Doctor Who: Series 11 | Release Date Trailer


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  • GagGreene
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  • Mr. MGTOW
    Mr. MGTOW 7 hours ago +1

    *Doctor Who?*
    *Doctor Miss-Andry, that's who!*
    *Cut off your balls and leave your brains at the door!*

  • GillTheAnon
    GillTheAnon 10 hours ago

    hey guys, im personally not a huge fan of doctor who but to me it feels like you guys are mad because the new doctor is a woman. Having a female lead isnt a big bad thing because you know, half of the population is female. If you don't like it because the plot is bad or the quality is worse that's totally understandable but don't hate on something just because its now a female lead. That's just stupid.

  • The Stuff
    The Stuff 16 hours ago

    Utter garbage. Let the show just die instead of this.

  • michael randall
    michael randall 17 hours ago

    Why this will fail.
    1 1963-2018 was a man 50 years.changing the main caricature to the extreme
    2 it as been decreasing in viewers because pour writing and i am aware that a new writer as been bought in.
    3 The BBC
    4 PC rubbish that as come with it
    It is fine and better that Femails are included in all walks of life but a bit of common sense as to be played Men and woman are different that us celebrate that .this is going to dive bomb.

  • Tracy LF
    Tracy LF 19 hours ago

    If a ceiling reference is what actually stops you crybabies from watching, fine. Just wish it could also stop you coming to these trailers to do your whining. Change channel & move along-- the rest of us cannot wait for the season to begin! :)

  • Satoro
    Satoro 21 hour ago

    Glass ceiling shattering followed by "It's about time." And the song...Really? Couldn't be more subtle?
    Also this is a release date trailer so where is the release date? did i blink and miss it?

  • Vault Boy
    Vault Boy 22 hours ago +1

    So, are they choosing to destroy the best TV shows and movies on purpose? or is this just a constant flow of incompetence?

  • an homb
    an homb 22 hours ago

    Hello, give her a chance. She is a great actress and the season isn't out yet.
    Prejudices have a strong influence on the perception. Don't ruin it for yourself.

  • humanzyx
    humanzyx Day ago

    yeah, who wouldn't want to watch thinly veiled postmodern ideological-political activism de jour instead of science-fantasy escapism?

  • WayJay123
    WayJay123 Day ago

    Frick this crap (excuse my language)

  • Batman3217
    Batman3217 Day ago

    Your in trouble now "Feminist Who".

  • Mr.Guest 2000
    Mr.Guest 2000 Day ago

    Has to be the most rubbish 30 seconds of my life ever watching this
    We want Matt Smith back, he was the best at everything he did and he was just brilliant at heart. Doctor who was never the same without him which is why I know nothing about this new woman and peter capaldi because this ladies and gentleman is were everything gets WORSE

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    All I can think of is Dinosaurs On a Spaceship.
    I have this horrible feeling that this incarnation is not only to be bad, but will kill the show.
    I hope by the end of this series this comment will be full of replies pointing out how obviously wrong I was. I hope I will be eating humble pie by the end.

  • Mobbs
    Mobbs Day ago

    Can't you just make Doctor Who again. That's all I came here for, some time and space travelling sci fi, why keep bogging it down with politics?

  • Adam Darren
    Adam Darren Day ago

    This isn't about pushing feminism. NO, really?
    Where are the male cosplayers in this BBC organised press call?
    Thirteen people the same. Yawn. It's like a perfect analogy of what SJWs want in the world.

  • Carlos El Patriota

    She looks like a middle age woman that is having a mid life crisis and is tuning around in her daughters outfit looking like a Final Fantasy character.

  • Gina e
    Gina e Day ago +1

    So embarrassing. Please come back Russell T Davies and fix this MESS

  • PurpleBadger
    PurpleBadger Day ago

    Can we just... have Murray Gold back, please? Oh, and less 'I'M A WOMAN BUT I'M A WOMAN CAN U BELIEVE A WOMAN IS APPEARING ON TV'?

  • Julianexplosion
    Julianexplosion 2 days ago +2

    We did it guys. We solved sexism

  • Helen Luu
    Helen Luu 2 days ago

    Can’t wait!

  • Theclaw Yaww
    Theclaw Yaww 2 days ago +1

    Great another thing ruined by sjw politics. No one wants this if you wanna be pro women make them new cool characters

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  • BBlack Shadow
    BBlack Shadow 2 days ago +1

    I'm sorry, my TARDIS must have taken me to the wrong TheXvid video. What is this feminist stuff and where is the Doctor Who season 11 release trailer?

