Robert De Niro On Trump: Even Gangsters Have Morals

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for Tribeca Film Festival founder Robert De Niro.
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Comments • 12 170

  • Gary Rahemba
    Gary Rahemba 6 hours ago

    I don't watch anything Dinero or Colbert. Just he to thumbs down on these losers.

  • Ronald Stormy
    Ronald Stormy 6 hours ago

    De Niro is a friend of Harvey Weinstein.

  • nawlulu
    nawlulu 14 hours ago

    Stephen Gof---- and Robert De Hellhole are just jealous of Donald Trump . They hate him because Trump is millionaire president and they are just cowshits ‼️👹😈 vs 😇🇺🇸

    GO RANGERS ! 20 hours ago

    de niro is a moron.

  • goldie rocks
    goldie rocks 21 hour ago

    Love Bobby D.

  • Marc Ziegenhain
    Marc Ziegenhain Day ago

    Hahaha The ice cream scene.

  • Jimmy Johnston
    Jimmy Johnston Day ago


  • DG unearthed
    DG unearthed 2 days ago

    It's kinda pathetic seeing all these celebs loose their $h(t over a politician. lol Too bad...and just because gangster follows a code of conduct so to speak, doesn't mean they have morals. Disclaimer: I don't know no gangsters!

    • DG unearthed
      DG unearthed 18 hours ago

      @gsolomonla, I don't disagree with anything you said but I'm not recanting my statement, either. Don't fool yourself. Every politician is a con artist and anyone who doesn't think so is delusional. I know how you're going to reply, "yes but Trump this or Trump that". Yes, I know the mantra "Trump bad". etc

    • gsolomonla
      gsolomonla Day ago

      DG unearthed
      Trump doesn’t follow the code of conduct for the presidency because he has no morals and anyone who thinks this guy who has operated in the shadiest businesses in the world, gambling casinos and New York real estate development, dependent on monsters and unions, think he’s squeaky clean in how he operates in DC, is willingly deceiving their better sense of reality because they fell in love with the contrived fantasy image this con artist sold you as truth. He’s duped all of his supporters. As he would say, that’s sad.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 2 days ago

    Hollywood/Mafia/Government - they all ran together and had connections.

  • linda handley
    linda handley 2 days ago

    DeNiro is a wannabe gangster. He used to be one of my favorite actors, but his hate for Donald has shown what foolish, silly old clown he really is.

  • Robert Rendon
    Robert Rendon 2 days ago

    Old wrinkled old FART GO AWAY !!!!

  • aliassmithandjones08

    Won't listen to a word from either of you washed you POS. Drop off the earth & we'll all have a nice day! Loosers

  • thomas
    thomas 3 days ago

    De Niro looks just like and acts likes and talks like a guy I used to know. Had the big blabbering mouth and little hands and was afraid of his shadow when on his on. De Niro is a democrats pawn used to motivate the terrible Dummywood Ca. group. He is a snake and no on likes him in Dummywood.

  • Two Steps South
    Two Steps South 3 days ago

    See our original song and video with a 'wee nod' to Bob Dylan. There may indeed be a few clowns in and around the White House -

  • scott left
    scott left 3 days ago

    What about Hollywood stars and THEY have morals?...for YEARS this degenerate was covering up for rapists and pedophiles, it is their way, even worse that the Catholic church.

  • michael sutcliffe
    michael sutcliffe 3 days ago


  • Caleb Williams
    Caleb Williams 3 days ago

    Don Lino🦈

  • Jobje Rabbeljee
    Jobje Rabbeljee 3 days ago

    "Do I think I can? Do you ?"
    " Number-guy? What is that? Some detached savant waiting for a reason?"

  • Erlinda Caguiat
    Erlinda Caguiat 4 days ago

    I had a pleasure to meet Robert when i was in NYC for 3yrs.. Very nice guy!!

    • Vincente Fox
      Vincente Fox 3 days ago

      Yeah, I can imagine your conversation. Did you two use the f word for every other word?

