the secret world of the japanese swordsmith

  • Published on Oct 16, 2014
  • Documentary from 1997
    ©1997 Troivision Co., Ltd/Warabe No Mori Co., Ltd. kobayashi dldg, 4-7 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan
    The Japanese sword is the soul of the Samurai. The crafting of this work of art - which embodies beauty, strength and tradition - has been shrouded in secrecy for more than thousand years.
    Because of the highly advanced techniques and numerous years of dedicated effort required in crafting Japanese swords, the skill has always been a closely kept and jealously guarded secret.
    Yohindo Yoshihara is a consummate Japanese swordsmith and a very high regarded Mukansa craftman in Japan. He is also the best-known Japanes swordsmith outside of Japan.
    His masterpieces have been purchased for exhibit by the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City and the Museum of fine Arts in Boston. He has numerous fans worldwide, including His Royal highness, king Gustav of Sweden.
    This video has been produced to appeal to all aficionados of Japanese sword around the world and is a treasure trove of sercrets to Yohindo Yoshihara's truly outstanding Japanese sword craftsmanship.
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  • Stazzy
    Stazzy 11 hours ago

    This is great and all but why is the sword no doctor

  • T K
    T K 16 hours ago

    What a beautiful documentary...

  • Super33Saiyan
    Super33Saiyan 19 hours ago

    One can tell a good vs a bad samurai during battle by the length of time past between each movements or blows with or without their katanas.
    As a rule of thumb, each movements made requires a "pause" of 2 to 3 seconds.
    But the truly great masters were able to make pauses lasting up to 35 seconds (or more!!) following each moves, made possible only by a strictly disciplined mind, decades of training and practice and astounding concentration!!!
    In a duel, unlike in the west where a fight could be done in an instant, the samurai's fight could take 2 to 3 hours!
    But to witness 2 truly great masters duelling with their katanas, one would have to book at least a week off work as the duel could last up to an incredible 6 full days and nights!!! Thus leaving all spectators at the edges of their seat, filled with anticipation to know whom will be victorious in this battle of life and death. This was truly a dangerous era to live in...

    • sifulowang
      sifulowang 15 hours ago

      Seen some period movies depicting what your saying - the full flags and regalia of two houses taking the field to witness the duel. Not many of many seem to draw to that correct battle display.

  • El Presidente
    El Presidente 19 hours ago

    My katana is from china it cost me 39 bucks its very good but it needs sharpening . MY NEXT goal is going to be Japanese oh yeah

  • fenderstratguy
    fenderstratguy Day ago

    Do blacksmiths often go deaf?

    • fenderstratguy
      fenderstratguy 15 hours ago

      GraceEngineering lol

    • Big T
      Big T 15 hours ago +1

      I'd suggest, by the end if their careers, they likely have hearing trouble.

    • GraceEngineering
      GraceEngineering 19 hours ago +1


  • Watch 247
    Watch 247 Day ago +1


    • Ray Bugz
      Ray Bugz 18 hours ago +2

      guns have flaws sometimes. Blades are more painful than bullets.

    • El Presidente
      El Presidente 19 hours ago +1

      Guns are good if you LACK skill and bravery

  • Harry Moobs
    Harry Moobs 2 days ago +1

    I'm amazed that no one was wearing eye protection with all those sparks and bits of metal flying around.
    God, I love watching blacksmiths makes works of art like this.

  • Sheila Gibson
    Sheila Gibson 3 days ago

    My husband would have loved this!

  • Voice of truth
    Voice of truth 3 days ago

    It’s amazing how to cultures who Appear very close in nature such as the Chinese and Japanese are so different! The Chinese do not care about copyrights or in Frenchman and make everything as cheap and chunky as they can and sell it to the world for pennies in the Japanese make their own products the best that tcould be made and are worth a ment to the world

    WOODBARK100 4 days ago +1

    The Samurai Sword conjures up visions of headless humans in my mind - sorry!

  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy 5 days ago

    This art form is diminishing to extinct it’s power hammers and inferior steel...thank u sir for keeping this tradition alive.

