How to draw to remember more | Graham Shaw | TEDxVienna

  • Published on Nov 29, 2016
  • How to draw to remember more! You may not believe it yet, but we are all capable of drawing sketches that make information memorable. In this talk you will discover talents you may have never known you had. Be prepared to amaze yourself!

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    Graham Shaw teaches how to draw pictures that make learning memorable in presentations. He is author of ‘The Art of Business Communication’, shortlisted for the ‘CMI Management Book of the Year 2016’ and spoke at TEDx Hull in 2015.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • pavan kulkarni
    pavan kulkarni 12 hours ago

    👏👏👌super video

  • omar gamal
    omar gamal 2 days ago

    Thanks for your ted talk, it's very helpful to me to get more english vocabs stuck in my mind.

  • Cgruppo Gau
    Cgruppo Gau 3 days ago

    nice and perfect for m

  • Up Up and Away
    Up Up and Away 4 days ago

    Amazing! ❤

  • john smith
    john smith 5 days ago

    La traducción con subtitulo, poniéndola es muy buena, tremendo, habilidades de nuestra mente que no conocíamos, y que harán mas fácil nuestra vida,- imaginación - , añadirle algo a casi todo y se nota.

  • karan shukla
    karan shukla 5 days ago

    Its true drawing makes us remember more but d issue is if m studying for 10hrs a day how to find time for this. These things takes time. I follow a different path, just making pictures in my mind nd try making a relationship wd thm👀

  • Nu Fone
    Nu Fone 6 days ago

    The sound of his marker.... makes me cringe

  • Firuza Achilova
    Firuza Achilova 6 days ago

    Every time he used a new paper sheet, I felt pain...

  • Kayla Collins
    Kayla Collins 7 days ago

    We watched this in class

  • nohamed hosny
    nohamed hosny 8 days ago

    Such as ancient Egypt

  • خالد آل حسن
    خالد آل حسن 12 days ago

    nice ! actually this video come on the time !

  • MrMohamedxy
    MrMohamedxy 12 days ago

    فالمغرب عندنا كنسميو هادشي قلة ما يدار

  • intrepidgaz
    intrepidgaz 16 days ago

    RIP Amazon Rainforest ^__^

  • Baiangku Sangma
    Baiangku Sangma 18 days ago

    I came here for the tingles mostly...

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill 21 day ago

    Yeah, but how do you draw different rates of taxes

  • LazySkull
    LazySkull 23 days ago +1

    I dont mean any offense, but just because you can copy lines off a paper, doesn't make you an artist. but it's a fun little project.
    before people get mad. Why I say this is because it takes away from actual artists who have spent most of their lives dedicated to it.

    • LazySkull
      LazySkull 22 days ago

      @Zoja Brown Yeah true

    • Zoja Brown
      Zoja Brown 22 days ago +1

      True it does not mean you are an artist . But in truth he never said you would be just that you could learn to draw. Just like writing a school paper doesn't make you a writer but you cat write.

  • Arry Stophanes
    Arry Stophanes 25 days ago

    I can't remember what I was going to comment

  • Replicant2600
    Replicant2600 25 days ago

    TheXvid- 16m video, me- naw 8m video at 2x speed. I got things to do.

  • Parklane Residencies
    Parklane Residencies 26 days ago

    Who were the 616 people disliked? 😨

  • Mariel S
    Mariel S 28 days ago

    Not just drawing help but u got to practice.

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 28 days ago

    That is how the original alphabet was formed. Drawings of things in the world that represented an abstract set of ideas associated with the nature of the objects. It is a useful way to try to start understanding something that is foreign to you (as is the case for all forms of art), but language has developed to the current point for the sake of articulating more precise meaning from our experiences in life. Language itself is a form of mythology in that way. A set of condensed abstractions that are refined over long periods of time for the sake of understanding the fundamental basis and processes of reality. We utter words that we feel correctly match the impulses that compel us to speech and then we seek to define the words with other utterances that are more familiar and clear to us through experience. A picture or an action can help convey the things that are unspeakably unknown to us, and once the image exists an analysis can take place to make the unknown known.