    BLUE SKY 2 days ago +4

    Oh my god this is so patronising

  • Ellie Howell
    Ellie Howell 2 days ago

    I think over all the hate it looks absolutely fab. I think the glass ceiling was a great idea. Well done bbc

  • dan tan
    dan tan 2 days ago +3

    real fans left the show if youre a fan its the besto option it will only get worse

  • John Day
    John Day 2 days ago

    This song got stuck my head and I love it

  • Kyto Bytes
    Kyto Bytes 2 days ago

    Gender does not matter to me, it has never been brought up that the doctor stands to pee, and I don't understand why its bad for the doctor to sit down to pee. This show has always evolved. Where was all this hatred when Missy showed up? This marks the 2nd time a timelord has changed gender on this show (at least to my knowledge)
    With thsy being said, I think this ad was crappy and cheap lol

    • Kyto Bytes
      Kyto Bytes 2 days ago

      +Adam Darren have you seen the show before? As I said in the original comment, this show has always evolved, and will continue to do so no matter your personal opinion. Just because you hate women for whatever reason doesn't mean that the shows instantly going to be bad now that the main actor has boobs and sits when she pees

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren 2 days ago +1

      If it doesn't matter then why do it? What was the point?

  • Robert Renato Hack
    Robert Renato Hack 3 days ago +2

    Might I add, the problem is not the fact the Doctor become female. It`s actually not a bad idea. The problem is it happens for all the bad reasons. Shifting the balance to one side is not creating balance...nor equality. it creates conflict, confusion and hostility. "YOU WOULD BE A GOOD DALEK!" ^..^

  • Viktor Pedrova
    Viktor Pedrova 3 days ago +1

    Will it be worse than Moffat's era, though?
    ...because Moffat was pretty freaking bad.

    SNAPELIVES1 3 days ago +3

    Gag!, this is the Ghostbusters disaster all over again!, I wont be watching this bastardized version of the once great Doctor Who!, I have noticed that the BBC is doing the same thing Sony did, they are removing comments, and using bots to artificially inflate the number of likes.

  • Phoenix Swanson
    Phoenix Swanson 3 days ago +2

    I would’ve preferred like, a Asian British doctor tbh.

  • TrueWOPR
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  • Keegan
    Keegan 3 days ago +3

    That like to dislike ratio is getting better by the day

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren 2 days ago

      [the sound of helicopters humming in the air in the far, far distance]
      "I love the smell of Dislikes in the morning. The smell, you know that thumbs-down smell, the whole video. It will eventually smell like… victory."

  • Neil Cozens
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  • Kill2Hard101
    Kill2Hard101 3 days ago +2

    How many episodes in before she makes a crack about her male predecessors? I guess..1

    • Seymour Cawk
      Seymour Cawk 16 hours ago

      I'm gonna go ahead and say in the actual trailer . d:

  • Theman Mann
    Theman Mann 3 days ago

    You POOR, Narrow Minded, Infantile, MYSOGINISTIC Lemmings!
    Jodie Whittaker Is a BRILLIANT multi Award Nominated Actress
    Are you ALL so insecure that you are threatened By a STRONG female actress taking on the role of a character that BY DEFINITION Changes on a semi regular basis?
    Where was all this outrage when Chris Eccleston was transitioned for David Tennant
    Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss write AMAZING stories w/FASCINATING,LOVABLE CHARACTERS that make us experience the entire realm of complex Human emotions.
    (When was the last time you could DEPEND on a TV series to do THAT.)
    Moffat IS gone but Gatiss REMAINS and I for One anticipate ANOTHER Marvelous,Brilliant season of Doctor Who Filled w/ laughter suspense and LOTS OF RUNNING

    • Gina e
      Gina e Day ago +1

      See, this is the exact problem with feminism now a days. Speaking as a woman (no idea what you are, just a bore by the sounds of it) but lazily calling people "misogynists" because they happen to question the utter, patronising guff that this trailer is. I mean the whole "are you threatened" argument is so weak. No one is. If being a female lead is such a good thing (which, it is by the way) why are the BBC making such a big deal about it? Why can't they come up with new female lead roles rather than stealing perfectly decent male ones. Learn to form an argument better.

    • Seth Latimer
      Seth Latimer 3 days ago

      Im fine with Jodie, she was alright in Broadchurch and she was one of the two actors i would have gone with if the doctor was going to be female, the other was Tilda Swinton. What i dont like however is that this trailer seems like its highlighting the fact that the doctor is female as being the main point of the new season, it shouldn't be. While i think its fantastic that there is a female doctor, i dont want that to be the main focus.