    • Joe Average
      Joe Average Day ago

      Today's steel is far from inferior. The folding process was a way to work out impurities in the steel and not exclusive to Japan.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 5 days ago

    Hello? After making a new blade how to keep the new steel from rusting? i know keep oil on it but i had 2 blades made for my pocket knife and i do oil them but i live now in the Philippines and sweat like a monkey and my new blae starts to get little rust specks on them... can you help??

    HRISTO BRAMBAROV 5 days ago


  • D33pZer0
    D33pZer0 6 days ago

    This was amazing to watch, thank you for sharing.

  • Ian Francis Ledesma
    Ian Francis Ledesma 7 days ago

    I have wanted a genuine handmade sword from a Japanese master since I first heard about how painstakingly laborious they are made until perfection..until now that day has not come and most probably never will. At least I can dream.

  • Tom Jabar
    Tom Jabar 8 days ago

    I want order one

  • Nikola Howard
    Nikola Howard 8 days ago

    What an utterly lovely documentary!

  • tbugher62
    tbugher62 8 days ago

    Same sword they used too chop the heads off a million INNOCENT people during WW2.

  • MrFuss71
    MrFuss71 10 days ago

    music 30:20??

  • Matt Davidson
    Matt Davidson 10 days ago

    But they stole these techniques from Tang Dynasty Chinese masters ..... nothing new

  • snakecharmer2011
    snakecharmer2011 11 days ago


  • Death Dealer
    Death Dealer 11 days ago

    As long as we don't see a fight to death with katana it will be boring to cut wood and stuff 😑

  • sang tran
    sang tran 11 days ago

    How much?

  • Ronald Reed
    Ronald Reed 11 days ago +3

    So cool he started the fire the way he did. So much knowledge in this craft. Imagine the importance of these sword smiths back in the day.
    So my dad used to beat me to rid my body of impurities, lol

  • Ronald Reed
    Ronald Reed 11 days ago

    I was waiting to see one sheath one without looking down briefly.

  • Aaron Moura
    Aaron Moura 12 days ago

    Fun fact kimetsu no yaibas hidden sword making village is based on this place. The special ors make a curtain type of steel that absorbs sunlight to easily slay demons lmfaoo

    • Sargent Waag
      Sargent Waag 10 days ago

      @Aaron Moura I am just joking around. I think my comment is a fun fact too. I dont think many people here watching this watch anime.

    • Aaron Moura
      Aaron Moura 10 days ago

      Nobody talking about a wooden sword I’m saying the village in demon slayer anime is based on this place

    • Aaron Moura
      Aaron Moura 10 days ago

      What? Lmfao

    • Sargent Waag
      Sargent Waag 10 days ago

      Gintoki's Bokutō is a wooden sword.

  • Julez Reading
    Julez Reading 13 days ago

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  • syed Mehr Ali Bukhari
    syed Mehr Ali Bukhari 13 days ago

    Price ?

  • CeeBee O'Aries CcK
    CeeBee O'Aries CcK 13 days ago +2

    Can't help but think n associated these words.. Japanese Perfection

  • tony nelligan
    tony nelligan 13 days ago +2

    just lighting the fire has shown me something i never knew about and i've seen dozens of swordmaking videos and not known of this trick impressive.

    • Ronald Reed
      Ronald Reed 11 days ago

      I liked that to him it was important to him to light the forging fire with forged iron. Yeah, way cool.

  • ross nesbit
    ross nesbit 13 days ago

    I had my Japanese Doctor look at my sword that was a world war two prize brought home as a souvenir.He was shocked.He said he could not read the writing because it was over six hundred years old.Are you interested?Call Ross at 662-571-2758

  • Jack Solidus
    Jack Solidus 14 days ago +1

    Yushinda Yushihara didn't make a sword.
    He made a masterpiece that is called a true katana.

  • fossil gamer
    fossil gamer 14 days ago +6

    I checked on September 1, 2019, and prices of a katana made by this master start at 3 million Japanese yen, or $28,245 USD. Undoubtedly worth every penny, but a tad out of my price range!

    • tbugher62
      tbugher62 8 days ago

      You can get the very same sword on Amazon for $499

    • JS
      JS 13 days ago

      I was thinking it'd be at least 10k, I see that I was wrong haha. However you get what you pay for, and what he made was pure art so 28k isn't outrageous even if it's out of my range by like... 28k haha.

