Doctor Who: Series 11 | Release Date Trailer


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  • TheGreatJaggia
    TheGreatJaggia 5 days ago +1

    Why does politics have to be propagated in our beloved TV shows! Shame on you BBC, shame on you Chris Chibnall, and shame on everyone else who supports this because of a political agenda!

  • Can_ine The Pleb
    Can_ine The Pleb 6 days ago

    well this is certainly different than the last time i watched this shiw

  • Brett Maxwell
    Brett Maxwell 8 days ago

    Why? Just, just, WHY!?!

  • kotk05
    kotk05 11 days ago

    they should let one of the assistants be a self hating gay somali boy who can't speak english, wanders off, and sometimes spites everyone by secretly helping the bad guys

  • Yogee S.
    Yogee S. 11 days ago

    I’ve seen myself getting less and less attached to Doctor Who. This just might do it for me.

  • Circuit 8
    Circuit 8 16 days ago +1

    Social Engineering. By people without degrees.

  • Lemon Berriez
    Lemon Berriez 17 days ago

    why, the music

  • James Moran
    James Moran 19 days ago

    Face Palm! Damn it, Doctor! No matter what regeneration OR gender ya are? You STILL are destroying things?!?! This is gonna be fun!

  • Kenneth Ferland
    Kenneth Ferland 20 days ago

    Seems too young too me, The doctor is supposed to be a professorial type and a nigh immortal time-lord, female doctor isn't a problem but it needs to be done right.

  • Adam Darren
    Adam Darren 21 day ago +1

    I'll be using, 'It's About Time' when it's back to normal again.

  • Marcus Lai Kai Cong
    Marcus Lai Kai Cong 25 days ago +2

    I’ve watched the first two episode. And she just doesn’t seem very much like the doctor.
    I’m very disappointed on how this is going RIP Doctor Who

  • Ryn
    Ryn 27 days ago

    Okay... there is a lot of comments here. um.

  • Dark Ghost
    Dark Ghost 29 days ago +1

    The Doctor actually chose to die on last christmas special

  • Sanjin Craft
    Sanjin Craft Month ago +1

    @Doctor Who : Im in Europe, is there any way I see first episode?

  • PetrichorGirl
    PetrichorGirl Month ago +1

    Even if this trailer was not the best.... The first episode is AMAZING!!!

  • MegasTeque
    MegasTeque Month ago +2

    Absolutely awful!!! Thank you BBC for killing The Doctor ... Moving on now to something that does not alienate the audience. Dislike!

  • TheYacu
    TheYacu Month ago +1

    Okay, that was too blantantly on the nose. Sadly though, since she's really fun.

  • MrCervantesent
    MrCervantesent Month ago +1

    David Tennant and Matt Smith FOREVER

  • TheThing2011
    TheThing2011 Month ago +1

    Lol only a fictitious woman breaks the glass ceiling because Hillary failed to IRL

  • Michael Jennings
    Michael Jennings Month ago +1

    So the Doctor beat his sexist refusal to regen as a girl? HE was the glass ceiling ALL ALONG?? WOIAAHH BIG VICTORY FOR WAMMINZ!!!!! :O :O

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor Month ago

    I really hope Jodie makes the role her own like Chris and Capaldi did. I felt sorry for Matt because he seemed almost obligated to do some kind of david tennant impression..All the best doctors have been totally unique...future actors need to remember this. stop trying to recreate 2006-2013. Move on,

  • hopatease1
    hopatease1 Month ago +1

    What utter BS ! I have been looking at that show since 1966 on and off and its not going to be on my tv ever again ( If they done it different and she did not have that smug face I might )

  • Behemoth Rogue
    Behemoth Rogue Month ago +1

    Its about time, we killed this show.
    There finished it for you.

  • maddsloth II
    maddsloth II Month ago +1

    SJW agenda ten times more deadly then an Apollo astronaut on a beach at a fixed point in time.

  • Off Face
    Off Face Month ago

    뭐야 유리천장 깼다 이거야? 진심으로? 닥터후 첫 트레일러가? 제정신인지 모르겠고 bgm은 또 왜 이따위인지 모르겠다

  • mrbananasham
    mrbananasham Month ago +1

    I really hope they focus on her as an actor and play to her strengths, and also I hope it doesn't turn into her being a tool for propaganda and instead they just make good stories. I've only ever seen her in broad church but she did well in it, if that kind of acting ability is brought to this show I'm sure it could be very good, and I hope that's how she's utilized instead of some political pack horse that can pull out buzzwords on a whim. I'm rooting for this to be a good run.