  • Mrs. Ann Marie Foster-Lopez-Delgado

    DUNSKI 😂😂😂

  • Joe Wall
    Joe Wall 4 days ago

    What a tit bag!

  • David Ross
    David Ross 4 days ago

    Lowest unemployment ever, peace with North Korea, booming economy, let's get rid of Trump and switch to socialism. You people are being played

    • gsolomonla
      gsolomonla 3 days ago +2

      The result of decisions made by any administration on the economy cannot be seen until a minimum of 10 to 24 months after those decisions are made, so in a sense, Trump, who was taking credit for the economic growth and decreased unemployment in the first month of his presidency, was really taking credit for all of Obama's work to pull us out of the worst recession since the 1930"s, one that he was handed in his first month of his presidency from the previous Bush administration, So actually youre the one being played by Trump, willingly gullible in believing all of his lies about what he's done and the success he tells everyone he's had with everything he does. He said it himself, that if you repeat a story or lies over and over again, the people will start to accept it as truth, which makes Trump's base the trained seals.

  • David Ross
    David Ross 4 days ago

    Trained seals clap and shout.

    • Vincente Fox
      Vincente Fox 3 days ago

      Colbert: Orange man bad.
      Audience of NPC's: Ha ha ha ha ha

  • David Ross
    David Ross 4 days ago

    Rich old white guy

  • Rosie W
    Rosie W 5 days ago +3

    "A wannabe gangster in the Whitehouse."

    • Jobje Rabbeljee
      Jobje Rabbeljee 3 days ago

      For the movie, that could be serious fun. Whenever that propaganda works out and things are peachy without notice.

  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis 5 days ago

    "Even gangsters have morals" : that's good way to promote those who engage in criminal activities that include murdering people, selling illegal narcotics and contraband - one's really losing the plot!.

    • nPlatin
      nPlatin 3 days ago

      He didnt promote them dumbass, he said trump is worse than them. Also pretty hypocritical coming from someone with an Ice Cube profile pic

    • Daniel Lugo
      Daniel Lugo 4 days ago

      I believe the the government of the United States is not better than the mafia. What the mafia does they keep it among themselves. Do not put the government on a pedestal... Pasta

  • Miranda Ryan
    Miranda Ryan 5 days ago

    Really don’t get it.

  • suzanne dann
    suzanne dann 6 days ago

    Pedo! what is he hiding why does he hate Trump so much?

  • Mary Graham
    Mary Graham 6 days ago

    Robert DeNiro who knew he could chat so much? He really was great on Trump's way.

  • Don EdHiga
    Don EdHiga 6 days ago

    Who cares what this old fart says. the only thing he does is play crazy guys

  • Littlewolf13
    Littlewolf13 6 days ago

    Two of America’s BEST!!

  • _ 27
    _ 27 7 days ago

    Stephen is so annoying sometimes lol

  • MaximusSuper
    MaximusSuper 7 days ago

    Yup even gangsters have morals but not you. You live a lie everyday wanna be Italian. oh and fuck you wanna be

  • F. Format
    F. Format 7 days ago

    YOU'RE awful, Murray.

  • Garantia COBIA
    Garantia COBIA 7 days ago +3

    You either love Robert De Niro or you *LOVE HIM*
    A real life tough guy!

    • Vincente Fox
      Vincente Fox 3 days ago

      He's a whiney bitch in real life.

    • Joe Wall
      Joe Wall 4 days ago

      No he's not! He's a tittie baby! Boo hoo! Hillary lost!

    • Dave Byrne
      Dave Byrne 5 days ago

      I wonder what questions he had to answer to the police in France about a prostitution ring... 😶😶😶

    • Bruce David
      Bruce David 5 days ago +1


  • Damian Cullen
    Damian Cullen 7 days ago

    That singer is simply shite! How did she get that job?

  • Joe Akanishi
    Joe Akanishi 7 days ago

    I’m a Robert De Niro hater as much as he hates Pres, Donald Trump. What he says about the President is just full of hate which is just unbelievable,He should know not he is not a perfect person and should clean his own backyard.

