• Published on Aug 29, 2017
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    Teens watch Robin Williams movies, but do they know them?
    This episode features the following Teens:
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    REACT  Year ago +337

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    • Alex Song
      Alex Song Year ago +2

      you should do one of these for Carrie Fisher movies! "Do Teens know Carrie Fisher Movies"

    • Wind Sage Dragon
      Wind Sage Dragon Year ago +5


    • John Allen
      John Allen Year ago

      J.M. Barrie, but that doesn't matter. She uses Disney story because she probably watched the Disney animated film, which varies wildly from the original short story, and is more in tune with Peter and Wendy, though it still takes many liberties. So she can honestly say it's her favorite Disney story because that one is definitely done up in the Disney tradition, and she would be correct.

    • Taranbir Singh
      Taranbir Singh Year ago

      u guys should do another Robin William, with bicentennial man as one of them.

    • Si1ver Acc.
      Si1ver Acc. Year ago +1

      REACT to Jim Carrey Movies 😂👍

  • virginia Owens
    virginia Owens Year ago +2

    I liked night at the museum that Robin William's was in

  • Casper Christensen

    *-Quirky interlude*

  • Alyssa Tillery
    Alyssa Tillery Year ago


  • MrGeekFreek
    MrGeekFreek Year ago +3

    Fun fact about the movie Hook.
    Glenn Close played the pirate who Hook put into the Boo Box with scorpions.

  • Nerdgamer2000
    Nerdgamer2000 Year ago

    They needed "Toys" on here, that was an amazing movie

  • swerengen1
    swerengen1 Year ago

    The Fisher King and Death To Smoochy.

  • Unholywolf19
    Unholywolf19 Year ago

    Teens react Dave chappelle

  • goofykitkatboy
    goofykitkatboy Year ago +4

    aww i was hoping they would show One Hour Photo.

    • Navsangeet Singh
      Navsangeet Singh Year ago

      Yup. Insomnia too as gregularity said. Just more of his dramatic work.

    • gregularity
      gregularity Year ago +3

      Haha, me too.. or Insomnia. But face it, there's no point... some of them hadn't even heard of Mrs Doubtfire.

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace Year ago +3

    Do "Do teens know jim carrey movies" i's watch the heck out of that!!

  • Michael M.
    Michael M. Year ago +3

    Ok I got a perfect score and I recognized all the movies in 1 second. Does it make me a fan ?

  • Whitney Houston
    Whitney Houston Year ago +2

    they've never seen good will hunting wow

  • Whitney Houston
    Whitney Houston Year ago +4

    jumanji is actually a really sad and deep movie

  • bbreimm
    bbreimm Year ago

    Teens React to Death To Smoochie starring Robin Williams.

  • Lee GaryB
    Lee GaryB Year ago +2

    I kinda wish they'd played a clip from One Hour Photo, because that was one of his greatest performances. Never thought Robin could be that terrifying, but that movie was intense and he was so good in it!

  • iconicstove
    iconicstove Year ago +3

    My grandma was in one of his movies

  • Marcelo Chacho Enriquez

    Do Teens know Robert De Niro movies

  • oscar argueta
    oscar argueta Year ago

    do tees know ben stiil movies

  • Syrus Golder
    Syrus Golder Year ago +1


  • onibla rean
    onibla rean Year ago

    Patch Adams

  • Public One
    Public One Year ago

    Good morning Vietnam

  • Rasmus Jørgensen
    Rasmus Jørgensen Year ago +3

    How can you not know the Birdcage. Amazingly funny movie!!

  • April Lam
    April Lam Year ago +8

    I wish they showed flubber because that was my fave robin williams movie

  • theflintartist91
    theflintartist91 Year ago +5

    Do teens know Jim Carrey movies? That one please?

    • Sydney Hilton
      Sydney Hilton Year ago

      theflintartist91:My personal favorite is Ace Vanture: When nature calls!

    • Public One
      Public One Year ago

      I love Jim Carry. My favorite movie is the mask

  • Black Raitoningu
    Black Raitoningu Year ago +10

    No Robots? ;(

  • EvanSullivan -
    EvanSullivan - Year ago +4

    Is anyone else mad that they didn't play Flubber? That was my favorite Robin Williams movies...

  • Beau
    Beau Year ago +1

    Rufi.... 2:59

  • phoebe12345 !
    phoebe12345 ! Year ago +8

    You should do 'Do teens know Leonardo Dicaprio movies?'!

  • ZoLexa
    ZoLexa Year ago +12

    I was waiting for night at the museum... it never came :(

    • Melanie White
      Melanie White Year ago

      It was actually a pretty big part. He was with the MC every step of the way- the character to give him a push when he needed it.