  • Sir Grampton Hampterfuppinshire of Cummington

    With the glass ceiling broken, all the oppressed groups shall prosper. Especially the most oppressed group of all


  • 20quid
    20quid Month ago +2

    Lots of people eating their words right now.

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren Month ago +1

      Yea, that's what I'm saying. But it is too early to say if those predictions are right or wrong.

    • 20quid
      20quid Month ago +1

      +Adam Darren Viewing figures always drop mid-series. This is far from the death of the show at the hands of angry SJW feminazi's or whatever the salty people were predicting.

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren Month ago +1

      The proof in the pudding will be mid-series to the finale.
      Those overnights will drop considerably.

    • Ontos
      Ontos Month ago +3

      20quid not really

  • Marcus Jacobs
    Marcus Jacobs Month ago

    it's about time... to end the garbage show that doctor who has become

  • Mofu Mofu
    Mofu Mofu Month ago +2


  • Kris A
    Kris A Month ago +1

    Honestly I was really hoping this wasn't a regeneration. When they said they would have a female doctor I really wanted it to be his granddaughter and a explanation to what happened to her. I actually hoped Peter Capaldia would be the last doctor of that cycle (at least for a while) and hoped we would get a whole new person trying to live up to the name of the doctor (while her grandfather is fighting off dementia from to many regenerations or something) and that didnt have 2000 years of knowledge and wisdom. Some one who would fail but learn and get better, teaching people that sometimes you just cant save the day but through everything she would persever and become her own person stepping outside of her grandfathers shadow and surpassing him. She could even revisit old enemies of the doctor but rather than hate the daleks and she would find a way to bring out the good in them so they wouldnt just want to exterminate, have her reprogram the cybermen to feel emotions, she could find the master depressed and alone because him/her has lost the only one they considered a friend and bring words of comfort helping the master move past the drumming and finally finding peace. Then at the end have the doctors previous incarnations return to congratulate her to tell her how proud they all are to that she did what he couldnt because she wasn't him she was her own person now not the doctor or a time lord just a living being who wanted to help where she could by showing compassion for everyone and by learning and understanding other beings working out solutions that didnt involve killing all the time lords and the daleks. Then with all the threats gone she starts on her own adventures to new futures different planets and maybe she gets a new tardis that can visit alternate dimensions so we can pop in to see rose and ten2. Her new enemies could be evil alternate doctors lol. Or realities where humans arent the dominate species or something and shes spends a season helping each reality. But I guess people wanted another regeneration. 🙁

  • Ninja Kitty
    Ninja Kitty Month ago

    Da Music Though
    But literally thats pretty bad Ass for a meezy release date trailer so i think the remainder of the season will be 10x the bad assery if this.

  • Mike Ock
    Mike Ock Month ago

    Okay, that's pretty hilarious. Like always, I'm gonna watch every episode. Cheer if it's good, laugh if it sucks, and cry if it's great.

  • Aaron Jenkins
    Aaron Jenkins Month ago

    0:03 CALL 911!

  • TypicalDaniel
    TypicalDaniel Month ago

    How did she not get hurt at all by any piece of glass? That much glass could easily cause a new regeneration quickly.



  • Pugster
    Pugster Month ago

    But y doe

  • darktoostie
    darktoostie Month ago +1

    Proof is in the pudding, not the label. Hopefully there will be something worth eating. Time is precious and I'm hungry for quality.

  • Aditya Chatterjee
    Aditya Chatterjee Month ago +1

    Face it guys, you're not getting Hillary Clinton as president. Stop resisting.
    "But muh Russia!"

  • Lily Dan
    Lily Dan Month ago

    Men are so salty.. They can't even stand a fictional female character...

    • Ontos
      Ontos Month ago +1

      Except you’re wrong about that so wrong in fact that it’s almost the complete opposite

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren Month ago +1

      That's where you're wrong. I and I'm sure most men here do, love characters such as Ellen Ripley, Sarah Conner, Buffy Summers, Aeon Flux, Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, etc. I'd (and I think I speak for most, if not all) would hate for them to have sex reassignment surgery as a gimmick to chase ratings.

    • The Jawgz
      The Jawgz Month ago +2

      It's not the character for most people; it's the promotion of it. Breaking a literal glass ceiling? Cringy AF. Btw, Palau de la Música Catalana is a treasured world heritage site, and she just broke it. lol.

  • John Lavington
    John Lavington Month ago

    I'm willing to give a female doctor a chance, but the way the BBC have promoted this upcoming season is an absolute joke, cultimating in this incredibly cringe worthy trailer.
    I really hope I'm proved wrong about this upcoming season, but it just feels now like a decision to fuel a political agenda rather than a decision to help take the show in a new direction.