  • Richard LLL
    Richard LLL 29 days ago

    Thanks for your wisdom

  • Tahsin PlayZ
    Tahsin PlayZ Month ago

    Why do i find british people speaking so satisfying?

  • kirigaya kazuto xx cbñbkknb. ?

    being able to draw is entirely different to a genuine artist.

  • Cüneyt Özkurt
    Cüneyt Özkurt Month ago

    I always use this technique when want to keep informaiton in my mind and I read a book about it :) great!

  • Gentle Mountain
    Gentle Mountain Month ago

    I don't get it. I had an exam last week and for the answers I put down a cat, fish, house, tree, buss, boat, and person. This stuff doesn't work because I just got an F on my math test!!!

      SCIENCE CHILD 20 days ago +1

      Haha😂.correct in maths ,PHY,chem =0 marks

  • James Ritchie
    James Ritchie Month ago

    We can draw pictures, or we can do what people in the past did, which is train our minds to actually work as they should. There was a time when people had no choice about training their minds. Many people had to memorize a hundred facts a day, or entire scrolls, legers, etc.. But they did it easily because they trained their minds.
    Very few even try to train their minds now, or try to remember anything. Why bother when you can make a list on your smart phone, or just look up anything on the internet? The reason to bother is because if it isn't in your mind then you don't know it, and reading it off your phone or the internet means you still don't know it. You're just a parrot, not a thinking, reasoning, knowing person.
    This is why high school and even college graduates often can barely read, or do simple math, and know nothing at all about history.
    Yes, pictures help, which is why MacDonald's puts pictures on their registers now. Pictures help when people are so uneducated, so untrained, so lacking in basic thinking skills that they need pictures to do things they should have been able to do easily as children.
    Yers, pictures help, which is why so many watch TheXvid instead of reading. Pictures help. They help keep people from training their minds, from being educated, from real thinking at all.

  • Brian R
    Brian R Month ago +1

    what a legend. marvellous!!

  • Zizi Roberts
    Zizi Roberts Month ago

    Richard Feynman technique

  • Marco Colonna
    Marco Colonna Month ago

    yes, maggiori informazioni...

  • Money Origami Originals

    He Draws Frosty the Snowman! 3:00

  • Chika
    Chika Month ago +1

    soooo he is just saying to connect ideas to ideograms and mapping them together with other ideas (and maybe creating a story to aid this mapping)

  • Adam Hassan
    Adam Hassan Month ago +2

    Now I’m drawing it’s interesting !! I wasn’t expected that one day I will.!

  • mohammad yazdanpanah

    i love this videos .

  • Simson Lory
    Simson Lory Month ago +1

    Picture thinking is the key to learn Mandarin characters.

  • OneMoreStory
    OneMoreStory Month ago

    I couldnt learn anything ? What a waste of time.

  • Kyoya Cloud
    Kyoya Cloud Month ago +2

    My boy Jeff Bezos is out here

  • CamTiger
    CamTiger Month ago

    597 peps couldnt remember all the drawings xD

  • panda chan
    panda chan Month ago +2

    And this is why mindmaps work great with studying!

    • bertaga41
      bertaga41 Month ago

      But what this and the Mindmap techniques don't mention is understanding which has to come before memorising. A method that did that would be instantly memorable.

  • Joan Pars
    Joan Pars Month ago

    This is some good asmr xD

  • Leslie 04
    Leslie 04 Month ago

    Love this guy

  • Ray Joe cipriano
    Ray Joe cipriano Month ago

    Think someone know 1st letter, go #'s lol

  • KA
    KA Month ago +3

    14:30 ASMR dose multiplyed by 2.

  • Terry Silver
    Terry Silver Month ago

    Didn't know Jeff Bezos was a cartoonist.

