Downloading Games at 10 GIGABIT?

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
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    We finally upgrade our setup in hope to allow all of our writers to download games at the same time, with speeds upwards of 10 gigabit.
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Comments • 9 800

  • Benito Llan Matos
    Benito Llan Matos 10 months ago +6786

    Didn't the connection drop at all while Linus was using it?

    • Tudorache Adrian
      Tudorache Adrian 18 days ago

      Since he is business the traffic is allocated to him and his works yours don't. ISP will prioritize certain IPS to work better for him instead of a peasant like us.

    • Arjun Y
      Arjun Y Month ago +1

      Hahaha so funny dude 😂😂😂

    • ProNoobzGaming
      ProNoobzGaming Month ago

      @Arjun Y I've realised but I was just joking at the fact that u got 1

    • Arjun Y
      Arjun Y Month ago

      ProNoobzGaming he got 1000 likes kid

    • ProNoobzGaming
      ProNoobzGaming Month ago

      @Arjun Y But u just got one boi

  • Lucas Daniel
    Lucas Daniel 19 minutes ago


  • master 56er
    master 56er 8 hours ago

    Any one understand any thing :/

  • TheFury90
    TheFury90 15 hours ago +1

    i have a ADSL 10 MBPS PING 38 MS

  • Abu Hamza Muharemović
    Abu Hamza Muharemović 16 hours ago

    Meanwhile it takes me 15 hours to download GTA 5.

  • Fяσѕту Cнαи

    U can download DDLC in just one click :0

  • Magnus Nilsen
    Magnus Nilsen Day ago

    I have 4GB of ram 64GB HDD i5 Processor And Just A Little MacBook Air (2012)

  • Mason Peace
    Mason Peace Day ago

    Try 1.2-3.8 kbps

  • Victor le
    Victor le Day ago

    note: Mb/s is not the same as MB/s

  • Patrik Attila Pál

    1 gigabit =125mb, 10gigabit= 1250 MB /S , but you said 345mb /S what?

  • RG Gaming
    RG Gaming Day ago +2

    I have 300kb/s I swear I saw it one time 17kb/s

  • RG Gaming
    RG Gaming Day ago

    I dream of 1mb/s

  • G.D Gamer Dimension
    G.D Gamer Dimension 2 days ago

    How ???

  • Mohit Maske
    Mohit Maske 2 days ago

    anyone with 512 kbps net speed?

  • Nikolas Pleyer
    Nikolas Pleyer 3 days ago

    when you are watching the vid and downloading the same game

  • Azizi Zizi
    Azizi Zizi 3 days ago

    My country has sux inetrnet speed (sorry for my bad english)

  • kaushik kerketta
    kaushik kerketta 3 days ago +2

    Downloading starts @ 8:00

  • Blastboys // Octave
    Blastboys // Octave 3 days ago

    Bruv I can download a 5gb file in 1 min.

  • PTI Gaming PH
    PTI Gaming PH 4 days ago +6

    Man, I'm stuck on 300 kilobytes per sec

  • Anurag
    Anurag 4 days ago

    What is sudoou ? Sudo ?!

  • Rico Villanueva
    Rico Villanueva 5 days ago

    I have 1 bit/Lightyears

    • Rico Villanueva
      Rico Villanueva 4 days ago

      @Frost Burbud Oh sorry hehehe I forgot that one though XD

    • Frost Burbud
      Frost Burbud 5 days ago

      Rico Villanueva light year is a distance not a time

  • Psycho
    Psycho 5 days ago

    lmao no one connect to my wifi and i only get full of 460 kb/s

  • Ali Akremi
    Ali Akremi 5 days ago

    crazy one
    good for you
    i watch your videos every day
    and i watching you |_O
    my network speed extra 12 MB hahahahaha

  • dTb Music
    dTb Music 6 days ago

    Lol its written cashing instead of caching in that blue graphics...

  • Roger Diotte
    Roger Diotte 6 days ago

    Wow, after reading all the comments and the consensus being that most comments are about the users speeds on their internet connection hovering around a dismal 300kbps that's very jaded in todays gaming world where it's expected that users download the game at an average of 60Gigs per game then as that weren't enough still use that pathetic connection to be shared in the house.
    Then, there's most that will have a CAP on the monthly usage on top of it all in the fluffy whipped cream! I know this all too well myself and escaped that recently by moving for work and locked in a fibre connection that caps at half a gig download speed unlimited data.
    It's very discerning to know how pleasurable my connection is now versus the third world shoddy connection I had.

  • Timidity Gaming
    Timidity Gaming 6 days ago

    Yeah I’d rather wait

  • Paulo Sérgio
    Paulo Sérgio 6 days ago

    My is 280 B/s

  • Dareen Labfey
    Dareen Labfey 6 days ago

    IS my game still going to install while I put it to sleep mode?????

  • Dareen Labfey
    Dareen Labfey 6 days ago

    IS my game still going to install while I put it to sleep mode?????

