NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Regular (English Ver.)' MV

  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
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    >Regular (Korean Ver.) MV:
    01 지금 우리 (City 127)
    02 Regular (Korean Ver.)
    03 Replay (PM 01:27)
    04 Knock On
    05 나의 모든 순간 (No Longer)
    06 Interlude: Regular to Irregular
    07 내 Van (My Van)
    08 악몽 (Come Back)
    09 신기루 (Fly Away With Me)
    10 Regular (English Ver.)
    11 (Bonus Track) Run Back 2 U
    NCT 127 Official
    #NCT127 #Regular #Regular_Irregular
    NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Regular (English Ver.)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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  • Mint Sugar
    Mint Sugar 7 hours ago

    I'm new here,but
    1:59 i think that's yuta
    I don't know but this voice is really different and beautiful

  • Levi
    Levi 9 hours ago

    Man, I miss winwin in 127 so much

  • Josie Darley
    Josie Darley 10 hours ago

    Here’s me thinking that the ‘crib’ was something for a baby and not a house smh

  • jongwae
    jongwae 11 hours ago

    1:44 me

  • Siria Draw
    Siria Draw 11 hours ago

    This is frickin awesome

  • A Jisoo bias
    A Jisoo bias 14 hours ago

    Who is the guy at 0:34?

  • Cahyani Utami
    Cahyani Utami 15 hours ago

    What is vvs?

  • 이 애옹
    이 애옹 16 hours ago

    마크 사랑해

  • joyce
    joyce 16 hours ago +1

    who is the dude at 0:10 he is mad good looking

  • Marquise
    Marquise 17 hours ago +2

    *This is a banger* 🔥🔥

  • Jojo Official
    Jojo Official 17 hours ago


  • Kj 670
    Kj 670 19 hours ago

    Me finding $10 on the street- I just made a million

  • Bella C.a.T
    Bella C.a.T 22 hours ago +1

    I need spanish, german and italian version of this song 💚

  • Bts jimin Subway

    OMG MARK IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Renewed Youth
    Renewed Youth Day ago

    What do the Korean lyrics mean?

  • Nikachii
    Nikachii Day ago

    There’s not really a theory to this, besides the fact that they’re flexing on us

  • Jungkook is a Bunny

    “I just made a million and I’m still not satisfied”
    This just called me poor in a million different languages 😕😂😂😂

  • Shanika Clark
    Shanika Clark Day ago

    LOL I am jamming to this song so hard with 17 cents in my back account XD

  • merry infires
    merry infires Day ago

    I thought it was:
    I be fcking with the cheese instead of walaking lol

  • chenle X hrvy
    chenle X hrvy Day ago

    My bank account go- *your broke stfu* -
    ........... Oh yh... I forgot for a second.... 😣😭

  • chenle X hrvy
    chenle X hrvy Day ago

    This is our time to shine, *INTERNATIONAL FANS WHERE YOU AT*

  • Park Chanyeol uwu
    Park Chanyeol uwu Day ago +2

    1:39 i thought he said " looking like a vegetable"

    • HeyyIts_leslie
      HeyyIts_leslie 22 hours ago

      Everytime I listen to this song and Haechan's part comes on thats all I'm gonna think about now😂

    ELF *NCTZEN Day ago +3

    *We Are Not The Same, Only One Of Me*
    "YAAAAAAAS ‌🇳‌🇦 ‌🇾‌🇺‌🇹‌🇦"

  • gcfhyunin
    gcfhyunin Day ago

    im not the only one who hears "i be fucking" instead of walking at 0:25

  • Prastiti Cute
    Prastiti Cute Day ago

    Come over here becuz the one of mamber say reguler make money!!!😂😂 what is that mean??😅😅

  • Beatrice Uwitonze

    Who else heard I be fucking with the cheese

  • Hope World
    Hope World Day ago +4

    I just started stanning nct 127 and Looks like I’m going to stan them for a long time now😍

