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  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • Check out the official Cats trailer starring Idris Elba! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    US Release Date: December 20, 2019
    Starring: Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, Judi Dench
    Directed By: Tom Hooper
    Synopsis: A tribe of cats called the Jellicles must decide yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new Jellicle life.
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Comments • 39 068

  • Movieclips Trailers
    Movieclips Trailers  Month ago +5501

    What are your first impressions of the movie adaption of the musical Cats?

  • Caizz Playzz
    Caizz Playzz 5 minutes ago

    Sonic Movie: Sorry what’s your name again?
    Cats Movie: Ca-
    Sonic Movie: NOBODY CARES

    NDOGG YT 11 minutes ago


  • NutenBetr2do !
    NutenBetr2do ! 27 minutes ago

    Im starting to think sonic wasn't that bad...

  • Ryan Mahoney
    Ryan Mahoney 37 minutes ago

    I'm sorry sonic. I lived all if your games

  • theresn0 h0pe
    theresn0 h0pe 58 minutes ago

    I feel bad for those actors now, their carries have gone down the toilet. 💀

  • theresn0 h0pe
    theresn0 h0pe Hour ago

    *furries National Anthem*

  • Testy McGee
    Testy McGee Hour ago

    I will... not be watching this.

  • CinematicMaj
    CinematicMaj Hour ago

    NOPE. I'll stick with the play and 1998 film. People need to come up with their own ideas and stop remaking and rehashing.

  • Oxyblue
    Oxyblue 2 hours ago

    un film avec des chats-humains et vous avez rien trouvé de mieux à foutre qu'une comédie musicale? l'inspiration?

  • Melody Lightning
    Melody Lightning 2 hours ago

    I feel so sorry for the actors who are in this movie but at least genie Will Smith is slightly better than something

  • I am Unicron
    I am Unicron 2 hours ago

    I was so confused watching this trailer

  • Korisnik 123
    Korisnik 123 3 hours ago

    "Are you delusional? Do you suffer from mental illness?"

  • Hanna Price
    Hanna Price 3 hours ago

    from a dance perspective the choreo is insane

  • Kyrie Andrew Irving
    Kyrie Andrew Irving 3 hours ago

    Sega and Paramount deserve an apology from society

  • Galin Paskalev
    Galin Paskalev 3 hours ago

    furries gone wrong

    ENRAGED BLOCKS 3 hours ago

    So what's next?
    A realistic Crash bandicoot & Donkey Kong or even a spyro movie

    *For the Love of God dont let that become reality*

  • Liz 287
    Liz 287 4 hours ago

    WHY GOD WHY this

  • Gamerplayz
    Gamerplayz 4 hours ago

    If I was in this movie I would be embarrassed

  • TopHat Videos Inc.
    TopHat Videos Inc. 4 hours ago

    I don't like this, it's unsettling... I want Jesus to come back now.

  • Ian Meiners
    Ian Meiners 4 hours ago


  • Vana Ri
    Vana Ri 4 hours ago

    I honestly don't get the hate? This fits the style of the musical. Not actual cats, but people in cat costumes. It looks good - I like it.

  • Jonathan Schneider
    Jonathan Schneider 4 hours ago

    One question: Why?

  • Blueberry Lynx
    Blueberry Lynx 5 hours ago


  • Blueberry Lynx
    Blueberry Lynx 5 hours ago

    Even furries hates this.

  • Ralph Macchiato
    Ralph Macchiato 5 hours ago

    Neuter them all, I say

  • artificial colour
    artificial colour 5 hours ago

    This is another sonic situation

  • artificial colour
    artificial colour 5 hours ago

    *UHH MEOW?*

  • Incognito exists FBI: Damn


  • MAMA Mim
    MAMA Mim 5 hours ago

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting very puss in boots from Shrek vibes 0:44 in lol 😂

  • KaiSatori UwU
    KaiSatori UwU 6 hours ago

    I saw this on a Draw with Jazza video, did not know what I was coming to. James Corden is one of the only good things to be in this movie. But why did he even agree to it??

  • Mike Gorman
    Mike Gorman 6 hours ago +2

    We've been taking Sonic's movie design for granted this whole time.

  • seven
    seven 6 hours ago

    Finally a good horror movie to watch !👏

  • Felicia Koey
    Felicia Koey 6 hours ago

    I guess just listen to the music and close your eyes. Should be fine

  • Lemon Juice
    Lemon Juice 7 hours ago

    Actually, it isn‘t that bad.😐

  • MyNamingSkills
    MyNamingSkills 7 hours ago

    Gamers would like to know your location.

  • Dalek Cat
    Dalek Cat 7 hours ago

    what is this monstrosity!!!?