  • Collin McGuinness
    Collin McGuinness 3 days ago

    I think social media is a bad idea. Seriously, not everyone needs to express their opinion. I have high hopes for this doctor. I think she'll be around for quite a while. And everyone here trashing her will feel VERY stupid in 5 years. And there'll be no denying it because the internet is FOREVER 😂

    • Fox Citron
      Fox Citron 3 days ago +2

      no just the opinions you like of course

  • Hypebeast_Maso
    Hypebeast_Maso 4 days ago +1

    Where’s the tardis

  • Callum Grimstead
    Callum Grimstead 4 days ago +2

    Please never use Macklemore music for Doctor who ever again, it just doesn’t work

  • shadowgamer
    shadowgamer 4 days ago +4

    Is it even surprising any more

  • Kingfillins
    Kingfillins 4 days ago +6

    Shockingly bad.
    Doctor Who is turning in his grave.

  • Diego Zaragoza
    Diego Zaragoza 4 days ago +1

    Honestly, I like the music 🎶

  • Kelsey Carroll
    Kelsey Carroll 4 days ago

    Jodie if you read his comments, ignore the negative, I’m so happy to finally have a female doctor! I loved this metaphor, screw the haters. You will be brilliant!!! I can tell!!

    • Gina e
      Gina e Day ago

      You're going to be disappointed but then you look like you're still a kid so probably don't get the brainwashing yet!!

  • 12th Doctor
    12th Doctor 4 days ago +2

    "Whoops" You can say that again!

  • Meme_Wander
    Meme_Wander 4 days ago +2

    You know, I'm all for a female doctor. It's a good idea and when the master changed genders it wasn't bad at all. The creators were however very on the nose with the breaking of the glass ceiling and the song really doesn't fit the mood

  • Crimson
    Crimson 4 days ago

    Loving the song choice, feels modern, like the show should actually progress. That ceiling breaking and a casual "whoops". Can't wait for the season to start :D

  • Zzabin
    Zzabin 4 days ago

    Stop whining, you haven't seen a single episode with her, how do you know she's rubbish? Changing Doctor's sex is justified, it worked for Missy, it worked for other characters, stop hating her already. I don't think of myself as a feminist and yet I'm super excited about female Doctor, she's such an amazing actress and has such a Doctor vibe to her. You guys have no idea how hard it is for little girls not to be able to identify with most main characters just because they're men in 90% cases. We need a female protagonist whether you like it or not. At least give her a chance. Jeez!

    • The Stuff
      The Stuff 16 hours ago

      It didn't work for 'Missy'. It was awful.

    • Fox Citron
      Fox Citron 3 days ago

      LOL i don't identify with main characters because i'm me not fictional characters i have my story and i can feel the pain and emotions the characters feel (male or female) because we are all humans we end up experiencing the same sufferings and if this is not the case we have something called Empathy

  • CDM Vlogs
    CDM Vlogs 4 days ago +5

    i think the tardis somehow broke when bbc was visiting 1950... apparently they think that the glass ceiling is just now breaking...

  • Kassidy Farrell
    Kassidy Farrell 4 days ago +6

    Ah yes, the subtlety of a brick.

  • The Jawgz
    The Jawgz 4 days ago +7

    I'm sorry, but this is cringe-worthy.

  • Infinite Bricks
    Infinite Bricks 4 days ago +1

    There’s millions of good songs and you picked this one! I’m very disappointed

  • bitter green tea
    bitter green tea 4 days ago +4

    Looks crap

  • Ten points to Dumbledore

    Why are people freaking out so much about the ‘It’s about time’ tagline? I mean yeah it’s a double meaning but the show is literally about Time. Calm down 😂💁🏻‍♀️

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren 4 days ago +3

      When that tagline was originally used in 1996, only then was it used as a double meaning, a) it's about time [travel] and b) it was about time it was back on our screens again after an absence of 7 years.
      It's a lazy re-use, only this time with only _one_ ulterior motive behind it. It's an insult to the show's predecessors as it denotes that finally this is the outcome he and the audience have been waiting for.

  • Adam Darren
    Adam Darren 5 days ago +8

    My Dislike has been deleted. So back on it goes. BBC stop rigging the votes. This promo backfired, deal with it.

  • m3jor
    m3jor 5 days ago +7

    Laughable trash.

