Extreme Team-Building in Trump’s Divided America | The Daily Show

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
  • Roy Wood Jr. puts an ardent conservative and a diehard liberal through a survival simulator to see if it can help bridge their divide.
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Comments • 556

  • schchen2000
    schchen2000 22 days ago

    Who came up with this brilliant idea of uniting America through this extreme team building exercise? This is stupid. It's like walking to the neighbourhood park in order to train for a full marathon.

  • Keshav Srivastav
    Keshav Srivastav Month ago

    It's all fun in comedy show but this is dangerous..

  • JeevesReturns
    JeevesReturns Month ago

    What an incredibly stupid idea.

  • Homer 4
    Homer 4 2 months ago

    "Shit like this is why people voted for Jill Stein!"
    -Roy Wood Jr.

  • Shawn Davis
    Shawn Davis 3 months ago

    5:24 if we don't tackle climate change, we will be 👀

  • XxBlack GokuxX
    XxBlack GokuxX 4 months ago

    Wtf,i tought is dokkan battle

  • Tobias
    Tobias 5 months ago +1

    i always forget he talked about orgies to the Boyscouts
    what a great guy

  • Cangel Tibon
    Cangel Tibon 5 months ago

    Any thing that that main stream would refer to as a ‘fringe left winger’ wouldn’t have organized for Hilary, they might have held their breath and voted for her, but not enthusiastically.

  • linoone Summer
    linoone Summer 8 months ago +1

    "200 years ago we didn't have assault riffles" THE BEST LINE

  • Shawn
    Shawn 9 months ago

    The whitest republican you can find sounds like every nutjob republican
    White people. Man

  • kol shaler
    kol shaler 9 months ago

    Those code names tho😆

  • Jessie Dowlah
    Jessie Dowlah 9 months ago


  • Felicia Grady
    Felicia Grady 9 months ago

    Lol, did I really just get a "Build the Wall" ad before this video?

  • Sofia Marri
    Sofia Marri 9 months ago

    The problem is that they knew it was fake

  • Clovis Star
    Clovis Star 9 months ago

    I weep for the liberty of my culture when I discover in this early day of its productive experiment that corruption continues to be imputed to several members of the House of Representatives, while the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.

  • K B
    K B 9 months ago

    One of The Best Roy Wood Jr. Skits, Loved It

  • Berkeley Pickell
    Berkeley Pickell 9 months ago

    Yea, the tax returns are a one note tune, but hey, it turns out trump really did defraud the government for millions for years, didn't ever make his own fortune, or even any good business moves. And they still probably won't hold any real investigation.

  • Lasada
    Lasada 9 months ago

    “This is why people voted for Jill Stein!” 😂

  • xOkamiOniX
    xOkamiOniX 9 months ago

    keep everyone under water at all times? Yeah, I definitely think america needs more tsunamis!

  • Betty Schueler
    Betty Schueler 9 months ago

    You've got that right. Maybe we could gather up all the people, in the three branches of government, and drop them in the ocean. I bet they'd learn to work together really fast.

  • Dore Mi Sol
    Dore Mi Sol 9 months ago +2

    'if you want to quiet the political noise, just make sure everyone is underwater at all times'
    lmao that's fine, with Trump's environmental policies everyone will be soon anyways :D

  • Jeff Goddin
    Jeff Goddin 9 months ago

    Jill Stein! Yes!

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 9 months ago

    Anyone else hoped Dan Coulter was going to drown?

  • Markus Felber
    Markus Felber 9 months ago +1

    ‘If you wanna quiet [these guys] just make sure everybody’s under water at all times.’ Considering that the hurricanes will come more frequently, wetter and stronger, this climate change-denier administration sets the stage juuuuuust right.

  • Lena Michiels
    Lena Michiels 9 months ago

    Colleague forest start road charity sound case bean exist unknown.

  • Father
    Father 9 months ago

    Most excellent! :-)

  • Bello Imam
    Bello Imam 9 months ago

    "I am the black guy from the daily show",
    "no not Trevor, I am the other black guy"
    Epic Haha!!!

  • Rehab. Halim
    Rehab. Halim 9 months ago

    Bau Bau was in a prison suit ??

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 9 months ago +1

    I’m sorry, I can be nice to conservatives, but I cannot get along with people who believe baby cages, trump, molestation, rape, destruction of the environment, and egging on world leaders are good things.

  • V Sen
    V Sen 9 months ago

    Need this survival stimulator in my country too..

  • V Sen
    V Sen 9 months ago +1

    This is gold, needs 50M+ views.

  • Georgine Verano
    Georgine Verano 9 months ago

    white people be coming up with new ways to die

  • Phil Lewis
    Phil Lewis 9 months ago

    0:19 Did they forget the Vietnam era?

  • SoggyWaffles24
    SoggyWaffles24 9 months ago

    One of my favorite segments. I love Roy Wood Jr.

  • James Wang
    James Wang 9 months ago

    That "Dan Coulter" dude wasn't really interested in a dialogue or finding common ground. The whole crap at 3:03" demonstrated that clearly. That was NOT a political view.

  • begrudgingly
    begrudgingly 9 months ago

    We can’t argue if we’re all underwater! Global warming for the win!

  • normie x
    normie x 9 months ago

    If me and my worst enemy would be caught in a disaster situation together, the first thing i'd do is to beat the s*it out of him. I like to see the good side of any situation !

  • ReadyMindsetGo
    ReadyMindsetGo 9 months ago

    So... the silver lining is that we're all gonna die because of climate change? Hurray...?

  • Ron Villejo
    Ron Villejo 9 months ago

    "If you want to quiet the political noise, just make sure everybody is under water at all times" (lol)!

