Nayeon being in love with herself

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
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    Intro & outro song - CHILLAX
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  • gion advincula
    gion advincula Day ago

    mina be like: NANI?!?!?!?!

  • Erin.a
    Erin.a 4 days ago

    If I Was Nayeon I Wouldn’t Stop Bragging About Myself.

  • Nining Sukardi
    Nining Sukardi 4 days ago

    2:40 lol jihyo ekspresion

  • Mxla.danon
    Mxla.danon 4 days ago

    The look momo gives her at 1:19 😂

  • •Kawaii Banana•
    •Kawaii Banana• 5 days ago

    nayeon is like Jin lmao

  • sampoernahijau meletop
    sampoernahijau meletop 5 days ago +1

    Jin (Im handsome)
    Nayeon ( Im beautiful)
    Same person different gender

  • Tanushri Etwar
    Tanushri Etwar 6 days ago +1

    Bang twice
    Nayeon: you can't stop me loving myself.

  • I'd like a latTAE and a cup Of Kookies

    This shows that
    Nayeon: *CrAZy FoR mYsELf*

  • Atrielle Diones
    Atrielle Diones 6 days ago

    3:11 that gummy smile 😍

  • My wig got -TWICE Snatched editor

    Mina literally talking about her crush
    No one
    Literally no one

    NABONG cutie 101:Yeah so the guy u like (must be bam bam but it will be michaeng forever 😌)

  • My wig got -TWICE Snatched editor

    Goddess jihyo calculating who is prettier
    No one

    Literally no one
    Nayeon: one flower.

    Jihyos perspective
    :it’s me stupid.:

  • Pretty Flowers
    Pretty Flowers 12 days ago +1

    Nayeon: I’m so pretty❤️
    Me: I’m sooo ugly I’m the ugliest person in this world😭

  • Almudena Marín
    Almudena Marín 13 days ago

    Confidence queen

  • tipi mina
    tipi mina 15 days ago

    I hate her ...just let other members come in center especially Sana

    • Deven Singh
      Deven Singh 12 days ago +1

      Everyone gets thier chance butthurt

  • Mochiii Buns
    Mochiii Buns 15 days ago +1

    Tzuyu: Mirror, Mirror. Who is the fairest girl?
    Nayeon: *iTs NaYeOnIe!*
    Tzuyu: Mirror, Mirror. Who is the fairest girl?
    Nayeon: *ITS NAYEONIE!*
    Tzuyu: I quit!

  • Zen Horizon
    Zen Horizon 16 days ago


  • just your average comenter

    She looks like the female namjoon (not in a bad way)

  • eat my booty cheeks
    eat my booty cheeks 17 days ago

    he's irritating in the background 🤪✊

  • Linh Huyền
    Linh Huyền 17 days ago

    Theory : nayeon tell jyp to write the dalla dalla of itzy lyric in the scene "i love myself"

  • kheshlie de guzman
    kheshlie de guzman 17 days ago


  • Andrea Campos
    Andrea Campos 18 days ago

    If i looked like that i would be even more loud about it

    I PURPLE TAEHYUNG 19 days ago

    0:57 am i the only one who sees the manager who is hiding lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • finn rose
    finn rose 20 days ago

    we love a self love queenie 🥰❣️💕

  • minhoe
    minhoe 20 days ago

    We stan a confident woman

  • Dubu Dahyun
    Dubu Dahyun 20 days ago

    nayeon senpai 💕 but honestly if i were her i would love myself sm too

  • Wild Child
    Wild Child 21 day ago

    Nayeon: if I was you I wanna be me too

  • Lauren C
    Lauren C 22 days ago +2

    I’m sure Nayeon would date herself if it were possible 😂😂😂😂😂

  • fucking nonsense
    fucking nonsense 23 days ago

    Somebody give me this kind of confidence pls

    ҒΔZΣ CΩDΣ 23 days ago

    Nayeon the next jin

  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez 24 days ago +1

    3:23 which guy doesn't have interest in mina I think mina the pretties (in my opinion ) but come on who wouldn't

    • NGU Warrior
      NGU Warrior 17 days ago

      i like mina and all but as a guy i feel like she's not my type .

