Downloading Games at 10 GIGABIT?

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
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    We finally upgrade our setup in hope to allow all of our writers to download games at the same time, with speeds upwards of 10 gigabit.
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Comments • 9 581

  • Benito Llan Matos
    Benito Llan Matos 4 months ago +5969

    Didn't the connection drop at all while Linus was using it?

  • Dominik Heinz
    Dominik Heinz 14 hours ago

    Hey LTT Team, yes! Do a follow up!

  • Nickolas Kovács
    Nickolas Kovács 17 hours ago

    "serious bottlenecking"
    *shows 1MB/s download*

    I get 1MB/s when I'm the only one home and hardwired

  • ivan sikaleski
    ivan sikaleski 19 hours ago

    Australia will get an average of 15 mbps in 2026. WHAT THE HELL EVEN!

  • Cameron Roberts
    Cameron Roberts 22 hours ago

    So what happens if I download say Crysis for example, a 500Mb update is released the next day and then I downloaded Crysis on a separate computer 2 days later. Does it download the whole game from online, or does it download the game from the cache and then the 500Mb update seperately?

  • Joseph Meeks
    Joseph Meeks Day ago

    If only I could get it to work on the ps4 lol.

  • VoldersManCave
    VoldersManCave Day ago

    what if you already have a bunch of steam games already installed on your computer? would it be useful to rather just backup my steam library to my NAS or just do this and keep all my games on it? I am unfortunately limited to 10 mbps internet as that is expensive here and I can only afford it. I usually keep a bunch of games installed on my computer just in case I want to play them in the future after installing them and playing them once or twice. Thanks!

  • Joe
    Joe Day ago +1

    i have 0.5 mgps upload :(

  • Chhaka Luoy
    Chhaka Luoy 2 days ago

    i live my life 1/4 gb at a time and nothing else matter!

  • Versatility Leo
    Versatility Leo 2 days ago

    i wanna work for u

  • Eredin
    Eredin 2 days ago

    8:40 i have the same but kb/s

  • Dunix Gaming
    Dunix Gaming 2 days ago

    I get 180 mb/s so im happy with my speeds

  • kamakazi008
    kamakazi008 2 days ago

    I liked when you showed us the slowed down net and how it is the same as my net on its best day, I live in australia btw

  • Ogichi Shirosaki
    Ogichi Shirosaki 2 days ago

    I several question can I used that DNS?

  • Calvin M.
    Calvin M. 3 days ago

    Lol, when did 10 gigabits became 342 MB/sec ? 😂😂😅

  • Mostafa Tarek
    Mostafa Tarek 3 days ago

    Yeah my internet is great enough i can watch 144p smoothly 😂

  • ツ IᑕᕼᗷIᑎᕮIᑎᕼᗩᑎS

    does that just look like or does the totally greasy hair?

  • William Wadsworth
    William Wadsworth 3 days ago

    Do ypu have to use a high end cpu and gpu?

  • Sebastián Salvo
    Sebastián Salvo 4 days ago

    2019 and i download at 135kbs... How much ruthless can be the life?

  • keN
    keN 4 days ago +1

    i took him seconds to download that but it took me 13 hours to download GTA 5.. -_-

  • Andrei Payday
    Andrei Payday 4 days ago

    I have 300 MB/s and im in Romania

  • Captain Robloxxer
    Captain Robloxxer 4 days ago

    You are complaining because your speed is 6MB/s, and here, i'm have 1MB/s already frustrated ;(

  • Canberk Varol
    Canberk Varol 4 days ago +2

    I watch 144p video now :D

  • sergeboy redzko
    sergeboy redzko 4 days ago

    wow my download speeds on steam are 20 kb to 130mb rip

  • PolarC変態
    PolarC変態 4 days ago

    Went from 900+Mbps to just 1.8❤ why u all complaining lmao

  • Jason Marshall
    Jason Marshall 5 days ago +1

    My ISP is Frontier its DSL at 1.3 mbps yep that right with a whopping 320 kbps upload that's max speed wont ever see that do to network congestion I feel so left out and yet no plans to fix or upgrade this year 2019 got to love it so this would not fix this problem for a lot of us because are conn are not fast to even benefit from this and understand many of us would never need this in a normal house anyway

  • Finn Pastari
    Finn Pastari 5 days ago

    Holy.... i need 3 days to download those games

  • RaZoR
    RaZoR 5 days ago

    Meanwhile it took me 6 days to download Forza horizon 4 on my PC. It's a buggy mess

  • Lautaro xD
    Lautaro xD 5 days ago

    Classic for me

  • Austin Metzger
    Austin Metzger 5 days ago

    Lol 😂 I have 0.3 Mb/s down and 0.1 Mb/s up and around 600ms ping 😅 send help 😂😂

  • Brian Givens
    Brian Givens 5 days ago

    So gigabit is not gigabyte? 10gb/s would be stupidly insane.

