NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Regular (English Ver.)' MV


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  • king taetae
    king taetae 3 minutes ago

    1:45 WHOA WHO IS HE

  • Darian Johnson
    Darian Johnson 36 minutes ago +1

    Am I the only one who's bank account is doing the complete opposite of there's because mine is stressin😰😂🤧

  • Bt21 Bts21
    Bt21 Bts21 39 minutes ago

    this song reminds me of this other song "Sangria wine" camila cabello

  • dyna 12
    dyna 12 Hour ago

    I love it❤❤❤❤

  • soft baekkie
    soft baekkie Hour ago

    This ain't English... this is high class Englishé

  • Ananda Flores
    Ananda Flores 2 hours ago

    Amo esta canción

  • Madame Mayhem
    Madame Mayhem 2 hours ago

    I love this song. The only line and visual I want to change.
    "She gon bust it for a real one". Do they know what they are saying? And where tf is SHE??. Ya'll too fine to not have girls in your videos.😘
    Sm, make it happen!!!!!!!🤔

  • Lorena XoXo
    Lorena XoXo 3 hours ago +1

    0:12 That’s how I fell when I do a group project all by myself

  • Ashleychanelol
    Ashleychanelol 3 hours ago


  • serrano 0.l
    serrano 0.l 3 hours ago

    The Spanish parts killed me.
    I stan.

  • Paola Bernal
    Paola Bernal 4 hours ago


  • Baek Trash
    Baek Trash 4 hours ago

    Me: "I listen only to meaningfup lyrics'
    Me, 2 seconds later: I be walking with the cheese that's the queso

  • JiminnieCricket
    JiminnieCricket 4 hours ago

    taeil owned this song so much

  • andrea parrales
    andrea parrales 5 hours ago

    Go watch apple music~

  • Alisa Hakkarainen
    Alisa Hakkarainen 6 hours ago

    red hair?

  • Cynthia Aldunate
    Cynthia Aldunate 7 hours ago +1

    ¡¡¡PAPASITOS!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Seren biased
    Seren biased 8 hours ago

    I don't understand that people doesn't like this version. Like this version is enough to snatch people's wigs.

  • Maria Lewis Blackwood
    Maria Lewis Blackwood 9 hours ago

    The best song from them, definitely!

  • tttani
    tttani 10 hours ago +1


  • Riya Amin
    Riya Amin 11 hours ago +1

    Finally found this song OMG I have been hearing this song everywhere but I just didn’t know the name or the artist. I am so happy I found it!!! Time to check NCT out!!

    • Riya Amin
      Riya Amin 3 hours ago

      Lol by everywhere I meant I read a lot of fanfic and generally on TheXvid I have heard this song a lot. Sorry for not being specific lol

    • Kayla
      Kayla 10 hours ago +1

      wow really where do you live?

  • NCeaTing
    NCeaTing 12 hours ago

    i lowkey like the english version better

  • Matte Reese
    Matte Reese 12 hours ago

    TAEIL 3:38

  • Sweet Lemonade
    Sweet Lemonade 12 hours ago +1

    0:25 I'm I the only one hearing 'I be fucking with the cheese that's that queso'?

  • 亦凡Nuhansa
    亦凡Nuhansa 12 hours ago

    this is addictive as hell!

  • sindy fs
    sindy fs 13 hours ago +1

    this is really good pls streaming they deserved to get 100M+ views 😭❤

  • Sus Dwinarti
    Sus Dwinarti 13 hours ago


  • BonSky Ü
    BonSky Ü 13 hours ago +1

    Can i join the fandom?

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track Hour ago

      Yes common join and exolore NCT you will enjoy alot

    • CISPDR
      CISPDR 5 hours ago

      For sure! welcome to the Nctzen family!

