Nayeon being in love with herself

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
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    Intro & outro song - CHILLAX
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  • K J
    K J 3 hours ago

    Jihyo's shock and disgust going into overdrive hahaha

  • K J
    K J 3 hours ago

    Momo is 99% done. The last 1% remaining is her will to live.

  • K J
    K J 3 hours ago

    2:36 you can see the whole thought process in her eyes hahaha

  • You can’t Park Jihyo If she’s a train

    Skk skk the judgement on Jihyo’s face 2:42 😂

  • No Name
    No Name 2 days ago

    1:13 I made this into a sticker

  • Farisya4 Borhanudin
    Farisya4 Borhanudin 2 days ago

    Nayeon so cute
    I 💙 you nayeon😘😘

  • Project 9:10
    Project 9:10 2 days ago

    oh Nayeon ❤️❤️❤️ i believe you... 🙂

  • Blackpink Blinks
    Blackpink Blinks 2 days ago

    2:40...look at how jihyo is looking at nayounie...

  • Mavi San
    Mavi San 2 days ago

    Korean Maknae line : Im Nayeon,show your sexiness !”
    Nayeon: *tries to be sexy*
    Korean Maknae line :’“Im Nayeon fails !”

  • Shiny’s Nightcore Studio

    Teacher: What’s 6 x 3?
    Me: 1:41

  • Arica Gralyca
    Arica Gralyca 3 days ago

    her face is annoying lol

  • danilo antasuda
    danilo antasuda 3 days ago

    Not only Nayeon love her self.. Because I love her too..

  • Mistel Swift
    Mistel Swift 3 days ago

    I really adore her confidence, I wish I had that much confidence to love myself :')

  • Zera twizter
    Zera twizter 3 days ago

    nayeon so funny 😂😍

  • ReLm GaMing
    ReLm GaMing 5 days ago

    Nayeon is pretty and crazy and the way she loves herself is so good
    And jeongyeon claims that she is the most pretty member in twice and I SUPPORT that 💯

  • Jin Mr. Worldwide Handsome

    The Title should be “When TWICE is done with Nayeon”

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 5 days ago +1

    Jin: Worldwide handsome
    Nayeon : Worldwide beauty

  • tzukook fan
    tzukook fan 6 days ago

    Tzuyu's third reaction is so funny

  • 김도gus
    김도gus 7 days ago

    예쁜건 사실임

  • 4everArts AndDraws
    4everArts AndDraws 7 days ago

    I can't get enough 🦄

  • Sun Beritto
    Sun Beritto 8 days ago

    i mean is it wrong i'm like her?

  • Althea M
    Althea M 9 days ago

    wait i’m confused, “and nayeon (nor anyone else) deserves to receive hate for it”
    she deserves hate for it?

  • The Tzuyoda
    The Tzuyoda 9 days ago +1

    Her new title will be ms. Worldwide beautiful

  • Arhfelix
    Arhfelix 10 days ago

    2018: ty for over 1000 subs
    meanwhile in 2019: *64k subs*

  • Louie De Guzman
    Louie De Guzman 10 days ago +2

    That part were they asked nayeon how many flowers in the boquet she' holding and answered 1 made my heart skip a beat..

  • it's ok
    it's ok 11 days ago

    She is pretty ♥

  • Tom Hannah
    Tom Hannah 12 days ago

    I adore Nayeon! When she grins with those bunny teeth, my heart flips, and I get a delicious flood of endorphins... :)

  • ApokNyneWheel
    ApokNyneWheel 13 days ago

    I think it's awesome she has that kind of confidence in herself - she certainly knows how to play it up too lol

  • GachaYeetster_SHZ
    GachaYeetster_SHZ 14 days ago +1

    *I'm pretty sure we should call Nayeon by her real name that is...*
    *Im pretty Nayeon unnie.*

    WITERGM28TM • 15 days ago


  • Move im Lesbian
    Move im Lesbian 16 days ago +3

    Even tho I'm not a fan of them I really find them cute
    Should I start stanning them they seem pretty funny and fun to watch 😁😉

  • Sarah Cobos
    Sarah Cobos 19 days ago

    She is too confident for my liking

  • aloyy
    aloyy 19 days ago

    ur second slides has typo

  • AngelieKate
    AngelieKate 19 days ago

    if I was nayeon, I would love myself like that too

  • Ankita Biswas
    Ankita Biswas 20 days ago +1

    At 2:40 Jihyo eyes got soooo bigger and I am still laughing when I think of her

  • Mirkyla Nicolasgbnchbsnvvjnbj

    Lol the first part. And nayeon (nor anyone else) DESERVES to RECEIVE HATE for it

  • Life_is_Nayeon
    Life_is_Nayeon 21 day ago

    Love Nayeon pls she is so presioussss uwu

  • James Kurker
    James Kurker 21 day ago

    Somehow, she makes narcissism cute. Nayeon has really grown on me.