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson Month ago +3

    Well the show dead

  • 1Dudette4Ever
    1Dudette4Ever Month ago

    Guys... I've got it.
    Hear me out, hear me out.
    I know this may sound absolutey insane, only those with a batshit crazy mind like mine could possibly begin to understand this concept BUT-BUT- I swear I'll break it down so that others who struggle with this can actually comprehend it. So how about this?
    First of all, let's grow the hell up and stop being ridiculous AND THEN- Here it comes- we watch the first episode and judge that?

    *LE GASP* I know right? Who in their right mind wouldn't judge a book by it's cover? I know, I'm breaking some sort of norm law here but I'm just showing you other possibilities.

  • bigo93
    bigo93 Month ago +3

    I was going to give this a chance, but this trailer just confirms what everyone has been saying!
    The bad sort of feminism being shoved in our faces!
    Did you not learn from Sony's mistake with Ghostbusters?!
    It wasnt bad because it has 4 female main leads, it was just bad as it pandered to modern feminism and was treated as a cheap slapstick movie!
    I have always said the BBC had an EXCELLENT starting point for a spin off with Jenny, the Doctor's daughter!
    EVERYTHING was right there!
    You just had to say "We're making a Jenny spin-off"
    Finally a female Timelord to inspire young girls in the franchise!
    The BBC did nothing!
    Oh wait, you made an audio story about her 10, that's *TEN YEARS* later!
    Is that the amount of confidence the BBC has for a female Timelord?
    "Heard but not seen" That's the irony of this feminism project for ya!
    Then why all this rubbish all of a sudden?!
    So as usual, like modern extreme feminism does, it takes away from the man, makes things worse, then continues to blame men.

    • bigo93
      bigo93 Month ago

      "Heard but not seen": That's bring me to the point of why this female Doctor has 3 companions from the get go?!
      Almost all other Doctors have had just the one.
      Is this female Doctor going to be inferior to her male predecessors some how?
      "Seen but not heard" Is she going to stand there look pretty whilst her companions going to do all the work?!

  • Abbey Howe
    Abbey Howe Month ago

    I see what you did there with the broken glass. (Reminds me of the Rachel Platten song!)

  • Emma Patabendige
    Emma Patabendige Month ago

    SUBTLE very subtle

  • Freedom
    Freedom Month ago +3

    toxic feminism

  • Drifter
    Drifter Month ago +3

    The glass ceiling lie, does that look like pushing an agenda to you?

  • Teodor Vlad
    Teodor Vlad Month ago +3

    Feminism just got too far

  • Layna Kimbelle
    Layna Kimbelle Month ago


  • Fotze Gaming and Media

    Rich: How does feel to have lived long enough to see your favorite frachises go down in flames?
    Mike: It feels great, Rich Evans

  • Alain de Raucourt
    Alain de Raucourt Month ago

    Male tears, male tears everywhere

  • E North
    E North Month ago

    I thought sexists had run out of ways to make me sick, but hello againt! Most intelligent secure men like my husband call themselves feminists these days, but I guess the operative words there are secure and intelligent. I can see worrying about Chibnall as showrunner, as he is a bit witless, but Jodie?! She's brilliant so get over it! And here I would have said DW had liberal educated viewers!

  • Qui ingreditur viam prudentiae

    Get Woke, Go Broke.

  • Salazar Stuff
    Salazar Stuff Month ago

    Is it me or the bit in the trailer where the TARDIS goes through the word doctor, is that reference to Let's Kill Hitler with Matt Smith

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren Month ago +1

      That's feminism for you.

    • Salazar Stuff
      Salazar Stuff Month ago


    • Salazar Stuff
      Salazar Stuff Month ago +1

      +Adam Darren i googled it, I see what you mean it does look like or

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren Month ago +2

      Exactly what I described. Unless you're unaware of what a Venus symbol is? Have a Google. -|-O

    • Salazar Stuff
      Salazar Stuff Month ago

      +Adam Darren what do you mean

  • ragedhulk
    ragedhulk Month ago +1

    This promo is just a reminder that liberal's care nothing for equality. For if they did they would have just introduced the new Dr who and left it at that but instead they made sure they we knew they were shoving their agenda down our necks by making all about identity politics!

  • Rocky Pictures
    Rocky Pictures Month ago

    I don’t get the glass ceiling metaphor. Could someone explain it to me?