  • MicJagger
    MicJagger 7 days ago +2

    “You can run into some serious bottlenecking.”
    *Shows the speed that my WiFi peaks at*

  • WinterTech Gaming
    WinterTech Gaming 8 days ago

    My bro just downloaded black ops in 30 secs.... send me wifi

  • WinterTech Gaming
    WinterTech Gaming 8 days ago

    Meh, looks like my Wi-Fi typical everyday Wi-Fi

  • jmarc 18
    jmarc 18 8 days ago

    It's taking me 2 days and a half to download Rainbow Six Siege

  • Mauricio Perroni
    Mauricio Perroni 8 days ago

    Rocket server

  • Steven Dorsett
    Steven Dorsett 8 days ago

    come to Australia and then bitch about 1mb/s down

    • MythixSkate
      MythixSkate Day ago

      Come here to bitch about 200 kb/s maximum down.

  • random stuffz
    random stuffz 9 days ago

    0:15 thats the best speed i've ever seen. i only get like 200k/s

  • D Tech
    D Tech 9 days ago

    Can i work there but just play games??

  • Misery
    Misery 10 days ago

    Linus i've got a great internet connection but when i'm downloading Gta V right now it is only downloading it at 4.4 MB/s but usually when i download games it is on about 12.5 MB/s?
    Know why? (It's not my internet)

  • Stephen Jenkins
    Stephen Jenkins 12 days ago

    You might want to revisit this as steam uses https so it's not caching anything

  • CS_toby67 -
    CS_toby67 - 14 days ago

    download doom 4 is 40 gb

  • CS_toby67 -
    CS_toby67 - 14 days ago

    our download speed is 100 kb/s

  • Gusty
    Gusty 15 days ago

    sounds similar to torrenting

  • Esmerald Fox
    Esmerald Fox 15 days ago

    I would not be able to redownload a game quickly it could take me a few weeks to download doom 2016

  • Halozone143
    Halozone143 15 days ago

    OMG MY NEW INTERNET isnt that good too Americans but I'm running this video at 1440p by default and it would normally send me too like 480p I'm so exited to watch your videos linus

  • Shaydaze
    Shaydaze 15 days ago

    Hey little bitch :D video exposesure of linus tech tips saying "nigger". Fck u man u will come across it ik sure...

  • lightless
    lightless 17 days ago

    He complains about his download speed when at start of video its 55mbps i get 5mbps

  • Blurr Plays
    Blurr Plays 17 days ago

    My computer slow my internet is faster.

    • Sans Griffin
      Sans Griffin 15 days ago

      Opposite here my Computer is really fast but my internet is slow af

  • Tudorache Adrian
    Tudorache Adrian 18 days ago

    Do you know how much of an A hole you are barging about your internet speed ? Think about the people around the world who are still on ADSL. ISP are regulated by the government and AVAILABLE infrastructure. I get 1000 down 500 up for 20 bucks but someone watching thins in a rural area feels bad... Please think internet regulations and what is the viable tech in the area and connect to them 2

  • Miguel Playz
    Miguel Playz 19 days ago

    3:16 killed me haha.

  • Austin Sparky
    Austin Sparky 19 days ago +10

    2:05 CASHING SERVER... Caching server.

  • Oki Baby
    Oki Baby 21 day ago

    i have 200mbps about to upgrade to 1gbps

  • Otaku Zone
    Otaku Zone 21 day ago +1

    Lmao when i download a steam game my peak speed is like 200kb/s and im not kidding. That's the fastest it can get

  • Uomo Saiber
    Uomo Saiber 23 days ago

    I like how the example they used for slow connection is actually slower then my connection when I'm alone and I'm downloading a steam game

  • Del Taco James 73
    Del Taco James 73 23 days ago

    And here I am installing the elder scrolls online on steam at a consistent 2MB/s

  • zexle fire
    zexle fire 24 days ago

    lol im running a 660 rip

  • Wow Fury
    Wow Fury 24 days ago +1

    bruh i live in algeria and 22h for 77gb its like heaven for us here :((

  • Dakjollidog NaniKaWaru

    In Russia, the internet moves you 10GB/s

  • Temido2222
    Temido2222 27 days ago

    >not using docker compose

  • bini esh
    bini esh 27 days ago

    why are we living, while people are downloading @7.2gb/s

  • Ivanushka_
    Ivanushka_ 27 days ago +3

    In Russia 100mbit per sec 4-6$,
    300 mbit 10-18$
    500 mbit 20-30$
    1 gbit 40-50$

  • Namir rox
    Namir rox 27 days ago +2

    I have 90gbps internet (I am from 2080)

  • Latisha Rodgers
    Latisha Rodgers 28 days ago +1

    "Cashing" server lol

  • Ali F S
    Ali F S 28 days ago +1

    starlink coming like bro

  • Rip Lippers
    Rip Lippers Month ago

    I LOVED the Cletus McFarland reference in the intro

  • cheed javier19
    cheed javier19 Month ago

    im so jealous i dont have wifi to download i want this games..

