Blender - Procedural Grid Texture short tutorial

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • Can be downloaded here Overview of procedurally generated grid texture node for blender 2.79 and 2.8
    If you have some questions feel free to ask in comments.
    Генерируемая настраиваемая текстура решетки/сетки для blender 2.79 и 2.8.
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Comments • 93

  • Abraham S.
    Abraham S. 11 days ago +1

    Gosh, this is so handy. Thank you immensely for sharing the texture for free!!! 😃👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • N. Schneider
    N. Schneider 3 years ago +10

    I just used it as a bump map for pressed plywood. Matches perfect, thank you!

  • Jordan Thompson
    Jordan Thompson 7 months ago +2

    Fantastic. Was just looking at how I could setup nodes for a grid, and this is a great alternative, as I can easily adjust whatever I need.

  • Edenseeker
    Edenseeker Year ago +2

    Absolutely beautiful design!
    Well done and thank you!

  • Shannon McDowell
    Shannon McDowell 2 years ago +3

    Thank you so much for this node and video - Great work! :-)

  • Andy Gagnon
    Andy Gagnon 2 years ago +2

    Thank you! Awesome stuff!
    My only question would be how can I apply it correctly vertically? The top and bottom faces of my assets display the grid correctly but not vertical faces (it looks stretched). I'd like to use it as my default dev grid texture.

    • Joe Spins the Globe
      Joe Spins the Globe Year ago

      Also, if your object is transformed in the vertical direction but you haven't applied the scale, I believe the mapping will be stretched. To fix, select your object and hit Ctrl+A, and apply the transform values, which should fix the stretching if this is the issue.
      I could be wrong as I'm a complete amateur and only started 3d modeling a few weeks ago, but thought I'd suggest.

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  2 years ago +1

      you need to unwrap your model with cube projection

  • Rodrigo Salinas
    Rodrigo Salinas Year ago

    Thanks for this!! For the people wondering how to colour the grid and the base of the grid, you can use MixRGB and connect the grid to the fac or (as I used it) connect the grid to the fac of a Mix Shader, to give the grid a different material as the base of the grid.

  • Michael Sartore
    Michael Sartore 2 years ago +1

    great work and thanks!
    would you (or anyone) mind posting a blend file with simple settings that give the nice clean look you've got going in your video?
    maybe it's on your lego project?

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  2 years ago +1

  • Shlok Navale
    Shlok Navale 7 months ago

    Truely awesome ! I got this at the right time. super creativity & lovely tool !

  • ruko kei
    ruko kei 3 years ago +4

    Awesome dude thanks i've just saw your work on eevee by the video of Gleb you've a lot of talent thx for sharing your tips with us your tutorial is very well done
    i'll will follow your work :)

  • Numode
    Numode 3 years ago +1

    Really fantastic set of nodes here, cheers man : )

  • Doonual
    Doonual 2 years ago +30

    This is kinda late but at 0:16 his voice synced with the music sooo perfectly.
    This was really helpful thx

    • Joeri
      Joeri Year ago +5

      @Anton Neveselov You could do the next Blender tutorial in Rap style. The Blender Rap :).
      Keep up the good work.

    • hirochima26
      hirochima26 2 years ago +6

      shader rap xD

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  2 years ago +7

      I’ll tell you a secret: this is not a coincidence, nice what did you notice:)

  • Quad studio
    Quad studio Year ago

    Amazing work! thanks for sharing

  • Activemotionpictures
    Activemotionpictures 2 years ago +1

    Fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  • Thomas Rusling
    Thomas Rusling 9 months ago

    I really love your shader, and I manage to make it work fine on a surface, but when you connect the texture coordinate at 1:52, it seems to constrain itself to the surfaces of the cube perfectly, while in my blender fill, it puts cross at random on every faces. I've tried using the same parameter as your video, and all transformation have been applied to my cube, but to no avail.

    • Thomas Rusling
      Thomas Rusling 8 months ago

      Learned a bit more about blender along the way, and found the solution. It had something to do with texture mapping and unwrapping.

  • Alireza Akhavi
    Alireza Akhavi 13 days ago

    awsome! thank you very much for sharing this great tutorial! :)

  • Jns Rccrd
    Jns Rccrd 2 years ago +1

    Love it, this saved my life for a big project I'm doing for myself:) However, I have one question: Is there a way to change the color?

    • Jns Rccrd
      Jns Rccrd 2 years ago

      Anton Neveselov thx man ur a hero

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  2 years ago +1

      Yes, you can use grid node as input for fac in rgb mix node.

  • Rishi Works
    Rishi Works Year ago

    Hi, Thanks for your great work. i am not able to get the transparency to work as of yet. Would just like to be able to use the grid not the infill. Thanks

  • fc games & music
    fc games & music 2 years ago

    thanks for the hard work! this is great!

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker 7 months ago

    Exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  • Dimitri Lalushi
    Dimitri Lalushi 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for all your so generous offers (both this here and the parallax node)!

  • Elisha Dvir
    Elisha Dvir 2 years ago +3

    Nice! I would be happy to get controllers for the color of the plane and the color of the crosses.

    BRYSON PRICE 3 months ago

    Love this! Thank you 😁

  • Александр Чернявский

    Фантастически выглядит)

  • Yuvaraj Badiger
    Yuvaraj Badiger Year ago +1

    Thank you very much... It was a great help :)

  • professordeb
    professordeb Year ago +1

    This is very nice! Is there any way to change the color of the grid lines? They are either all white or black if inverted (or grey in between). Thanks!

    • professordeb
      professordeb Year ago

      Thanks, that worked! But, yes, it would be nice if there was a color mix feature built into the node. Thanks again!

