I Bought... Nothing?! | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products

  • Published on Aug 19, 2017
  • Electric Drifting Trike! | DOPE or NOPE?! ➡ thexvid.com/video/rozXlMKZiZg/video.html
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    #1 Racing Grannies ➡ amzn.to/2wamW7R
    #2 Hologram ➡ amzn.to/2t077M2
    #3 Pogo Stick ➡ amzn.to/2wa7usm
    #4 Flying Monkey ➡ amzn.to/2uQn2BP
    #5 Tactical Pen ➡ amzn.to/2t0oaOe
    #6 Jumbo Cards ➡ amzn.to/2usif91
    #7 Chicken Game ➡ amzn.to/2tV8ZHl
    #8 Nothing ➡ amzn.to/2t06Dpc
    #9 Fake Tongues ➡ amzn.to/2uszuXJ
    #10 Lens Mug ➡ amzn.to/2waw8cl
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  • DOPE or NOPE
    DOPE or NOPE  2 years ago +7247

    Those fake tongues were seriously so gross! They were a little TOO realistic for my own comfort. If you liked this video, go check out "12 Million Volt Samsung Stunner! | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products!” thexvid.com/video/ff-Fsop_82I/video.html

  • Jimmy Fletcher
    Jimmy Fletcher 19 hours ago

    I had that monkey when i was little.

  • Supercats
    Supercats Day ago +1

    I have the monkey for some reason in my room. You beat it up :(

  • Adelaide Stell
    Adelaide Stell 2 days ago

    Me looking back at Matthias with the clean face

    I like a big beard a like a clean face~~

  • Ethan Bickerstaff
    Ethan Bickerstaff 2 days ago

    Your suppose to hold the glass-breaker on the glass than it will shader not stab it

  • Expired milk 132
    Expired milk 132 11 days ago

    I had one of those monkeys as a kid

  • Dfgvgh ffghjk
    Dfgvgh ffghjk 13 days ago

    Almost 2020 viewers leave a like

  • SomeCallMeShady
    SomeCallMeShady 16 days ago

    By making nothing a thing, doesn’t that mean that you’ve just made nothing into a thing?

  • Omg Itz Shadow Boy
    Omg Itz Shadow Boy 18 days ago

    Anyone 2019

  • Gaming TV
    Gaming TV 18 days ago

    10 item for 22 minute

  • Amazing Joe36
    Amazing Joe36 18 days ago

    What do u think of this video now?

  • Ermuun Ganbat
    Ermuun Ganbat 23 days ago

    My name is ermuun!!!!!!!

  • Duffy Cartwright
    Duffy Cartwright 24 days ago

    You try to act like your a kid but your like forty

  • Jessica Resler
    Jessica Resler 26 days ago

    I just want to let you know I pushed a light button and every time I pushed a white button I would like chill know that I am accessible for your channel

  • SuperSwamp
    SuperSwamp 26 days ago


  • i eat trees because yes 783

    Mathias:dont hurt it it's a little monkey (he says while punching it in the chest with full force)

  • Paul Fuellbrandt
    Paul Fuellbrandt Month ago

    I remember the flying monkey from when i was really small

  • Stephen Foley
    Stephen Foley Month ago

    I am subscribed

  • Tajkia A
    Tajkia A Month ago

    3:45 I have that

  • Ray C
    Ray C Month ago

    Mathias: what to do now,
    Connor: cut it's head of,
    Mathias: your voilent its a monkey connor,
    Mathias: keeps slamming the monkey
    Me: slaps head yea like if thats not brutal.

  • Banana_gamer Banana
    Banana_gamer Banana Month ago +1


    Edit: i missed the like and subscribe button

  • Fortnite Fun
    Fortnite Fun 2 months ago


  • Shafiek Xiang
    Shafiek Xiang 2 months ago +2

    Don't you guys think he looks like a jurk without his beard.