  • Forever EXO-L
    Forever EXO-L Day ago

    1:12_looks similar to the choreo part of EXO's LOTTO.isnt it?SM FAM

  • andi mario
    andi mario Day ago +3


  • ARMY elimibırakma

    chinese is my fav

  • Hee Jin Kim
    Hee Jin Kim Day ago +2


  • fyraa flsha
    fyraa flsha Day ago


  • Nibeda T
    Nibeda T Day ago +1

    Me here to learn enGliSh

  • Unknown MC
    Unknown MC Day ago +2

    Who is the guy who jumped out the window?
    (WHEN THEY SAID 'NOW WE IN THE ZONE') the first time in the video

    • Unknown MC
      Unknown MC Day ago +1

      @Kawaii_Chuu 143 wow! Thanks from a new NCTizens (sorry if I spelt it wrong)

    • Kawaii_Chuu 143
      Kawaii_Chuu 143 Day ago +1

      Meet Lee Taeyong...
      -The leader of the group
      -Gets easily flustered
      -Known for his duality
      -And backbreaking freestyles
      If you wanna know who also sang 'now we in the zone' , his name is Moon Taeil. The main vocal and the grandma of the group.

    • Unknown MC
      Unknown MC Day ago +1

      @nana nonoy dang! He look *speechless* hot af
      Thanks 💜

    • nana nonoy
      nana nonoy Day ago +1

      Taeyong the leader

  • em so
    em so Day ago +1

    Its just on a different level

  • Mochi Kookies
    Mochi Kookies Day ago +1

    Hey guys. So I’m new to this fandom but I can’t stop listening to this song. Can you guys comment anything below I should know because I would like to join the fandom. Thanks.

    • Near By
      Near By Day ago +2

      Chk out, enjoy & help us str3am :) eg
      NCT 127 MV Superhuman, Cherry Bomb, Simon Says, Chain (Jpn), Wakey Wakey (Jpn) ...

      also b-sides are awesome : No Longer, Sun & Moon, Angel, Long Slow Distance (Jpn), Whiplash, Baby Dont Like It, City 127, Run Back to You, Replay (1.27), Comeback, Heartbreaker ...

      Family units'
      NCT U MV Boss, Baby Dont Stop, Yestoday, Timeless, Without You ...
      NCT Dream MV Go, We Go Up, DNYL ( collab w HRVY) ...
      WayV (Chinese unit) MV Take Off, Dream Launch, Regular, Ten & Winwin dance in WayV Channel

      Channels/vlogs : chnct, nctdaily, nctdance, nctmusic, NCT127, WayV - have fun !!!

    • nana nonoy
      nana nonoy Day ago +1

      Follow NCT daily on youtube and watch nct related video will help ^^

  • Yuki-Ryu Okami
    Yuki-Ryu Okami Day ago +1

    This is the song that got me into them sorry I am a late fan but they have really cool songs and voices :}

  • Jaehyun Just Wants Some Milk

    June 2019? where y'all at??

  • Jaehyun Just Wants Some Milk

    This song will forever remain superior 😔✊💕💕

  • Jaehyun Just Wants Some Milk


  • ruth _r_mk
    ruth _r_mk 2 days ago +1

    Lalalalove this!🌚💃🏿

  • papibaek _
    papibaek _ 2 days ago


  • Hentai Hunter
    Hentai Hunter 2 days ago

    What a shitty song

    • taryn valentine
      taryn valentine Day ago +1

      imagine not liking this song ma you looking like wholeass clown rn🤨🤡

    • nana nonoy
      nana nonoy Day ago +1

      Haters gon be mad whoop

    • 정의Tiffany
      정의Tiffany Day ago +4

      Hentai Hunter
      actually your manner is more shitty

  • tatashii
    tatashii 2 days ago

    English Version but has Spanish and Korean lyrics.