    • Altare Ego
      Altare Ego Year ago

      Oh yeah, totally forgot. But he's only in a few scenes, if I remember correctly.

    • Divine Alvarez
      Divine Alvarez Year ago

      Yeah, he played Teddy Roosevelt.

    • Altare Ego
      Altare Ego Year ago

      Robin Williams was in that movie? Even if he was, he didn't play a main role in the movie, so I'm sure that's why they didn't show it.

  • Fernand G
    Fernand G Year ago +8

    Teens react to Jim Carrey
    Teens react to Eddie Murphy
    Teens react to Martin Lawrence
    Teens react to Adam Sandler
    Potential ones

  • Fernand G
    Fernand G Year ago +1

    Mrs. Doubtfire
    Aladdin and the king of thieves

  • Mandapanda 314
    Mandapanda 314 Year ago +4

    Bicentennial Man. It's a weird concept but it's really good and sad and beautiful and it leaves you thinking for days. It's very good.

  • Meg Cole
    Meg Cole Year ago +182

    A real stumper here would have been Fern Gully

  • AJ Blakeley
    AJ Blakeley Year ago +1

    What Dreams May Come. Beautiful and tragic.

  • khairowensullivan
    khairowensullivan Year ago +3

    "Give me a second.......Good Will Hunting...gosh"
    And I clapped for her...I was hoping she gets all of it...coz knew all of it...

  • jessica lamarre
    jessica lamarre Year ago +6


  • TCT
    TCT Year ago +4

    Good morning from Vietnam !!!

  • Marcelo Chacho Enriquez

    React to Al Pacino movies!!!

  • Devansh Chawda
    Devansh Chawda Year ago +38

    O captain my captain

  • Mary Ann Fournier
    Mary Ann Fournier Year ago +2

    Started tearing up as soon as Rufio started talking, such an iconic scene!

  • Acidd
    Acidd Year ago +1

    Do teens React to 17. Album by xxxtentacion

  • Mr. Abdu
    Mr. Abdu Year ago +2

    Do teens/Elders know Leonardo Dicaprio movies

  • LPSpikamaryproductions 123

    Glad jumanji was on here I love that movie

  • Janice Anderson
    Janice Anderson Year ago +1

    Have teens play Hiveswap when it comes out

  • Janice Anderson
    Janice Anderson Year ago +1

    I freaked out at Hook because I'm a Homestuck and it has Rufio in it

  • Sean Aitken
    Sean Aitken Year ago +1

    The Fisher King

  • Alessandro Boicel-Maldonado


  • Gavyhnn Allen
    Gavyhnn Allen Year ago +10

    You left out Patch Adams

  • Daniel Potterton
    Daniel Potterton Year ago +13

    What Dreams May Come

  • Ryan Huelsmann
    Ryan Huelsmann Year ago +10

    How do these kids not know The Birdcage? Not one. It is required watching in the politically correct world we live in.

  • Jerome Tenorio
    Jerome Tenorio Year ago +8

    Oh cmon.
    One Hour Photo and Insomnia are missing,.

  • Nick Brennen
    Nick Brennen Year ago +6

    That first guy's face drops when they say it's Robin Williams movies. Let me down, bro.

  • Lexi A.
    Lexi A. Year ago +247

    That makes me so sad no one knows of The Birdcage. It's such an underrated movie. If you love Robin Williams, you've got to watch it.

  • Tsukino101
    Tsukino101 Year ago +2

    Adults or Teens, let's see how well they know Tim Curry movies!

    • YoungFavorite
      YoungFavorite Year ago

      Tsukino101 i never heard that name in my life. Im 26

    • Ryan Huelsmann
      Ryan Huelsmann Year ago +1

      Tsukino101 adults yes. Teens will not know.

  • Patrick Bronson
    Patrick Bronson Year ago +5

    Birdcage is HILARIOUS!!

  • Nemi
    Nemi Year ago +25

    O Captain My Captain

  • Chocodonutt
    Chocodonutt Year ago +5

    when someone says they're a huge fan of someone.. theyre probably not

  • Diana Torres
    Diana Torres Year ago +4

    Teens react to Why Don't We !!

  • rac3rx
    rac3rx Year ago

    Would have been more impressed if they'd actually used The World According to Garp. ;)

  • Nana Sandoval
    Nana Sandoval Year ago +4

    I LOVE The Birdcage

  • EnchantedMelody
    EnchantedMelody Year ago +3

    Patch Adams will always be my favorite Robin Williams movie

  • Ethan Ahoia
    Ethan Ahoia Year ago +5

    All generations react to Mr. Rodgers.

