Why ITZY K-POP Girl Group Could Be The Next BLACKPINK Someday

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Reasons Why ITZY K-pop Girl Group Is On The Rise
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    There’s a new KPop girl group on the block and they’ve got their eyes set on the crown. ITZY made their debut back in February with record breaking success! Their cool, edgy “teen crush” attitudes and EDM/hip hop inspired beats was an instant win with fans. They’ve been so successful in such a short time, that fans have started dubbing them as the next BlackPink! Not everyone is so happy with this apparent challenge to BlackPink authority over the KPop world and some Blinks have even accused ITZY of copying BlackPink. Others think that ITZY’s creation was a calculated move by their label, JYP entertainment, to challenge BlackPink and take their audience. Most fans, however, say it’s too early to judge yet. At the end of the day, both are talented and empowering women and who doesn’t want more of that? Make sure you watch this video until the end, because we’re breaking down why ITZY is the new BlackPink.
    Let us know what you think of ITZY in the comments!
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Comments • 2 718

  • Lipan Mohet
    Lipan Mohet 7 hours ago

    Itzyyyyyyyyy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Cyan 4ever
    Cyan 4ever 18 hours ago +1

    Stop making stuff up itzy is not going to be the next blackpink and twice is not struggling!!!😡😠

  • Gangus The Refrigerator

    talko is using kpop for clout x368183828337

  • Ericka norales
    Ericka norales Day ago

    Why do people say blackpink is the queen? Like wtf? Blackpink received 25 awards only while twice already have 75? And there choreography is not that good, jisoo barely manage to follow the dance's. Just because of there youtube views? Just because they perform on bigger stage? They are not even consider as the nation girl group!!!

  • Senpaikook 오빠 선배

    Ryujin is the leader of itzy

  • xenia phung
    xenia phung Day ago

    Probally u are gna make a vid abt txt replacing bts

  • xenia phung
    xenia phung Day ago

    Stop talking shitty crap about bp is gna be replaced by itzy they copied bp

  • Amama Fatima
    Amama Fatima Day ago

    Itzy can never be blackpink please donot say these things

  • Jiwoo RaMen
    Jiwoo RaMen Day ago

    That's why I hate this channel so report

  • diary elycia
    diary elycia 2 days ago

    Blackpink is blackpink
    Itzy is itzy

  • human pies
    human pies 2 days ago +1

    Ok sorry but everyone here is hating on them and yes they will never be BLACKPINK no but don't hate please

  • Just Why
    Just Why 2 days ago


  • pratima pandey
    pratima pandey 2 days ago +1

    Don't compare blackpink to itzy both are great
    And I am a blink

  • 귤귤귤귤
    귤귤귤귤 2 days ago

    There is no NEXT BLACKPINK.
    ITZY is just ITZY.

  • vantae the best
    vantae the best 2 days ago

    mano parem se usar o blackpink pra ganhar views, parem de comparar grupos e O TWICE TÁ BEM.

  • Honey Senpai
    Honey Senpai 3 days ago +1

    Blackpink isn’t the alpha or queen, the only reason they get high views on TheXvid is because the fact that they don’t have a lot of songs, and between they choreograph it barely changes... not hate it’s facts and itzy isn’t in my heart and it’s nothing new for Kpop choreography to by on point and the movement of the members sync together.

  • yorey annie
    yorey annie 3 days ago

    yg entertainment can only do the blackpink concept, they're form jyp and we all know that jyp is more on cutesy type

  • Samantha .E
    Samantha .E 3 days ago

    I dont know why they keep comparing both groups😕

  • Cordy
    Cordy 3 days ago +1

    Blackpink is blackpink
    Twice is twice
    Itzy is itzy
    Why do you have to compare groups ?
    They all shine in different ways
    Twice is not struggling at all,they are doing so well,even being called “the next nation girl group”.It is just that twice does not promote in America .Where else,blackpink has immense popularity in America,breaking records here and there,but in Korea,blackpink does not promote much but is still loved.
    Itzy,they are rookies,yet they were invited to attend Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 show,they have been staying on the korean chats still after 3 months.
    *All these groups have down so well,come so far,they still are doing their best,please do not compare them*

  • S Nss
    S Nss 3 days ago

    Please don't say nonsense when you don't know anything.just make your kardashian vids 😑

