Downloading Games at 10 GIGABIT?

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
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    We finally upgrade our setup in hope to allow all of our writers to download games at the same time, with speeds upwards of 10 gigabit.
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Comments • 10 091

  • Benito Llan Matos
    Benito Llan Matos 7 months ago +6417

    Didn't the connection drop at all while Linus was using it?

  • Meta zor
    Meta zor 7 hours ago

    *Cries in 200Kb/s*

  • Mr ReG
    Mr ReG Day ago +1

    200kbps is what I get

  • harris sam
    harris sam Day ago

    350Mb/Sec that's mean your internet speed must be 4 Gbps above. Like me i've 30Mbps internet speed and the download speed can only reach 3.5Mb/Sec

  • Kuba Moc
    Kuba Moc Day ago

    I am now downloading 1.8 GB file on 60kbps wi-fi. :D

  • Popsicle Gaming
    Popsicle Gaming 2 days ago +3

    I think getting a better internet connection would be cheaper.😂😂

  • Akseleys Live
    Akseleys Live 2 days ago

    I'm don't understand anything, but very interesting!

  • Shadow_992
    Shadow_992 3 days ago

    And I thought my 30 mb/s were fast😂

  • Amish Patel
    Amish Patel 3 days ago

    No joke the vid is buffering during the interface of tp link

  • Gaming Dude [ Omkar Dude ]

    Oh My God Finally got 50 kb/s for the first time.

  • Natasha Narke
    Natasha Narke 3 days ago

    Linus , The tech channel working in the kitchen

  • BurningBacons
    BurningBacons 4 days ago

    I though my 50mb/s was good....

  • Swag
    Swag 5 days ago

    Well, I really am watching this at 144p

  • Nenad Vasin
    Nenad Vasin 5 days ago

    Watching this now again while setting up the server myself, and just notices when then the LTT LAN center idea was born :D

  • Adam Soph
    Adam Soph 5 days ago


  • PiEn
    PiEn 5 days ago +2

    Linus Tech Tips:
    intenret is bottlenecked and download speed is only 1mb/s
    what a speed of 800kb/s YESSS!!! ONLY 13 HOURS LEFT

  • thimo
    thimo 5 days ago

    I am donwloading with 800 mb per second and sometimes even more and 800 upload

  • camtwan1
    camtwan1 5 days ago

    So basically you showed us a very complicated method for transferring already downloaded games

  • Emile van der Merwe
    Emile van der Merwe 5 days ago

    I like that their bottlenecked download was at my full speed

  • pickAtell
    pickAtell 6 days ago

    Ur camera guy should show more of what's going on. @ around the time the test started to around 10:06, really did a poor job there.

  • coldkeyes
    coldkeyes 6 days ago

    Does anyone know if its possible to cache for Xbox live downloads?

  • Arthur E
    Arthur E 6 days ago

    Lol I’m downloading Gta5 since 2 weeks...

  • globetrotter
    globetrotter 6 days ago

    Their “serious Bottleneck“ is faster, than my Connection on a good day...
    Good german Internet from 1995😒

  • John Shadwick
    John Shadwick 6 days ago

    Wait I am confused. What is going on at 14 seconds in? How does that even work?

  • Firestar
    Firestar 6 days ago

    Yay linus used linux in a video

  • Jan Smrz
    Jan Smrz 6 days ago

    You fools! Use docker-compose instead of copying docker run bash commands :D

  • nourvendetta oninstagram

    His bottleneck is my avg speed😂

  • Moogle Midgar
    Moogle Midgar 6 days ago

    wow! 100 MB/s

  • Коля Маркелов

    28 mb/s..

  • Tejas Bhandare
    Tejas Bhandare 7 days ago +1

    Im here using 5mbps internet

  • KeanPlaysGames
    KeanPlaysGames 7 days ago

    I have 5 Mbps but the downlpad speed is 500 Kbps

    • KeanPlaysGames
      KeanPlaysGames 7 days ago

      That's what i said

    • PixelLabsMinecraft
      PixelLabsMinecraft 7 days ago

      No. You have a 5 Mbps connection and download from Steam at 500KBps. That is exactly what you should be getting

  • AidanFoster And The Adventures

    downloading a 7 gigabyte game with only 1.3/mbps of speed..

    • BlubBlub
      BlubBlub 6 days ago

      Very much for me😂

    OVERSHARE 9 days ago

    Wao this is amazing, my internet 20 mb/s :'c

    TBG HAWK 9 days ago

    Who’s still using 3mb

  • The Flash flash
    The Flash flash 10 days ago

    U talk to much. did you even explain it ?

