Guests FIRE BACK at Jimmy’s Insults!! | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown | Best of Guests Pt.1

  • Published on Nov 17, 2018
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    A lot of you have asked for it! Here's some of the best moments of guests firing back at Jimmy Carr's insults, part 1!
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  9 months ago +129

    Who has the best burns for Jimmy?!
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    • Chloie-Leigh Taylor-lewis
      Chloie-Leigh Taylor-lewis Month ago

      Channel 4 Rohd Gilbert lol!!!

    • RandomPlayIist
      RandomPlayIist 7 months ago

      Channel 4, please stop trying to act hip. Also, you DON'T NEED to capitalize words for emphasis. Your viewers aren't retards.

    • Kate
      Kate 9 months ago +2

      Channel 4 Jon always cracks me up, what a top bloke!!



  • Katieboil Anegg
    Katieboil Anegg 19 days ago

    A42 Hemel Hempsted! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Error 404
    Error 404 26 days ago +4

    Youve got to admit, that "Count Down" remark from jimny was very quick and smart

  • Peter Liddle
    Peter Liddle Month ago

    I love Rachel. That is all.

  • brandon annandale the lad

    the poll? should've had lee mack

  • D foster
    D foster Month ago

    I'm actually really impressed they've managed to make 100 videos out of 25 scenes from literally 100's of hours of this show. It's a logistical paradox... no.. I mean the other one: lazy!

  • Antony Mitchell
    Antony Mitchell Month ago

    8:32 Savage Susie

  • erebusl
    erebusl Month ago

    I have an electric hob.

  • Rodney Derrick
    Rodney Derrick Month ago

    Rachael is ABSOLUTELY Stunning.

  • Joe Me
    Joe Me Month ago

    English comedy is funny. Not ha ha funny. 😂

    BOWSER R Month ago

    Those were comebacks?....

  • Sun Wukung
    Sun Wukung Month ago

    You know, I've just realized that Noel Fielding looks like Susie Dent... which is very disturbing because I'm kind of attracted to Susie Dent.

  • James
    James 2 months ago

    “I think we’re dead Jimmy” 😂😂😂

  • Mash brown
    Mash brown 2 months ago

    i think we're dead Jimmy

  • Jelle
    Jelle 2 months ago

    that's not true 😂

  • WhiteTiger Gaming
    WhiteTiger Gaming 2 months ago

    Fucking brilliant 😂😂

  • TheAverageGamer
    TheAverageGamer 2 months ago

    Most of the comeback lines were pretty meh to be honest XD

  • hucker75
    hucker75 2 months ago

    Too many repeats in these.

  • stuzaza
    stuzaza 2 months ago

    05:25 the more i see of RR the more i love her ways

  • maurice ibgui
    maurice ibgui 2 months ago

    Jason is the biggest loser in the world

  • Kendra Johnson
    Kendra Johnson 2 months ago +3

    Jimmy: insults Susie
    Susie: returns with written comeback
    Jimmy: shocked Pikachu face

  • J F
    J F 3 months ago

    Jimmy obviously meant the westbound A41, and Jon is wrong, the A42 connects the M42 to the M1 many miles southwest of Nottingham.

    • DemonAsh40
      DemonAsh40 2 months ago

      Anyone coming from Birmingham would use the A42 to get to Nottingham so in theory it does connect the M42 to Nottingham

  • Alex Clyne
    Alex Clyne 3 months ago +4

    *Jon sticks out his tongue*
    Channel 4: Comedians absolutely DESTROY Jimmy’s insults and wreck his career!

  • Nerd With Attitude
    Nerd With Attitude 3 months ago

    Rhod was WHAT?!!

  • G -7
    G -7 3 months ago

    Ah...Michelle Wolf. Another in a long line of American comdians who taught us to identify them by 1)the accent, and 2) just follow the sound of unfunny. That's also how you can find Sam Bee, and Trevor Noah.

