TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #25 w/ VINE LEGENDS Christine Sydelko and Chrish

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • For this Try Not To Laugh Challenge, we got some VINE LEGENDS in the building: Christine Sydelko and Chrish!
    Who do you want to see on Try Not To Laugh? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 4 604

  • Kristian Larson
    Kristian Larson 2 hours ago

    "You wanna taste the rainbow?"
    I laughed so hard I accidentally shut my phone off. 😂😂

  • Samuel K
    Samuel K 4 hours ago

    Smosh makes comedy die

  • TheGachaGabster
    TheGachaGabster 4 hours ago +1

    Me: **is wondering where Keith is**
    Smosh Pit: **Keith is not in the try not to laugh videos**
    Me: **cries because he did the try not to laugh challenge pit**

  • Trevor L.
    Trevor L. 7 hours ago

    Prospector Shayne is my new favorite Smosh character. I want more of him.

  • Obviously Anna
    Obviously Anna 8 hours ago

    You guys should try to get one of the two on an episode : either Tom Ellis and Tom Welling or Jordan Connor and Drew Tanner.

  • Alyssa K.
    Alyssa K. 9 hours ago

    The only reason that chick didn’t laugh much was because she wasn’t even looking at them.

  • BABY Britt
    BABY Britt 9 hours ago

    ???Mkay...Kind of if you'd like MY Opinion - is Chrish Gay?Like if !Pls!

  • 31at5e3unxh1a8 lolxxx
    31at5e3unxh1a8 lolxxx 11 hours ago

    You should get unspeakablegaming and 09sharkboy

  • EnderPandaPlayz
    EnderPandaPlayz 11 hours ago

    TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE w/ Ryan Todd + Anthony Padilla.?

  • Stitchington
    Stitchington 12 hours ago

    Can Chrish make Gus Johnson laugh?

  • Britt Mills
    Britt Mills 12 hours ago

    I found none of this funny.

  • DH Gamer
    DH Gamer 18 hours ago

    Krish was the bigest gay ive ever seen in my intier whole liifeeeee

  • Crystal Straughn
    Crystal Straughn 19 hours ago

    I wish I could be in a Try Not to Laugh video......

  • Jo-Jo Binns
    Jo-Jo Binns 20 hours ago

    One of them should have gone up to christine and shouted CUMBAYAAAA

  • PoeticKillerKing
    PoeticKillerKing 21 hour ago

    You guys should really invite Critikal, It feels like it would be strangely amazing

  • We are Number one
    We are Number one 22 hours ago

    *I've see many go in and not return*

  • Levi J Cunningham
    Levi J Cunningham 23 hours ago

    I still need more of this...

  • Lily Mcneese
    Lily Mcneese 23 hours ago +1

    I’m laughing so hard that I may either pee myself or throw up, thank you guys so much for making my day even better! 😊

  • Isaac
    Isaac 23 hours ago

    I cringe every time Olivia and Courtney go up on stage. Where tf is Damien?

  • Chininator
    Chininator Day ago

    Shayne’s face when he’s trying not to laugh is killer! 😂😂😂

  • Righteous Door Mat

    What happened to Noah and Keith?

  • Lee Lopez
    Lee Lopez Day ago +1

    is just me or is IAN CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  • abby ranzha
    abby ranzha Day ago

    chris was the best

  • SamEnderCat_Stuff

    I can't stop laughing at the Harry Potter one "DIDYOUPUTYOURNAMEINTHEGLOBLETOFFIIIIIIRE!!!" XD

  • Mae Mitchum
    Mae Mitchum Day ago

    16:40 Courtney should have said hi welcome to chillie's

  • Michael Chilnick

    Anyone want to see Keanu Reaves do this?

  • houssem abbassi
    houssem abbassi Day ago

    can you bring noel miller and cody ko that would be a good idea for a try not to laugh video

  • houssem abbassi
    houssem abbassi Day ago

    can you bring noel miller and cody ko that would be a good idea for a try not to laugh video

  • Chris Buckner
    Chris Buckner Day ago +2

    Please have Brandon Rogers on the show

  • MarzMelloHorse.
    MarzMelloHorse. Day ago

    Your my favorite pizza place.

