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  • Izabella Owens
    Izabella Owens 9 hours ago

    *shave the beard please*

  • Thomas Alexanian
    Thomas Alexanian 9 hours ago

    John and Emily look really cute together.

  • Rebeca Chacon
    Rebeca Chacon 9 hours ago

    He Has A Black Belt In Wrapping

  • withdrawn queen album
    withdrawn queen album 9 hours ago


  • Katie
    Katie 19 hours ago

    he is so hot omg😂😂

  • Hailey Ryan
    Hailey Ryan 19 hours ago

    omg...he forgot about pam telling him he looks nixony in the morning 😭😭

  • Saidielivpig -
    Saidielivpig - 21 hour ago

    I was just starting to like you BUT YOURE A DEFLATRIOTS FAN?!?! Just go away!!!!

  • video Lounge
    video Lounge 22 hours ago

    Who is here after quiet place?

  • Alina Cabrera
    Alina Cabrera Day ago +1


  • conner drake
    conner drake Day ago

    ok jim i see

  • Trinity
    Trinity Day ago

    on the office they talked about how he looked like richard nixon,,, i can’t believe he didn’t remember this, tragic

  • idontcarebears
    idontcarebears Day ago


  • Brendan Devlin
    Brendan Devlin Day ago

    When he doesn’t get the Richard Nixon reference :-/////

  • Krystal Hyun
    Krystal Hyun Day ago

    Jim made me smile in The office and John made me cry in the A quiet place :'D

  • Buzzertify
    Buzzertify 2 days ago


  • Graham D
    Graham D 2 days ago

    I would love to do one of these exclusively for flinging those cards afterwards. It just looks so satisfying.

  • kaya papaya
    kaya papaya 2 days ago +2

    “i’m the smallest of my family. i’m 6’3.”
    okay marshall eriksen.

  • Catherine F.
    Catherine F. 2 days ago

    “Related to Richard Nixon” The Office quote 😂

  • Twip Jerb
    Twip Jerb 2 days ago +1

    I know he has that beard so he doesn't look like Jim all the time lmao

  • Jill Adkins
    Jill Adkins 3 days ago

    I cannot and will not see him as anything but Jim Halpert

  • Olivia The Duck
    Olivia The Duck 3 days ago

    For the Richard Nixon question, in the office, there was an episode where pam (Jenna Fischer) always joked about him looking like Richard Nixon

  • Walking Panda
    Walking Panda 3 days ago +1

    A lot of Jim comments.

  • The6Doll Snaps
    The6Doll Snaps 3 days ago

    I was going to scroll through the comments but there was just too much that I wanted to like so uh yeah.

  • SSC Radar
    SSC Radar 3 days ago

    Jack Ryan.....

  • dro
    dro 3 days ago


  • Luke Elam *
    Luke Elam * 4 days ago

    I think John and Jim are the same person.

  • Luke Elam *
    Luke Elam * 4 days ago

    I wanna hang with this guy.

  • It'sEvan
    It'sEvan 4 days ago

    Jim: wraps dwights desk in present wrap
    Dwight: comes to the office
    Dwight: really jim is this supposed to be a prank
    Jim: its not what you think
    Dwight: sits down and puts suitcase on desk
    Dwight: Falls
    The End

  • PasteBros
    PasteBros 4 days ago

    I saw him in Colombia in a hotel lol

  • dani leo
    dani leo 4 days ago

    john krasinski- the office was the biggest honor of my life.
    the rest of the cast- lets have a reunion
    john krasinski- gotta run

  • Kiya Mullikin
    Kiya Mullikin 4 days ago

    Identity Theft isn't funny Jim

  • Kiya Mullikin
    Kiya Mullikin 4 days ago

    Jim Halpert is a great actor

  • Nish B
    Nish B 4 days ago +1

    North Carolina!!!!!!!!

  • Nish B
    Nish B 4 days ago +1


  • The Office
    The Office 4 days ago

    John:I loved the uk version and only thought that the us would mess it up

    Now the us is WAYYY More popular than the uk

  • Sydney Goldstein
    Sydney Goldstein 5 days ago

    I don't care WHO THE HECK this JOHN guy is, but all I see is JIM HALPERT and I will STICK by my answer no matter WHAT you say

  • Outragedrock859
    Outragedrock859 5 days ago +1

    His personality is jim halpert im happy

  • Joshua Dipatama
    Joshua Dipatama 6 days ago

    Will they make The Office : Movie ?

    BAMBAM IS BIG OK 6 days ago +1


  • Limelight Lauren
    Limelight Lauren 6 days ago +6

    We know who the 1.6k dislikes is.......

  • Caroline Dowd
    Caroline Dowd 6 days ago

    Oh my god, he does look like Nixon

  • Danielle The Demon Cat

    In the office Pam said he looks like Richard Nixon, it's coming back

  • Laryssa Panteloukas
    Laryssa Panteloukas 6 days ago +1

    There is like 3 comments that dont reference the office

  • Super Maker
    Super Maker 6 days ago +2

    Big Tuna is all grown up now

  • Fucking Hell, why is my name Victoria

    He’s so hot and cute. I’m gonna delete myself

  • Victor Aguirre
    Victor Aguirre 7 days ago

    Jim I’m telling Pam about your beard

  • Natboy129
    Natboy129 7 days ago

    He really is just Jim huh...