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren Month ago +2

      And also an out of date metaphor by over four decades.

    • Rocky Pictures
      Rocky Pictures Month ago


    • Seishin
      Seishin Month ago +1

      the glass ceiling is a metaphor coined by feminists as a barrier that keeps minorities and women from getting certain jobs or just rising on the corporate ladder.

  • Adam Darren
    Adam Darren Month ago +5

    Wow, it's just reached the 11K dislikes mark! Talk about backfiring.

  • MrMaxwell1945
    MrMaxwell1945 Month ago +4

    My dislike keeps being deleted lol

  • Logical Leo
    Logical Leo Month ago +2

    I hope that this series burns in flames. Please god... Please...

  • Sherry Obsheatz
    Sherry Obsheatz Month ago

    Yay! The incels will be leaving the Doctor Who fandom.

    • Adam Darren
      Adam Darren Month ago +2

      I just hope there's enough fake fans out there to sustain the show and buy the merchandise.

  • gxbby ._
    gxbby ._ Month ago

    I was really looking forward to seeing who the next doctor would be as the last three have been the best we could ever have gotten. Doctor who has been a huge part of my life and I did go through a phase were I had all the toys and stuff but I’m not really sure about this season as I don’t know if I will like it.

  • Artemis Corporation

    Oops? That’s all you can say?

  • Jack Maine
    Jack Maine Month ago +2

    I'm gonna watch it for a laugh but then I'm done. Sarah Jane adventures anyone? A actual good female character and role modal who doesn't need to hate men in order to be empowered.

  • Jar-Jar Binks
    Jar-Jar Binks Month ago +5

    *Would anyone find it funny if a male companion like Clara threatened physical violence against The Doctor by hitting her so hard that she'd regenerate?*
    *If this was funny when Clara said it, surely it would be even funnier with the genders reversed?*

    • Mia Ozera
      Mia Ozera Month ago

      I don't see how it'd be 'even funnier', really. It'd be just as funny, which is to say... not much fun at all, if it's the same context. I didn't get the impression that it was supposed to be a joke; Clara was legitimately angry for a legitimate reason when she said it (which, of course, doesn't mean it wasn't a hyperbole, but I don't think it was meant to get a laugh out of the audience. It certainly didn't do that for anyone I know).
      So if the Doctor pulls something like the stunt in Kill the Moon again and a companion drops a line in the same spirit as Clara's, it'd only make sense. The stakes are high, the human (as always), is the more emotional one. It works the same way regardless of gender.

  • Ruth Alber
    Ruth Alber Month ago

    Well I finally got to see the Doctor Who episode 12 part of it anyway and it wasn't bad at all I just hope it lives up to the hype but they've been selling us and I already know she's the doctor I just been waiting for her to show up the fact that she can't remember the cheese the doctor that's the sad part but she'll get her memory maybe what she needs is a good cup of tea if it weren't for the 10th doctor it will work with the Third Doctor

  • Tori Rose
    Tori Rose Month ago

    im more pissed about the cancer music than the doctor's gender, tbh at 1st i was pissed about the gender but i am kinda getting david tennant vibes from her and he was my fave doctor so we'll see

  • Peter Gibbs
    Peter Gibbs Month ago +2

    Sorry, but she is over the top and the accent is terrible

  • Blu3Drag0n
    Blu3Drag0n Month ago +2

    * facepalm * I may just be done with this, the decline with capaldi was bad but this is just jumping off of a cliff.Hope it gets a re - re boot with some writers who arent idiots.

  • Maarten Bakker
    Maarten Bakker Month ago +1

    Just keep it British OK?!

  • Alexander Roberts
    Alexander Roberts Month ago +3

    The BBC has definitly deleted comments

  • BrainsInAVat
    BrainsInAVat Month ago

    Can't wait!!!!!!

  • Gaaraisexie
    Gaaraisexie Month ago +3

    So the show is now final doomed to die a slow painful death.

  • Shivan Holy
    Shivan Holy Month ago +2

    Sorry, no emotions for me this time... bad bad T_T

  • TheDawg
    TheDawg Month ago

    There is no such thing as a "strong female character" or "strong male character", a strong character can be played by either gender in my eyes and thats because the gender is such a insignificant detail of that character and what characteristics make them appealing. They are making such a big deal out of her being a woman and unfortunately this show seems more interested in pushing a political agenda than telling a fascinating story. The writing seems to have gone progressively worse over the last 3-4 seasons from my which is mirrored by its ratings, can't help but worry casting a women was just an attempt to claw back some viewers instead of giving the best audition the job. Hope remains, I could be wrong.