  • Elillama 2006
    Elillama 2006 Day ago

    OMG! I was not expecting him to spit it out that hard! 17:18

  • Elillama 2006
    Elillama 2006 Day ago

    That traveler thing that shayne did was honestly like the funniest impression ever

  • Elillama 2006
    Elillama 2006 Day ago

    OMG! When Shane came out to make Olivia laugh was hilarious!

  • Diddly Doges
    Diddly Doges Day ago

    POCket NEmNemS ?!!?!! -Ian, 2019

  • XGacha Lillian
    XGacha Lillian Day ago

    i have those plastic dumbells.

  • Shiro Claw
    Shiro Claw Day ago

    Markiplier Bob and Wade

  • Mia Willmot
    Mia Willmot Day ago +1

    best ones (in my opinion)

  • Kaelyn Galan
    Kaelyn Galan Day ago

    18:02 thank you for that

  • Ultimate Batman
    Ultimate Batman Day ago

    Can we get a weary traveler shirt

  • James Putney
    James Putney 2 days ago

    You guys are great

  • Tracy Collins
    Tracy Collins 2 days ago +1

    Crish is like a mix between josh gad and Andrew tmi

  • Da One
    Da One 2 days ago


  • William Saenz
    William Saenz 2 days ago

    oh no the prankster has been replaced by an elderly men HAHAhahahahahaha!

  • Lanksalot81
    Lanksalot81 2 days ago

    Shayne this whole video made me laugh so hard 😂😂

  • I am a nerd
    I am a nerd 2 days ago +1

    They need Shane on here that would be hilarious

  • Mckenzie Davis
    Mckenzie Davis 2 days ago

    0:57 I'm hip hop the bunny lol

  • Elizabeth TW
    Elizabeth TW 2 days ago

    please more damien, christine and Chrish they are so funny!

  • Noah Mills
    Noah Mills 2 days ago +1

    Brandon Rodgers needs to come on this.

  • TiffYG2133
    TiffYG2133 2 days ago +1

    Try not to laugh is my favorite pizza place!

  • Rubber Duck
    Rubber Duck 2 days ago


  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 2 days ago

    *CaT gIrL nEeDs To LeAvE*

  • Rhythmic Steps
    Rhythmic Steps 2 days ago


  • Shroik boibies Yes
    Shroik boibies Yes 3 days ago +2

    14:18 was by far the best thing of all of them

  • Charles the cornicorn
    Charles the cornicorn 3 days ago +1

    They should do a try not to laugh with dan and phil

  • Arkayna Dragon Mage
    Arkayna Dragon Mage 3 days ago

    Awesome video as always
    One question:
    Can you do a try not to laugh challenge with Daniel Radcliffe or Tom Holland?

  • MB And the blue taco

    i like how courtney said taste the rainbow but there MnMs

  • Gamer Neko
    Gamer Neko 3 days ago

    If I was a part of Smosh.. For my act I would play the hip hop beat... and say : "I like big bis, itty bitty bois, mississippi bois in the city bois"

  • faze_ leche_69
    faze_ leche_69 3 days ago

    U should bring on maxmoefoe and anythingforviews onto the show

  • The Scorcher0425
    The Scorcher0425 4 days ago

    15:03 Olivia looks GONE in space

    ENTROPY ! 4 days ago

    I've seen many travelers enter but none return

  • Your god
    Your god 4 days ago

    Hello weary traveler
    So you want to enter the greatest youtube channel, eh?
    You have already done it

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen 4 days ago

    Omg.. Christine Sydelko is from one of BRANDON ROGER'S VIDEOS! :D

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen 4 days ago

    Chrish's face looks like Jovenshire.

  • Ava Lopiccola
    Ava Lopiccola 4 days ago

    Keith or Courtney should sing the national anthem but with water in their mouth. 😂💛
    Please do another try not to laugh 😂 I love them 😍 💛

  • captain black op
    captain black op 4 days ago

    oh ive seen many a travellers go here

  • AidonusGaming
    AidonusGaming 4 days ago +1

    Next Try Not To Laugh, where everyone's trying not to laugh at once except for one person. Just say to one specific person, preferably the one who's hardest to make laugh:
    "Hey, pal. I got in a fight on XBOX One. Long story short, can you get Keith to give me an N-Word pass please?"
    I can't stop thinking of this happening.