  • Russian Woodpecker
    Russian Woodpecker Month ago +1

    The only internet I have is a mobile hotspot and I cant get anything else other than satellite, because it would take the cable company 3000 dollars to bring a cable up the giant hill I live on.

  • brickson98
    brickson98 Month ago

    Does the windows update version of this work better than microsoft’s own WSUS server? I was considering deploying a WSUS server, but might use this instead if there are pros to it, since steam caching would be useful when I have friends over, considering I only have 200mbps internet. (What can I say, I’m cheap)

  • ????
    ???? Month ago

    Here in Brazil we pay R$300,00(R$297,99) for 25MB Optc Fib

  • joseph pardue
    joseph pardue Month ago

    and then striaght into the commerical bullshit

  • Θεμης Γεωργιαδης

    ._. Still downloading gta.... ¬_¬

  • Rishabh Adhikari
    Rishabh Adhikari Month ago +4

    Linus's connection - I AM SPEED.

  • Grayt5
    Grayt5 Month ago

    Docker compose

  • M3G4K1LL3R
    M3G4K1LL3R Month ago

    im the only one in the house and i still have 150 kbps download speed.
    fuck you pldt.

  • Zairexx Enterprise
    Zairexx Enterprise Month ago

    Simple is amazing
    It's so speed and I also too

  • Reticle Lazer
    Reticle Lazer Month ago

    me:600 kbps downloading games

  • ZeroShadow
    ZeroShadow Month ago

    Wow that's so fast. My home internet is only 300kbps

    ADL KHDR Month ago

    How bout 1tb?

  • andrew bell
    andrew bell Month ago

    I did something with the eithernet settings device manager / network settings / properties of said network / advanced tab / flow control (disable) / subduplex settings change to the 1gb setting / (not finished yet ) / start menu (run) gpedit.msc / admin templates / network / qos network settings / limit reserve bandwidth (enable it and set it to 0) / previous setting at the top / limit outstanding packets to 400000000000000000000000 it will correct you and just press enter twice network spedd increased without any or much hastle

  • Selmanovic Jasmin
    Selmanovic Jasmin Month ago

    My download speed is 500 kb/s. Shit

  • BIOPRO 101
    BIOPRO 101 Month ago

    this is every gamer's dream/paradise

  • Brandt Cameron
    Brandt Cameron Month ago

    Lol me with my 334down and 23 up

  • giovanne rocha
    giovanne rocha Month ago

    I have now 250mb/s and It's fricking awesome 😙😎

  • m0nka
    m0nka Month ago

    Im in NZ right now, the highest download speed on steam I have ever achieved one day was 2 mbs, but it usually hovers around 0.8-1.5 NZ got some cancer net thats for sure.

  • Emirhan Yasdıman
    Emirhan Yasdıman Month ago +1

    That cashing server at 2:04 does seem like a good business opportunity :D

  • Shareb Memon
    Shareb Memon Month ago


  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago +20

    People with social life : Friendzoned
    Gamers : Steamzoned

  • Hemant Khatri
    Hemant Khatri Month ago

    LoL ... my speed much better then you

  • ちゃんケン
    ちゃんケン Month ago

    What the? This is future men i tell ya, this is future

  • zackariah
    zackariah Month ago

    ur voice is so annoying but nice vids

  • Moriivello Yt
    Moriivello Yt Month ago

    i only have 2mbps :/

  • inspirakarya dinamispt04

    but i downloaded a game 50 gb i was not boringly

  • tonnhard
    tonnhard Month ago

    You need to rack it!!! put all the networking equipment in a rack. That would be cool.

  • Omar Boss
    Omar Boss Month ago +1

    ur lucky man im downloading games at 100kbs

  • Skeppy the ok
    Skeppy the ok Month ago

    Are you trying to create 5G or 6G?

  • Dunix
    Dunix Month ago

    My internet is 200mb/s :)

  • Kevin J
    Kevin J Month ago

    I have a 1 gigabit per 2 seconds connection :P :P

  • Ericgames234
    Ericgames234 Month ago

    I only get up to 200 mbps on steam. 1 gigabit is very good though. Downloaded GTA 5 in 15 minutes! Remember to have a good hard drive though.

  • Octavio Almanza
    Octavio Almanza Month ago +1

    Where the kilobyte squad at?

  • Shoko Moko
    Shoko Moko Month ago

    "Only 8MB if memory in the keyboard 😂 I have 10TB memory in my keyboard" This is what my son will tell 20 years from now (I don't have son but...)

  • TF2 Scout YT
    TF2 Scout YT Month ago

    It’s 2019
    (I’ve done so menny things I HAVE X2 my neighbours wifi speed and yet its still a tiny bit slow)