    VIVIAN FUENTES 2 days ago +1


  • Addie Games
    Addie Games 2 days ago +8

    I’m just starting to get into NCT mostly because of the interviews seeing how cute and funny they are. Then I see this... and now I feel attacked

  • Kaitlyn Wen
    Kaitlyn Wen 2 days ago +2

    Is no one gonna talk about "Queso"?

  • FullsunCulture bye
    FullsunCulture bye 2 days ago +2

    Some of you are not Haechan and that's a problem. Fix it

  • 10 TEN
    10 TEN 2 days ago


  • Yvain Vázquez
    Yvain Vázquez 2 days ago +2

    "Dinero peso yen lo quiero i want it" clara que si NCT hablando varios idiomas :)

  • jerrys dog
    jerrys dog 2 days ago +1

    DAMN 🔥

  • G4RN1SH
    G4RN1SH 2 days ago

    Hopping out casket fresh? Lmaoooo

  • nurfirza 15
    nurfirza 15 2 days ago

    SM:*puts Eng captions in Regular when they sang in 99% Eng but didn't put Eng captions to NCT's other MVs that was sang in other languages*

    • Near By
      Near By Day ago +1

      SM had a major inspiration : NCT 127 Superhuman w 6 languages captions :D

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara 2 days ago

  • Hypernova
    Hypernova 2 days ago +1

    This is what i call LIT

  • Auburn Radke
    Auburn Radke 2 days ago +1

    idk if this is just me or my brain messed up , but the longer i listen to this , the slower it is .. like idk.. like it's so weird... u know how you usually dont know or cant catch up with lyrics but u feel like suddenly you can and like the music is slowed down ? idk... this is weird

  • Lee재히
    Lee재히 3 days ago

    *Regular makes me want to think I’m rich*

  • No- Name
    No- Name 3 days ago +4

    I love how NCT127 thought about all the people listening and took out time to make 3 different versions so we can sing along and understand the song.Chinese and English are the 2 main languages and Kpop is Korean pop so It made sense to do that to earn more fans. Damn that was long

  • Kim Manning
    Kim Manning 3 days ago +1

    This song sounds like rap and my mom like it :mom:Hey wat song is that😊

  • Meme Child
    Meme Child 3 days ago +1

    *legend has it jaehyun walks/f*cks with the cheese to this day*

  • Abby S
    Abby S 3 days ago

    listening to this while loading the dishwasher is a different experience... my brother and my dog are currently watching me wave the biggest knife around my hand while screaming "VVS MY DIAMONDS I DON'T NEED NO LIGHT TO SHINE"
    Update: I stubbed me toe and now my siblings are laughing at me

  • Sesmiitaa Manivannan
    Sesmiitaa Manivannan 3 days ago +1

    *Winwin only has one line in all versions of regular but he slays that line every single time*

  • Multifandom Kpop Bitch here

    English Captions,
    With korean words


  • nana's smile 2
    nana's smile 2 3 days ago

    Uhm didn't we have 33m before for this

  • SSN
    SSN 3 days ago

    40k more

  • kang ri
    kang ri 3 days ago +3

    first nct's song that make me love and want to know more bout them..

    • kang ri
      kang ri 3 days ago

      @Singing x Art of course dear.. 🙏

    • Singing x Art
      Singing x Art 3 days ago

      @kang ri Ah~ I hope you enjoy your time here! Thank you so much for checking out our boys

    • kang ri
      kang ri 3 days ago

      @Singing x Art actually i'm an old Elf.. but NCT great too.. and i'm falling in love with all of them. They have great vibes as an idol..

    • Singing x Art
      Singing x Art 3 days ago

      Welcome to the NCTzen family~

  • Roberth CG
    Roberth CG 3 days ago +1

    Ay wow, la ame mil!

