I Mailed Myself in a Box and It Actually WORKED! (Human Mail Challenge)

  • Published on Sep 14, 2016
  • Nobody expected sending a person in the mail to work, but I managed to pull it off... MUST SEE!
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Comments • 23 777

  • Ciaran Mitchell
    Ciaran Mitchell 2 days ago

    And you'll be colder

  • Ciaran Mitchell
    Ciaran Mitchell 2 days ago

    Take off your hat

  • Christie Suthard Palafox

    U should make the biggest payday bar

  • Life’s Least
    Life’s Least 6 days ago

    *mail yourself by Carrier pigeon next time*

  • BananaPeelProductions
    BananaPeelProductions 15 days ago

    What camera do u use

  • troy bananenboy
    troy bananenboy 17 days ago

    Ah, ma nipple

  • Dulldøg 31
    Dulldøg 31 22 days ago


  • Mrs Grotbag
    Mrs Grotbag Month ago

    I'm so surprised the box held up well done u crazy person absolutely love ur channel xxxxx

  • dreezy
    dreezy Month ago

    ahhh the good Ol start

  • Will Parton
    Will Parton Month ago +1

    If you fart in there it's over

  • SkankHunt42
    SkankHunt42 Month ago +4

    11:20 when u try to hold a fart in class then it just comes out.

  • shortyBIGGIE
    shortyBIGGIE Month ago

    In this video where does he live?

    • KTH 95
      KTH 95 Month ago +1

      he‘s in austria in the beginning, if that’s what you’re talking about

    • Davros Oswald
      Davros Oswald Month ago

      shortyBIGGIE on earth

  • Adam Schoenwald
    Adam Schoenwald 2 months ago

    *Runs out of supplies*

  • LiisiFlowerCrown
    LiisiFlowerCrown 2 months ago

    When he’s in the box the video turned into an asmr video

    MASTER GAMING 316 2 months ago

    He looks like he is shitting 11:11

  • Paul Paul
    Paul Paul 2 months ago

    I wonder if that fan in the video is still a fan

  • Kristian Contreras
    Kristian Contreras 2 months ago

    I’m going to predict the future you are watching this in 2021

  • Tami LouLou
    Tami LouLou 3 months ago

    Didn't get the best part WTH! Why wasent it recording when they grabbed you off the truck, onto a dolly, and wheel you up to your house? I get that it's black from no light but you would of been able to hear it getting moved all around. Bummer!

  • DrippyHawk_01
    DrippyHawk_01 3 months ago +1

    Imagine seeing’s ghost in your box...

  • Na? Nasi
    Na? Nasi 3 months ago

    killem there a guys that is similar to this video try to find it "ricegum" mail to california pretty annoys me

  • punkhead3225
    punkhead3225 3 months ago

    ah yes younger killem

  • C5 Jweymie
    C5 Jweymie 4 months ago +1


  • minecraft GOLD
    minecraft GOLD 4 months ago

    You coklat nou

  • Youtube Worker
    Youtube Worker 4 months ago

    Kinda looks like callux

  • Scottish Beaut
    Scottish Beaut 5 months ago

    Your face when the box was getting moved about hahahahhahaha

  • Alexa Farrell
    Alexa Farrell 5 months ago

    I’d be absolutely terrified hahah

  • weekend 1 warriors
    weekend 1 warriors 5 months ago

    Wouldn’t there be people talking in the warehouse?

  • ADAM
    ADAM 5 months ago

    this is the vid that started i mailed myself in a box trend back in 2016

  • TwisterCuber
    TwisterCuber 5 months ago

    Now he makes music. What. Still cool tho

  • Reuben Usher
    Reuben Usher 5 months ago

    a purer time.

  • Allonsy
    Allonsy 5 months ago

    _I’ve got to be in_ *the room where it happens*

  • Chrissey Mobus
    Chrissey Mobus 5 months ago

    Why does killem kind of sound like seinac

  • 2K Reflex
    2K Reflex 5 months ago

    2019 anyone Tom is a beast

  • Kimberly Worden
    Kimberly Worden 6 months ago +1

    Uhhh you're taping job is c-

  • Bryan Chahine
    Bryan Chahine 6 months ago +3

    I know someone is watching in 2019

  • Colie Beasley
    Colie Beasley 6 months ago

    Good luck😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • JAX
    JAX 6 months ago

    anyone else watching in 2019 LOL

  • TknUdwn
    TknUdwn 6 months ago +7

    I Remember watching this when it came out Man those were the good ole days

  • Destiny Cool
    Destiny Cool 6 months ago +1

    My sister did this and I have never seen her since. What did we do wrong?

  • Fate flamingo
    Fate flamingo 6 months ago

    2019 anyone and I just thought to my self this guy sounds like the Cookie Monster 🤔😂🤣

  • Raz Ryan
    Raz Ryan 6 months ago +1

    No one wants to see a grown man peeing ina a bootle

  • hahaha_kimi
    hahaha_kimi 7 months ago

    Very intriguing ngl

  • Critter Catcher
    Critter Catcher 7 months ago +1

    6:00 when he gets in box

  • Central New York Responses

    You lived in Austria!?! Why didn’t you tell us!?!
    👇👇 If you agree he should’ve told us!!!

  • Central New York Responses

    That drink will give you kidney stones. They’re not good for you.

  • Gabriel Eisner
    Gabriel Eisner 7 months ago

    How else is from Austria /Tirol😜

  • Dr.Lester Video game Historian

    Appliance shop mate stove or refrigerator box would be perfect

  • Sugarwyシ
    Sugarwyシ 7 months ago

    Tbh I’m not trying to be mean but I didn’t really get his intro

  • Brendondotexe
    Brendondotexe 7 months ago +8

    Alternate title: drinking energy drinks and sitting in a box whilst my friend kicks it for 15 minutes straight

  • ItzMeT
    ItzMeT 7 months ago +100

    ANYONE WATCHING IN 2019 I feel a lot of people do this, so I joined the gang

  • Pro2008player
    Pro2008player 8 months ago

    Erotic mess

  • Zsigmond Safrany
    Zsigmond Safrany 8 months ago

    Do 24 hours in a marvel themed bedroom

  • Erick Kurniawan
    Erick Kurniawan 8 months ago +1


  • JayKay
    JayKay 8 months ago +6

    13:40 I can see his eyes in the dark 😂
    *look closely*

    • Adam Milky
      Adam Milky 2 months ago

      Oh yeah. Probably the reflection of the infra-red autofocus light

  • Leuart
    Leuart 8 months ago

    Holy cow why did your Eye turn red like that???

  • That one guy
    That one guy 8 months ago


  • sheep_ Kavurma
    sheep_ Kavurma 8 months ago

    Why didnt you bring a powerbank with you

  • Asia Moore
    Asia Moore 8 months ago

    How can he breathe in that box ?

  • Yasmin Bizre
    Yasmin Bizre 8 months ago

    How much sugar do you need 1can of monster 1 can of coke really