Wendy Williams Comes Clean About Living In A Sober House

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Wendy Williams Sober House (00:10)
    Breakfast Club advice for Wendy Williams (03:20)
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    Wendy Williams Comes Clean About Living In A Sober House
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Comments • 1 524

  • Scott Shields
    Scott Shields 7 months ago

    Who gives a flying toss about Wendy ?
    Play some Wu Tang and move the f on

  • Violet Lioness
    Violet Lioness 9 months ago

    Envy really...when ppl bring up his cheating he wanna fight...bye

  • MsB Cheet
    MsB Cheet 9 months ago

    WELP, looks like Wendy is FINALLY giving Kevin the boot with them divorce papers as if yesterday April 10 2019.

  • DJ Gastro Kils
    DJ Gastro Kils 9 months ago

    Wendy is a fake woman 👩

  • Arahouse tt
    Arahouse tt 9 months ago

    Why is she in a 'sober house', but everyone else in rehab? - girl bye! Zero sympathy from me.

  • Erron Black
    Erron Black 9 months ago

    😅this woman getting uglier everyday

  • mo brown
    mo brown 9 months ago

    Yep Envy is right

  • Pearl Douglas
    Pearl Douglas 9 months ago

    I love Charlamagne.... he slaying me in this!!!

  • Kim Maximilian
    Kim Maximilian 9 months ago

    Of course he's the problem !!!

  • msN fraser
    msN fraser 9 months ago

    I remember when she had her radio show & did interviews with people dealing with personal, embarrassing life issues. If the person felt she was being too personal..Wendy kept pushing until they hung up, she would call them back w/her crew "numerous" times laughing & having a ball " because this is news and people want to know" . She's disgusting & has way to much fun w/other peoples pain. This lady doesn't deserve sympathy. Let's not forget Wendy fired her assistant years ago because her husband couldn't keep his hands to himself.... its past time to clean up your own messy back yard.

  • Teri Matthews
    Teri Matthews 9 months ago

    Wendy said she has no time for girlfriends once she’s in a relationship, but her circumstance is one critical reason to never let go of friendships. Close friends could have supported her to move on the very instant she discovered Kevin to be the cheating, wife beating beast he always has been. There would have been no need for a sober house at this point. Sad.

  • sephjonesMD
    sephjonesMD 9 months ago

    I wanna feel bad, but she's screwed so many people by making their private issues public against their wishes. Now she out here looking like a robot on the fritz. It's usually the ones dishing all the dirt, that have all the secrets.

  • Asia Jones
    Asia Jones 9 months ago

    If Wendy is truly being abused then I don't blame her for not speaking about it. She clearly isn't leaving him, so her admitting to the abuse could put her life in danger.

  • Calvin Dirette
    Calvin Dirette 9 months ago

    I liked DJ envy's shit he said. Wendy got a lot of shit to say about everyone, but then deflected shit off herself. You ain't getting better if you ain't talking about your shit, trust. It took me four years to stop taking pills, and it took my ass finally admitting it to be able to get help.

  • Calvin Dirette
    Calvin Dirette 9 months ago

    The people probably dont know its wendy at the sober house cuz she ain't putting on her makeup. You ever seen her without makeup? She looks like a totally different person.

  • Deborah Hardaway
    Deborah Hardaway 9 months ago

    At least Wendys getting addiction help.Because of contracts she probably cant come or talk against Kelvin.But people need to get this show cancelled so Wendy will be out of her agreement an so Kelvin wont recieve no more money off of her.Cancel Wendy.An when shes well she can make a comeback.On her own.Without this clown.Wendys not in love,Wendys under contract.Lets free Wendy

  • Deborah Hardaway
    Deborah Hardaway 9 months ago +2

    Charlemagne dont let no one shut you up,keep talking.An don't be afraid,face your fear.Kelvin is only a man.A lot about him has come out.He's being monitored.So nobody worried about his goons.Keep talking.