  • goober5198
    goober5198 Month ago

    I could care less about the song choice, I'm just excited for the release! Anyone else? 😁😄

  • Shaafici Ahmed
    Shaafici Ahmed Month ago

    Doctor who ended for me when Matt Smith regenerated and started when David tenant Began

  • harnois75
    harnois75 Month ago +6

    Well, this is little more than an insult to Verity Lambert, Paddy Russell and numerous other women that the BBC championed in the 1960s when they actually embraced meritocracy. What point is the new production team trying to make? That they don't know the significant role in egalitarianism that the show they are working on always had. They think they are more virtuous? It shows me they haven't got a clue what they are talking about.

  • Iggy Harl
    Iggy Harl Month ago +2

    Nice job bbc, ruining one of your best TV shows shows so you can engage in 'identity politics'

  • Da Pumaface
    Da Pumaface Month ago

    It's not a problem with the Doctor being female, but how they're portraying

  • Rod Strayer
    Rod Strayer Month ago +3

    What a bunch of PC crap! You lost a long time follower. This change is degrading the basis of the storyline for making some kind of social commentary. The people in charge should check their history...when this has been done in the past shows they have lost viewers and the show canceled...too bad I have been a big time fan until now....thank you BBC for destroying this iconic show!

  • -Kyoto -
    -Kyoto - Month ago


  • Jotaro kujo
    Jotaro kujo Month ago +1

    Well looks like I'll be stuck with the good doctors for awhile

  • Rob Arans
    Rob Arans Month ago +2

    there is literally ZERO anything to do with Doctor Who in this..
    this is just a woman in a rainbow t-shirt staring at a shattering ceiling and looking at the camera all smugly going "whoops!" this ISN'T Doctor Who..

  • Mikki Refur
    Mikki Refur Month ago

    perhaps the glass ceiling is really a flat earth revelation metaphor. there is a sun in the middle. think in layers

  • Ashbros
    Ashbros Month ago

    Im looking forward to a female doctor, it will add new flare to the show. but personally i dont care, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT HER TARDIS LOOKS LIKE.

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson Month ago +3

    Feminist have won this is a sad time we live in now

  • JEAN LEE Quinones
    JEAN LEE Quinones Month ago

    They even change the logo what the hell

  • JEAN LEE Quinones
    JEAN LEE Quinones Month ago

    Doctor who and rap music?

  • Red Hulk40
    Red Hulk40 Month ago +1

    Leeanne Battersby from Coronation Street is the new Doctor Who, ' Hurry up and sup up, ya daft apeth .

  • sugar- Addict
    sugar- Addict Month ago

    "Woops" XD

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson Month ago +5

    Let’s get these dislikes up true fans #fucksjw

  • Hope Gallifreya Song
    Hope Gallifreya Song Month ago +1

    I understand the message behind this but it took me a little while to get ot because all I saw the first hundred times I watched it was my lovely and wonderful Doctor stand in the under a broken ceiling saying, 'Whoops...', trying to act like she had nothing to do with it. Doctor Who help me through some rough times in my life and I can hardly contain my excitement (I'm driving my family insane), and I know that this is a whole new chapter, but I can't wait. I know that whatever happens, no matter what changes, she'll still be my Doctor....and she will be amazing.

  • Thomas Madison
    Thomas Madison Month ago +3

    I am sure when this 1 dimensional, badly written, badly acted, lefty politics driven dumpster fire explodes they'll blame the patriarchy, as usual. Don't take responsibility for putting out a crappy product, just make men shoulder the blame. Ohh BBC I remember when you put out stuff people actually wanted to see.

  • ibross100
    ibross100 Month ago +2


  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel Mcleod Month ago +1

    Songs bad CGI is terrible the look at the end was disrespectful after tenant went to bat for her saying she is a good actor I had hope.... But if this is anything to go off the problem is the director and staff not the actresses

  • 1greatfinker ofRtimes
    1greatfinker ofRtimes Month ago +3

    arr isn't she cute pretending to be Doctor Who .

  • Daniel Freeman
    Daniel Freeman Month ago

    it would be great to see an episode with Jodie and Matt , 2 Doctors together , that would make a funny episode specially with matt smiths witty character ,or maybe a one off special lol

  • Киви Cat
    Киви Cat Month ago

    13 doctor amasing!

  • Pickle Rick!
    Pickle Rick! Month ago

    Okay that's the Crazy Rich Asians song and that is all I think of when I hear that.

  • MiniBritton2006 Devil

    Anybody else thinks she look a tiny bit like Matt smith