  • Gary Marmillion
    Gary Marmillion Month ago +1

    I would imagine this is why the ancient world used hieroglyphs to record their history

  • Silver Lining
    Silver Lining Month ago

    But they dont let me draw on my exam

  • Daisy chhabra
    Daisy chhabra Month ago +1


  • Hamza Iqbal Sufi
    Hamza Iqbal Sufi Month ago

    If you want to memorise fast and you can't cram then
    Try this approach for a week and if results are fruitful then continue using it
    🌐 Select 2 chapters
    🌐 Read those selected chapters critically for 5-7 days,(don't repeat paragraphs or lines more than once in a day) just read deeply thoughtfully once, that whole chapter e.g
    Chap A read critically ,done ,Chap B critically read done (Day 1 of 7 done) after following 7 days you will get a grounded grip of those 2 chapters in particular
    🌐 Then give a test honestly of those 2 chapters at an institution(Don't shy away from tests please)
    Followup result of such test
    Do try it for once ,especially people who can't cram
    🔊🔊🔊🔊 ‼‼‼‼
    By critically reading I mean
    💟You must know the meaning of each and every word/term
    💟You must solve all illustrations and examples on the page
    💟(optional)You must try to link the idea of paragraph or line with real life situation)
    ⚠ However
    if the content on a page in your subject book has step wise procedures,well then you have to cram its headings only...ofcourse you can cram headings in contrast to cramming explanations..Good luck 🎓

  • Mara Berrycloth
    Mara Berrycloth Month ago

    Is this an art lesson?

  • Meena Ragyor
    Meena Ragyor Month ago

    That way i can visualise more.thank you😊

  • toto now
    toto now Month ago

    From the comments The King of Emojis : ) Good grief Charlie Brown, 500 dislikes? I feel sorry for those folks. This is as good as it gets folks. Bravo!

  • Wolkano
    Wolkano 2 months ago

    these gangstas at TED put autotune on his voice for 1 sec at 16:30

  • Mohammed H.
    Mohammed H. 2 months ago

    The crazy thing is that i used to do this when i was in primary school and only in the beginning of High school and I learned it by my self, and now in college I don’t. :(

  • The Productivity Channel

    Great to see the wonderful Graham Shaw in action!

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat 2 months ago

    So. Much. Fun.!

  • Cartoon World
    Cartoon World 2 months ago


  • dhiraj singh
    dhiraj singh 2 months ago

    its beautiful

  • elmira kuderina
    elmira kuderina 2 months ago +4

    hello, can I translate this video into Kazakh language and put it into youtube so Kazakh speaking people understand. the video material is good

  • Blob the Blobb
    Blob the Blobb 2 months ago

    Unintentional ASMR

  • Tech 4Unbox
    Tech 4Unbox 2 months ago


  • George Andrews
    George Andrews 2 months ago

    I can draw flies...

  • Jim Evans
    Jim Evans 2 months ago +21

    I want this kind of teacher 😢 I can understand him and full of positivity
    thank you sir 💓

  • Mr Mortima
    Mr Mortima 2 months ago

    so im a computer science student and i cant imaging how to but equasions into pictures. ive tried but it just took me so much time and effort that i have to say that this method is kind of useless. but its quit hard learning with anki and forcing urself all this boring but relevant informations into ur head. dont know what to do.

  • Eshwar Ravula
    Eshwar Ravula 2 months ago

    Jeff Bezos promoting sketches & paper sales for amazon

  • Mohammed Ali Khan F
    Mohammed Ali Khan F 2 months ago

    Is he reinventing Hieroglyphics?

  • No Name
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  • anas faris
    anas faris 2 months ago

    3:47 illuminati conferred

  • j - h o p e .
    j - h o p e . 2 months ago +1

    Yes, but where are Thelma and Spike?

  • Ranjana Chakraborty
    Ranjana Chakraborty 2 months ago

    So nice

  • Cheikhouna Djigal
    Cheikhouna Djigal 2 months ago

    He doesn't remember you jeff bezos ?

  • The one most loved
    The one most loved 2 months ago +5

    Either physical or abstract,
    we can draw only
    -common nouns,
    -verbs, and
    -Also prepositions and interjections...
    *BUT* what about
    -helping verbs,
    -Proper nouns,
    -participles *???*
    And also,
    How to draw when someone is giving a lecture, speech or report in a Fast Speed ???
    Don't misunderstand me... I fully appreciate his tips, but I justed wanted to know more about it.
    Have a nice day dear.