  • Chris Ly
    Chris Ly 3 days ago

    Uhhhhh still never heard of them until today

  • JK's Girl
    JK's Girl 4 days ago

    Please stop comparing Itzy to other groups. Itzy is itzy. They come with their own style. ❤

  • Akshay Parmar
    Akshay Parmar 5 days ago

    Legend born ones in decade so Balckpink is Legend no one can replace them I say No ONE got it🔥🖤💗

  • Danessa Alvarez
    Danessa Alvarez 5 days ago

    Blackpink is very different YG swag always. Itzy too

  • Twice Is The Revolution

    Lmao you didn't even research.... Itzy already has 2 songs not one

  • Twice Is The Revolution

    Itzy literally just debuted like... Blackpink is still one of the biggest gg's in the world

  • Twice Is The Revolution

    It's not like Twice is struggling because cute doesn't work in America (actually it does because their concerts in America were sold out faster than Blackpink's

  • Twice Is The Revolution

    Well blackpink puts their MVs on their own channel, if Twice did that they'd have like 10M+ subs

  • Twice Is The Revolution

    Lmao you really think Blackpink got more attention than Twice? Keep dreaming

  • iiMoonCloud
    iiMoonCloud 5 days ago

    Lmao are they really comparing Itzy, BLACKPINK and Twice together? They should do their research before making idiotic comments. Twice is doing well you actual idiot, stop trying to start fan wars.

  • Bablu Srivastava
    Bablu Srivastava 6 days ago

    bp is gurl crush but itzy is cute crush

    XDSOFi XD 6 days ago +2

    If itzy is the next blackpink how come BP preformed at Coachella and everyone was talking about it on Twitter 🤔🤔 where was ITZY during that hmmm??

  • Pat & Jen
    Pat & Jen 6 days ago

    ITZY ain’t gonna be them, *no one can replace MY QUEENS* Eh stop using BLACKPINK for vies. Itzy ain’t gonna beat them ya’ll! BLACKPINK FOREVA.

  • Solene Shim
    Solene Shim 6 days ago

    you know that blackpink's old stylist is now itzy's??? THATS WHY

  • geeztxt •
    geeztxt • 6 days ago

    can y’all stfu omg stop using these girls for y’all s views 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Sunitha Santhosh
    Sunitha Santhosh 7 days ago

    TheTalko ..u guys made a mistake.....

  • Mythical Jennie
    Mythical Jennie 7 days ago

    Lia is the most beautiful

  • Dinem Ryee
    Dinem Ryee 7 days ago


  • Aastha Gurung
    Aastha Gurung 7 days ago

    Itzy is not next bkackpink 😡😡😡

  • LordDesAbsterdens
    LordDesAbsterdens 7 days ago

    Russia does not want to fight with the United States. But at the official meetings of the President and the Minister of Defense, they show a video of a nuclear strike on Miami. On the state television channel, the most famous presenter says that Russia will easily turn the United States into radioactive ash.
    ◘ If you are talking about *ITZY and BLACKPINK,* especially about competition ... Do you want to start a war or are you just stupid? I have not seen the video, but it already seems to me that *ITZY insulted BLACKPINK and I have to protect my girls.* But I know that people love false headlines, so I am not in a hurry to draw conclusions.

  • tormentitah h
    tormentitah h 8 days ago

    Itzy is the next Itzy

  • Likely Kpop
    Likely Kpop 8 days ago +1

    Nope, never ever, no one can be the next Blackpink.

  • Mrabidos 21
    Mrabidos 21 9 days ago

    Heck no! Bp is bp and itzy is just itzy and they will never ever be highest level as our queens

  • Crystal cat
    Crystal cat 10 days ago

    are you sure Itzy are going to be the next blackpink??? watch the subscriber between the itzy and the other group but please stop using Blackpink And Itzy to get more Subscriber i have no hate to itzy and bp so watch your mouth

  • bts x blackpink world
    bts x blackpink world 10 days ago

    UGH wish of itzy they will not next of blackpink duh you wish

  • Atul Manda
    Atul Manda 10 days ago

    Lol u wish. Itzy is Itzy BP is BP, no need to change.

  • LanceSimoun Hernandez
    LanceSimoun Hernandez 10 days ago +1


  • Nikki Jordan
    Nikki Jordan 10 days ago

    Stan rookie group ateez lol

    RAJEEV PURUSHOTAM 11 days ago +2

    BP will always be the most famous group don't u judge them

  • affy mir
    affy mir 11 days ago

    For me itzy's stage presence is too strong...Bp sometimes look lost and disinterested in their own performance except lisa....She slayed eveytime....The bad girl concept they put goes well with Lisa and Jennie but rose and jisso sometimes look awkward...