    • G -7
      G -7 3 months ago

      @Eric Burkheimer
      I agree with you on Brit humour being hilarious. Humour is certainly subjective, and I acknowledge that humourlessness is international, particularly the aforementioned 'comedians'. I suppose the 'joke' would be on me if they told any actual, you know, jokes.

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer 3 months ago

      Jokes on you mate, Trevor isn't one of us, he's South African, like Charlize Theron. And while I do love British humor and these panel shows (I really love Sean Lock, David Mitchell, Sandi Toksvig, and Jimmy) I find both Michelle Wolf and Sam Bee hilarious. Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents Dinner performance was legendary. But I do agree on Trevor, he's no Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.

  • Jack
    Jack 4 months ago

    What’s this a working mans favourite show ha ha ha ha ha

  • Hussain Aziz
    Hussain Aziz 4 months ago

    2:45 that was the shittest roast I’ve ever heard

  • Robert Leigh James
    Robert Leigh James 5 months ago

    Channel 4! I love this show and maybe you should leave the headlines to the show because wtf you talking about?

  • Furious Lycanthrope
    Furious Lycanthrope 5 months ago

    Guests fire back. It's not very effective.

  • Will
    Will 5 months ago

    In response to the Salford degree one the bloke shouldve gone 'And even though youve got a degree from Cambridge, you arent a..... that doesnt work, you are a dull, arrogant nerd'

  • kingrabbit88
    kingrabbit88 5 months ago +1

    5:36 aaaand melt!

  • Desiree Appeltans
    Desiree Appeltans 6 months ago

    Does jon really have ocd?

  • QuickStrike0065
    QuickStrike0065 6 months ago +3

    0:56, Jon is just another hypocritical grammar critic. Hypocritical because he also uses poor grammar at times and does not use proper grammar. He could not even pronounce the "T" in "Hut".

    • Ian Laver
      Ian Laver 4 months ago

      Is the entire point of the jokes.... Humourless cum drip.

  • kat treasure
    kat treasure 6 months ago

    ‘I’ll probably be testifying against someone I’ve worked with’ FUCKING HOWLING

  • Lozza Jacko
    Lozza Jacko 6 months ago +1


  • TheTaterTotP80
    TheTaterTotP80 6 months ago +1

    What's wrong with being a Dog? All life is lovely.

    • 120mm Smoothbore
      120mm Smoothbore 6 months ago

      You're just some animal rights activist who leaves some pointless comments and self likes them.

  • TheTaterTotP80
    TheTaterTotP80 6 months ago +1

    Honestly is sad that the Iguana died. All life is lovely and Animals are family. Also Reptiles think and feel as all creatures do which many people don't realise. Even if they didn't they are still living beings, either way.

    • 120mm Smoothbore
      120mm Smoothbore 6 months ago

      Out of all this you care about a fucking lizard? Nice one.

  • Dave Barlow
    Dave Barlow 6 months ago +71

    Can we have one with all the times Jimmy's tax affairs get brought up

    • Cary O Phil Len
      Cary O Phil Len 3 months ago

      I think Prime Minister's question time done one ages ago ...

  • MatchstalkMan
    MatchstalkMan 6 months ago +4

    The jokes on you, Jon. The A42 doesn’t connect Nottingham to the M42, it’s the A52 that connects Nottingham to the A42.

    • DemonAsh40
      DemonAsh40 2 months ago

      MatchstalkMan Jon is almost right because the A42 connects M42 to East Midlands airport which is very close to Nottingham. Jokes on you though because the A52 is what connects the City of Derby to the City of Nottingham 😂

  • madison machen
    madison machen 6 months ago +5

    Rob Beckett and the “he called me a dog!” will always be hilarious

  • Nicholas DeHollander
    Nicholas DeHollander 6 months ago

    Jimmy Carr = Boring. Unfunny. Monotone.