  • Mr Roboshadow
    Mr Roboshadow Year ago +11

    i swear watching some of these teens my slapping hand gets really itchy
    "was Robin Williams in that Aladdin movie?" yep REAL itchy

  • Bob Glover
    Bob Glover Year ago +1

    Fisher King

  • skiwlkr
    skiwlkr Year ago +5

    Where was my personal favorite of his "jack"

  • Violeta Gimenez
    Violeta Gimenez Year ago

    clothes i really prefer it heauuily #bite :)

  • Joel Andres
    Joel Andres Year ago +2

    The Fisher King.

  • Stefani B. Glambert
    Stefani B. Glambert Year ago +11

    How come there's no Patch Adams in this video???!!!!! But it was great!

  • david castillo
    david castillo Year ago +1

    Do teen's react to Rick Moranis movies

  • josef Nicholson
    josef Nicholson Year ago +2


  • Mark Castellanet
    Mark Castellanet Year ago +5

    They really need to watch the birdcage. Such a good movie.

  • tick tock
    tick tock Year ago +3

    Do a part 2!

  • S & M
    S & M Year ago +7

    I'm 14 and I've literally grown up watching Robin Williams so the fact that these teens knew some of these is great. -Makayla

  • angelicTerrorizer


  • Katie Fay
    Katie Fay Year ago +4

    The jumanji was made in my hometown!!!

  • Hunter R.
    Hunter R. Year ago

    Mrs. Doubtfire

  • Floyd Laister
    Floyd Laister Year ago +11

    Flubber ! :o why no flubber !

  • Aussie Roberts
    Aussie Roberts Year ago +1

    ROBIN WILLIAMS is so overrated

  • Grant Moyes
    Grant Moyes Year ago +2

    he also , done POPYE the sailor man , film , from a uk British cartoon . .......I eat my spinach......iam popye the sailor man ....pop pop ...

  • Summer Caldera
    Summer Caldera Year ago +14

    They should of added flubber

    • Greyfox07
      Greyfox07 Year ago +3

      patch adams, night at the museum

    • Grant Moyes
      Grant Moyes Year ago +2

      yea and popye the sailor man . film from the cartoon .

  • Amy
    Amy Year ago +2

    There should be a part 2 of this which includes the Night at the Museum movies!

  • Gibbs Deus
    Gibbs Deus Year ago +1

    I knew all of them. Guess you couldn't do shakes the clown or fisher king or a few of the others.

  • Shayla Moore
    Shayla Moore Year ago +1

    Do Robin Williams reacts to teens react to Robin Williams ;)

    • Shayla Moore
      Shayla Moore Year ago

      +09_wolverines Sale no I'm not being serious

    • Ssesedd233
      Ssesedd233 Year ago

      Shayla Moore they can't because robin Williams committed suicide 😭❤️

  • Killerdisease08
    Killerdisease08 Year ago

    Patch Adams and Good Will Hunting fav Robin Williams movies

  • Your Favourite Critic

    Hey Tori, hmu

  • Spencer Erb
    Spencer Erb Year ago +4

    Do teen know Robin Williams movies 2

  • Green Hornet
    Green Hornet Year ago

    React to earth wind and fire!

  • Sam Cruz
    Sam Cruz Year ago +2

    React to Cardi B!!!!

  • Becky Barr
    Becky Barr Year ago +4

    I was kinda hoping to see The Fisher King, but I'm glad they put The Birdcage. Seeing these clips brought back so many emotions and it really hits me how much I miss his movies.

  • III
    III Year ago +1

    React to 1-800-273-8255 by Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid

  • Masky Rose Proxy
    Masky Rose Proxy Year ago +1

    The one thing about this movie that makes me sad is that they didn't show Patch Addams.

  • Faith Simmons
    Faith Simmons Year ago

    missed birdcage, and goodwill hunting

  • Brandie Campbell
    Brandie Campbell Year ago +2

    I was crying 😭

  • Madison Savage
    Madison Savage Year ago

    teens react to logic 1800 music video

  • babaoriley1971able
    babaoriley1971able Year ago +3

    teens react to Led Zeppelin songs

  • yoshimasterleader
    yoshimasterleader Year ago +1

    Do Teens know Don Bluth films?

  • Sauce Mixes
    Sauce Mixes Year ago +4

    Teens react to Logic 1-800 music video

  • DaSHalpha
    DaSHalpha Year ago +6

    Did they do a REACT to Mel Brooks and/or Gene Wilder movies yet?

  • Dablue 14
    Dablue 14 Year ago +2

    My fav is RV such a good movie sad it wasn't on here

  • Buse Korkmaz
    Buse Korkmaz Year ago

    Can you please have the elders, or teens, or adults, or even kids react to Logic's music video for 18002738255!! i think with the platform you guys have you never know if you could be saving a life!