  • Blackpink Blinkeu
    Blackpink Blinkeu 11 days ago


  • momo kim
    momo kim 11 days ago

    itzy is not the next bp, im a fan of itzy and a blink but itzy and bp are two different groups. stop using kpop for views

  • K W
    K W 11 days ago

    NOOO! Itzy is never gonna take blackpinks international kpop queens title

  • Clouie Gaudiano
    Clouie Gaudiano 11 days ago

    YOU WISH!!

  • gaming clio
    gaming clio 11 days ago +1

    Itzy? Next blackpink? You wish itzy totally copied blackpinks outfits and bts messange "love yourself" "love myself"

    Im sorry if your a itzy fan

    Blackpink will always have there blinks on there side
    And itzy well they have fans too so why would the blinks started to jump over blackpink and go staigth to itzy thats weird
    Blackpink are
    the queens kpop
    And itzy there cool but they are still the princess's

  • rzyio rzyio
    rzyio rzyio 11 days ago

    Girl no thank you

  • sillydiaz 101
    sillydiaz 101 11 days ago

    Itzy got there own style

  • Yoongless Mint
    Yoongless Mint 12 days ago +1

    oof so many toxic blinks here lol

  • Nishita Yadav
    Nishita Yadav 12 days ago +1

    ITZY is not Blackpink

  • Verucelyn Tumacay
    Verucelyn Tumacay 12 days ago +1

    For now theres no group that can beat blackpink, but in the future these rookies might have the power to standout.

  • Lisa Yusni
    Lisa Yusni 13 days ago +1

    Lols even itzy are way better than bp.

  • enjiaxx
    enjiaxx 13 days ago

    CLEARLY, talko didnt even research on twice success and trying to downgrade them lmao. in 2016, twice cameback with cheerup that become the most stream song in korea which led them to receive song of the year daesang in numorous award shows. following they cameback with TT which also achieve huge success for the catchy tune and dance moves which also made them known in japan. Although they release many songs but all of them are hits in korea. in korea, if people were ask they top few girl group right now, twice is definitely one of them. also they recently finish their DOME tour in japan which is incredible because they are fastest girl group to do so, also they are now going on world tour. twice may not receive huge success like blackpink in the states but they are definitely known and popular in asia. wow twice is really struggling to catch up lmao...

  • Dennis Nawin
    Dennis Nawin 13 days ago

    Itzy is just the next Miss A. Thats all.. Only from YG is consider as the next. blackpink okkkaaaay!!?

  • Kyan Tan
    Kyan Tan 14 days ago

    It's not only Dalla dalla.on Spotify kta Dalla Dalla and want it check

  • Kyan Tan
    Kyan Tan 14 days ago

    Twice isn't struggling.

  • Kyan Tan
    Kyan Tan 14 days ago

    Stop it bp is not being copied by itzy your just trying to prove a point that doesn't prove anything

  • Лазиза Зияутдинова

    thexvid.com/video/NnkE_pMqnQE/video.html пожалуйста переведите этот видосик, умоляю, я думаю он многим зайдет, умоляю

  • Bulan Chan
    Bulan Chan 14 days ago


  • Milktea Chuuu
    Milktea Chuuu 14 days ago

    Please do not compare both these kpop groups/idols. And I don't really think itzy can surpass BP's Kill this love. But please don't compare because they are both good and talented.

  • Alicia Abdullah
    Alicia Abdullah 15 days ago

    you're big dumb

  • Jomar udontneedtoknow
    Jomar udontneedtoknow 15 days ago

    imagine using big 3 groups for clout wow america will do anything for views

  • Nirupama Deshpande
    Nirupama Deshpande 15 days ago

    Also bp is bp and itsy is itsy stop using kpop for veiws

    • Nikki Jordan
      Nikki Jordan 10 days ago

      Yea i kinda get mad when they said twice was struggling that was tough

  • dahyunsrose
    dahyunsrose 15 days ago


  • Des ligtas
    Des ligtas 15 days ago +24

    ITZY is not the next BLACKPINK
    *TheTalko is the next KBUZZ*

  • Faiza sss
    Faiza sss 15 days ago

    havent even listened to their song and they're already my favourit girl group

  • Sunny Pop
    Sunny Pop 16 days ago

    Lmaoo y’all turned off the likes cause y’all knew you was about to get a shit ton of dislikes😂

  • Porrnesianparrapio
    Porrnesianparrapio 16 days ago

    And this is how fanwars begin.

