Will & Mr. Gilbert's Funniest Moments Together | The Inbetweeners

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019
  • The funniest interactions between Will and Mr. Gilbert on The Inbetweeners!
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  • Channel 4 Comedy
    Channel 4 Comedy  Month ago +34

    Did YOU ever have a teacher like Mr. Gilbert??
    Watch FULL EPISODES: bit.ly/2ZkLDJy

  • Kian Pow
    Kian Pow 12 hours ago

    Funny thing is his name is Simon bird

  • Millennium Joe
    Millennium Joe 23 hours ago

    You’ll end up calling me daddy

  • Classic Bants
    Classic Bants 8 days ago

    03:07 🤐

  • Classic Bants
    Classic Bants 8 days ago

    02:27 love this show

  • Haha Ha
    Haha Ha 10 days ago

    Will does my fucking head in

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 11 days ago

    Thanks Phil.

  • Paul Hamilton
    Paul Hamilton 13 days ago

    Thanks Phil

  • Bob Mob
    Bob Mob 18 days ago

    ‘Thanks Phil’

  • ChrisManley1994
    ChrisManley1994 18 days ago +5

    “Is he behind me?”

  • tekkerz kid Charlie
    tekkerz kid Charlie 21 day ago

    What a twat

  • Ki Gen
    Ki Gen 24 days ago

    They need to remaster this

    • MrMercury
      MrMercury 15 days ago

      Not another one, it's perfect the way it is, just leave it alone!!

    • problematic princess
      problematic princess 23 days ago +5

      They did.... They remade a USA version and it's shite

  • Ayato Sakamaki
    Ayato Sakamaki 27 days ago +5

    *no heavy petting*

  • Irate Primate
    Irate Primate 28 days ago

    Mr Gilbert;
    Exactly the type of teacher, the universities of today need. The antithesis of the liberal, extremist, indoctrinating, idiots, that are representive of professors

  • GuitarGuy
    GuitarGuy 28 days ago +26

    Greg Davies is 6’8”. I think that helps with his character

  • matthew grant
    matthew grant 28 days ago +3


  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 29 days ago +10

    In the exam hall he calls him Phil for fun and nothing happens, for the prom he was punished😂

    • RealityCheck6T9
      RealityCheck6T9 3 days ago +1

      This was Will at his most pathetic moment. Even Mr Gilbert couldn't get mad with him when he was in the process of shitting himself in the exam hall.

    • Daniel Pedić
      Daniel Pedić 25 days ago

      He said mr Gilbert heaps and was ignored. Phil was a callback to the prom episode, and because he was punished mr Gilbert couldn’t believe will called him Phil again

  • Clayton Orchard
    Clayton Orchard 29 days ago +29

    “But why me sir?” “Well you’re a virgin aren’t you will?” 🤣🤣genius

  • JB 02
    JB 02 Month ago +23

    ‘Oh my mistake, he’s a w**ker’

  • Remedy
    Remedy Month ago +9

    ...Phil 🥺

  • Dililah Slover
    Dililah Slover Month ago

    I just love to suck the headmasters balls

  • mrgeorge118
    mrgeorge118 Month ago +24

    "Thank you, Mr Gilbert" absolute savage

    • JB 02
      JB 02 Month ago


  • Evie K.
    Evie K. Month ago +163

    Mr Gilbert: no one likes a grass
    Also Mr Gilbert: grass or it’s university of Lincoln

  • L S
    L S Month ago +150

    The whole "Don't grass" scene seriously is underrated. Gilbert was doing Will a massive favour that he didn't even realise.

    • Keynesian Economics
      Keynesian Economics Day ago

      Can we stop making light of sectarianism and slinging shit at each other? I know the family of one of the victims of Omagh and it still affects them deeply.

    • Mac X
      Mac X 3 days ago

      ツlethal fuck the ira

    • Haha Ha
      Haha Ha 10 days ago +1

      Always one weird tosser that over thinks the whole thing. Fuck off no one cares.

    • ツlethal
      ツlethal 26 days ago +2

      Call me Lucifer i’ll get the ra to bomb u up😂

    • Call me Lucifer
      Call me Lucifer 26 days ago

      @ツlethal or what?

  • Luke Stewart
    Luke Stewart Month ago +9

    The battle of Friday night dinner vs Cuckoo

  • panda master172
    panda master172 Month ago +51

    "I thought it was a fart sir, I thought it was safe"

  • Ahsoka The Grey
    Ahsoka The Grey Month ago +20

    honestly would've loved to have a teacher like Gilbert when I was in school seriously😂

    • RealityCheck6T9
      RealityCheck6T9 3 days ago

      Ahsoka a teacher who gives you detention for saying "Waterside". Great...

    • Aquarius
      Aquarius 17 days ago

      It'd be horrid he's a wanker

    • Will Parton
      Will Parton 29 days ago +1

      @Ahsoka The Grey 😂

    • Ahsoka The Grey
      Ahsoka The Grey Month ago

      @Bobby Weirddick I could take the banter I'd just give it right back to him😂

    • Bobby Weirddick
      Bobby Weirddick Month ago +2

      Ahsoka The Grey yeah it would be hilarious, until the jokes on you.👺😳

  • Gh0sTzZ
    Gh0sTzZ Month ago +23

    Oh, I sEeM inTeLlIgEnT

    • JB 02
      JB 02 Month ago +1

      Gh0sTzZ no what I mean is...

  • ashheat05
    ashheat05 Month ago +12

    Anyway who said I am the Gilbert of my school are the ones who’d cry in class because the teacher said stop talking

  • ItzSpoons
    ItzSpoons Month ago +25


  • Fifacod 52
    Fifacod 52 Month ago +103

    “Any bin, any rubbish bin you see in or out of school”😂😂

  • justgo12642
    justgo12642 Month ago

    “I mean, ooh! I’m Mr Gilbert! I’m such a big huge massive freak! And I just love to suck the headmaster’s balls! And then...”
    One of the more underrated quotes imo, as well as how he refers to Gilbert as the headmaster’s “pet ape”

  • Jonathan Leeming
    Jonathan Leeming Month ago +57

    They had so much chemistry on screen these 2 they worked well together

  • rat boi
    rat boi Month ago +4

    420 views lol

  • callum hardy
    callum hardy Month ago +39

    Mr. Gilbert is the best character! So funny 😂 he enjoys being cruel!

    • callum hardy
      callum hardy 27 days ago

      @Irate Primate
      yes thats right.

    • Irate Primate
      Irate Primate 28 days ago +1

      Reminiscent of the sadistic teachers of the 80s/90s that made our lives respectful

  • Mr Trick
    Mr Trick Month ago +11

    I don't get paid extra for this you know.

  • TurboLazer
    TurboLazer Month ago

    ThAnkS pHil