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  Year ago +1

      Use grid as mix factor(fac) of node "mixRGB". I think i should upgrade this node with color mixer:)

  • Ruya Baraz
    Ruya Baraz Year ago

    Hello Anton! Thank you so much for the video. I don't quite get how you import it into your own project though.

    • Ruya Baraz
      Ruya Baraz Year ago

      @Anton Neveselov great thank you!

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  Year ago +2

      Hi, just drag and drop grid file into you project, or go to "File > Append..." menu, and select my grid file, then select NodeTree or Material folder.

  • Elisha Dvir
    Elisha Dvir 2 years ago

    Nice. You should add a control for the crosses color.

  • Park Jaehun
    Park Jaehun 3 years ago +1

    Thanks Bro! It is really helps me!

  • Oguchi Anyaele
    Oguchi Anyaele 10 months ago

    So useful!

  • Stefan Noack
    Stefan Noack Year ago

    Thank you very much. I used it to make graph paper for scale:

  • Charles Reilly
    Charles Reilly 2 years ago +1

    anton your work is brilliant and very appreciated

  • Neetesh Gurjar
    Neetesh Gurjar 3 years ago +2

    LOVE TO SEE MORE from you

  • John Leigh
    John Leigh 2 years ago +1

    this is a fab help - ive been trying to get some grid patterns using brick texture and various hair pulling attempts over several hours and I remembered your grid node it really works nice - i looked into the grid makeup you setup but its just so deep in what its doing i had to give up on following the workings of it and allow myself to use it without knowing fully what its doing! many thanks

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  2 years ago +1

      No problem! It looks deep, but actually it's very simple brick textures mix and setup, so many connection needed just for easy setup:)

  • Bryson Adams
    Bryson Adams 2 years ago

    Wow thanks for the file. Nice

  • Jenova Izq
    Jenova Izq 2 years ago +2

    I pay something for all three and is really good man. I found out about you in a group chat someone post tour TheXvid. Awesome man

  • comic skeptic
    comic skeptic Year ago

    Great. Thanks a lot.

  • Stefan Guiton
    Stefan Guiton Year ago


  • Thomas Ip
    Thomas Ip Year ago

    Awesome stuff!

  • J
    J 22 days ago

    genius. thank you

  • IllI lIIl
    IllI lIIl 9 months ago

    Blender - Procedural Grid Texture short tutorial

  • Timothy Thomasson

    How can we change colour of the lines? love this

  • Gamal Prather
    Gamal Prather Year ago


  • Integra Gemi
    Integra Gemi Year ago

    epic cool imagine the possibilites for after effects crosswork

  • Swagata Bhattacharyya

    Thanks a lot❤❤💖

  • Joakin
    Joakin Year ago

    Material -> Settings -> BlendMode -> AlphaHashed (to follow along)

  • i stebr
    i stebr 3 years ago

    Здорово! А на русском будут уроки? )

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  3 years ago

      С русскими субтитрами может быть:)

  • Reza Rahmaninasab
    Reza Rahmaninasab 10 months ago

    great job

  • Kelvin Macharia
    Kelvin Macharia 4 months ago

    Angels do exist.
    Thank you for this.

  • Florian Alliger
    Florian Alliger 3 years ago +1

    Thank you!

  • Cameron
    Cameron 3 years ago +1

    Very Cool.

  • Edvinas Narbutas
    Edvinas Narbutas 3 years ago

    How do you achieve this glow effect on your objects? :o

  • GG mahmoud
    GG mahmoud 5 months ago

    thank you < ;

  • 平成老司機 Heisei Veteran

    sooooooooooo nice I'm crying

  • SUPER Cute Babies
    SUPER Cute Babies 3 years ago +1

    Shit that was a premuim tutorial !! Thanks 😍😍

  • 啃芝士
    啃芝士 3 years ago


  • Majan3dDesign
    Majan3dDesign Year ago

    Thanks alot

  • B-
    B- 3 years ago +5

    Soooooo dope! (Do kids still say that)

  • Roxolana Rogovska
    Roxolana Rogovska 2 years ago

    Excuse me. How I can apply in on a cylinder? Can’t make it work

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  2 years ago

      You need to unwrap you model, and use uv texture coordinate for grid

  • Deanne Domingo
    Deanne Domingo Year ago

    how to change its colors to black?

    HYPE TRAIN 2 years ago

    Is it possible to import this material into unity?

  • Mohit Kushwah
    Mohit Kushwah Year ago

    Awwww no math breakdown? Welp let's see if I can figure it out myself...

  • Insert any name you want

    четкий голос, прямо Curtis Holt! Наверное, он тоже голосовой движок использует;) А как можно настроить, чтобы была сетка, а квадраты внутри прозрачные? Обычно непроцедурные сетки с прозрачностью (типа PNG картинки) подключаю а Alpha input в Principlе shader, а тут не знаю

    • Insert any name you want
      Insert any name you want Year ago

      @Anton Neveselov понял!

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  Year ago +1

      @Insert any name you want если используешь eevee, то самое главное включить прозрачность в настройках материала

    • Insert any name you want
      Insert any name you want Year ago

      @Anton Neveselov всё делал, кроме mix rgb, спасибо, попробую!

    • Anton Neveselov
      Anton Neveselov  Year ago +1

      Просто подключаешь ее в Alpha канал Principled шейдера. Черный - прозрачный, белый - непрозрачный, чтобы регулировать прозрачность можно между ними поставить mix rgb и в нем уже настраивать цвета сетки.

  • Ashishit Anurag Daniel Tigga

    noice thx

  • Khalid K
    Khalid K Year ago

    Its off centered for me idk why

  • industry WM
    industry WM 3 years ago +2

    That is the stupidest, yet most fascinating thing I have ever seen! Thank you so much for posting this it is so cool