  • The very Fat Batman
    The very Fat Batman 7 days ago +1

    Pam said he looked like Richard Nixon and now I’m sad he didn’t remember 😪

  • Erin Esparza
    Erin Esparza 7 days ago

    I’m sad he didn’t catch the Richard Nixon reference

  • Shau Snow
    Shau Snow 7 days ago +1

    How do you not get the Richard Nixon joke? That’s the office reference. Pam and I kind of see it ;)

  • misschicanery
    misschicanery 7 days ago

    Most overrated actor of 2018

  • Philipe Hendrew
    Philipe Hendrew 7 days ago

    coolest guy ever

  • Bethany Throgmorton
    Bethany Throgmorton 7 days ago

    2:51 when you don't recognize a reference to your own show

  • Pe Pe
    Pe Pe 7 days ago

    Is it bad I wish he married “Pam” in real life😢

  • End My Suffering
    End My Suffering 7 days ago

    Loving the new beard Jim

  • dope
    dope 7 days ago

    This guy should definitely thank Ricky gervais

  • Farzan Tashfeen
    Farzan Tashfeen 7 days ago

    He was the marshal in his family

  • Hannah Gaines
    Hannah Gaines 7 days ago

    Omg the Nixon one

    The office is the best show ever created

  • Jen Boelke
    Jen Boelke 8 days ago

    thank you

  • Jet Black Storm
    Jet Black Storm 8 days ago

    “I’m the smallest of my family, I’m 6’3.”

    I’m the tallest in my family and I’m 5’5. Thanks, Jim - I mean, John.

  • tasja pelcak
    tasja pelcak 8 days ago

    my father. thank u for this

  • kc
    kc 8 days ago

    this is obviously just a prank against dwight. he should take off that beard any second now.

  • milagros contreras
    milagros contreras 8 days ago


  • corey smith
    corey smith 8 days ago

    How did he not get the Richard Nixon reference?

  • Natalie Duenez
    Natalie Duenez 8 days ago

    He didn’t quite get the Nixon reference 😆😆

  • Faith Brosier
    Faith Brosier 8 days ago


  • JBreeze99
    JBreeze99 8 days ago

    Bad news John, David Dobrik looks more like Jim Halpert than you do now

  • Claire Arko
    Claire Arko 8 days ago

    I love the office but John and Jim are totally different
    Love that

  • MemeMan69 69
    MemeMan69 69 8 days ago

    His brother is 6ix 9ine?

  • Maya WisVids
    Maya WisVids 9 days ago

    Woah since when is he polish I’m shoook 😱 (I’m polish btw and I couldn’t tell😂)

  • Sad.potato. Com
    Sad.potato. Com 9 days ago

    Him and Pam made me cry in The Office bruh😩

  • Sara Geier
    Sara Geier 9 days ago

    look, its tuna!

  • jaxon roblox
    jaxon roblox 9 days ago

    jim is amazing

  • Sevinch Mamatova
    Sevinch Mamatova 9 days ago


  • Black Berry
    Black Berry 9 days ago

    Jim that you how's Pam doing

  • PinkFlamingo _
    PinkFlamingo _ 9 days ago +1

    Who else here is polish I am and I am PROUD OF IT

  • Storm King
    Storm King 9 days ago


  • Destin Sofield
    Destin Sofield 9 days ago


  • Emmy Love
    Emmy Love 9 days ago

    man he said emily and i was like YES YES MEEEEEEE hah XD

  • tabbypets
    tabbypets 9 days ago


  • I’m Jay Schif
    I’m Jay Schif 9 days ago +1

    Is this a show what is this

  • myriam mousa
    myriam mousa 9 days ago

    his personality is the exact same in the office

  • Edwin
    Edwin 9 days ago

    Uh you actually played lacrosse on the Office when you tried to hit Dwight with a snowball.

  • WhiteNoise
    WhiteNoise 9 days ago

    His brother is 6ix9ine?!

  • Brenen Jones
    Brenen Jones 9 days ago

    I just sat here by my piano and played theme song

  • Aanyah Jones
    Aanyah Jones 9 days ago

    He was my favorite character next to Dwight

  • Nadiah Akhtar
    Nadiah Akhtar 9 days ago


  • Airai Merkelbach
    Airai Merkelbach 9 days ago

    A quiet place is by far one of my favorite movies and I love the office so I had to watch this. Huge fan of Jon!

  • Harmony Thigpen
    Harmony Thigpen 9 days ago

    1:08 ur brother is Sixnine

  • RoastToast Reviews
    RoastToast Reviews 10 days ago

    I feel like "John Krazinski" is just an extremely elaborate prank on Dwight

  • RoastToast Reviews
    RoastToast Reviews 10 days ago

    Omg I had no clue that he was in Bojack! I just finished watching it

  • The Jennipher Z
    The Jennipher Z 10 days ago

    Love this!

  • Savage Entertainment
    Savage Entertainment 10 days ago

    I really don’t see how this guy is able to play serious roles

  • Netty Voyager
    Netty Voyager 10 days ago

    never haired of you i have been on here since 2002 ish 9 years !

  • Netty Voyager
    Netty Voyager 10 days ago

    who are you lmao

  • Kaden_ kills
    Kaden_ kills 10 days ago

    Best show ever
    The office
    Brooklyn 99
    That 70s show

  • DJGaming co.
    DJGaming co. 10 days ago

    It made my year knowing John Krasinski grew up in the same state as me.

  • Rachel Heffernan
    Rachel Heffernan 10 days ago


  • Miyah Smith
    Miyah Smith 10 days ago

    Hey ur John krasinki n this is a 900 hour long vid on why I luv u

  • H B
    H B 10 days ago

    Big Tuna