  • Agnes David
    Agnes David 16 days ago

    No one can replace BLACKPINK

  • Bikramjit Singh
    Bikramjit Singh 16 days ago

    Itzy doesn't stand anywhere near blackpink

  • Dareljohn Fernandes
    Dareljohn Fernandes 16 days ago

    nobody can take blackpinks place ...😚😚😚😲

  • Slavica Janakieva
    Slavica Janakieva 16 days ago

    And people that make these videos are not even a fan of kpop so please stop and get some help!

  • Rhea Cortes
    Rhea Cortes 16 days ago +2

    btw, itzy's stylist was blackpink's stylist long ago. heard it from a friend. and ITZY is about to have their 1st comeback. yeah

  • Herro Wutchu Want
    Herro Wutchu Want 16 days ago +3

    please dont compare them, its just... no its disrespectful

  • Julius 2011
    Julius 2011 16 days ago +1

    F U talko 🖕.Blackpink is blackpink

  • Tse Ling Karen Ngai
    Tse Ling Karen Ngai 16 days ago

    Twice have less TheXvid subscribers because their official music video were released under the name of JYP entertainment!!!!!! It's unfair to compare such way, blackpink release their music on their channel

  • Cristina
    Cristina 16 days ago

    Damn can we just love each other instead of hating on each other... do y’all know how toxic y’all look, I’m soo disappointed in my fandom as well... we need love not hate

  • Cristina
    Cristina 16 days ago +1

    Toxic fans everywhere.... let me just say that itzy(maybe) may not top bp, but future gg’s and bg’s will because Kpop is expanding more and more literally everyday and at some point any group small or big will top BTS and blackpink(no hate but it’s true) sorry to say but once bts, bp and other big groups disband anyone CAN top them... btw we should not compare groups because they are different( me has an itzy Stan) ik itzy will probably not top bp but they will be SOMETHING maybe not gain a lot of fans in the western area but ik my girls will be close... I’m excited for those up coming future Kpop girl and boy groups because those are no doubt gonna be the biggest groups in Kpop history..... period.

  • Slavica Janakieva
    Slavica Janakieva 16 days ago +1

    There's no next BLACKPINK just like there's no next CL!
    Edit: I'm sorry but what kind of name is Yeji?

  • Ojaswi Ishani
    Ojaswi Ishani 16 days ago


  • Hant H H
    Hant H H 17 days ago +3

    Itzy : *titled monster rookie*
    Talko : im about to destroy this (wo)men's whole career
    Fans : we're about to destroy this man's career

  • Wwedota Dota
    Wwedota Dota 17 days ago

    itzy the next Blackpink?? TXT the next BTS?

  • Shamira Naidu
    Shamira Naidu 17 days ago

    Don't talk about blackpink

  • Koemi Kawaii
    Koemi Kawaii 17 days ago

    i dont like itzy..i like blackpink more itzy..is like copying blakpink

  • bliss
    bliss 17 days ago +1

    there is no next blackpink or bts, itzy is amazing, but they aren’t any other kpop group but themselves, stop using kpop for views

  • Nancy Rei
    Nancy Rei 17 days ago +4

    Itzy is Itzy
    Blackpink is Blackpink
    They are both their own groups. Both groups are talented. Don’t compare them.

  • Rosekook_ Jikook
    Rosekook_ Jikook 17 days ago +1

    Bts is not the queens of kpop in my opinion

  • Reginald Dupaya
    Reginald Dupaya 18 days ago

    HAHAHA blonks are attacking the heck 😂

  • Kait _ duh
    Kait _ duh 18 days ago

    those girls won't be the next BLACKPINK cause they are lesbians!!!!!😡👿😤😤😤 (actually they are not but for me they are)

  • ฅ Ahmya Kitkat ฅ
    ฅ Ahmya Kitkat ฅ 18 days ago +1

    Blackpink are queens 👑
    Itzy are queens 👑
    All girl groups are queens, they are all different, and they are all unique. So please stop saying "Will be the next" and stop comparing them 😊

  • Da'Vaun Lee
    Da'Vaun Lee 18 days ago

    blackpink will always be international!! itzy is itzy and blackpink is blackpink