• Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • This video was pre filmed 7 weeks ago, prior to everything happening with my brand & social media. Hang in there with me while I make my way back to socials. xoxo


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  • MiaRose
    MiaRose 2 hours ago +1

    Awwee @Jaclyn Hill...send me a free one of (everything in) your Morphe products please! And your BESTIE is in labor, Fukn head for the hill's lol wtf we can wait for another day!!💯💯

  • Cesiley Thorson
    Cesiley Thorson 3 days ago

    Eyes are my favorite and yes, brows suck!

  • Keesha Paul
    Keesha Paul 6 days ago

    does she do face tune in every video?

  • Amy Kravochuck
    Amy Kravochuck 11 days ago

    I just read what happened with this girl's lipstick company. Shame on all of you "fans" of hers. Sounds like she's trying to build her own empire...and you all are crapping on her for a quality issue. Sad that this is the way human's treat one another. Good for you, Jacklyn for dusting off and getting back out there to make videos.

  • Amy Kravochuck
    Amy Kravochuck 11 days ago

    Why is everyone in the comments hating on this girl?! I'm just here looking for beauty videos and everyone's going crazy. Sounds like something happened with a lipstick (I don't know honestly). Whatever happened with her remember she's a human and has actual feelings regardless of how jealous you all are of her.

  • Morgan Julio
    Morgan Julio 14 days ago

    I wasn’t able to afford your palette until this month but I finally got my hands on it. LOVE the palette, love your videos, love you. 🤟🏻

  • Naomi Hoffman
    Naomi Hoffman 17 days ago

    All these comments are so negative and nasty!! I honestly have never this level of hatred and filth in a comments section before. Shame on all you people!

  • Sehrish Shan
    Sehrish Shan 18 days ago +2

    Can everyone just stop hating like if you don’t liked her or her brand or her attitude then JUST LEAVE!! FFS man, like really why you gotta hate!! 🙄🙄🙄

  • Lottie Stenning
    Lottie Stenning 19 days ago

    My favourite step is probably mascara because it really brings the whole look together. My least favourite is probably foundation just because it doesn’t change. The way the apply it basically stays the same all the time❤️

  • Mayleen Diaz
    Mayleen Diaz 20 days ago

    I dont know why people are so freaking negative, if you dont like someone, then dont watch their videos. If her lip stick didnt work out, oh well. She is doing good in other things. Stop the hate.

  • Mayleen Diaz
    Mayleen Diaz 20 days ago

    I like the Milani 2 in 1, and also love my maybeline foundation and powder. Hate the colorpop concealer, but love the Morphe and Maybeline. Love you girly

  • Jenee Martins
    Jenee Martins 20 days ago

    I need to try all of these, because my skin just recently became so dry and any powder makes it look cakey

  • Jenee Martins
    Jenee Martins 20 days ago

    Foundation & Bronzer, changes my whole face. Idk how some people have never worn bronzer

  • Ava Bast
    Ava Bast 24 days ago

    I like doing my eyeshadow

  • Stud Bombay
    Stud Bombay 24 days ago

    Why is your face so puffy?

  • Susan Compton
    Susan Compton 25 days ago

    Your makeup look is beautiful you remind me a lot of Elizabeth Taylor

  • Gracie C
    Gracie C 29 days ago

    I love this video Jaclyn! Keep up your amazing videos!!❤️

  • Shantell Paxton
    Shantell Paxton 29 days ago

    She looks so beautiful without make up

  • Julia Dolak
    Julia Dolak Month ago

    Lmaooo if me & everyone whose hating in the comments had the money to use high end products I’m sure we all would, so quit coming at her for trying to show drugstore products

    • Julia Dolak
      Julia Dolak Month ago

      & if you know how to use makeup you can make just about any product work 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • aztrid alvillar
    aztrid alvillar Month ago

    Film more neutral/ nude / bronzey videos with your palette!!! Please 😍😍😍😍🥰

  • Jemima victor
    Jemima victor Month ago

    Have to admit she is such a good teacher 💯

  • Jemima victor
    Jemima victor Month ago

    My favourite part of doing my makeup is lipstick, blush and eyes😊😊❤️

  • Sadie Martin
    Sadie Martin Month ago

    I need help on what lashes to use while wearing glasses? Help!!!!

  • Gilmour11
    Gilmour11 Month ago

    I swear I mean absolutely no disrespect or offense to anyone but what I wouldn’t give to stop waiting and wondering when people are going to stop saying “SHOOK”. I absolutely can’t stand that word. Every time I hear anyone use it it just sounds so desperate. We should blaze our own trails. Let the followers follow while we decide to cut our own path to originality.

  • Lily Pariz
    Lily Pariz Month ago

    Not everyone can afford your palette jaclyn or the Anastasia brow wiz 😪😪

  • Melissa Peat
    Melissa Peat Month ago

    Some of y’all are just mean, bitter and spiteful. She doesn’t make videos to piss y’all off. She does it because it’s something she enjoys doing. How would y’all feel if your every move was criticized? She has apologized for her lipsticks. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. And you can’t blame her for being excited about the baby. You ever think maybe she started the video and then got the news about how far along her friend was, but she wanted to finish for us? The people who actually still enjoy watching her videos. And as for the fact that it’s supposed to be her go to glam on a budget, that doesn’t mean it’s all drugstore products that she’s been using. It just means that it’s an affordable option to what she has been using. Still love you Jaclyn. Keep your head up girlfriend. ♥️

  • Diana Konwin
    Diana Konwin Month ago

    I enjoy watching your videos, thank you for making these, you put on makeup like a queen! Peace.

  • Mackynzi Jones
    Mackynzi Jones Month ago

    I seriously watch every video you upload to try and do my makeup exactly like yours cause it ALWAYS looks amazing.😩😩😍 praying I win a day of your Christmas giveaway so I can use the same products as you!!

