of Chüd, a ceremony that differs pretty wildly in the movie from the way it works in the book. The movie's take on the ritual involves each member of the club burning a "token" of his or her childhood and reciting a chant to make the Deadlights turn dark, then trapping the Deadlights inside a pyramid-shaped relic Mike stole.
    The ritual is the key to defeating It in the book, though it takes two tries 27 years apart. But the Losers' attempt essentially fails in the movie, at least at first. That's because it's revealed Mike lied to everyone in an attempt to simply bring them all back together. The ritual wasn't successful before when the Native Americans tried to do it, and it doesn't kill It when the Losers try it this time, either. At least, not until they've gone through the wringer just a little bit more so they can truly overcome the fears that feed It. Keep watching the video to see the ending of It: Chapter Two explained!
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    Deadlights | 0:23
    The Ritual of Chüd | 1:27
    Childhood fears, adult anxieties | 2:21
    The hypochondriac cuts loose | 3:24
    Brotherly baggage | 4:17
    Home at last | 5:06
    The end of obsession | 6:09
    Scars of the past | 7:20
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  • Looper
    Looper  2 months ago +5984

    How did you like IT: Chapter Two?

    • Daffynotanoob REEE
      Daffynotanoob REEE Month ago

      It was a comedy film

    • La Vonn Cain
      La Vonn Cain Month ago

      It was horrible tbh. It was boring and all over the place. I think in this case it would’ve been better to get away from the book and continued to show them as kids.

    • Ash Collins
      Ash Collins Month ago

      Just saw chapter 2.. and i have to say.. ‘he ending sucked’... for one, demons dont have hearts.. still beating anyways, nor being the source of their being.. they already died in our life/world.. and haunt it.. but as a soul.. right?
      Throughout the entire 2nd half of the movie they were eluding to one of the characters being a writer who wrote novels with sucky endings, but in a way i cant help but think they were meaning this movie, or stephen kings original, which this movie derived.. i was so hoping that for once, the demon would win, because the scene in the trailer of that monster holding someone’s face underwater, never truly occurred from what i saw.. (maybe i missed it)? Or maybe it was just cut out, but at the very end, after it was ‘defeated’ and they were washing off in the lake as they all went underwater, i thought for sure thats when that scene was going to occur, but it just never happened.. damn...
      Fuck a happy ending.. it shouldnt always occur, especially in movies about a demon tormenting souls, over 27 years.. lol! I could watch bill, as IT (a psychopathic clown) tormenting people forever) i think! Hah!

    • Shayona Collins
      Shayona Collins 2 months ago +1

      Cried my eyes out 😭😭😭

    • Rider eat sleep dream
      Rider eat sleep dream 2 months ago

      It was boring

  • Tcc
    Tcc 10 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one who found this more of a comedy than a horror?

  • Billie Godfrey
    Billie Godfrey 15 hours ago

    A movie on witchcraft

  • Cardiff Grove
    Cardiff Grove Day ago

    The first time I saw the adulthood version of Ben I was confused

  • Laura Kinney Subliminals

    Bullying kills literally

  • Onni Marjamäki
    Onni Marjamäki 5 days ago

    Wait the ritual isn't pronounced like the ritual of Chad but like this : the ritual of chuud like that

  • lefty two guns
    lefty two guns 7 days ago

    Just like most of the snowflakes now days even IT has no backbone

  • samantha
    samantha 9 days ago

    am i the only one who cried when stanley killed himself??

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores 10 days ago

    Thx for telling us the whole movie

  • Harry Ackroyd
    Harry Ackroyd 12 days ago

    U say it as chood

  • Julia van Baardwijk
    Julia van Baardwijk 13 days ago +1

    Richie’s real fear is his sexuality. When Eddie dies in the end, THAT’s richie’s actual token. Eddie means so much to Richie, his death causes him to finally overcome his fear. The ritual worked but indirectly.

  • Yvonne Daisy
    Yvonne Daisy 15 days ago +1

    I just wanna know what Richie saw when he stared in IT's light mouth

  • Surajit Ghosh
    Surajit Ghosh 17 days ago +1

    Bevery scene with the old lady is really creepy

  • Joel David
    Joel David 17 days ago

    Other than the totally ruined lore, it was good.

    • Joel David
      Joel David 17 days ago

      Also the movies change the dynamics and roles of each character but were still enjoyable.

    SPIDERMAN145 18 days ago

    My question , Did Later Georgie's Ghost Revenge and Become the prince of pennywise or become the new pennywise ????

  • TeMarion Marshall
    TeMarion Marshall 18 days ago

    We needed a IW sequel since it it came out close to it 1

  • Emiliano Cisneros
    Emiliano Cisneros 18 days ago +1

    The end should be the USA army to kill pennywise

  • Sodgerel Nymdawaa
    Sodgerel Nymdawaa 18 days ago


  • Shadxed
    Shadxed 18 days ago +2

    The end was very emotional and inspirational

  • Raghavendra H L
    Raghavendra H L 18 days ago

    Why was the name, nightmare on elm Street 5 shown in it chapter 2???