  • juzzbuzz1
    juzzbuzz1 5 days ago +2

    doctor who has already been a woman on a comic relief skit, it was funny and good so it's stupid and makes no sense pointing out doctor who is a woman and putting it in the trailer ie "it's about time"

  • Danny M
    Danny M 5 days ago +3

    What's with breaking the glass ceiling? Didn't that happen like 20 or 30 years ago?
    I'm going to watch the first episode and I'll try to keep an open mind. That will be very difficult though, knowing the type of people they've got writing the show and all that jazz.
    All this progressive nonsense and identity politics is destroying everything. However, I hope people will begin to switch off the TV and start paying attention to whats really going on. We all gotta wake up sooner or later.

  • Vadim Shepard
    Vadim Shepard 5 days ago +4

    SJW liberal garbage

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson 5 days ago +4

    Doctor in distress save us from this PC mess

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson 5 days ago +4

    I hope this fails now because of this

  • bizarreabomination
    bizarreabomination 5 days ago +5

    How much of my license fee did you waste on this misandry advert?

  • Joshua Reynolds
    Joshua Reynolds 5 days ago +3

    That's so subtle. And the methapor just perfect. The shows definitely not headed in a negative direction

  • Johnnie Brock
    Johnnie Brock 5 days ago +2

    Didn't laugh once.

  • Cherie Miller
    Cherie Miller 5 days ago

    Please tell me I'm not going to be listening to rap music..i'm having a difficult enough time adjusting to the whole "the doctor is now a woman" after 50+ years but am willing to give it a chance... but if I hear rap music.. i'm outa here and I guarantee so are a lot of people in my age group.

  • Samuel J. Lawson
    Samuel J. Lawson 5 days ago

    Awe, about 1% of the Who fanbase are upset aboon a lady takin charge, eh? Well, they couldnae ever hae watched the show, because it was always about tough subjects like sexism and racism. Whassit? You just like the whoop whoop sound then? Well, that's probably not going awa', so quitcher bloking (aye, ah said Bloking cause it's whingier than 'bitchin') and enjoy the ride ya arse fiddlers. The Doctor's the Doctor. Alien species and a' that - sae why gie a rats arse what alien gender is all aboot? SMDH. Jodie's freaking amazing. The lady's in charge noo, and ye were never a Whovian if that's a problem for yous.

  • Samuel J. Lawson
    Samuel J. Lawson 5 days ago

    Oh, this is going to be... fantas...naw... Brilliant! :D

  • WoWGirl6
    WoWGirl6 5 days ago +6

    This is sad, every actor in the past has felt lucky and privileged to play "The Doctor". I almost feel sorry for Jodi W. because she will not be representing The Doctor in the same way. She is the fraud, the puppet, an object for an agenda....

  • MrStereo55
    MrStereo55 5 days ago

    That music in the trailer video is terrible. Hope the new season has none of the same .

  • Kill3rCat
    Kill3rCat 5 days ago +4

    Oh hell no. RIP Doctor Who.

  • Norman de Bellefeuille
    Norman de Bellefeuille 5 days ago +2

    I'm not sure about the outfit.

  • Sara Rose
    Sara Rose 5 days ago +1

    This is going to be the best birthday (10/6) present ever next month! I cannot wait to see Season 11 of “Doctor Who” with the superb and amazing Actress Jodie Whittaker! 😍😍😍 Also I love this Song that was used in this trailer and I thought it was good. Idk why you peep’s hate it. But I will respect your opinions though 😊

  • Tristan TMM
    Tristan TMM 5 days ago

    What is the song

  • The Bowtie Guy
    The Bowtie Guy 5 days ago +1

    Okay, I get the metaphor, but... it doesn't make sense. We all knew the doctor was gonna be a girl one day, so this isn't like some sort of "WE SHOWED YOU" moment it's just awkward...

    HAYDN MOORHOUSE 5 days ago

    Don't like the logo

  • Cyber Sammy Gaming
    Cyber Sammy Gaming 5 days ago

    why is everyone so prejudice to believe Doctor Who has gone bad? The series isn't even out yet. Most of these comments disgust me, is the Dr Who fan base filled with sexist idiots who think the Doctor should be a man?