  • Erlisch
    Erlisch 6 months ago +6

    "Different host..." LOL

  • Emma Spicer
    Emma Spicer 7 months ago

    Jimmy makes me think of those cats that are always swatting fragile shit off surfaces.

  • Zak Landman
    Zak Landman 7 months ago +2

    God Rachel is beautiful

  • K C
    K C 7 months ago

    If it's not British... it's not banter.

  • Green
    Green 7 months ago


  • Stacey Carmichael
    Stacey Carmichael 7 months ago

    If you never want to catch an STI, remove the stars ;) w*w*w*.bloodandtheses.*c*o*m

  • Do You Wanna Dance?
    Do You Wanna Dance? 7 months ago

    I Like!

  • I've got a gun. Give me the money!

    Rod is a Brexiteer & you all know it!

  • Antediluvian Atheist
    Antediluvian Atheist 7 months ago

    2:40 Oh shit. Jimmy DOES look like a ventriloquists dummy!

  • British Comedy UK
    British Comedy UK 7 months ago +2

    Great compilation

  • richard chung
    richard chung 7 months ago

    you brits are fucken joke... you call this crap comedy... Jesus Christ. These were the worst comebacks... Come to america... We will show how its done... It was so mild and kind hearted... if you assholes came over you would leaving dehydrated

  • Parker Erich
    Parker Erich 7 months ago +5

    Susie Dent's last one was incredible

  • Sunny Bear
    Sunny Bear 7 months ago +2

    My fave has gotta be the first one.
    - Rhod was...
    - What??

  • criostoirocuinn
    criostoirocuinn 7 months ago

    Two for Tuesday is Dominos

  • Smooth Tone Studios
    Smooth Tone Studios 7 months ago

    2:35 This is why we love susie

  • dolly drill
    dolly drill 7 months ago

    Rachael is coke head zionist slut. Thank for your time.

  • James Field
    James Field 7 months ago


  • jezusmylord
    jezusmylord 7 months ago

    the letters girl is fucking witty as fuck

    • jezusmylord
      jezusmylord 5 months ago

      I must say, "the letters girl" i way smarter than i would ever hoped in my dreams i would be

  • lena meyler
    lena meyler 7 months ago +1

    "ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaah"

  • QuickStrike0065
    QuickStrike0065 7 months ago

    3:26, Jon is just another hypocritical grammar critic. Hypocritical because he also uses poor grammar at times and does not use proper grammar. He could not even pronounce the "T" in "Hut"

  • Bethan H
    Bethan H 7 months ago +8

    'saves on VAT you'd know all about that jimmy'

  • James Desmond
    James Desmond 7 months ago

    Ahaha the ‘count down’ reply from Jimmy was brilliant 😍

  • Justsaying something
    Justsaying something 7 months ago +6

    I would snog Jimmy, kill Jon and marry Sean.

  • TheLongDark
    TheLongDark 7 months ago +12

    0:44 Just a reminder that Jon did the Count Down joke first, because he's funny and Jimmy isn't.

  • Derva Kommt von hinten
    Derva Kommt von hinten 7 months ago +1

    that blonde girl is gorgeous. kinda reminds me of meg ryan without the excessive crying

  • DSQueenie
    DSQueenie 7 months ago

    “He’s dead does it matter?!”

  • MrNemano
    MrNemano 7 months ago

    This was so bad but i still watched untill the very end.

  • Akhil
    Akhil 7 months ago


  • ozzyintexas
    ozzyintexas 7 months ago +2

    "I think we're dead Jimmy"

  • Warren Adshead
    Warren Adshead 7 months ago

    Jimmy Carr,talentless wanker

  • Prasanna J
    Prasanna J 7 months ago

    Fine is Rachel Riley.

  • Prasanna J
    Prasanna J 7 months ago

    British comedy is the best in the whole world.

  • okkcomputer
    okkcomputer 8 months ago +3

    bill bailey: that´s not true