  • jennifer ann
    jennifer ann 8 days ago

    awful walk-in music.

  • Duane Goodson
    Duane Goodson 8 days ago

    Sad to see a once great actor decides to throw away millions of peoples respect by choosing to go political activist agains a beloved president.

  • m havenedergh
    m havenedergh 8 days ago

    loose lips do sink ships. Wait and see Trump could be impeached. I doubt it.

  • Marta Laura Zayas
    Marta Laura Zayas 8 days ago +4

    I love Robert De Niro!

  • Van's Best Friend
    Van's Best Friend 8 days ago +1

    Only in America can an unintelligent mumbling 3rd rate actor, weigh in on political issues to no significant end. And... as usual, nothing of any importance to say. Loser.

  • Powell Lucas
    Powell Lucas 9 days ago

    Even washed up actors have opinions.

  • Hotdog22958
    Hotdog22958 10 days ago +4

    Trump's a total Loser. What an understatement.

  • Connie Micoff
    Connie Micoff 10 days ago +1

    And Im sure you probably dont care but I wanted to have my say too and at least I am respectful in saying I dont like someone

  • Connie Micoff
    Connie Micoff 10 days ago +1

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion and I used to like Mr De Niro but I have lost all respect because of how you have handled your dislike for our President You have shown total disrespect and I will never be able to respect you for that and I have thrown away every movie I had of yours

  • Cheryl Romano
    Cheryl Romano 11 days ago

    Unfortunately you don’t have morals either Mr. De Niro. I always liked you but now you talk like a sewer is in your mouth. I have rarely heard such language even in my work with death row offenders. You think you are an expert on what is good for this nation? You are only an expert of your own opinion. Maybe some people are swayed by your past as a “movie star”, but I am not, and neither are millions of other people. Until you can talk like a decent person, it is best if you don’t share your opinions. Young people look to you for inspiration, and don’t need the sewer inside of your mouth!

  • Cathy Bradley
    Cathy Bradley 11 days ago +1

    Gotta love Robert Diniro

  • Hurgin
    Hurgin 11 days ago


  • 56tinman56
    56tinman56 11 days ago +1 nero is delusional

  • Wendy Noto
    Wendy Noto 11 days ago

    The girls are sitting down together having a conversation about the other girl which is Trump it's such a joke The Boys Are Back In Town how about the girls are Back in Town let's just start telling the truth that'll never happen because they can't handle it justify it being deceiving but it doesn't work and Donald Trump is just you know like the rest of you he's not going to bail out to the Creator yahshua he's not going to give credit where credit is due because he's a scumbag bottom line who thinks he's God well let me tell you something God raise them up to bring them down

  • Edward In Anaheim
    Edward In Anaheim 12 days ago

    Robert De Niro is a total idiot he didn't finish preparatory school or never served in the military for any country

    MAXSIMOS MAX 12 days ago

    Where can i find the sense when he looking to the mirror and said: while you marry me ? Plz

  • Danny King
    Danny King 12 days ago

    American chat show audience screaming and being way over the top. Shut the fuck up!!

  • Sancho Ditherson
    Sancho Ditherson 12 days ago

    Yeah. Keep Lying your ass off Pencil Neck. I promise you it's going to blow up in your face. You can pound sand up your constituency's ass all day long but not ours Pencil Neck.

  • Russel Mack
    Russel Mack 12 days ago

    SUCK IT De Moron

  • locnott2
    locnott2 12 days ago

    What a clown, seriously.

  • Ken Brewsaugh
    Ken Brewsaugh 12 days ago

    What a complete fool. Best example yet of a low I.Q. LIBATARDS. Never watch his crap again!!!!?

  • Sita Lamamasita
    Sita Lamamasita 12 days ago

    We all love Bob! Keep up the fight

  • SkyIsTheLimit !
    SkyIsTheLimit ! 12 days ago

    He is trying to say that Hillary had more "morals" than Trump before the election )))) ha ha ha ha ))) Clowns like De Zero shouldn't be involved in politics