    • Kayla
      Kayla 10 hours ago


  • Taejin Namjin
    Taejin Namjin 14 hours ago

    I cant recognize any of them but they're really good

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track 12 hours ago

      +Taejin Namjin welcome🤗🤗

    • Taejin Namjin
      Taejin Namjin 13 hours ago

      +Ty Track okayyy thanks

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track 13 hours ago

      +Taejin Namjin yes NCTzen a citizen of N city.
      So yes if you want to be a stan watch all their MVs and if you check lyrics on youtube you can easily remember their face
      1.7th sense
      2.Baby dont stop
      4.Without you
      5.Simon says
      12.We go up
      13.Open the door
      14.Mad city
      16.Sun and Moon

    • Taejin Namjin
      Taejin Namjin 13 hours ago

      +Ty Track oh Im not a Stan or anything so I just know some of there names, this is one of the few songs I've heard by them. I would like to become and nctzen tho, is that how u spell it?

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track 13 hours ago

      They have different face
      Diffrent hair colour
      Diffrent voice

  • Dokyungsoo Nana
    Dokyungsoo Nana 14 hours ago

    Bitch, the lyric tho AHAHHAHA

  • Tyanna Tupuola
    Tyanna Tupuola 15 hours ago

    i come back to watch this and every time i gets better aND I DONT KNOW WHY. like is it bc of Johnny looking sophisticated yet daddy at the same time? or is it when doyoung is telling me to bust for a real one? I DONT KNOW.

  • Tê Tê
    Tê Tê 16 hours ago


  • Carina Iraheta
    Carina Iraheta 17 hours ago

    Tell me why this song would go perfect for BTS 🤣they make the world go brahhh

  • RM
    RM 18 hours ago

    The Next Kings 👑

  • Lauren Salinas
    Lauren Salinas 19 hours ago

    all I have to say is AYE!

  • Jamys Roblero
    Jamys Roblero 20 hours ago


  • Евгений Насипов


  • Mariana Hernandez
    Mariana Hernandez 21 hour ago

    2:56 to 3:00 is my second favorite part and so on

  • Mariana Hernandez
    Mariana Hernandez 22 hours ago

    1:55 is what we came here for

  • Ferrero Mua
    Ferrero Mua 22 hours ago


  • Ryan Lavender
    Ryan Lavender 22 hours ago +1

    I’m still convinced he’s saying “I’m fucking with that cheese”😗

    • Mei Lin Lim
      Mei Lin Lim 17 hours ago

      We all did 😓 then SM quickly put up the Eng subs 😉

  • quinn is totally not salty

    They're gonna be HUGE someday. Just wait. 👀☕️

  • Yocelin :3
    Yocelin :3 22 hours ago

    Proximamente.... en mi quermes xd

  • syxza yusoff
    syxza yusoff 22 hours ago

    2016: Dance My Party People......
    2017: I'm The Biggest Hit I'm The Biggest Hit On The Stage
    2018: I Just Made A Million and I'm Still Not Satisfied

  • Leslie Gonzalez
    Leslie Gonzalez Day ago

    i like this way better

  • ChimChim's Jams
    ChimChim's Jams Day ago +3

    me(before watching): I wanna check out other groups. not just bts...
    *saw this*
    Ouh NCT ._.
    me (after watching): *where tf did my wig go?*

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track Day ago +1

      Hahaha explore sis
      The more you will explore everything related to NCT the more you will feel attacked

  • Kayoozi
    Kayoozi Day ago


  • gamers
    gamers Day ago +1

    i wan stan someone help me

    • Shypa Maulidia
      Shypa Maulidia 21 hour ago

      +gamers if u have twitter or Instagram u can follow their account @nct, @nct127, or u can subscribe their channel like NCT Daily, NCT Music, NCT Dance, and u can search in SMTOWN channel their year book.
      And u can watch NCT LIFE Seasons 1 - 6

    • Natalie XD
      Natalie XD 23 hours ago

      eyyy just support

    • gamers
      gamers Day ago


  • Joy Yang
    Joy Yang Day ago


  • Laney
    Laney Day ago


  • Kristina Symilova


  • Khaialan Asro
    Khaialan Asro Day ago +5

    this song doesn't deserve 20m views... they should get more than 50m views and perhaps 100m views! I'm exol and i support nct!