  • yolomon9994
    yolomon9994 10 days ago

    My internet: best I can do is 1 MBs

  • Ayelo
    Ayelo 10 days ago

    My friend was dowloading Farcry 4 on his new PC with 2 bytes per second, and Steam gave up and gave a download time estimate of one year. Yeah, some kind dev guy took Australian needs to heart and programmed it to say that.

  • 张帅
    张帅 11 days ago

    I showed this to my boss, saying: we really should have one of these cacheing servers.
    and now I don't have a boss anymore

  • Steven Fraser
    Steven Fraser 11 days ago

    Would this work for an online streaming service something that you watch repeatedly like workout videos?

  • Jan Holger
    Jan Holger 12 days ago

    Should "Cashing server" at 2:00 have been a joke? I am german and even I have seen this mistake at the first glimpse (:

  • ghostDNA
    ghostDNA 12 days ago

    i get 100kbps

  • Dark Apex
    Dark Apex 13 days ago

    I used to have 200mbps then my plan went from 100 to 300 and now i got dog shit internet

  • The vodka Villain
    The vodka Villain 14 days ago

    I get 500kb/s end me please

  • RFYx
    RFYx 14 days ago +4

    I have a 200 Mbps connection but downloading with 20 mbps on steam

    • PixelLabsMinecraft
      PixelLabsMinecraft 7 days ago

      No. You have a 200Mbps connection and are downloading at 20MBps on Steam

  • Derick Asamani
    Derick Asamani 14 days ago

    What's the monitoring software Jake was using on host? anyone

  • Shabe
    Shabe 15 days ago

    I average 70 KB download speed. KB. My internet sucks balls. Took 3 days to download elder scrolls online

  • simeon kleinnibbelink
    simeon kleinnibbelink 16 days ago

    you could try running the steam library of all clients from a network share(samba, nfs, whatever). i run my entire linux box diskless from a NFS share so i can tell from first-hand experience that with the right network infrastructure a network share is good enough to just stream games off. just saves the whole caching step and also makes sure games only have to be downloaded one time.

  • Rtdslayer
    Rtdslayer 16 days ago

    I would suck weenie's for that internet

  • Bram Biezen
    Bram Biezen 16 days ago +1

    At the Hospital where i work here in the Netherlands i can download with 450 mb/s.

  • Epic Huz
    Epic Huz 17 days ago +3

    It took me 1 month and 20 days for (GtaV)2016 to download..

  • Cristian Ramos
    Cristian Ramos 17 days ago

    What if you download the game and copy the installed folder in a external drive?

  • Joey Barela
    Joey Barela 18 days ago

    80% of the comments are complaints about how slow their download speeds are. Instead of the fact they can even afford to get a decent gaming PC..... Sure I have a beefy setup my self, but my God I would consider that lucky compared to all these kids that don't even have a computer/phone.....

    • Joey Barela
      Joey Barela 18 days ago

      But that still doesn't keep me from bragging about my GTX 1050 Ti OC version to everyone I know....

      God damn all the people with RTX 2080's.... I would love to use one of those beasts

  • IDontLikeThePeppermint

    I downloaded halo 5 at 60mb/s it was epic

  • Propuh Gang
    Propuh Gang 19 days ago

    It says that my download speed is 20 mbps but it's actually 80-220 kbps

    • Propuh Gang
      Propuh Gang 18 days ago

      +johnny123 oh my mistake didnt know

    • johnny123
      johnny123 18 days ago

      Propuh Gang MB/s is different than mbps

  • KillMan50050
    KillMan50050 19 days ago

    i dont have 10g of dowload speed but high end titiles for me end up dowloading fast for some reason i pull up to a gig of dowload speed and my router is slow and cluncky

  • Jexx Raptor
    Jexx Raptor 20 days ago +3

    Me: “Casually struggles to load this video in 360p”
    Linus: “downloads GTA in 5 minutes”

  • shivam Verma
    shivam Verma 20 days ago

    Watching it in 240P .. 😂😂😂

  • Mixczka PL
    Mixczka PL 21 day ago

    My download speed is 2.5 MB/s 😐

  • 9trGaming
    9trGaming 21 day ago

    am i the only one having like 50mb download speed on other platforms and only like 5mb on steam

  • Rica Joy Adena
    Rica Joy Adena 21 day ago

    200 kilobytes per second here

  • plumbingplanet03
    plumbingplanet03 22 days ago

    i am running at 5mbs with at&t my eso download is taking ages

  • Ich Ich
    Ich Ich 22 days ago

    2:01 Cashing Server... Seems legit.