  • Marina Ashley
    Marina Ashley 3 months ago +1

    I just don't see how I can apply this method in remembering foreign words 😢

  • A P
    A P 3 months ago +1

    A picture is worth a thousand words

  • UK Astana
    UK Astana 3 months ago

    That is exaclty what I do when my daughter asks for help in doing her math - draw a picture. Now I got confident in the method! :)

  • Entsar Bayaty
    Entsar Bayaty 3 months ago

    I liked the idea very very much

  • Abdelhak Bougatta
    Abdelhak Bougatta 3 months ago +1

    Amazing Graham ! I like your voice and your drawing methods, there is many ways to memorize ideas but this is one is very interesting and easy to do.

  • Fossiliferous
    Fossiliferous 3 months ago

    Imma draw all 1350 words of a song I want to learn as random things to help me remember the entire song.

  • Kiki perry
    Kiki perry 3 months ago +4

    and people who enjoy reading are making pictures in their minds while reading.

  • ikxl
    ikxl 3 months ago +2

    Is this bob ross

  • sutil Al
    sutil Al 3 months ago

    so draw the 300 irregular verbs in english, and thousands of them in spanish or french, . important date in world history , yet another fad ... the truth this works only for quick urgent info but if you do it in every thing, it wont work, and I draw portrait landscapes etc monuments of many cites where I spend 30 min or 20 min .. would not remeber the name of many of them, love how they keep feeding the rest new fad lol

  • ming xiao
    ming xiao 3 months ago

    it is because what you draw is that you have already remembered, if you draw some characters really weird or something never see, you can not remember again

  • TimeLaps Parallel
    TimeLaps Parallel 3 months ago


  • RavShaan Mangat
    RavShaan Mangat 3 months ago +1

    Love the guy 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Eduardo Freitas
    Eduardo Freitas 3 months ago

    I always kind of did that and it works. In fact we are so much visual learners that even when olny using normal annotations when I did a test I usually remembered the pages I've written the relevant information on at the same time. I think a great way to use this is to just doodle stuff along with your annotations.

  • Hastin Nuraini
    Hastin Nuraini 4 months ago


  • Sheyda Mazhko
    Sheyda Mazhko 4 months ago +3

    Supremely useful😍
    I will no doubt put it into practice...!

  • Karolína Klímová
    Karolína Klímová 4 months ago +4

    I’ll just don’t remember the word but draw the picture to the test...

  • Bea Wood
    Bea Wood 4 months ago +2

    Bullet journaling!!!

  • Homeschooled Around the World


  • NIshan Lacoul
    NIshan Lacoul 4 months ago +1

    thank u sir

  • Nick's Stuff
    Nick's Stuff 4 months ago

    The Trust picture works for Thrust as well!

  • Second Shyloh
    Second Shyloh 4 months ago +3

    I have just started the video and I'm having anxiety attacks right now 😓. 👹

  • cherryhead25
    cherryhead25 4 months ago +1

    Uh, Stop showing the audience when the guy is giving the lesson maybe??????

  • Juan Olcese
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  • - m7k0z7 -
    - m7k0z7 - 5 months ago +1

    I've actually drew all of them. This is cool.

  • BlaZeSlymy
    BlaZeSlymy 5 months ago

    I don't know why, but I cannot remember them drawing. Learning looks a bit more easy to me.

  • rose jacks
    rose jacks 5 months ago +1

    Thank you, now I can draw!

    NATNIEL GEBREMARIAM 5 months ago

    It's just that I don't know how I can put drawing as an learning element.

  • Drunkard Dingo
    Drunkard Dingo 5 months ago

    The problem I have once I learned this types of drawing I started learning more complex drawings, I keep pushing myself to get better and better.

  • abdulaziz saeed al-tamimi

    The thing is,, how can we use tht with a lot of educational material.. 😓