Traded My Tesla Model X For Honda Accord!

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • It's True, Goodbye Tesla Model X and hello Honda Accord. Hear me out. Watch Zack's Video here:
    Our family wasn't ready to be an "All Electric" Family. Moving to the small town that requires so many road trips really did us in this summer. Didn't help that our airport shut down for 6 months so we really did have to drive. I almost bought a Long Range Model S but then I cancelled the order because it just felt foolish considering the battery changes have to come soon. I mean, how could the Model S NOT have Track mode but the Model 3 has it? If the changes don't come, well I just saved a ton of money and can wait for that free roadster.
    Watch us take apart a Tesla Motor:
    Looking to buy a Tesla? Use Zack's Code now that he has our car:
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  • CameraOne1
    CameraOne1 Month ago +2255

    Smart move! Selling it now before its value will drop significantly when the better range battery pack is put in X and S next year probably.

  • muhammed
    muhammed 4 hours ago

    didnt know he was this dum to swap

  • Petar Pavlovic
    Petar Pavlovic 4 hours ago

    The guy that got the model X probubly felt guilty for that steal

  • Maquee06 06
    Maquee06 06 18 hours ago


  • Maquee06 06
    Maquee06 06 18 hours ago


  • SomeThingElse
    SomeThingElse Day ago

    WHY WHY.

  • Myra Lopez
    Myra Lopez Day ago

    Markham's family will sell Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 fossil fuel car for Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor instead of fossil gasoline car.

  • Itz Danimal
    Itz Danimal 2 days ago

    How could you....

    DANIYAL RAJA 3 days ago

    Could have sold the tesla model x and bought the better version of the Honda accord

  • Rajat Pal
    Rajat Pal 4 days ago

    But some of ur charging efforts will help environment also....

  • Eddy Lin
    Eddy Lin 4 days ago

    You are the very low percentage population who frequently drives the long range, so this video is for those rare few. I own a Model 3 with just 250 mile range and am more than pleased already, never had range anxiety . Just ordered a Model X with 328 mi range and we already know that almost every year or two the range gets increased 10 to 15% so you can just keep on waiting forever as it keeps on getting longer in range. Got to say this video is very bias just by looking at the percentage of thumbs down.

  • Phillip R
    Phillip R 5 days ago

    This had to be a very difficult decision for you... The mere fact you posted it on your channel shows a lot of integrity. I just picked up on your channel today and subscribed. When I found this video I wasn't surprised. While Tesla, with its SuperCharging stations, has almost eliminated "Range Anxiety", as you have discovered, it will NOT cure all destination situations. All the current models are basically commuter cars... yes they can travel long distances using the SuperCharging Stations... but you've proven there are still limitations to its usability. When Tesla crosses over, what I believe to be the "450+ Mile barrier" they will only make great commuter cars. Granted the New Roadster and CyberTruck will surpass the 500 and 600-mile barrier this is proof Tesla is headed in the right direction. When Tesla introduces an EXTENDED RANGE (400 - 600 mile) battery/capacitor system this will be the ultimate game-changer in the automotive industry, other car companies will fall even further behind. Then you can sell your Hybrid and come back to Tesla for good.
    Great Channel... keep up the great work!

    FREAKOF NATURE 5 days ago

    Good to trade electrical problems for oil dilution problems

  • Niloy Zaman
    Niloy Zaman 5 days ago

    You should’ve realized befoemre that technology for electric cars aren’t as good.They are new and hopefully Elon does good

  • GhostDiamond
    GhostDiamond 5 days ago +2

    It’s still rlly dumb man you should’ve traded it for a model 3 not a Damn Honda accord

  • Reuben Texas
    Reuben Texas 5 days ago

    0:55 it ain't the fastest suv in world
    The fastest suv in the world is the Bently benteyga speed
    It also ain't the safest suv in the world
    The safest suv in the world is the Volvo xc90

  • MonsterMiffy
    MonsterMiffy 6 days ago

    So did u get any money with the Honda cause I can’t understand why u would just trade in such an expensive car for no reason

  • Zanyar Saleh
    Zanyar Saleh 7 days ago

    U should’ve swapped the white Tesla

  • Oliver Leigh
    Oliver Leigh 8 days ago


  • Jay MotoVl0gs
    Jay MotoVl0gs 8 days ago +1

    You should do a video with Thestradman

  • Yo-yo Gamer
    Yo-yo Gamer 8 days ago

    But the Honda acord does not have auto self diving if agree like

  • nathan_ funny_
    nathan_ funny_ 8 days ago

    And now... everyone who used his referral code so he could get the roadster are feeling so bad rn... they used this guys code... he just traded in a $100,000+ TESLA for a $15,000 Honda Accord... my 16 year old cousin has an Accord...

  • Killer Boy
    Killer Boy 9 days ago

    Dont sel ist pleas Its de best

  • lauri tumppila
    lauri tumppila 9 days ago

    0:00 nooo

  • Aliciagamingandmuchmore

    Gas cars are also cheaper and stronger

  • jessevanosch
    jessevanosch 10 days ago

    Why not get a polestar 1....
    Or a volvo s60 polestar engineered

  • Stephen Salcido
    Stephen Salcido 10 days ago +2

    “I can stop wherever to put gas and it’ll take only a couple of minutes,”
    I didn’t know that. Thanks.