  • Laura ღ
    Laura ღ 9 months ago

    “Nobody knows! Because I look so glamorous out here” 🙄🙄🙄 ok girl

  • Adrianne Cardillo
    Adrianne Cardillo 9 months ago

    She doesn’t want to leave so she’s not gonna say anything, he’s been her everything for so long she doesn’t know how to live without him.. really sad but this is a lot of older women’s situations

  • Alicia Davis
    Alicia Davis 9 months ago

    Ummmmm she did open up...! Wtf are y’all talking about....??? She just told ppl what was happening....! It doesn’t matter how and why she told it.... she still opened up and told her truth....

  • nogoodmichael
    nogoodmichael 9 months ago

    Wasn’t she putting Chris Brown on blast trying to say he looked like a crackhead or some shit like that...

  • Donald Davis Jr.
    Donald Davis Jr. 9 months ago

    I Hope Wendy Williams Do Get The Help That She Needs!! It's Mind Over Matter!! Preyer & Meditation Of The (Body & Soul) She Made It Out From Asbury Park/Neptune, New Jersey She Are The Face Of Asbury Park USA 🇺🇸!!! Lets Prey For Her - The Breakfast Club!! We All Fall Short!! GOD Don't Fall Short!! But We Do!!! My Family Members Know Her Personally From Asbury Park - Before She Wasn't Famous. LET'S Just Prey For Her Recovery. 👼 👼.

  • shy87
    shy87 9 months ago

    Drugs dull the pain. She gotta fix the root issue. Ain’t no healing when you living and sleeping with a devil. It’ll end up being the death of her God forbid.

  • um010
    um010 9 months ago +1

    Kevin has her rehab and they’re launching a help line with his last name...the game..is savage

  • CED Mr.Common Sense
    CED Mr.Common Sense 9 months ago

    Rt. Thats wack

  • WarriorGoddess Yaa Asantewaa

    Charlamagne is 100% on point with this. And Envy just needs to stfu, as per usual.

  • Ron Collier
    Ron Collier 9 months ago

    Sad she lives in a sober house but she is wrong for dogging others.

  • Jared Williams
    Jared Williams 9 months ago +1

    First time she has ever come clean about something?

  • Panda G
    Panda G 9 months ago

    I'm done with her

  • Lori Roberta
    Lori Roberta 9 months ago

    More information about nikki having that baby on the 20th???😯😯😯😯 Wendy needs to come clean about everything. The first step into admitting that you have a problem or that there is a problem is admiting to it. Admit it WENDY!!! We all know that you are a human being just like the rest of us and that you are going thru alot. Just be REAL, REAL HONEST TO YOUR FANS!!! IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR FANS FORGET US IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN KEVIN, DO WHATS RIGHT!!! ADMIT TO IT AND LEAVE HIM BEFORE YOU DONT WAKE UP. This is truly SAD!!! AND I WOULD HATE TO WAKE UP ONE DAY TO HEADLINES SAYING THAT WENDY IS DEAD OVER AN OVERDOSE OR SUICIDE. WE LOVE YOU WENDY BUT PLEASE PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR AND LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!!! F THE MONEY, F THE HUSBAND, F YOUR CAREER. LOVE YOURSELF!!❤

  • nikki J
    nikki J 9 months ago

    Stop the lady in the white shirt says it all..... LMBO

  • Lorna Levi shoeswomen
    Lorna Levi shoeswomen 9 months ago


  • S E
    S E 9 months ago +3

    Everyone knows the saying " A person can only do what you allow them to do"

  • rharris4473
    rharris4473 9 months ago

    D.J. Envy, please stay out of grown folks business! Sit back, shut your dumb ass up, and let Charlemagne and Angela Yee talk.

  • N.Y. Scott
    N.Y. Scott 9 months ago

    Who feel sorry for Wendy? She made a name for herself and her ratings blew up when she dragged Whitney Houston to the brink of disaster over the same thing .Ole hypocrite!

  • MrRichieRich26
    MrRichieRich26 9 months ago

    Imagine exposing every entertainer’s personal business and private life but you a crackhead 🤯🤯

  • Toneo Music
    Toneo Music 9 months ago

    His was the spiciest rumor report ever

  • 'Ammarah May
    'Ammarah May 9 months ago

    Kevin has probably moved the side chick in

  • 'Ammarah May
    'Ammarah May 9 months ago

    Keep it real Wendy. She needs to get off her biggest trigger her husband

  • Alli M.
    Alli M. 9 months ago +1

    Dude, buy a tripod for the camera.