  • Jesse Rodriquez
    Jesse Rodriquez 22 days ago

    I get 40MBps download and 2MBps upload. 💪🏽😎 Use Cat6 or Cat7 ethernet cables. High capacity coaxial cable for cable internet. Get a really good router or cable modem. You'll get the full potential of your ISP. Oh and definitely change your DNS server to Googles DNS server for a more secure but fast network. 😎

  • Yurt Dacent
    Yurt Dacent 23 days ago

    Lol my internet is going at 2-3mbps but I'm getting 1gb Wi-Fi next week

  • Brandon Bursley
    Brandon Bursley 23 days ago

    what version of linux do you use?

  • NG Tech
    NG Tech 24 days ago

    I'm finally gonna get my dream wifi speed today of 30Mbps 😍😍😍
    I'm so excited 😍

    • Viggo Swanson
      Viggo Swanson 7 days ago

      i think mine is slow and i have 500 to 600 mbps

  • Lost Ghost
    Lost Ghost 24 days ago +1

    struggling in 5mbps and download speed at 500kbps, aaaaand this video

  • SJBThe4th
    SJBThe4th 24 days ago

    rip 50 mb/ps

  • cherif abdelhamid
    cherif abdelhamid 25 days ago

    big like for the "who needs epic launcher anyway" lol the best mart of the video :D

  • Sondre Flips
    Sondre Flips 25 days ago

    I have 600 Internett speed is that good?

  • Emindu123
    Emindu123 25 days ago +1

    1,7mb download my guy.

  • Fiv3Dollar
    Fiv3Dollar 25 days ago

    Its like a steam caching server doesn't exist.....

  • Addicted 2This
    Addicted 2This 26 days ago

    Ahh Australia, I love download speeds of 5mbps.

  • Alejandro Gallardo
    Alejandro Gallardo 26 days ago

    yea i didnt understand shit but im pretty sure common average users that watched this cant do this or r not gonna do this anyway, why because they just can not do interesting informative video?, yes very...usefull for normal people? absolutely not

  • Hugo Petch
    Hugo Petch 26 days ago

    i get 400mb/s at my house...............wired connection ftw

  • Millitary Daily
    Millitary Daily 27 days ago

    Im at 100mbps

  • mgkpraesi
    mgkpraesi 27 days ago

    My 50mb/s doesnt sound that fast anymore. ^^

  • Slice
    Slice 27 days ago +1

    * *Philippines has left the group* *

  • Ummithe Best
    Ummithe Best 27 days ago

    Your connection has come in MBS ... My KBS 😭

  • Abhinya Shyam Boruah
    Abhinya Shyam Boruah 27 days ago +1

    Whaaatttt 😲.. mine is 5.6 mbps

  • Vultyle
    Vultyle 28 days ago

    Damn.. my internet is only 20 Mbps...

  • Scooty789
    Scooty789 28 days ago +1

    In my country the max is 500mbit rofl

  • shawki dabbit
    shawki dabbit 28 days ago +1

    I download at 2.5 mb persecond here :(

  • Simon S.
    Simon S. 28 days ago +2

    Ahhh! I remember when my download speed hits KB/s. Still happens today!

  • Pate Jate
    Pate Jate 28 days ago

    Full Steam Ahead!

  • XBakirX
    XBakirX 29 days ago


  • Nicolas Iven
    Nicolas Iven 29 days ago

    So you need to download the game first before you can reach this speed. thats kinda cheating

  • Mortals
    Mortals 29 days ago +3

    Soooooo lucky I download stuff so slow

  • Ivan Gaspardy
    Ivan Gaspardy Month ago

    5:06 im just looking at the fan that he almost wacks with his bare hand

  • AnimeBusters
    AnimeBusters Month ago

    Linus and crew make IT fun and beyond!

  • Nick Fletcher
    Nick Fletcher Month ago

    How does it handle game updates? So like say it caches v1.2 of a game and when we go to download it, it's on version 1.3. What will happen then?

  • MegaJf16
    MegaJf16 Month ago

    I just started PC gaming, and I feel like their talking another language, so it looks like I have a lot to learn.

  • Paul Collister Jr.
    Paul Collister Jr. Month ago
    Check out 10G. Should be launching in 2 years.

  • KiLa
    KiLa Month ago

    Man i am from Serbia and my high peak is 1 mb. I am crying while downloading game

  • TheYouTutos
    TheYouTutos Month ago +2

    Os cara viaja ,pra que tudo isso,.

  • Mark r
    Mark r Month ago

    we don't even have gigabit internet in australia thanks to our shitty government :(

  • Zain Khalid
    Zain Khalid Month ago

    That's like 1500 times faster than my connection

  • Yuki Takeya
    Yuki Takeya Month ago

    Linus, they are caching server, not cashing server..(Cashing server? Is it ATM? LOL.)

  • Mr. Satadip
    Mr. Satadip Month ago

    3.0 mb/s...that's highest for me lol

  • Trenton Cathcart
    Trenton Cathcart Month ago

    8:24 your welcome