  • Holly Shinn
    Holly Shinn 4 days ago

    14:21 *LAUGHUNG*

  • Mica Young
    Mica Young 4 days ago


  • DjrooobinTV
    DjrooobinTV 4 days ago

    bring Lasercorn to Try Not To Laugh!!!!!

  • Maximus Cook
    Maximus Cook 4 days ago

    Where’s Noah?

  • Porkchop's Papi
    Porkchop's Papi 4 days ago

    Is this the most pathetic juvenile
    waste of time on Y T, or is there something even lower?

  • Falk Bend
    Falk Bend 5 days ago

    Please get Matt and Ryan from Supermega

  • Hunter Quinn
    Hunter Quinn 5 days ago

    we need to see them back in try not to laugh PLEASE

  • Tia Fitzmagic
    Tia Fitzmagic 5 days ago


  • David Guyer
    David Guyer 5 days ago

    Many off traveler's enter none leave.

  • Evan Halvorsen
    Evan Halvorsen 5 days ago

    7:10 lol

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore 5 days ago

    just binged all the Try Not To Laugh videos. They make me so happy and the cast have all been great. I think it'd be awesome if Starbomb/Game Grumps guested on an episode.

  • Scwizzy Film Production

    Please Get Tom Holland on this show please

  • emoji_girl2009
    emoji_girl2009 5 days ago

    When Christine did Harry Potter I died of laughter

  • Tuxie Luxie
    Tuxie Luxie 5 days ago

    15:28 XD

  • Alexis Dempsey
    Alexis Dempsey 5 days ago

    When did Ian get attractive?

  • Kookie Gacha Wolf
    Kookie Gacha Wolf 5 days ago +1

    we can only imagine Shayne being an old chaotic grandpa farting while chasing his grandchildren around his childhood home

  • Gandof Wuz here
    Gandof Wuz here 5 days ago

    Hi guys

  • Axs Serrano
    Axs Serrano 5 days ago

    Can I be in your next video but can you fly to New Jersey and go to RidgefieldPark because I’m a TheXvidr I just don’t have that much money and I really have the funniest joke and more about toy story 5

  • Cheeto Beard
    Cheeto Beard 5 days ago

    Im not fricken ready yet bro!

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman 5 days ago +1

    tey should do a colab with liza koshy or lily singh

  • Cheeto Beard
    Cheeto Beard 5 days ago

    *and thats how you basketbowl*

  • Frank Pizana
    Frank Pizana 5 days ago

    I love how like the whole time you just see the shadow of Shayne in his costume.

  • Aldo Quintero
    Aldo Quintero 5 days ago +1

    17:24 FOURTY TWOOOO....FOURTYY TWOOOO....*slap slap*

  • Sian Fielder
    Sian Fielder 5 days ago

    Here are the replays for the best parts in the video:
    - 10:08 - 10:08 - 10:08
    - 14:46 - 14:46 - 14:46
    - 12:24 - 12:24 - 12:24
    - 18:03 - 18:03 - 18:03

  • Junko The2nd
    Junko The2nd 5 days ago

    (13:33) who else heard the Sims 2 music??

  • lovely night
    lovely night 5 days ago

    try not to laugh smosh vs vlog squad

  • Oxyon
    Oxyon 5 days ago

    Oliver Tree needs to be on try not to laugh

  • Ermer Diaz
    Ermer Diaz 6 days ago

    Y’all should try one of these with Markiplier

  • Lil8xe
    Lil8xe 6 days ago +3

    1:05 anybody else thought of "hulk hand lobster hand"??

  • Cory J
    Cory J 6 days ago

    Can anyone help me find the episode where Noah sings "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish? I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere.

  • Meadow Brown
    Meadow Brown 6 days ago

    The way Courtney looks at Shane when he’s doing his skit 😍

  • Kylie Bradford
    Kylie Bradford 6 days ago

    Shayne would be a perfect video game voice over That would be absolutly bomb

  • BBB
    BBB 6 days ago

    You should do one of these with Mini Ladd/ Craig Thompson!