Solving The EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Wave 7 Puzzle!!

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
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    Today I'm going to attempt to solve the very difficult level 9 jigsaw puzzle named Wave 7 by Yuu Asaka. This requires all seven pieces to fit snuggly inside the frame... sounds easy
    No Cry - Fasion
    Ocean roads - swif7
    Snake Plant -Jobii
    Scootaloo - Jobii
    Snow Flurry - Guustavv
    Pouring Down - Frook
    Koya - Osoku
    Haku - Osoku
    Crowd Pleaser - justnormal
    Chowder - Dylan Sitts
    Baseball Card - justnormal
    Act 1 Fluvial - Jo Wandrini
    Lemon Wedge in the Sky - Sarah the instrumentalist

    Wave 7 Puzzle:
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  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  3 months ago +2915

    3 Million is an insanely big number. I can’t even imagine what that number really is. But I know that I love what I do and it’s thanks to you guys that I get to do it.

    • Raman Aujla
      Raman Aujla Month ago

      Where did u buy that jacket

    • Pumi Rows
      Pumi Rows Month ago

      You're amazing, sir🔥

    • Lio Bobadilla
      Lio Bobadilla Month ago

      Where you get that sweater tho?

    • Amanda Rogers
      Amanda Rogers 2 months ago

      Do you ever get mad at yourself when you edit the video. Because for from the wave til the end im like screaming at you.....flip it to the other on each side!!! 😂

    • Rajan Bhogal
      Rajan Bhogal 2 months ago


  • Sinkiniser Squad
    Sinkiniser Squad 17 hours ago

    It took you so long I knew it earlier

  • Sinkiniser Squad
    Sinkiniser Squad 17 hours ago

    This is so easy how did it take you so long

  • CJx Fantomuwolf狼

    Cod black ops 7

  • Newton S4O
    Newton S4O 2 days ago

    Chris Ramsay: What’s left?
    Me: Left is a word and a direction! Ur welcome!

  • Jojit Cereno
    Jojit Cereno 2 days ago

    always waiting for your new Solving Puzzle ! Huge Fan from Philippines 🇨🇿✌️🔥

  • Jim Raynor
    Jim Raynor 3 days ago

    Every time I watch these puzzles I'm like Ah yes, close.. No, wait! Nvm..

  • Engineering The Metals

    I want you to know, one of my first thoughts was that the wave title refers to it looking like ripples out from a point, like that tiny notch that drove you crazy.

  • NextLevelAngling
    NextLevelAngling 4 days ago

    I bet you have the coolest shit in your house

  • Hope Crawford
    Hope Crawford 4 days ago

    I am sitting here going crazy I figured it out 10min ago

  • MadDog 2020
    MadDog 2020 4 days ago +1

    Imagine if in one of these puzzles the company sent one wrong piece

  • Vytautas Kavaliūnas

    The struggle when you can see the solution, but have to watch till the end, to see how long it will take for you :D

  • Nacia Grace
    Nacia Grace 6 days ago

    Love this puzzle!

  • LexMc0606
    LexMc0606 6 days ago

    Hey, one of the small number of comments that ISN'T about COD:BO! I really find this interesting because it seems like it all fits together from left to right in one way or another.

  • Jerry Gamer
    Jerry Gamer 6 days ago

    Are you related to gordam ramsey?

  • Dan McCabe
    Dan McCabe 12 days ago


  • ArcaneRainFell
    ArcaneRainFell 12 days ago

    18:22 won't it work if you flip over all 3 top pieces together?

  • Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy 13 days ago +1

    Solving starts at 3:45

  • CmpMean
    CmpMean 14 days ago

    Guessed the solution less than a minute into the attempt

  • Victor
    Victor 14 days ago

    All I could see is black ops 4 logo

  • Daniel  Bruce
    Daniel Bruce 14 days ago +1

    I had this puzzle solved in 10 minutes but entertaining to watch

  • SanctusDemonus
    SanctusDemonus 17 days ago

    U got soo damn close to the solution like 4 times it was always just. Small flip here or there. But atleast ya got it

  • Jamie Carlin
    Jamie Carlin 18 days ago

    4:13 black ops 6 CONFIRMED!

  • eli hendricks
    eli hendricks 18 days ago

    This video just pissed me off so much bc you arent trying any of my ideas, not your gault its just frustrating bc i dont have the puzzle to try😂😂

    • eli hendricks
      eli hendricks 18 days ago

      And for some reason i still think theres a dif way to solve this

  • Gabriela Diaz
    Gabriela Diaz 18 days ago +1

    I won't like another one of Chris's videos until he figures out how to pick a background color that lets us see what is going on better.