  • LightSoundGate
    LightSoundGate 24 days ago

    ... and rightfully so.

  • Dream Ninja
    Dream Ninja 24 days ago +7

    I hate when people just think they are the best in the world, but Nayeon is another case lol. She's so cute that it just melts my heart XD

    JAY iS MY BAEBY 24 days ago +3

    Nayeons problem: she keeps getting prettier
    Nayeons wish: she wants to get even more prettier

    Lol we stan a non understandable queen 😂

  • Yubi Aleyks
    Yubi Aleyks 26 days ago

    0:52 guy is so funny hahahahha

  • Sana Wansue
    Sana Wansue 26 days ago

    2019??? Honestly members think she's awkward hahahah but she is really pretty cute and sexy and talented Stan twice Stan nayeon

  • Jimin's wonderWoman
    Jimin's wonderWoman 26 days ago

    NAYEON: Hey.. Say Who has the prettiest face in this whole universe?
    TWICE: ??
    NAYEON: Nayeon
    JIN Shouting From Nowhere: Butch then who am I?

  • Natalia Abellán
    Natalia Abellán 27 days ago

    BTS: Love yourself
    Nayeon: I already do it

  • Napoleon Dynamite
    Napoleon Dynamite 27 days ago

    I bet she has a Leo moon

  • Twi_ ZONE
    Twi_ ZONE 28 days ago +2

    Road to 1m views niceu

  • I'm a people in the world Happy!

    2:39 😍😍😍😍

  • Sara Purple
    Sara Purple 29 days ago

    She is jin in a female version 🤣🤣🤣❤

  • Fuji Fongy
    Fuji Fongy 29 days ago

    I remember this is the first video I watched from twice and became once . I also downloaded it ! Cutie Bunny ♥️

  • 김동휘
    김동휘 29 days ago

    My potential wife

  • Monsterguy117
    Monsterguy117 29 days ago

    i need Nayeon and Jin type confidence

  • Aesthetic Kpop Games
    Aesthetic Kpop Games 29 days ago

    nayeon is like i am in love with myself so what!

  • Laureen Light
    Laureen Light 29 days ago +1

    The male version of Nayeon is Lucas 😂

  • Me and You
    Me and You Month ago +1

    Oh My Gosh
    I have noticed How BTS Jin and Twice Nayeon are confidence for their self or self beauty but of course their both good looking and their the oldest member in their group
    I kind of find it kinda of like a coincidence
    And btw i love this vid its funny and cute

  • strawberry chaeng
    strawberry chaeng Month ago +1

    This is why I adore her. I love idols that have a lot of self-confidence!
    She’s so funny and cute. 💛💛💛💛💛

    SAMUEL STAN 3 Month ago

    We all need to love ourselves. Just like Nayeon

  • Arm :V
    Arm :V Month ago +1



  • blue Elite
    blue Elite Month ago

    Piling lang yan nayeon ugh

  • Gosha
    Gosha Month ago +1

    She took BTS saying "love yourself" literally

  • Twice Blackpink
    Twice Blackpink Month ago +4

    1:41 her face omg 🤣😂🤣😂
    2:41 and her too 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Stay StrongRosé_
    Stay StrongRosé_ Month ago

    Nayeon is pretty and cute tho❤

  • GermanEnderGirl
    GermanEnderGirl Month ago +1

    I mean, she is indeed pretty, but I think she's overdoing it a btt haha

  • Alan N
    Alan N Month ago +1

    01:35 Lol I already knew that.

  • Ivan Creencia
    Ivan Creencia Month ago

    Me goes crazy seeing her cuteness❤💯

  • My Army Lifeu
    My Army Lifeu Month ago +3

    Jin my baby is that youuuu?

  • Andrada Dada
    Andrada Dada Month ago

    Yea.. Nayeon is like "nobody is perfect, but me? " 😅

  • Hanna Memije
    Hanna Memije Month ago

    What is the song?