  • Divyansh Kandoria
    Divyansh Kandoria 6 days ago

    0:15 LOL BOTTLENECKING, that's the highest download speed I ever got.

  • Masic Gaming Channel 마식 YouTube

    Korea will be that downloading speed after 0~1years later in anywhere

  • John Man
    John Man 6 days ago

    When i have speeds of around 320kb/s im am very very happy...

  • TheGoldenWarrior
    TheGoldenWarrior 6 days ago

    Welcome to our world

  • Agus Del Carpio
    Agus Del Carpio 6 days ago

    1.0Mbps """"""SERIOUS BOTTLENECK"""""

  • Kasjo87
    Kasjo87 6 days ago

    Xd ... and i show you how.......... After jake fix the Maschine XD

  • Tutorial
    Tutorial 7 days ago

    “No u, steam” got you a like,

  • nenadcvele
    nenadcvele 7 days ago

    Why not Debian? I've had nothing but bugs with Ubuntu, horrible system. With Debian, 3rd year, not a single bug or problem.

  • Harris Papadopoulos
    Harris Papadopoulos 7 days ago

    Cod black ops nice

  • Sterben YT
    Sterben YT 7 days ago +2

    I get 100Mbps in 3$ month so it's pretty good! and I live in India.

    • prince Gamer
      prince Gamer 4 days ago

      I pay 650

    • Sterben YT
      Sterben YT 5 days ago

      +Ich Bin Ich damn thats too much

    • Ich Bin Ich
      Ich Bin Ich 5 days ago

      Nice, i pay 35$ and get 32mbps

    • Sterben YT
      Sterben YT 5 days ago

      +Abraham Hashimi 😂, checkout my channel, a sub would help a lot😁

    • Abraham Hashimi
      Abraham Hashimi 5 days ago

      +Sterben YT well you lucky bastard

  • GamingWithTwIxe
    GamingWithTwIxe 7 days ago

    My Internet is Ucom please can you give any tips to get better connection

  • BrokeBoy 300zx
    BrokeBoy 300zx 7 days ago


  • sachit agarwal
    sachit agarwal 7 days ago

    And I am watching this video at 360p

  • Hoodicon
    Hoodicon 8 days ago

    I only have 10 mb/s

  • Got Your Sack
    Got Your Sack 8 days ago

    I get about 600-800 no matter what
    Cox gigablast for the win

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 8 days ago

    My download speed is 10 mbps and i have about 60-80 fcking ping in games

  • Chainsaw Carpenter
    Chainsaw Carpenter 8 days ago

    Its a brandnew Idea, a Proxy-Server .... NOT!

  • fleok rbb
    fleok rbb 8 days ago

    Я один нихуя непонел

  • Zachary Peplinski
    Zachary Peplinski 8 days ago

    Lucky I can only download at 1-2mbs

  • mujeeb tariq
    mujeeb tariq 8 days ago

    Bro i am poor and i have really bad bad internet i want you make me a good internet?

  • B1ZAR0_
    B1ZAR0_ 8 days ago

    lol my wifi actualy dls at 1mbps fuck my life

    plz help

  • Spooky Lad
    Spooky Lad 8 days ago

    A day and a half to 2 days is my average wait time for any game above 20gb gotta love irish broadband

  • PlsDie ThxBye
    PlsDie ThxBye 8 days ago

    *caching server, or is ur server generating cash? hehe

  • guy who needs money
    guy who needs money 8 days ago

    i hate his voice

  • World's view
    World's view 8 days ago

    Mine 2mbps

  • Mr_3mmar_YT
    Mr_3mmar_YT 8 days ago


  • Nicolás Ramos Díaz

    Thank you for letting me know that I'm poor

  • awpR
    awpR 8 days ago

    so this only works on linus? because i dont have any device with linux lol..

  • Christopher Duncan
    Christopher Duncan 9 days ago

    Is there a way to do this but Cache everything possible? I live in an area where bandwidth is less than 1Mbps on a good day. It takes weeks to download some titles as it is, and a system crash is a killer.

  • Santiago Suarez
    Santiago Suarez 9 days ago

    Y yo aquí feliz con 300kbps

  • Urbane_G
    Urbane_G 9 days ago

    dude one megabyte per second is normal for me

  • andré van der lugt
    andré van der lugt 9 days ago

    Fk 2 days of trouble shooting, did not flush the dns

  • Zack Young
    Zack Young 9 days ago

    those are my standard speeds lucky me DX

  • Mostafa Mohamed
    Mostafa Mohamed 9 days ago

    6:35 ..
    Sorry can u explain why ??