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 15 days ago

    The new secret is SS metal keeps its edge and want break> will last many life time over and over

  • gary smith
    gary smith 15 days ago +1

    fantastic video craftsmanship at its best

  • John Pagden
    John Pagden 16 days ago

    A wonderful experience to watch.

  • Eric Medicus
    Eric Medicus 17 days ago +3

    before we were making beats with pencils on our desks, these guys were doing it.

  • David Quiñones Trevizo
    David Quiñones Trevizo 18 days ago +4

    I've been watching documentaries about katana making but this one is the most explicit and detailed. Outstanding.

  • silverdragon0000120
    silverdragon0000120 19 days ago

    You can make a better sword than him now thanks to technology.

  • Man ju Manl
    Man ju Manl 19 days ago

    Samurai Sword requires wisdom+Bochido spirit to be owned.
    American Smith and Wesson requires Bunch of money+cowboy spirit to be owned.
    I can tell now why the USA is the most hated country in the world.

  • Eric W
    Eric W 19 days ago

    At the end, A chic Samurai? No! There are no chic Samurai. Check your woke.

  • Jeff Cordes
    Jeff Cordes 20 days ago

    I've always loved knives from a penknife to a Bowie. I have learned more about samurai swords and come to admire them for their beauty as well as function

  • Uncle Quack
    Uncle Quack 20 days ago

    They didn't show the stage when he added the double fuller to the blade?

    • Big T
      Big T 15 hours ago

      But I agree, it would have been another interesting step to show.

    • Big T
      Big T 15 hours ago

      Some katana have bo-hi (fullers) some have one sided, two sided, or more than one fuller on a side. Others have none. They are a method to change the balance of the blade. When polished, they can reveal more grain pattern in the steel. They affect the sound the sword makes when swinging.

  • TheTigersbay
    TheTigersbay 20 days ago +2

    Work of art . Brilliant documentary . Thank you . God bless

  • Raymond De Arcos
    Raymond De Arcos 21 day ago


  • Rui Brito
    Rui Brito 21 day ago

    Em 1997 já existia o comercio de barras de aço, mas creio que ele prefira dessa forma por tradição! :v

  • Gonçalo Marques
    Gonçalo Marques 22 days ago

    4:57 tells you a lot about Japanese culture

  • JustA Patriot
    JustA Patriot 22 days ago

    Fascinating and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Case
      Case 22 days ago

      Date me

  • mattyg3535
    mattyg3535 22 days ago

    BUT......Will it KILL?

  • ED Cruz
    ED Cruz 23 days ago +1

    I bow to this master crafter 🙏 I wonder what one of those unique pieces go for and if he even sells them to just anyone?

  • ED Cruz
    ED Cruz 23 days ago

    True master

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 23 days ago

    Great video but I wanted to see the entire sword being made handle and all

  • Mr. Ara *Давид*
    Mr. Ara *Давид* 23 days ago

    That is not the tradition katana forge!!!

  • Bogdan Adrian Velica
    Bogdan Adrian Velica 24 days ago

    the secret world of the japanese swordsmith is on youtube ... yeah right!

    • Case
      Case 22 days ago

      Shut up ur a Jew

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz 24 days ago

    How can I order one of these fine swords 🗡???
    These a awesome I’ve always wanted a true sword

      JAMIE MORTON 22 days ago

      Joseph Diaz you couldn’t afford it

  • Eric Aulenbacher
    Eric Aulenbacher 24 days ago

    Gut aber nicht das Beste!
    das Beste ist immer der Feind des Guten.

  • angela prestwood
    angela prestwood 25 days ago

    i'll choose my 9mm over that sword my thought

  • Steven Levernier
    Steven Levernier 26 days ago

    I remenber being 10

  • Chris Tyler
    Chris Tyler 26 days ago

    The marketing gurus certainly did their overtime selling this bulldust to the fat rich guy.

  • G Issa
    G Issa 26 days ago +3

    i ate sushi and hot Cheetos while watching this video, im Japanese now