  • Samuari artist
    Samuari artist 3 days ago +1

    so all of them speak english

    • open your eyes
      open your eyes 2 days ago

      The other Korean and Japanese members learn English very well and improving

    • Singing x Art
      Singing x Art 3 days ago +1

      Two are fluent English speakers~ Johnny is from the US and Mark is from Canada :) Jaehyun lived in America for four years so his English is pretty good

  • Azi Shagnal
    Azi Shagnal 3 days ago


  • mark love lee
    mark love lee 3 days ago

    ㅇㅁㅋ ㅅㄹㅎ🍉

  • Alexandra XD
    Alexandra XD 3 days ago +1

    As a person who listens to rap and pop and is afraid of the stigma around kpop and thier crazy followers, THIS SONG IS FUCKING AMAZING WTF. 😤😤😤 I'm ashamed.

    • SSN
      SSN 3 days ago +1

      Some Recommendations: Seventh sense, BOSS, Cherry bomb, yestoday, mad city, Simon says, superhuman

  • Selin Zümra ZÖĞ
    Selin Zümra ZÖĞ 3 days ago +2

    1:18 that "bruuuaahhh" perfect

  • - scftpeach
    - scftpeach 4 days ago +5

    *even if taeyong isn't your bias...*
    *taeyong is still your bias...*

  • The Koreaboo
    The Koreaboo 4 days ago +1

    NCT 1:27
    Okay so im doing this thing where i'll comment 127 as a timestamp on their music videos, and then see what happens

  • Cindy Insert Lastname

    Keep on str34ming Superhuman, Dnyl, Take Off and highway to heaven! Don't forget to vote for superhuman on idol champ, Mnet and starpass

  • Nellie Guilbault
    Nellie Guilbault 4 days ago

    yuta looks so angry lol its so cute

  • antoinetteてみとぴ

    definitely migos inspired,definitely.
    But still so bomb.

  • Black Hair
    Black Hair 4 days ago

    Winwin, I miss you 😭

  • Lea -
    Lea - 4 days ago +4

    "iced out both my wrists now i can barely see the time"...

    Damn. i think this my favorite quote of all time, gonna tattoo it on my forehead. Wish me luck sisters.

  • Victoria Christina
    Victoria Christina 4 days ago

    Ching Chong ding dong 🤩

  • Aisha Azzahra
    Aisha Azzahra 4 days ago +1

    If possible, honest Regular English version of the song is better than the Korean version🙃 but both are Good😊😍

  • G K
    G K 4 days ago

    hey guys just watch the video at 0.75 playback speed and see the magic!
    The song changes directly to its indie version lol

  • Love Yourself And BTS
    Love Yourself And BTS 4 days ago +3

    Is nobody gonna talk about Taeyong's FINE shirt???
    Taeyong's shirt is the DEATH of me lol

  • Blinari
    Blinari 4 days ago +2

    ريقولاررر تاااجججج راسييييي

  • Empathymaybe
    Empathymaybe 5 days ago


  • Edelweiss Saskia
    Edelweiss Saskia 5 days ago +1

    the richest song lyrics

  • RiyaTheKpopFan Blackpink

    Did anyone else get Ariana grande vibes in the very beginning.( It almost sounded like the beginning of the song monopoly)

  • SSN
    SSN 5 days ago


  • la sandia de markitos


  • Faiza Puteri
    Faiza Puteri 5 days ago +2

    Uri nct🌸❤️

  • 뭔지 알지?미친놈

    Haters gone be mad.

  • ayyana
    ayyana 5 days ago +3

    Suddenly I think I’m rich-

  • Sushan HH
    Sushan HH 5 days ago +4

    Jaehyun with his Queso still iconic

  • kpoper girl
    kpoper girl 6 days ago +5

    Let's keep str3aming.....Who else is watching this video in June 2k19

  • Vinny Sinha
    Vinny Sinha 6 days ago +9

    did he jus say buss it for a real one,,,...bruh i aint know kpop could get like this til i heard this song skslfksal

  • Elli.goes.supernatural


    this line was so legendary it even inspired hot zombie!donghyuck fanfiction GOOD TIMES

  • Элина Лимонова

    Mark is finally black

  • L Trent
    L Trent 6 days ago +1