Solving The EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Wave 7 Puzzle!!

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
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    Today I'm going to attempt to solve the very difficult level 9 jigsaw puzzle named Wave 7 by Yuu Asaka. This requires all seven pieces to fit snuggly inside the frame... sounds easy
    No Cry - Fasion
    Ocean roads - swif7
    Snake Plant -Jobii
    Scootaloo - Jobii
    Snow Flurry - Guustavv
    Pouring Down - Frook
    Koya - Osoku
    Haku - Osoku
    Crowd Pleaser - justnormal
    Chowder - Dylan Sitts
    Baseball Card - justnormal
    Act 1 Fluvial - Jo Wandrini
    Lemon Wedge in the Sky - Sarah the instrumentalist

    Wave 7 Puzzle:
    1000's of PUZZLES Available here:
    Chris Ramsay
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    St-Sauveur, PQ
    J0R 1R0
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  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  5 days ago +2058

    3 Million is an insanely big number. I can’t even imagine what that number really is. But I know that I love what I do and it’s thanks to you guys that I get to do it.

    • Anime Aunty
      Anime Aunty Day ago

      Chris Ramsay
      Hey Chris, what's up with the Droid puzzle?
      Anybody know?

    • NewShoes
      NewShoes 2 days ago

      Chris!! I love that hoodie, where did you get it?

    • Ezekiel scoots
      Ezekiel scoots 2 days ago

      @Ms Starlight I found it its supreme patchwork sweatshirt

    • San Goku
      San Goku 2 days ago


    • Tre' Runyon
      Tre' Runyon 2 days ago

      Wait time out! You tellin me you drive a Tesla?! Dang son

  • Manoj Peaces
    Manoj Peaces Day ago

    I think it is very easy but it is brain pain video

  • Barjo’s Water Adventures

    Skip to 27:40 for result official time was 55min 44sec

  • Barjo’s Water Adventures

    Who else clicked because it reminded you of black ops

  • Random Memes
    Random Memes Day ago


    Thats how black ops 7 will look like

  • TheFakeDiamond
    TheFakeDiamond Day ago

    No One:
    Literally No One:
    Not A Single Soul:
    *Pieces Dropping On Water*

  • Ms Starlight
    Ms Starlight Day ago

    Hi, for the people who are interested, & as Chris wasn't answering people about this, (last time I looked, anyway), his hoodie is done in a similar style of indian bohemian patchwork. In the 80s/90s, clothing like Chris' hoodie were made by choosing different fabric squares & sewing these on top of the jacket or pants etc, in the bohemian patchwork style, this sometimes made the clothes bulky, but I imagine that these days you can get different types of fabrics, pre-printed to look like patchwork, to make the clothing out of & avoid this problem. Or ... you could grab a hoodie, go old school style, pick your own patterned/ plain fabrics & make your own unique version of Chris' hoodie, for yourself.
    : )

  • Master Nate
    Master Nate Day ago

    WHAT?? You've never played Tuber Simulator??

  • Assassin Gamer
    Assassin Gamer Day ago

    Your ac stupid

  • RIP X
    RIP X Day ago

    I had to check the comments first just to see if anybody thought of black ops instantly like I did when they saw the thumbnail

  • Kayla Hill
    Kayla Hill Day ago

    People saying the solution was so obvious but it gets 10x harder when your actually in the moment trying to do it. It also helps that people saying it was obvious had seen the vid already lol

    VHS_STATI C Day ago

    You suck that is so easy I have one of those

  • KinkyPotatoe
    KinkyPotatoe Day ago

    When i think waves i think of them overlapping each other

  • Alan Ramos
    Alan Ramos Day ago

    He almost had on 19:40 i think that the right time stamp

  • thatchicalee
    thatchicalee Day ago

    I jumped when he got it

  • Sandy_Paws 021415

    Did anyone else spot how to do it and hate that he didn’t get it faster

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug Day ago

    You should do a explaining your tattoos videos

  • DSG-Harry
    DSG-Harry Day ago

    When black ops 7 creates a puzzle

  • S1mple loves NaVi

    can someone tell me where can i find a magic or cardistry shop in san jose and san francisco pls

  • Ddraig 07
    Ddraig 07 Day ago

    hmm it wasn't that hard you just made it look difficult.

    RIZE CLOWN Day ago

    I was completely wrong

    RIZE CLOWN Day ago

    Ok never mind but at this point top goes bottom but flipped

    RIZE CLOWN Day ago

    I can see it right now bottom two go top two

  • Jessica Kelley
    Jessica Kelley Day ago

    I figured it out 5+ minutes before he did, so I was practically having an aneurysm seeing him come close and then throw all the pieces out and start over.

  • Risnox
    Risnox Day ago +1

    *Thumbnail looks like Black Ops 7 Trailer*

  • Dalton Perry
    Dalton Perry Day ago

    I don't like how there was little spaces left

  • Voided If Broken

    Good to see all the 180 iq geniuses have flocked to comments to say how they could see the solution straight away.

  • Natalie Hemlinger

    Did anyone else see the soulution in the begging?..... no.. just me.. ok

  • Zahran Djappa
    Zahran Djappa Day ago

    I'm from Tunisia I'm a big fan dud 💕 👏

  • Ang Design
    Ang Design Day ago

    Is it just me or does this not seem like the correct solution.