  • Ganiscol
    Ganiscol 9 months ago

    Yea, holding a trumptards head under water for silence is a compelling thought...

  • Erin Thor
    Erin Thor 9 months ago

    Next we’re going to put you through a plane crash. "No." "Yes." No. LMAO!

  • falsestart11
    falsestart11 9 months ago


  • Persian Mapper
    Persian Mapper 9 months ago

    so global warming's the solution?

  • Mogoshi Mogotsi
    Mogoshi Mogotsi 9 months ago

    I love Roy...🤣🤣🤣 no homo ✋🏾🙄

  • Marco Aguilar
    Marco Aguilar 9 months ago

    Witness a murder omg😂😂

  • Richard W. Bradford
    Richard W. Bradford 9 months ago

    How about we vote the repugs out

  • cov ky1
    cov ky1 9 months ago

    I'm letting white people drown . I understand all ain't mean but I'm not going to try to find the 100 good ones mixed in with the bad one's

  • mclarenp1deepblue
    mclarenp1deepblue 9 months ago

    Republicans, conservatives, & christians need to die! That's the only way humanity will ever survive

  • Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer

    MSM is still mongering fear about the civil war. MSM is telling you which side to choose in an accusation with no proof. Go outside. There are reasonable people out there.
    Edit: People understand that the controversy of the "shithole countries" thing wasn't the word choice right? He said he wanted to judge immigrants based on the quality of the country they were fleeing. The people from shithole countries know they're coming from a shithole. That's why they left.

  • Clayton
    Clayton 9 months ago

    This Dan dude seems like a douchebag. I bet he's got an IQ of 32 like most Trump supporters.

  • bliss amidst chaos
    bliss amidst chaos 9 months ago

    I mean, this is true. People do come together when faced with danger or catastrophe. Look at natural disasters like hurricanes. Everyone comes together to donate and volunteer to help those in need. It's incredible. The one good thing that can possibly come out of such tragedy.

    • bliss amidst chaos
      bliss amidst chaos 9 months ago

      @David-Alexandre Laurent trueee😂😂 they had to stop him from throwing cans and then there was that press conference or something where he was like "big water, ocean water"😂 he is a farce

    • David-Alexandre Laurent
      David-Alexandre Laurent 9 months ago

      And your president will come to throw towels paper to your face. 😂 (and to have a total lack of respect for people)

  • Hooyahfish
    Hooyahfish 9 months ago

    That's why we need an alien invasion or a global valcanic eruption.
    Everyone will forget their petty differences.

  • Hero of light
    Hero of light 9 months ago

    We need an alien invasion Independence day style

  • Lyte Lute
    Lyte Lute 9 months ago +1

    Swimming up in each other's junk. I died!

  • justin castillo
    justin castillo 9 months ago

    I can only imagine getting into a conversation with an airline passenger on 9/11/2001 about the 2000 election results and living to read what went wrong and why the government failed us. #OperationIgnore

  • Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman

    Why would anyone team up with fucking Nazis.

  • Magdala Tiberias
    Magdala Tiberias 9 months ago

    When people are in a real disaster they not aware if there Democrats or Republicans or religious they focus on helping one another .

  • ErykaSoleil
    ErykaSoleil 9 months ago

    This was extremely funny, while also a tad bit depressing. I wonder if it didn't have the desired result partly because they consciously knew they were not in real danger?

  • Valter Ek
    Valter Ek 9 months ago

    Americans, Wake up! Ignorance will destroy your republic! Your president has lost his large A-BRAIN!

  • intelligence wisdom
    intelligence wisdom 9 months ago

    Obama and liberals are the only ones dividing America; we all know this.

  • Annabelle-Sara Gomoko
    Annabelle-Sara Gomoko 9 months ago

    I really didn't see any "REAL" danger where you have to work together to survive... but this was hillarious!!

  • AR
    AR 9 months ago +3

    When roy said "let's make everyone witness a murder" she looked HELLA suspicious

  • Fuck Offmate
    Fuck Offmate 9 months ago

    And many say that's how Atlantis was born...

  • Grim R
    Grim R 9 months ago


  • megagame
    megagame 9 months ago

    When does the Extreme part come in? It seems to be missing from the video. It was in a pool, wich was probly not below 10 celcius.

  • Rob C
    Rob C 9 months ago

    All because a bunch of dumbasses voted a POS to be the president. Congrats assholes.

  • Awalin Sopan
    Awalin Sopan 9 months ago

    why is Roy's face so red?

  • John M
    John M 9 months ago

    LOVE the closing statement..... I'm an American citizen, born and raised, 5th generation Austinite(Austin, Texas)..... because of Trump, I have been traveling the world for a year now and am currently a Divemaster Trainee in Koh Tao, Thailand......... Point is... he's right...... when you're underwater, not only can you not hear others speak.... when you're SCUBA diving, the moment you deflate your BCD and submerge, the world above the water disappears from your mind and you begin to focus on the beauty of the peaceful world below the surface...... South Malaysia and Koh Tao, Thailand are places with endless summers.....Very soon I will be a dive guide in and around these endless summer locations. Get away from the noise and come diving! Look me up, I'll take you on as many underwater tours as you want/need. :-) facebook.com/JohnDMcCarty

  • Kenneth and Joyce
    Kenneth and Joyce 9 months ago

    That Trump guy is just like The man he voted for 😒. Roy swimming in his suit 😂😂😂

  • Corey A. Moore
    Corey A. Moore 9 months ago

    Notice how that dumbass said he'd been to several of those countries and they are shitholes. Well...why would you continue to go there if they are shitholes?? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense but what else should I expect from a trump supporter