  • SoundDrone
    SoundDrone 9 days ago

    1mb/sec is my full speed wifi :(

  • Itsreally Rogue Lonely Boston

    He can download anything in like 10 minutes while I can’t even download bo4 in a day

  • Check Mate
    Check Mate 9 days ago

    not cashing... lol.. caching

  • Wrath HD
    Wrath HD 9 days ago

    Meanwhile I'm sitting here in my third world country 1 MBPS internet

  • Aron Salvo
    Aron Salvo 9 days ago

    Mine 2.0 mbps Philippines

  • Sub Scribe
    Sub Scribe 9 days ago

    Im grateful to watch this at 1080p.. i mean its 2019 .. even using data can load fast

  • Abdullah Salah
    Abdullah Salah 9 days ago

    in my country we download gammes with 500kb/s speed

  • Juanio
    Juanio 9 days ago

    And im sitting here with 4 mega bit WiFi, that's around 500 kilo bytes a second downloading on steam.

  • abubakar jahangir
    abubakar jahangir 9 days ago

    I wanna work with you guys

  • Cheung Jack
    Cheung Jack 9 days ago

    thats me on 0:15 when even there is noone other than me in the house

  • Colin Miller
    Colin Miller 10 days ago +1

    Steam Sucks use the awesome App Store on the Mac Pro and Play Games at High Speed.

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T 10 days ago

    Erm...Okay? Ive stumbled upon the geek side of youtube again. Even with subs on Ive got no clue what theyre talking about.

  • Anarchy99
    Anarchy99 10 days ago

    Best quality gaming chair improves ur connection speed

  • Rasmus Andersson
    Rasmus Andersson 10 days ago

    I need some help. I have 250 Mbit/s internet and when I'm downloading games from steam, all of that is being used and the download time ends up being around 7 hours. System reboot or router reboot doesn't work, I have tried limiting the bandwidth steam uses but that didn't change anything. When I check my internet speeds during downloads it's down below 1 mbit/s. Anyone who might know what the problem is?

  • George The Gamer
    George The Gamer 10 days ago

    Meanwhile i'm struggling to watch this video in 144p.

  • Agung Ribowo
    Agung Ribowo 10 days ago

    Ini orang usahanya apa sih? Banyak sekali komponen komputer,
    Sometime look like office but sometime look like workshop ?

  • Birdie Die
    Birdie Die 10 days ago

    My WiFi download speed is only 2 mbps = 200kbps ...😢😢.But I told my dad to change the WiFi and take the 1gbps WiFi that my dad is really interested with it.So I hope my dad will do it...

  • ZonaryGuitar 19
    ZonaryGuitar 19 10 days ago

    my download speed is 324 kbps

  • Blastboys
    Blastboys 10 days ago

    I have 100mbps.

  • The Czech Jet
    The Czech Jet 10 days ago

    0:15 deadass my wifi most of the time

  • PatrickIV
    PatrickIV 10 days ago

    I will pay you to hook me up with this wifi.

  • Daemonshade
    Daemonshade 10 days ago

    The average ping from players hasn't changed in like 25 years of PC gaming, despite speeds rising by insane amounts since the days of 56k modem and the earliest broadband. I still average between 15-30 most days, most people average like 30-70 and a few people who I assume have crappy internet or playing from other Continents get 100+, but playing Battlefield 5 the ping looks no different to me than playing games back in the day like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault or Battlefield 1942.

  • Just a random kid Lol
    Just a random kid Lol 10 days ago

    Pixel gun for me uses 21 gigs of storage

  • Jack CTXN
    Jack CTXN 10 days ago

    Lol my internet runs at about a 1.5 MB/s download speed

  • Brandon Douglas
    Brandon Douglas 10 days ago

    I wanna know how steam is downloading that fast because i'm on 1GB and my shit will hit like 40, maybe 60mb/s sometimes. Steam is trash.

  • MasterOne Piece
    MasterOne Piece 11 days ago +1


  • Dennis.R
    Dennis.R 11 days ago

    where the 1gbps boys at!!!

  • Morex_VcT
    Morex_VcT 11 days ago +1

    And i got 300kb/s

  • R.I.P jayzee stopmotion

    My download speed is 0.1 Kilo bits per day

  • bassb00st
    bassb00st 11 days ago

    Lol, my games download at 900kbps

  • Oof
    Oof 11 days ago

    1:25 I’m nutting to that speed

  • Leo Van wingerden
    Leo Van wingerden 11 days ago

    My download speed is 650 mbp/s

  • The Embracer
    The Embracer 11 days ago

    did anyone ask, why is the gpu in the bottom slot?

  • DatLulGuy
    DatLulGuy 12 days ago


  • Muhammad Rafif
    Muhammad Rafif 12 days ago

    Of course You can't chasing NASA download speed 92 Gb/s