  • loneranger
    loneranger 22 days ago

    honestly if i was beautiful i would really have such confidence!

  • Park RaQil
    Park RaQil 22 days ago

    Love her confidence level😂🤣🤣😍😍

  • Kathrynie Chhakzz
    Kathrynie Chhakzz 23 days ago

    She's really a queen

  • Never Let Go
    Never Let Go 23 days ago +1

    I wanna see Seokjin n Nayeon fight on who's the real flower.

  • Alexa Kylie Crawford
    Alexa Kylie Crawford 23 days ago

    I do sense a lil jealously from the members especially Jeongyeon, which is normal. This how we should be guys love yourself and dont care about what others think about you. She is so unbothered i love it. If no one believes in you but yourself you winning thats all that matters and that will take you far because others will see it

  • alimah ali
    alimah ali 23 days ago +1


  • Yudi Sanchez
    Yudi Sanchez 23 days ago

    And that is why IM Nayeon is center 😌

  • Point Zero
    Point Zero 23 days ago +1

    i don't know why she hates i'm gonna be a star, because that song match perfectly with all that i saw in this video.

  • Rona 2006
    Rona 2006 24 days ago

    1:13 or 1:14 Tzuyu was scary 😂🤣

  • Dustine Pangan123
    Dustine Pangan123 24 days ago +5

    Mirror mirror
    Who is the fairest girl?
    Nayeon:it's nayeon
    Tzuyu:I'll quit!

  • Mohamed Hammami
    Mohamed Hammami 24 days ago

    Can I ship nayeon and nayeon ? :-!

  • Zerah's Gaming Channel

    1:40 That face😂❤

  • 許先生
    許先生 26 days ago

    My perfect Angel❤️

  • Cap. Gay
    Cap. Gay 26 days ago +7

    2 things that sound the same but mean completely different things:
    "I ship Nayeon."
    "I ship Sana."

  • Muffet
    Muffet 27 days ago +1


  • Telcide Anjynee
    Telcide Anjynee 27 days ago

    😂😂omg unnie always like this😍😍

  • hfiyyh
    hfiyyh 27 days ago


  • Lorenzo von Matterhorn
    Lorenzo von Matterhorn 27 days ago +3

    It's always good to love yourself anyways! *:D*

  • Alejandra nancy kookie armr

    Love you Nayeon!!!!!
    My bias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sumaiya Labonno
    Sumaiya Labonno 28 days ago

    I hate her

  • Meiichan
    Meiichan 28 days ago

    Love yourself

  • okqy so
    okqy so 29 days ago +1

    1:12 and 1:40
    I just can't get over two babies reaction,lol 😂
    Babies are so done with their mom
    Lol 😂😂😂

  • okqy so
    okqy so 29 days ago +1

    If i will be that Precious then i will love myself too..

  • Hyelin’s Yoongi
    Hyelin’s Yoongi 29 days ago

    Worldwide Gorgeous

  • 김갈라 타
    김갈라 타 29 days ago +1


  • J hope and Jimin are yoongi Side chicks

    We need Jin and nayeon in the same room
    Suga and D.O in the same room
    Jimin and Jeongyeon in the same room
    They will either be best friends or enemy's, I have no faith for the Jimin and Jeongyeon one because Jimin is petty and he's a flirt so that won't end well
    D.o and Suga are savages and barely smile so they will either be best friends or hate eachother
    And Jin and nayeon would have a confidence battle

    • Seokjin's Underwear
      Seokjin's Underwear 12 days ago

      Jin and Nayeon will end up hugging themselves separately on each their own corner
      Suga and D.O ...both stoneface, (I'm imagining a scenery of a graveyard, too quiet and there you see two gravestone )
      Jimin + Jeongyeon = disaster, mocking, teasing, prank each other until they exhausted...