  • Slav Squirrel!
    Slav Squirrel! 2 months ago +1


  • rєquírєdαєsthєtícs

    the freaking monkey brought back so many memories i had one and when i wanted to play toys when i was supposed to sleep i would always put him away locked up

  • wolf random
    wolf random 2 months ago +1

    here in 2019 anyone

  • Jayce Harris
    Jayce Harris 2 months ago

    Hello I am from the future this will no longer be matthias it will be DOPE OR NOPE take my warning before it is too late

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Baked

    It’s a little monkey Conner, proceeds to smash it

  • Reinee Cailin
    Reinee Cailin 3 months ago

    I think the fake tongue is to help your acting skills so to others,it seems more realistic?

  • King fire 123
    King fire 123 3 months ago


  • The 3D Printing Corner
    The 3D Printing Corner 3 months ago

    One of those Monkeys has sat on my desk for well over a decade, and it will still scream if you shoot it

  • Glamerslan4
    Glamerslan4 3 months ago


  • WhiteWolfStark13
    WhiteWolfStark13 3 months ago

    the pen is kind of stupid because you can still get DNA from scissors or knife, just saying.

  • mashroob
    mashroob 3 months ago +1

    Could be worse you could be buying AOL 3.0 or AOL 4.0 CDs... (up to 6.0.)

  • Oreo Keks
    Oreo Keks 3 months ago +1

    Today is exactly 2 years to this video august 19th 2019

  • BlueArcade
    BlueArcade 3 months ago

    Also is this a store I’ll like to buy the fake touches pls how much is the likes I give this game is made by me now

  • Jocelyn's animation's
    Jocelyn's animation's 3 months ago +1

    Anyone thought there was clear slime in the "Nothing"

  • xI-_Suic1de _-Ix
    xI-_Suic1de _-Ix 3 months ago +1

    Matthias looks like a teenager

  • Spoupou260
    Spoupou260 3 months ago +1

    7:28 well FBI coming at your door

  • DragonLover
    DragonLover 3 months ago +1

    Matt's voice got so high at the end

  • クローヴィス
    クローヴィス 4 months ago +2

    Dope or nope?

  • Fi puppygirl
    Fi puppygirl 4 months ago +1

    I can not hit the bell it's not on my tablet ha

  • The Instinct
    The Instinct 4 months ago

    It was too good when you made videos like this but now a grouped video i think is a bad idea

    GURURAJ BILAGI 4 months ago

    Your face is cringy... Sorry

  • 아나다
    아나다 4 months ago

    You are like the Israeli president😆

  • TheMangledTriangle
    TheMangledTriangle 4 months ago

    I wish I could get 12 million views for nothing

  • gramps 13
    gramps 13 4 months ago

    It was funny u got to the monkey and u said just stop and my video froze and then it played but then u said stop multiple times and it stopped like forteen times

  • Christian Villaseñor
    Christian Villaseñor 4 months ago

    I am a OG subscriber

  • Mark Lepka
    Mark Lepka 4 months ago


  • Alexander Jankiewicz
    Alexander Jankiewicz 4 months ago

    I had one of the monkeys

  • Hamzeh Gamer
    Hamzeh Gamer 4 months ago +1

    الي عربي ونازل يقول الفيديو يقلد اوبلز opilz لايك

  • Tweekedout
    Tweekedout 4 months ago

    509k get on it, pogo

  • Ryan Agge
    Ryan Agge 4 months ago

    I had that flying monkey. I loved it.

  • Silvano
    Silvano 4 months ago

    Table to slippery

  • Exotic butters
    Exotic butters 4 months ago +1

    7:00 I HAVE TWO OF THESE!!!!! i’m not joking!

  • FreddyPg god
    FreddyPg god 4 months ago

    i have the monkey with the cape

  • Starless
    Starless 4 months ago +1

    *y o u g e t n o t h i n g*

  • EduardDestroyer9
    EduardDestroyer9 4 months ago

    11:48 what this is markiplier

  • Vilma P
    Vilma P 5 months ago +3

    i love your vids and give me the pogo stick that goes 10 feet tall

  • P BF
    P BF 5 months ago

    The tungsten tip was like they can't destroy me if I destroy myself