  • Robin Light
    Robin Light 9 months ago

    I have a friend in a horrible toxic relationship and when you're outside looking in there's nothing you can do. It takes that person to leave.

  • Shystee Shaz
    Shystee Shaz 9 months ago

    EVERYONE KNEW!! The amount of times you collapsed on your show. Another thing - stop shitting on every celebrity out there when your house is not in order.

  • Lala Addas
    Lala Addas 9 months ago

    No Wendy we knew...

  • Iris Marie De la Rosa
    Iris Marie De la Rosa 10 months ago

    She gets paid to talk about other people not about herself! So she doesn’t need to tell us shit!

  • Dont Want you
    Dont Want you 10 months ago

    She is a drug addict

  • C Cee
    C Cee 10 months ago

    Wendy says if herself, she is a creature of habit. She has been with him a long time. But she don't need to front so hard, it's unnecessary. We all human.
    One of few times I'm agreeing with Envy.

  • Maria Turner
    Maria Turner 10 months ago


  • Tevin Mars
    Tevin Mars 10 months ago

    She ugly af

  • cgriffin805
    cgriffin805 10 months ago

    Wendy's demon possessed. Check her eyes out!

  • G Cooper
    G Cooper 10 months ago

    Charlemagne knows more than probably all of us because he use to work with her on the radio station so he is chiming in on some things he probably saw but will not speak on it because of Wendy being his protégé.

  • y Arenado
    y Arenado 10 months ago


  • Darth Weeaboo
    Darth Weeaboo 10 months ago

    dj envy wants to be heard not seen

  • Mo
    Mo 10 months ago

    Envy you cannot tell anyone when to open up about their life... she is allowed to ooen up on her own time... her journey

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 10 months ago

    She looks like Michael Jackson morphed into a brawny Amazonian woman

  • Margaret Opine
    Margaret Opine 10 months ago

    I think everybody knows that Wendy Williams earns her living by giving her opinion. People love the show because Wendy says what they were thinking or The Wendy Show provides information about stars and events and cultural changes....(there is a lot of discussion about things and people that the audience favor and like a lot.)
    So. What should you do as an ordinary woman about the fact that (some woman or another) has become attached to your husband and has become an element in your, or Wendy's life? What do you do? What do you do when you are African American and you have a black son and you know it is best to be careful about his father; plus, he only has a year or so of his childhood to go?
    I think you handle your business. I think you put your big girl panties on and you handle your business. *But, if you have a history with drugs you are likely to reach for drugs in this hugely trying time. SO FAR....women have an appreciation for how Wendy is handling her business. Kevin, her husband , is also a business partner. *I applaud Wendy, Camille Cosby, Queen Elizabeth, Hillary Clinton and so many other women who have demonstrated strength by handling their lives and their marriages on their own terms. BRAVO, BRAVO.

  • Kevin. McKay
    Kevin. McKay 10 months ago +1

    I wonder who Wendy Williams dopeman is🤔

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer 10 months ago +1

    She finally confessed and now let makes it her hot topic 😂😂

  • CeeCee Williams The Nubian Queen

    He has loyalty to Wendy.

  • Mina’s World
    Mina’s World 10 months ago

    Wendy is an abused woman! It was many red flags 🚩
    As close as she is with her mother and father why wouldn’t she tell them she is in a sober house?! She has no friends because he makes her isolate herself from everyone and that’s horrible! She has been abused for so many damn years she doesn’t even get it! Prayers for anyone being abused as well as Wendy

  • Mr.Abiy
    Mr.Abiy 10 months ago

    Remember how she treated Bobby and Whitney when they were going through their own addiction remember how she was all up in their marriage how she was telling Whitney to leave Bobby because he cheated her ..etc ...now even though Whitney is gone Bobby is still alive doing well with a beautiful family sitting on the other side of the story