  • PetrichorGirl
    PetrichorGirl 5 days ago

    Obviously... The glass broke because the doctor is too cool for it

  • pacific _burnoutXD
    pacific _burnoutXD 5 days ago

    Everyone has to acc chill out about this whole glass ceiling woman thing. Of coarse they’re gonna be happy and do a few references to it it’s a huge thing. I’m not saying this series is gonna be good cause from the trailer it looks like a completely different series but at least give it a chance

  • Evangelos Killer mike

    It's about time indeed(now let's make James Bond Jenna Bond,lol)it almost feels like a reboot instead of a continuation,but it looks just as great as previous doctor who episodes(the only thing I dislike is that they destroy the tradition of watching doctor who on a Saturday night,way too many good shows & series on sundays,thank god for dvr)

  • PetrichorGirl
    PetrichorGirl 5 days ago

    I don't care about other commenters... But I ABSOLUTELY love this trailer and despite its small flaws... I think it's perfect
    (The song however is a bit much)
    This hasn't changed anything... The doctor will be doctor... Just as the master, She shall be adored...

  • CountOrlok22
    CountOrlok22 5 days ago

    She's going to be amazing! That said, please, no more rap.

  • Maleficent Khaleesi
    Maleficent Khaleesi 5 days ago

    I'm actually going to watch it this season, looks great!

  • Cosmic USB
    Cosmic USB 5 days ago +1

    I think its cool that the doctor is female but as long as they dont shove feminism in our face like they can say stuff in a episode but like show the doctor first then everything else second

  • Rocksteady Gaming
    Rocksteady Gaming 5 days ago

    That was honestly really cool, right up until the end though. I was expecting something a little energetic or silly or something, not a verbal shrug.

  • huh98
    huh98 5 days ago

    I like the trailer but ugh, that song. Hate it.

  • Hoganply
    Hoganply 5 days ago +2

    I wouldn't mind The Doctor her being female if it weren't even more contrived than the moon being the an egg of a space dragon whose precipitate then poops an identical moon in its place. OK, maybe not as contrived as that, but still. I know the show's for children, but if I hadn't stopped watching after that, I would have after this. At least the egg-moon schlock didn't reek of politics.

    • Le Sigh
      Le Sigh 5 days ago +1

      It was a really awkward analogy for abortion rights though, so kind of political. I can appreciate most people may have missed the political theme because they were laughing hysterically at how ridiculous the whole plot was. Coincidently, that was the episode where I stopped watching that season also. Didn't come back til series ten.

  • Brokenvhs
    Brokenvhs 5 days ago +1

    Jodi will be great.. But if the music is any indicator of whats to come... Look out folks.. The Doctor has fallen.

  • Константин Семенов

    The doctor is no more ... No more hope. Pop music instead of the original soundtracks, it all seems like a high-budget fantasy film, rather than on that simple series without special special effects, but with realistic beautiful and at the same time minimalistic simple decorations. I'm in turmoil. I can not watch the series in this format. It's an incredible mistake.

  • GS79
    GS79 5 days ago +3

    Stop with the horrible songs. This is suppose to be Doctor Who, not teen pop Disney Channel. And there wasn't even a "release date" in the video. Who the hell is making these horrible decisions over at the BBC? Cause whoever it is, needs fired and replaced right away.

  • Panbuzbear
    Panbuzbear 5 days ago +1

    This has made Dr who for me thank you BBC! The music is wonderful!

  • Cαяαмεl Rσsε
    Cαяαмεl Rσsε 5 days ago

    The music really doesn’t fit with its past music choices. I mean, if they somehow work around it in the series, that would be great. However, I think that it would win my heart again, it should have an original soundtrack (excluding some classic music used in the past), and treat the doctor like any other doctor in the past. Honestly, if they proved that nothing much will change except for new villains and companions (and possibly some other things) to those who were complaining about the doctor being a female, I think that it will be able to work again.

  • Az
    Az 5 days ago +2

    Uh oh.

  • Desmond Farranree
    Desmond Farranree 5 days ago +2

    Literal glass ceiling!!!

  • FanksCast
    FanksCast 5 days ago +4

    "It's about time.." the show just ended

  • Storm Rider Ikki
    Storm Rider Ikki 5 days ago +3

    RIP Doctor Who, it was a good series while it lasted.

  • Jude Braun
    Jude Braun 5 days ago +4

    I came, I saw, I downvoted. Get woke, go broke!

  • Extreme 16
    Extreme 16 5 days ago +3

    dislike squad were u at

  • Quiller Quiller
    Quiller Quiller 5 days ago

    It Looks ok. I agree ... music doesn’t work. It doesn’t sound like Dr.Who .... big mistake. It brings down the grandness of the show ... and cheapens it. I suspect it’s to try to bring in younger viewers. Keep the rich sound tracks of the past ... that’s part of what makes the series special.