  • Evie Smart
    Evie Smart Day ago

    me listening to the Korean ver. ...''what are they saying?''
    me listening to this.. ''ohhhhhhhhhh this is what they are saying..''

    • open your eyes
      open your eyes Day ago +4

      Actually the lyrics and meaning for both versions is different. English version is more like their dream while the Korean version is their reality . that's why their album called regular-irregular

  • Wonuola Ajayi
    Wonuola Ajayi Day ago

    how many are they?

    • 1917
      1917 10 hours ago

      Wonuola Ajayi

    • Shypa Maulidia
      Shypa Maulidia 21 hour ago

      In NCT they have 18 people, but in this sub unit they have 10 member now.

  • Grecia Lopez
    Grecia Lopez Day ago +1

    I just made 1$ and I'm still not satisfied🧟‍♂️

  • Grecia Lopez
    Grecia Lopez Day ago

    We got the wave we getting paid

  • Grecia Lopez
    Grecia Lopez Day ago

    We flash banana let's dance woahhh oah burn it up burn up

  • lmlmlm mnnn
    lmlmlm mnnn Day ago

    this song is a gift from God

  • VIP Till_Whenever

    My first language is English but I'm so used to reading subs that reading the subs 🙄

  • Resisca Lorensa
    Resisca Lorensa Day ago

    The song is really similar like Cardi B - I Like It
    Exactly same~

  • jack frost as taeyong


  • Tala Said
    Tala Said Day ago +1

    Love NCT ❤️❤️ if you love NCT like and comment

  • Failed Math Tests


  • little mayflower

    Why he fucking with the cheese tho....

    • Meng Yu Wu
      Meng Yu Wu Day ago

      The lyrics are actually "I be walking with the cheese that's the Queso"

  • multi k-pop fan
    multi k-pop fan Day ago

    NCT: *my bank account go +$😎*
    Me: *my bank account go -$😢*

  • banana Q
    banana Q Day ago


  • Roshaan S
    Roshaan S Day ago

    highkey bars🔥🔥🔥

  • Maiya Iano
    Maiya Iano Day ago

    They giving me a heart attck ❗️❗️

  • Sarah Khandoker
    Sarah Khandoker Day ago

    How do they manage to have bands with so many memebers?

    • priscilla renthlei
      priscilla renthlei 19 hours ago

      They are in the biggest kpop entertainment in korea.

    • Joyonghi Ijeneun
      Joyonghi Ijeneun Day ago +1

      SM has long history of managing KPop groups boys & girls each ranging from 3 to 18 and counting - chkout SMTown concerts where all the family members gather together :D:D:D

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track Day ago

      10 members is not difficult

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track Day ago +1

      Its soo EaSy

  • Sarah Khandoker
    Sarah Khandoker Day ago

    How they get the tiger so close?

    • CISPDR
      CISPDR Day ago

      Because Mark is a small lion

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track Day ago

      You are so naive sis
      That is graphic

  • QuickAce
    QuickAce Day ago +2

    WTF this shit LIT keep making english MUSIC

  • bianca cooper
    bianca cooper Day ago

    The mullet will always look better on V from BTS sorry 'bout it sis

  • Jennifer Ojie
    Jennifer Ojie Day ago +2

    I like the fact that their English in the song was very clear; even the members who don't speak English fluently.

  • Thekingskinnylegend Theyareshook

    Oooh ohnohhj

  • Multifandom Hoe
    Multifandom Hoe 2 days ago

    1 million views and nctzens aren't satisfied

  • Multifandom Hoe
    Multifandom Hoe 2 days ago

    Wow I love this

  • subhana Mysha
    subhana Mysha 2 days ago +1

    Okay so I'm gonna point out all the taeyong 101 parts :D
    1:33 (again)
    Okay thank you

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track Day ago

      Wow your observation is on point

  • Literal Trash
    Literal Trash 2 days ago

    Yes I love being flexed on. That’s a tru kink

  • _ teail _
    _ teail _ 2 days ago +16

    I remember when I first saw this MV, I couldn’t tell anyone apart except for Mark and Taeyong. Now, 2 months later, I am proud to say that I can regonize and name all 18 members in under 30 seconds, I know every single meme/inside joke of NCT, all the sub units, the choreography for almost every single song, and am able to describe each member more throughly than I could describe an essay. NCT has taken over my life. Send help.