  • julius speelt
    julius speelt 10 days ago

    in the netherlands if yo buy a brand new tesla model x free superchargig forever v3 supercharging and track mode but the problem is there are no v3 supercargers in the netherlands so tobad

  • rayamanelly
    rayamanelly 10 days ago

    Well no one told you to have friends that live in the boonies!🤣

  • Sergey C. Schlageter
    Sergey C. Schlageter 10 days ago

    Did anybody else notice how bad the passenger front door and rear door were misaligned?

  • meenu gayathri
    meenu gayathri 11 days ago

    Hey at least you have other tesla

  • Ron Sexton
    Ron Sexton 11 days ago

    Question is, what is enough range and charging speed? Your opinion? Or maybe a gas car and electric car is just the way to go?

  • Aziz The real one
    Aziz The real one 11 days ago +1

    That’s everyone’s problem when they buy Tesla. Most of them wish they didn’t buy it. I’m not hating. It’s just not as good as people think.

  • Alex Guilbaud
    Alex Guilbaud 11 days ago

    #rangeanxiety Tesla just caused a whole another level of a mental problem (;

  • Dondie Dean
    Dondie Dean 12 days ago

    Tesla engine????

  • epel 22
    epel 22 12 days ago

    Not worth

  • Creative Minds
    Creative Minds 12 days ago +2

    JerryRigEverything bought the car of him

  • Tita Salafiyah
    Tita Salafiyah 12 days ago

    I will always keep a tesla its my dream car...


  • Jackniel Delgado
    Jackniel Delgado 13 days ago

    Who's here after CyberTruck unveiled?

  • Cesar Abraham
    Cesar Abraham 13 days ago

    Will Never Buy electric, Gas station stop 5 minutes, Fast Charging on ANY Car Equals Battery Life cut into... Half

  • Kelly Stark
    Kelly Stark 13 days ago


  • Hareesh Kumar
    Hareesh Kumar 13 days ago

    sold out for money

  • Nils Frederking
    Nils Frederking 13 days ago

    And with the Cybertruck (tri-motor) you can drive that distance and return......

  • tony ryan
    tony ryan 13 days ago

    Good move... Honda are great cars.

  • Jefri Cipto
    Jefri Cipto 13 days ago

    dan is unlucky, because in indonesian, thailand, china and india has a new tech car, they are called mg hector, baojun 530, chevrolet captiva and wuling almaz

  • Malidene
    Malidene 14 days ago

    Smart man!

  • Hass Mchasserson
    Hass Mchasserson 14 days ago

    Here's what it really comes down to: go fast, less range. I loaded my new model 3 long range to max capacity with my wife, 3 kids, trunk loaded to the max with luggage, and frunk packed full too. The car is rated at 310 miles of range, but fully loaded and driving at 75+ miles per hour, it would only get about 200 miles. But if you trade a little bit of time for range like I did (slowed down to 55-60mph) you get 275 miles of range. I know its hard to do when you're use to wasting gas just pushing it, but speed makes a huge difference in an ev.

  • Michael Staudinger, MSc
    Michael Staudinger, MSc 14 days ago +3

    Him: I traded my Tesla Model X for a Honda Accord.
    Also him: I sold my Tesla Model X and bought an "old" Honda Accord.
    Even more him: I still have another Model X and a Roadster.
    Totally him: You think imma put that into the title?

  • Jayden Gaming and more!
    Jayden Gaming and more! 14 days ago +1

    Well you can tell his smart and a good friend when he helps out a disabled family

  • Ivan Hernández
    Ivan Hernández 15 days ago

    thats the major downside of all electrics... the time to get fully charged, almost an hour, vs 5 minutes for any gas station... till they solve it, it's not an option for many people

  • Josiah Martinez
    Josiah Martinez 15 days ago

    I can’t believe you did that

  • Neshia Amara Grace
    Neshia Amara Grace 15 days ago

    I will like to have the Tesla model X I don’t got one yet

  • Redcroft B&S Repair Shop

    At least it’s touring

  • XxThe DreadedxX
    XxThe DreadedxX 15 days ago


  • Jimmy Winskowski
    Jimmy Winskowski 15 days ago

    They need a supercharger in Provo/Orem ASAP! I visit friends in Lehi often and I have to schlep up to SLC to charge before turning around to drive back home to Vegas. C'mon Elon...

  • Steven Miles HDGaming
    Steven Miles HDGaming 15 days ago

    I didn't like the fact that the guy sold his Tesla for a Gas Powered Cars if he wanted a faster charging speed he could have gotten The Long Range Tesla Model 3 but I also understand that everyones commutes are different and not everyone has the patience to wait for the Tesla to charge.
    But why the Honda Hybrid? Why?
    If he insisted on a Gas Powered Car he could have gotten the Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid that car has a bigger battery that could last him longer for about 25 miles or so and the 4 Cylinder Gas Engine would charge the battery when the battery depletes same like a regular hybrid but the regular Hybrids do have a smaller battery which depletes alot faster than a Plug-in Hybrid car because the Plug-in Hybrid cars have a larger battery and no you don't actually have to plug in the car anywhere because the gas engine will just charge the battery.

  • djruinerdotcom
    djruinerdotcom 15 days ago

    Range is what's keeping me from buying. I make long drives. My civic has about 415 range. Then I can instantly replenish the range.

  • Blue_ Ravenclaw
    Blue_ Ravenclaw 15 days ago +3

    Dan: Acts like a 15,000 dollar car is cheap
    Me: Acts like a 10 dollar boardgame is expensive

  • Lil Stephen
    Lil Stephen 16 days ago

    Gas is way better.

  • Declan Mahaffey
    Declan Mahaffey 16 days ago

    Why why why