  • Jax Precisioner
    Jax Precisioner 19 days ago

    tss. very easy

    NICK ROBI 20 days ago

    YO WASSUP!!!

  • Deborah Ecklund
    Deborah Ecklund 21 day ago

    I am so screaming at my CPU right now

  • Bruno Di Sarcina
    Bruno Di Sarcina 22 days ago

    Black Ops 7?

  • Ryan Sewalt
    Ryan Sewalt 22 days ago +1

    5 adds? 100% ruins the artistic value of what this guy makes

  • Arkeltays
    Arkeltays 23 days ago

    This puzzle look like Black Ops 7

  • M O O D
    M O O D 23 days ago

    Ya know?

  • Luca Canali
    Luca Canali 24 days ago

    Treyarch tryna make bo7 here

  • Rasim Hait
    Rasim Hait 25 days ago

    is it Ragnar from Vikings?

  • Niel Biesemans
    Niel Biesemans 25 days ago

    This reminds me of bacon

  • Snipersboy14
    Snipersboy14 26 days ago

    It fits with magic

  • Dustin Hoornaert
    Dustin Hoornaert 26 days ago

    I remember watching you at like 50k, not long ago at all either. You have really made it far in such a short time.

  • Ms. VSCO
    Ms. VSCO 26 days ago

    El stupido

  • Paouie Alarcon
    Paouie Alarcon 26 days ago +1

    I knew it from the start the formation of the puzzle. It's up to you to figure how will they fit each other

  • Ian Mullally
    Ian Mullally 26 days ago

    I was here since 70k congratulations chris, you thought me so much and provided amazing content for the past few years. Well done 👍👍👍

  • lily duncan
    lily duncan 26 days ago

    It's so frustrating figuring it out long before he does, not his fault, mine for figuring it out so early 😂

  • Dana Spitzl
    Dana Spitzl 27 days ago

    Omfg this ist the best fckng shirt I've ever seen omg. I love it please tell me where I can find it

  • Никита Бабич

    Noticed solution on 22:55

  • rx323bug
    rx323bug 27 days ago

    Literally yelling at my phone for the last 30seconds 😂 “put that one on the other side! YES c*~t! 😂

  • Parsa Pourjabar
    Parsa Pourjabar 27 days ago

    The puzzle just reminds me of the Black Ops numbers

  • Joshua Sovea
    Joshua Sovea 27 days ago

    For the lazy and damned : 24:26

  • Manwitha Machinegun
    Manwitha Machinegun 28 days ago

    It's called the wave puzzle because the pieces look like waves *sigh*

  • Halo Payload
    Halo Payload 28 days ago +1

    Actual solving starts at 3:48, thank me later.

  • Paige Mckenzie
    Paige Mckenzie 29 days ago

    they look like oddly shaped macaroni

  • Yves Sioui
    Yves Sioui 29 days ago

    A little deception here. I think you have to practice more on regular Trangram. 55 minutes is much too long for a 7 piece puzzle.

    • I'm Running Out Of Ideas
      I'm Running Out Of Ideas 27 days ago

      Highly doubt you’d be able to do this any faster without having watched someone else do it.

  • wade willoughby
    wade willoughby 29 days ago

    I need that hoodie

  • Neeraj Kumar
    Neeraj Kumar Month ago

    It's extremely easy to solve.

  • every kiss beggin with kay kay kay

    Lets be honest, we all here for that black ops 7 logo

  • JBlaire14
    JBlaire14 Month ago

    I know he’ll figure this out but for now this is really hard to watch

  • Hard Core M_O_H
    Hard Core M_O_H Month ago

    can i ask why do people make intros louder than the the show or episode i cant watch these now during the night as the intro is to load and the neighbours complain about the noise i make during the night so now i cant watch these during the night any more

  • Reps for Jesus
    Reps for Jesus Month ago

    Editor: How much color saturation do you want?
    Chris: *All of it.*

  • Pot And gold
    Pot And gold Month ago

    8:57 did he say “and I oop?”

  • Tessa Ortiz
    Tessa Ortiz Month ago +3

    Who else is screaming at the phone at 8:15 when he has it figured out and just need to put the snug pieces in the middle 😭😭🤬

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    When you have only 7 pieces and you think how hard this can be? And then spend too many minutes to sort it out 😂

  • Dalton States
    Dalton States Month ago

    Absolutely love his videos however he shows the solution in the cover picture for the video all you have to do is rotate the last piece