  • siso_0 _
    siso_0 _ Day ago

    Activision trying to fit black ops 7 in the required space

  • Carly
    Carly Day ago

    Totally just curious what this dudes relationship status is... is that a wedding ring?

  • blakee.__
    blakee.__ Day ago

    COD BO7 ?

  • Lostin Dubstep
    Lostin Dubstep Day ago

    That hoodie though!!😍 I want

  • The CraZed HuMor

    You can tell Chris gets seriously displeased that he was lost at 15:40

  • Trey Moody
    Trey Moody Day ago

    You should do a explaining your tattoos videos

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl Day ago

      I’m only gonna say one thing: Bo7

  • TVDiscryeet
    TVDiscryeet Day ago

    are you in any way related to gordon

  • Shannon Naccarati

    Make the pieces look like a WiFi symbol off the board then put it the same way on the board!!!

  • Joshua Kaplan
    Joshua Kaplan Day ago

    dude stop wearing supreme. you're a magician vlogger

  • Momochi 8X
    Momochi 8X Day ago +1

    Villager: 9:54

  • Kommentare Kommentierer

    17:06 TRIGGERED

  • RedlobsterCAP Hi

    Tbh tge intro u guys were gonna do with the aquarium is horrible

  • Reversed Soundtracks

    I don’t know why but I thought this was a new black ops by the thumbnail

  • Will Bill
    Will Bill Day ago

    Yeah, black ops all the way

  • Savannah Montgomery

    Towards the very end of fixing it. I could see where the last few pieces should go and when he didn't put them there I was getting so frustrated. To be fair though I probably wouldn't have gotten the first few pieces . 😂😂😂

  • Mallory Gray
    Mallory Gray Day ago

    that hoodie tho 😍😍😍

  • TheHammer 8946
    TheHammer 8946 Day ago

    Am I the only one who was triggered by the fact that he took the picture as a live photo

  • Mr. King Man
    Mr. King Man Day ago

    congrats on 3 Million, just found a toy I lost when I was a kid, so yeah. we both feeling major accomplishments.

  • black bear
    black bear Day ago

    During the video you're over thinking it I might know how it works but I might be to confident

  • Phyllis Smith
    Phyllis Smith Day ago

    I am great at the jigsaw realm puzzles but very bad at the finger puzzles. I was yelling, "on the left!" for the last five minutes but I am always completely lost when you are working the metal and twisted puzzles. haha great fun. Thanks for another great video.

  • Freya K
    Freya K Day ago

    My favourite thing is how he always seems to solve it by accident. Like he tries for an hour and then it’s just him moving one piece in and then a beat and then a surprised noise

  • Maxwell Van Gulik

    I solved it by looking at the thumbnail for a few seconds bro how tf did this take u over half an hour?

  • Erika Dvoršak
    Erika Dvoršak Day ago

    The dude's name is basically Yuu Sucka so yeah... congrats, Chris!

  • Maximilian Bennett

    I’m only gonna say one thing:


  • Ginger Loves Warriors

    I like how Chris just screams when he does it like "WHOA, it's possible?!"

  • The ULTIMATE PineApple

    I saw it 30 min ago

  • Steven Faiello
    Steven Faiello Day ago

    How did you do the trick on mr beasts Chanel?

  • Jordy Brink
    Jordy Brink Day ago

    Does the timer freezes for just half a second?? @10:50 (video) @24:43 (timer)

  • Hiddenpinecone
    Hiddenpinecone Day ago

    You make me sad I did it in 10 minutes

  • jarsh
    jarsh Day ago

    i really dig his tattoos, but it looks like he went in on multiple occasions and just said "ah yes, one tattoo please"

  • Dark_ huntress
    Dark_ huntress Day ago

    Ya so my mom found out the solution in like 10mins and was telling the rest of the time

  • Isaac Ohlert
    Isaac Ohlert Day ago

    There are these really well made wooden puzzles that are kind of like this one. My favorite one is this,
    He has many more, but they are definitely worth a look.

  • emo werewolf
    emo werewolf Day ago

    Me:(sees thumbnail)
    My mind: its a puzzle,its a puzzle,its a puzzle,its a puzzle!
    Me: "ITS BLACK OPS!!!!"

  • xxXTylerGamingYTXxx

    for the thumbnail, just turn it over

  • Wuurx Games
    Wuurx Games Day ago

    Congrats on 3 mil dude. Love the vids and the vibe of this channel, keep it up

  • TheCardTrickster: Card Tricks revealed

    Congratulations to 3 Mio. Subs. Your the greatest!!

  • Jeff McConnell
    Jeff McConnell Day ago

    It's the Black Ops 7 puzzle.

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light Day ago

    I spend the last 3 days watching you and it wasn’t a waste of time, it was actually really worth it, and deymm bro you have a shitton of decks 😳😳😳😳😳

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover Day ago

    Where'd you get the hoodie!?

  • Jesse Colgan
    Jesse Colgan Day ago

    Yo brotha idk if it was from the filmed view but about 30 mins on yer timer in I saw the pattern. I kept thinking Ud get it and ud pull m all out haha