• Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • In this video Streamers React to the Live Event Robot vs Monster! The Robot DESTROYS/KILLS the Monster!
    Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments!

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  • FPS_NewWave
    FPS_NewWave 6 months ago +377

    Use Code “Poggers”🔥🔥🎉

    • cøøper
      cøøper 5 months ago


    • Star Way
      Star Way 6 months ago


    • Ostreaf
      Ostreaf 6 months ago

      FPS_NewWave please don'y

    • Swacky
      Swacky 6 months ago +1

      FPS_NewWave No shut ur mouth and stop calling it doggus cats are better

    • bub way
      bub way 6 months ago

      No bot

  • BlaZe Storm
    BlaZe Storm 4 days ago

    Imaging a fught between a monster and a robot and nothing happens

  • loli yêu
    loli yêu 3 months ago

    pacific rim

  • Banan Plays
    Banan Plays 3 months ago


  • Angela Villegas
    Angela Villegas 4 months ago

    Nick eh 30 stupid

  • Nothing _-54
    Nothing _-54 4 months ago

    4:44 robot: TheXvid monster: morgz robot hand: demonetization YOU GET DEMONETIZED

  • Ghoulz Clan
    Ghoulz Clan 4 months ago +1

    And the cattus wins!

  • NEON
    NEON 4 months ago +2

    Monster:jumps out of the water and rips of robots arm
    Robot: you should have gone for the head

  • HIM3D
    HIM3D 5 months ago +1

    Fuck those CRInGY intros

  • R Inator
    R Inator 5 months ago

    0:53 that does NOT look like godzilla.

  • Austin oobitz o
    Austin oobitz o 5 months ago

    Pacific rim

  • نيو لايف /nyolayv

    ممكن تدخل قناتي تشترك

  • Mateusz Bąbol
    Mateusz Bąbol 5 months ago

    4:16 R.I.P The Gas Station under them

  • sabin_playsroblox YT
    sabin_playsroblox YT 6 months ago

    One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

  • Thrasher SZN
    Thrasher SZN 6 months ago


  • toaster bath
    toaster bath 6 months ago

    Watch Doggus does not love Cattus
    By me

  • Dominick Hoplin
    Dominick Hoplin 6 months ago

    Has anyone actually checked out/ tried the miracle mods link?? I wanna know wether or not it is real or a hoax

  • Shade Nolain
    Shade Nolain 6 months ago

    If you don't use code poggers them you die

  • For The Love of Crab Kind

    Hey Fortnite is dead

  • Mohammed Raza
    Mohammed Raza 6 months ago

    is miraclemods legit?

  • Mr. Skittz
    Mr. Skittz 6 months ago

    Wheres the reaction of ninja,and why are you showing the guy with the orange shirt the longest,did i just got clickbaited?

  • Mr O
    Mr O 6 months ago

    this is what we wanted from godzilla movie

  • Itz_Lucky
    Itz_Lucky 6 months ago

    If you pay close attention, the monster dies near where the cube was!? It sounds a bit confusing to me, let me know what you guys think

  • JJ12
    JJ12 6 months ago

    i love ur thicc profile picture

  • Cvoran888
    Cvoran888 6 months ago

    My react was really exciting
    Edit: yes😁😁

  • Meme User
    Meme User 6 months ago

    Why does this remind me of Power Rangers??

  • Omar Xd
    Omar Xd 6 months ago

    Monster : no one can kill me im the hero !!!!
    Robot : thats ur timr to sleep for ever
    Monster : 😴😴😵

  • Brodus
    Brodus 6 months ago

    NOW THAT IS HOW YOU DO A LIVE EVENT i don’t even play fortnite anymore but this was sick

  • H3alfire
    H3alfire 6 months ago

    Nick is WAY overacting and je is so cringe holy shit he is acting like 9 year old

  • GoofyGooBruh
    GoofyGooBruh 6 months ago +1

    This fight is so trash

  • Carson
    Carson 6 months ago

    Yall ever just fight the water in the shower?

  • Carson
    Carson 6 months ago

    Yall ever just fight the water in the shower?

  • I’m not inevitable I’m Patrick

    Paific Rim all over again

  • Panda Bass
    Panda Bass 6 months ago

    New best moment in fortnite

  • Tyshone Myers
    Tyshone Myers 6 months ago

    You now

  • Pxnto
    Pxnto 6 months ago


  • Wintertimber17
    Wintertimber17 6 months ago

    Everyone: *Watches event and ignores enemies*
    Everyone: *Lands in same place to take in what happened*
    Everyone: *Starts murdering each other again*

  • Alexw23
    Alexw23 6 months ago

    omg i did not see this! omfgg so nice i always wanted to see the event

  • xbigdominic
    xbigdominic 6 months ago

    Godzilla doesnt have one eye he has two eyes and a long spikey tail so they havent got a clue what Godzilla looks like

  • xbigdominic
    xbigdominic 6 months ago

    people have said that the polar peak monster looks like Godzilla i bet ya they haven't even seen godzilla cause that looks nothing like Godzilla

    THEHEATBLAZE 6 months ago +1

    This fight could NOT destory anything in the map. The world cup is this week and destroying half of the map would ruin the world cup. (For people complaining about that)

  • Echo Echo
    Echo Echo 6 months ago

    Its pacific rim.

  • 24 7
    24 7 6 months ago


  • GlennMark Cariño
    GlennMark Cariño 6 months ago

    The event is so soper coll!!!!

  • CardDenied
    CardDenied 6 months ago

    Nick eh used a glas globe before that

  • G R
    G R 6 months ago


  • Lil Frag
    Lil Frag 6 months ago

    I hate nick eh 30 and i hate his laugh hwhanwhahanahahhwa

  • Jack Live
    Jack Live 6 months ago

    With the first person how the f*ck does that look like godzila

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia 6 months ago

    Fortnite really copied apex skull town

  • Dead Frame
    Dead Frame 6 months ago

    And at the end, YOU SHOW CLIPS YO GET THAT 10 MINUTES!!!!!!

  • Gaming with D 303
    Gaming with D 303 6 months ago

    Did he just say avengers assemble to a Godzilla reference

  • FlamSelk
    FlamSelk 6 months ago

    I'm getting some real Pacific rim vibes from this

  • Aayan Ali Syed
    Aayan Ali Syed 6 months ago

    Is fortnite dead cause me and my friends don't play it anymore

  • CanadianGuy34
    CanadianGuy34 6 months ago +1

    How the fuck did people actually enjoy that event? It's obviously going be the good guy that always wins. That shit was boring as fuck. Wish it was longer and more like season 6 -_-

  • don't be gay be gae
    don't be gay be gae 6 months ago

    So nobody gonna talk about how the monster green beam looked like Dragon Ball Super Broly mouth beam

  • Isaiah rooks
    Isaiah rooks 6 months ago +1

    Using Ceeday's merch music?! I'm taking you to the bushes now.

  • ExOTiC_Flicks
    ExOTiC_Flicks 6 months ago

    Hello beautiful humans, would really appreciate if y'all would check me out, underrated console player. enjoy the rest of your day

  • no you're breathtaking
    no you're breathtaking 6 months ago +1

    "We're in the endgame now"

  • Ghost
    Ghost 6 months ago

    Nick is mad blind

  • Linkin Merriam
    Linkin Merriam 6 months ago