  • Amy
    Amy 2 days ago

    i have a lot of respect for the lyrics

  • ᅭᅢᅢᅮ햐ᅳᅣᅮ

    *My non-existing wig has been snatched*

  • goli m
    goli m 2 days ago +1

    20 mil LETS GET IT

  • Sarah Herrera
    Sarah Herrera 2 days ago

    spanish, english and korean. 0-0 huh

  • Beatriz Huang
    Beatriz Huang 2 days ago

    Nunca vou superar o Jaehyun com aquela roupa dourada, scr sto esperando o dia que ele finalmente vai mostrar o abs

  • Audrey Winona
    Audrey Winona 2 days ago +1

    it's a really good song but what is it about...

    • Audrey Winona
      Audrey Winona 11 hours ago

      +SSN oh i know nct's other songs,, im just curious of what this one's about lol #NotALocal lmao

    • SSN
      SSN Day ago +1

      Check out their other MV like "seventh sense" , "Simon says", "Boss","Baby don't stop" ,"we go up"

    • _ teail _
      _ teail _ 2 days ago +2

      Audrey Winona It’s about society. It’s talking about how society and money controls you, and your value only matters based on money. It’s actually really dark. In the english version, money controls everything and they are very rich. Money is worth more than anything else, and how this is what society expects. In the korean version, it is saying the person making the money is more important than the money itself. The korean version is talking about how hard work gives you money, but hardwork is more important than money. Hope this helped! ^^

  • Sea Sea
    Sea Sea 2 days ago

    Taeil are you human??!!? ☹️😍💜

  • My favourite kookies are suga kookies.

    Winwin and Doyoung really want us to bust it for a real one. Huh.

    LUCA BARONI 2 days ago +5

    The first NCT mv I've ever seen and probably the best one in all the industry...this is astonishing! Proud to be an NCTzen now ;D

      LUCA BARONI Day ago +1

      SSN I’ve watched all their Mv and I love all the songs 😝

    • SSN
      SSN Day ago +1

      Check out their other MV like "seventh sense" ," Simon says", "Boss","Baby don't stop","We go up"

  • oi feLix
    oi feLix 2 days ago +2

    NCT is something special. I'm telling you, this is their year. *NCT 2018*

  • Yuni wulan
    Yuni wulan 2 days ago

    I like the deyoung 259

  • Dasi Dorawa
    Dasi Dorawa 2 days ago

    They still never bad,right?

  • Jae Neja
    Jae Neja 2 days ago


  • Tahlin _
    Tahlin _ 2 days ago +1


  • Rany Kristiono
    Rany Kristiono 2 days ago

    Winwin,so hottttttttttttt😍

  • jaylissa skinner
    jaylissa skinner 2 days ago +2

    I really want to see nct do a somg with Jay Park do you know how lit that would be. 🔥🔥🔥😭😭

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track 2 days ago

      +jaylissa skinner welcome dear also watch Taeyong's freestyle on that channel
      They choreographed it themselves

    • jaylissa skinner
      jaylissa skinner 2 days ago

      +Ty Track omg i got to look that up. Thanks for letting me know

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track 2 days ago +1

      Btw Mark has done a freestyle dance on Jay Park song

    • Ty Track
      Ty Track 2 days ago +1

      I will die

  • ahmet kelpinar
    ahmet kelpinar 2 days ago

    I admire you guys

  • A to the R to the M to the Y to the ARMY Poland

    Stan Nct stan talent

  • Kijung don't love Seyong

    Jaehyun just enjoying time with *That Cheese*

  • Kijung don't love Seyong

    *We are not the Same
    Only one of me*

  • Venom Gaming
    Venom Gaming 2 days ago +1