  • BFFS Girls Lovers
    BFFS Girls Lovers 29 days ago

    BTS’s favorite album of Nayeon: LY

  • Noah Kürstein
    Noah Kürstein Month ago

    wtf i thought it was dahyun at 0:44

  • Aprhylle Monica Manabat


  • Meh Gurl
    Meh Gurl Month ago +1

    So cute~ but like is she narcissistic tho..?

    • Meh Gurl
      Meh Gurl Month ago

      lmao I was “joking” :3

  • Annie Shiela Montolo

    I love the way twice respond to her
    I really love nayeonieeee

  • Chris Hofmann
    Chris Hofmann Month ago

    confidence is sexy...always have been, always will be

  • Random Kpop
    Random Kpop Month ago

    Why does she deserve hate for it?

  • Sauce senpai
    Sauce senpai Month ago

    2:40 jihyo's face was 'wtf did you just say?!!'

  • Jennifer Lopos
    Jennifer Lopos Month ago

    Like nayeon

  • Lee Jungle
    Lee Jungle Month ago

    look at her, how cute she is! I love her confidence!

  • Evelyn Natalie
    Evelyn Natalie Month ago +1

    Look at jihyo face😂

  • Rodelo Yano
    Rodelo Yano Month ago


  • Ellie123 Miceli
    Ellie123 Miceli Month ago

    I wanna be best friends with nayeon 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Marie Hontiveros
    Marie Hontiveros Month ago

    i love you nayeon😘😘😘😘

    LILHOEBAG Month ago

    In the beginning the parentheses are kinda in a weird place, I thought it said "Nayeon deserves to receive hate for it"

  • Cute Nommy with 4 kids Blinks

    World wide handsome= Jin
    World's prettiest girl= Nayeon
    Even tho she has so many hates shes still confident that's why I like her so much because of her personality annyeong~

  • Rafaela Rosa
    Rafaela Rosa Month ago

    seokjin e nayeon dois cornos que iventaram a palavra bonito,amoqamo✊✊✊💕 autoestima é tudo

  • ɷ sʊɢaʀ ʏt ɷ
    ɷ sʊɢaʀ ʏt ɷ Month ago

    Ella solo hizo caso al álbum de BTS Love Yourself :v

  • jacques mesrine
    jacques mesrine Month ago

    So confident and beautiful but the cutest member too! Thats why she's my favorite!

  • Kaori Oinuma
    Kaori Oinuma Month ago

    Love you nayeon😍😍

  • amberiia
    amberiia Month ago +1

    If Jin and Nayeon had a self-love contest
    Jin:yeaH bitCH iM beAuTifuL
    Nayeon: HolD my TeA

    DNJ STAR Month ago

    2:21 video?

  • mochi xx
    mochi xx Month ago +1

    i need this kind of self love

  • andel dadibo
    andel dadibo Month ago +1


  • ShimShim Kawaii
    ShimShim Kawaii Month ago +2

    Confident Idols;
    BTS: Jin
    Astro: Jinjin
    Twice: Nayeon
    Reply other Idols who are Confident

  • jxmer vien
    jxmer vien Month ago

    This bitch is a talentless narcissist bitch. Cant even sing lmao.

  • Runa A.k.u
    Runa A.k.u Month ago +1

    What Your Name
    Pretty Nayeon

    What Your Name
    Jin WorldWide Handsome

  • strtn
    strtn Month ago

    whats d intro song sjdjshssu

  • momo manoban
    momo manoban Month ago

    she kinda looks like if j-hope was a woman 😂 am i right or am i tripping?😂

    BTS JIN TXT KAI Month ago +2

    Jin and Nayeon Similarities
    1.Over flowing confidence
    2.Teasing the maknae
    3.Loving the group
    4.both the oldest
    Nayeon has the most lines while jin got the least😥😪

  • gotwa229
    gotwa229 Month ago +5

    I think Nayeon is putting us on by pretending she's this way. Actually, Nayeon has a very high I.Q., and is very intuitive. She's just using this cutesie stuff as a cover for her intelligence.

  • Kristina Adams
    Kristina Adams Month ago

    *The Female Jin Has Been Spotted*

  • 최낙현
    최낙현 Month ago


  • Nirvedh Sutey
    Nirvedh Sutey Month ago

    3:59 love Momo

  • Amelia Josephine
    Amelia Josephine Month ago +2


  • Aries
    Aries Month ago +1

    0:10 you should change your wording, I think you meant “...nayeon (nor anyone else) *doesn’t* deserve to receive hate for it...”