  • Don'tTouchMahSpaghet
    Don'tTouchMahSpaghet 7 hours ago

    I agree with Thanos a little bit more everyday

  • James Smith
    James Smith 7 hours ago

    this is horrifying and i want nothing to do with it

  • Hongorzul B
    Hongorzul B 9 hours ago +1

    Cats was one of my fav musicals so I'm not ganna be judgemental before I watch it 😂😌

  • venom646464
    venom646464 9 hours ago +3

    People: *watch cats trailer*
    *turn to sonic trailer*
    People: perhaps we treated you too harshly

  • Chanoch Baranes
    Chanoch Baranes 9 hours ago +1


  • Gary Richie
    Gary Richie 9 hours ago +1

    Do You Like The Sonic Movie Trailer Now?

  • khu fra
    khu fra 10 hours ago +1

    This is nightmare fuel even the sonic one is better

  • emersonspz
    emersonspz 10 hours ago +1

    If they just made them humans with cat ears and tails that would be way less money and everyone would want to see it

  • Ellie’s art world
    Ellie’s art world 10 hours ago

    I hate this

  • FoulerMite 35443
    FoulerMite 35443 10 hours ago +1

    I have one question


  • carolyn williams
    carolyn williams 11 hours ago +1

    i’m excited to see this

  • John Klingberg
    John Klingberg 11 hours ago

    On the bright side, with the cancer I contracted from watching this trailer, I'll die by the time it's released.

  • That one guy that's me
    That one guy that's me 11 hours ago

    This is just disturbing

  • Brooke Wittermann
    Brooke Wittermann 12 hours ago

    Is this supposed to b a horror movie cause like....

  • I D K
    I D K 12 hours ago

    James Corden.... why... you took a casual break from carpool karaoke for THIS?

  • Cyn Fox
    Cyn Fox 13 hours ago

    This movie seems amazing!!!!!

    As long as you turn of your screen. The music sounds good but that's it.

  • Interferon
    Interferon 14 hours ago

    Hollywood needs to pull well back from the Uncanny Valley. CGI is getting so good that your subconscious thinks it is real, but not perfect enough. So it gives you the creeps. This is gonna give kids nightmares for weeks.
    When they can leap completely over the uncanny valley, they can proceed. But not until.

  • Mikey O.
    Mikey O. 14 hours ago

    Me: Give me a Neko maid?
    God: OK!~
    Me: * sees this *
    Also Me:*say sike right now*

  • jeepdawg05
    jeepdawg05 14 hours ago


  • Richie Lizarraga
    Richie Lizarraga 15 hours ago

    this is a mistake and you know it

  • FrostyRPGT
    FrostyRPGT 16 hours ago


  • ChesterCheetahsCousin Cheetos

    Furries are quaking

    MTA GAMING! 16 hours ago

    Literally who asked for this?

  • Kaele Miller
    Kaele Miller 16 hours ago

    How does one sat their phone on fire? I need answers

  • John
    John 16 hours ago

    When drag meets furry

  • Mah Succ
    Mah Succ 16 hours ago

    Yikes... This is even worst than the sonic trailer..

  • Will Dorrance
    Will Dorrance 17 hours ago

    1959: we’ll have flying cars in the future!
    2019: *cats with boobs*

  • Bran Nam
    Bran Nam 17 hours ago

    Cat in the Hat 2 looks amazing

  • Will Dorrance
    Will Dorrance 17 hours ago +2

    50 years from now people are gonna look at this and think wtf was wrong with movies back then

  • The_Forest.mp4
    The_Forest.mp4 17 hours ago

    This trailer brings me fear

  • OriginalOreo
    OriginalOreo 17 hours ago

    Me:Ooh a cat movie
    Me:... Ok what de..
    Me:Ooh lets read some of we comments *likes every single one

  • OriginalOreo
    OriginalOreo 17 hours ago +2

    Where is the tail coming from?

  • Marble Woolf
    Marble Woolf 18 hours ago

    Welp..... I'm just gonna go lay on the highway and pray someone runs me over with a semi

  • Underwear In Space
    Underwear In Space 18 hours ago

    This isn’t right. This is the opposite of right

  • Cherryy Tea
    Cherryy Tea 18 hours ago

    When I was at lion king with my cousins and we saw this we all made a weird face and started laughing. It was scary

  • Preston kemp
    Preston kemp 19 hours ago +3

    Lets face it.
    we all know this is gonna become a cult classic.
    Don't lie to yourself.

  • Ima wolf Boo
    Ima wolf Boo 19 hours ago

    Lol I know Taylor swift loves cats but she kinda took it a little to far 😂

  • Slayer_ 99
    Slayer_ 99 19 hours ago

    after seeing this trailer, i think I'd rather see the sonic movie instead.