  • .xXMariaXx.
    .xXMariaXx. 19 days ago

    I haven’t even watched the movie yet.. why am i here?

  • David Babasanta
    David Babasanta 20 days ago

    How did stanley died?

    • Sodgerel Nymdawaa
      Sodgerel Nymdawaa 18 days ago

      The Bitch too scared to meet the IT again so he Suicided

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 20 days ago

    Bev was hotter before she cut a bunch of her hair off

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 23 days ago

    There is a mistake that Georgie had two hands

  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones 23 days ago

    Insanely shocking and deep.

  • Amanda Mendoza
    Amanda Mendoza 24 days ago

    What I gathered from this video: r e d d i e

  • Nat Terrazas
    Nat Terrazas 24 days ago

    Now they'll do pennywise orgins lol

  • Markus P.
    Markus P. 26 days ago

    I hated this bastardized remake of a rewrite. I'd like to slap around the idiot screen writers in Hollowwood that always think they can write better than authors.

  • Apollyon Katastrefia
    Apollyon Katastrefia 26 days ago

    It wasn't just a fence, it was the kissing bridge.

  • Astraftero Asteri
    Astraftero Asteri 27 days ago

    So beverly and together?

  • antone lopez
    antone lopez 27 days ago +1

    Close your eyes and imagine Conor mcgreggor as it and the way he would would walk

  • FinndylanwyattmilliesadieNoah tomdaya

    We're Losers, and we always will be.

  • Jeshua Restituyo
    Jeshua Restituyo 28 days ago

    Pennywise wouldn't survive Twitter and kpop fancams

  • Proxime
    Proxime 28 days ago

    This Movie is like Stranger Things want to appeal looser audience but appeal normies the most

  • Krolix
    Krolix 29 days ago

    So if a crazy ass clown with power came to kill me yell at it. Ok,good advice.

  • latengocomoburro
    latengocomoburro 29 days ago

    I still don't understand how to clown managed to kill the that guy in the end if he was not scared and was not even looking at him.

    TRUE RED DEVIL 29 days ago

    Its boring how the story about loser and the clown change

  • benita lindqvist
    benita lindqvist Month ago

    Eminem would definitly destroy Pennywise in a rap battle 😂

  • _ TheBigPig _
    _ TheBigPig _ Month ago

    If all you have to do is roast Pennywise, Gordon Ramsay would turn that clown into lamb sauce.

  • Diego's Legos
    Diego's Legos Month ago

    “It” has a name. Pennywise.

  • Jason Branch
    Jason Branch Month ago

    It is so cool 😎

  • Sonder Wonder
    Sonder Wonder Month ago

    The ritual of Chad

  • Isaiah Young
    Isaiah Young Month ago +1

    Scary women

  • Arzxe
    Arzxe Month ago +1

    Guys have you realised this girl sounds like eddie

  • Safraz Tabrez
    Safraz Tabrez Month ago

    Long story short when you're facing the physical manifestation of your worst nightmare just take the piss out of it......simples

  • The one and only
    The one and only Month ago +4

    I’m so mad Eddie died wish he survived

  • Nez
    Nez Month ago

    Stanley dies

  • Luisprime A
    Luisprime A Month ago +2

    Pennywise wouldn’t survive if he played fortnite squads with toxic kid

  • Aviraj07
    Aviraj07 Month ago +2

    Anyone noticed that in both the movies,they never opened that middle door ?

  • Kaelin J
    Kaelin J Month ago +1

    An all powerful god powered light spirit killing machine of the universe that feeds off kids fears was killed because he was roasted

  • Kaelin J
    Kaelin J Month ago +1

    Pennywise was just roasted to death my guy😂😂😂

  • AndyBoyGamer
    AndyBoyGamer Month ago

    IT 2017 IS BETTER

  • Lyssy23 !
    Lyssy23 ! Month ago

    So all you needed to kill pennywise was a standard TheXvid comment section.

  • James Kwendo
    James Kwendo Month ago

    not as good as IT chapter one.

  • ItsFunneh Panda
    ItsFunneh Panda Month ago

    i cant watch it chapter 2

  • Syfi Freak!!!!!!
    Syfi Freak!!!!!! Month ago

    Just got back from IT C2 and I thought it was amazing even if it was to long.

  • IconicReaper -
    IconicReaper - Month ago

    wow what a movie!!!! movie of the year for sure!!!!! with joker.

  • No one Iz here
    No one Iz here Month ago

    Lets talk about pennywise’s death...

  • Raf
    Raf Month ago

    Pennywise wouldn't survive League of Legends.

  • J Leonard
    J Leonard Month ago

    You guys do know that the book has been out for over 30 years, right?