  • Georgia Mascarenas
    Georgia Mascarenas Month ago

    "all ova the cheeks" 😂😂

  • Pamela Scott
    Pamela Scott Month ago

    Jaclyn please believe that there are so many people who love your talent. It’s apparent that allot of people in this world will go to the Internet to put someone down who has more talent in her pinky toe than they ever will in this life and 2 more. Protect your energy and live your best life. I will wait for the next tutorial

  • Pamela Scott
    Pamela Scott Month ago +1

    Concealer and contouring are my favorite

  • Grace Otisi
    Grace Otisi Month ago

    The ending is disgusting ew she’s 🤮🤢

  • jlove 123
    jlove 123 Month ago

    My favorite step is foundation too because there are so many types plus I like when my complexion looks smooth. And I also like blush... I like bringing a little color (life) to my look after my foundation, contour and bronzer is set with a nice blended blush color! Luv u Jaclyn 🧡💞 Merry Christmas ☃️🎅🎁

  • Belinda's Vanity
    Belinda's Vanity Month ago

    blush is my fev step

  • Makeup by Clarice Neri

    My favorite step: Lashes
    My unfavorite step: Lipstick

  • november132
    november132 Month ago

    when you said huffy puffy i thought you were referring to your fillers lol

  • Speedstacker 481
    Speedstacker 481 Month ago +1

    my favorite part is eyeshadow!! least favorite is either brows or foundation: not because i don’t like foundation, it’s because i just find it kind of boring because i do the same thing every time, whereas eyeshadow is more like an “on-the-moment” type thing and i love sitting down and doing eyeshadow👍love you jaclyn❤️

  • Namaste 22
    Namaste 22 Month ago

    Same foundation is my fave eyebrows an eyeliner the least 👌

  • Glamour By Jaimi
    Glamour By Jaimi Month ago +1

    Favorite step: foundation
    Least favorite step: applying false lashes

  • Emily Campbell
    Emily Campbell Month ago

    Girl you didn’t tell us what you used on your lips after the liner!!! 😕

  • Sherry Corless
    Sherry Corless Month ago

    I love this look! So pretty! And just a pinch of highlight! Nice job!

  • Princess Magpatoc
    Princess Magpatoc Month ago

    This should have been a first impression video

  • Toni Fajardo
    Toni Fajardo Month ago

    Eyebrows are definitely my least favorite part of getting ready. I'm constantly going back and tweaking them. I am loving Benefit's Gimme's the quickest way for me to get a natural looking brow.

  • Amelia Rays
    Amelia Rays 2 months ago

    Wanna see more of these

  • Gwen Pidgeon
    Gwen Pidgeon 2 months ago +3

    This is her face only 3 months ago?
    WTF is happening?

  • heidi labatch
    heidi labatch 2 months ago

    your eyes are stunning always so bright and white!!!

  • Samantha Hess
    Samantha Hess 2 months ago

    My fav part of doing my makeup is probably... the eyeshadow ☺️👍🏼💕. Your amazing Jaclyn! So beautiful ❤️

  • Primary Colors
    Primary Colors 2 months ago

    Wow!!! None of this is cheap!

  • Jessica Wharton
    Jessica Wharton 2 months ago

    Man, this kinda comment can go so far left so quickly... but im just gonna say it. I have to. Jaclyn looks just a TINY BIT thicker, in the face, chest/collarbone areas, she just looks the smallest bit thicker, and i think it looks FREAKIN AMAZING. I’ve been torn on how i feel about Jaclyn lately, man, im so conflicted, but all that drama and opinions aside, i think this girl looks THE ABSOLUTE BEST with some thickums on her. I dunno! I just feel it strongly. Please help me feel less psycho and tell me SOMEONE sees what i mean?!! ;))))

    MISSPESTANITAS10 2 months ago

    What lashes shes wearing

  • ObsessingAndDigressing
    ObsessingAndDigressing 2 months ago +1

    i feel like l’oréal tru blend undercover is a shape tape concealer dupe!

  • Mandi Jacober
    Mandi Jacober 2 months ago

    I hate doing my brows!!!!! They never come out the way I want!! Lol

  • Puk van Altena
    Puk van Altena 2 months ago

    Did she really just say “just pretend that I’m using an inexspensive product” like damn ur a full on brat saying that honestly

  • Shelbie Jordan
    Shelbie Jordan 2 months ago

    My fave is eyeshadow hands down but brows are easy for me thankfully but it might be cayse they’re straight

  • Jessi Price
    Jessi Price 2 months ago

    🖤🖤 Jaclyn you are stunning! Love you girl!

  • cassidyyumyums
    cassidyyumyums 2 months ago

    Hey I'm a welder and have to wear a hardhat and safety glasses at work. Can you do a makeup look for us working girls

  • Moana Kaata
    Moana Kaata 2 months ago

    yeap foundations my favourite then brows mine are real easy don't take much my less fav would have to be eyeshadow I suck so bad with shadows 😂😂

  • Lórien Björkenholt
    Lórien Björkenholt 2 months ago

    People complaining youre not yourself, youre in a rush etc... Those can stop watching your vids if they really dont like what they see. Of course you are a bit none-focused, your friend (?) is having a baby. I totally get that, love this look and most of the products I use everyday myself. Dont let the hate get to you, even though I know it can be hard sometimes. We are tons of people holding your back, I love what you do Jaclyn, been following you for maybe 7 years now. Keep being you, you are the best person being you! Lots of love.

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro 2 months ago

    Take a shot everytime a comment starts with

  • Jessica Sawyer
    Jessica Sawyer 2 months ago

    Highlight favorite and winged eye liner least favorite but I do it every fucking time!