True Facts: Lurking in the Deep

  • Published on Nov 18, 2021
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  • Caitlin Bailey
    Caitlin Bailey 6 months ago +10857

    EDIT: Join us February 23 - March 3 on our shakedown expedition! This will be a primarily engineering-based expedition, but there will be science and some surprises as well! If everything is looking good, our dive on February 25th will be a big one. You can watch our livestreams on NOAA’s website here:
    Or on TheXvid here:
    Hi, Zefrank! I’m one of the videographers on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer. I’ve been working onboard since 2016 and saw a lot of this in person. It’s surreal and an honor to see our Okeanos footage in one of your videos. You blend in so well! And you even got the bad phone audio right! Welcome, unofficially, to the team!

    • David Kueny
      David Kueny 7 days ago

      Is being featured on Zefrank's channel to biologists what having a Weird Al parody made of your song is to a musician?

    • El AMP ON
      El AMP ON 24 days ago


    • oOo Dude oOo
      oOo Dude oOo 26 days ago

      Y'all are living my childhood dream, keep learning!

    • Nissan Skyline
      Nissan Skyline 28 days ago

      ​@MusikCassette Because he's not obligated to answer?

    • JL OConnell
      JL OConnell Month ago +2

      So have Zefrank come on to one of your offical streams and really show your admiration.

  • Kimberly Galvez - NOAA Affiliate

    As one of the scientists/commentators in this video (collected during one of the many expeditions on the Okeanos Explorer), this is hilariously amazing! Love it!!

    • choculus
      choculus 8 days ago

      this is such a wholesome comment section

    • NoN Descript
      NoN Descript 16 days ago

      Thankyou for your service...
      What was the fish the groper snapped up? The crystalline looking scales are astounding, Viperfish?

    • angel helton
      angel helton 28 days ago

      Well then the people of NOAA should DEFINITELY do an actual vid with ZeFrank! Maybe not one for the kiddos, but one for his channel for all of us bc that would be EPIC!

    • Bonnie J Meyer
      Bonnie J Meyer Month ago

      my nephew Jason goes out on the Okeanos from time to time. I think this guy is hilarious, too. His stuff just cracks me up!

    • Kimberly Galvez - NOAA Affiliate
      Kimberly Galvez - NOAA Affiliate Month ago

      @Saitama Thanks, I like to think so too!

  • Legosi W
    Legosi W 6 months ago +729

    I would 100% watch an entire documentary series with Zefrank as commentary.

    • MothBroth
      MothBroth 27 days ago +1

      Just one? If a network produced episodic content with only his satirical commentary I would watch seasons and seasons and seasons of it, I'd kill for that much Zefrank content

    • Jessica Jae Rosenbaum
      Jessica Jae Rosenbaum Month ago

      He has one. About sea star. It's just him and it's amazing

    • Debbie Wilkins
      Debbie Wilkins Month ago

      ME TOO !!!

    • Sethrael the Bard
      Sethrael the Bard Month ago +1

      You and nearly 4 million others. That much public interest at least merits a 90-minute special! RIGHT?!

    • Michelle Buja
      Michelle Buja 2 months ago +1

      ZeFrank rocks.👊💥

  • linux750
    linux750 3 months ago +302

    The whole segment about "Snails eating ass" was the best part. The dialogue synced up _PERFECTLY_ .

  • Meh
    Meh 6 months ago +4804

    It's really nice of Ze to pretend his commentary was edited so NOAA don't get in trouble for bringing him along.

    • Dr. Bright
      Dr. Bright 3 months ago +4

      Ha… It is insane how there are actually people from these expeditions in the comment section even saying they would like to invite zefrank lol!

    • Amanda Jones
      Amanda Jones 4 months ago


    • Grim Core
      Grim Core 6 months ago +4

      ur 1k like

    • A K
      A K 6 months ago +22

      Agree. He’s a super considerate guy.

  • TorQueSS J
    TorQueSS J 6 months ago +407

    I love how the people on this original video were thrilled at being on ZeFranks video, shows how far you’ve come buds!! Keep on keeping on bro!! I’ve watched them before, I adore their genuine excitement and love for everything in the ocean
    Looks like Patrick didn’t make it home from the bar lastnight 🤣

    • s i m p
      s i m p 2 months ago

      Whats the vid call?

  • slumqueengorgo
    slumqueengorgo 2 months ago +40

    “Is it possible the foreskin evolved from that? Sorry, I know that’s wrong. I mean: do they share a common ancestor.”
    holy crap, I missed this 10/10 evolutionary biology joke on the first watch. absolutely amazing

  • Adam Funk
    Adam Funk 20 days ago +17

    “Just because your toddler wants a nom-nom you can’t eviscerate a milkman” is one of the best lines to come out of not only a ZeFrank video, but the entire history of comedy in general. Especially in context.

  • r3mot3control
    r3mot3control 6 months ago +166

    Ze, please narrate the relationship of the sea cucumber and pearl fish. The world needs your commentary on this.

    • Disavowal F
      Disavowal F 3 months ago +9

      True Facts About Sea Piiiigs, has a commentary about the "win-win" of having a fish living in your butt…enjoy!!!

  • MarshyBoii
    MarshyBoii 6 months ago +7607

    can we all just admire the fact that this man deliberately edited himself into their convo just for his jokes to be undermined? for the sake of funny commentary. L E G E N D.

    • Fake Gynaecologist
      Fake Gynaecologist Month ago

      6.9 likes no one like the comment

    • dražen g
      dražen g 2 months ago

      i can admire that. but that woman's laugh is just irritating...

    • Bryan Fan
      Bryan Fan 3 months ago +5

      not only that, this man actually got some people who were on there to comment on this vid

    • Thawhid
      Thawhid 3 months ago

      @Psycho Path right lmfao. Genius content

    • Anton Gully
      Anton Gully 3 months ago +3

      Can we not just admire the fact this man deliberately commented just for his joke to be undermined by a troll commentator crying?

  • Jonathan Henley
    Jonathan Henley 6 months ago +131

    You edited this video so well that I legitimately believed that they allowed you to commentate with them for several streams. Well done!

  • rtyuik7
    rtyuik7 6 months ago +30

    great job making the 'dialogue' actually FEEL imagine it was quite a bit of work figuring out not only What to say, but When and How Long to say certain bits, in order for it to all match up

  • bicivelo
    bicivelo 6 months ago +19

    "If a toddler wants a num num you can't eviscerate the mailman" 🤣 my daughter love num noms when she was a baby! This writing is genius!

  • ssunsspott
    ssunsspott 5 months ago +52

    Alright, this was awesome, but also the shrimp eating the still-alive fish's stomach and pulling out another fish was more disturbing than I was prepared for lol

  • burningfarts
    burningfarts 6 months ago +118

    "It looks like Patrick didn't make it all the way home from the bar last night"
    This one got Me good.

    • Maribel Guerra
      Maribel Guerra 5 months ago +1

      I spewed my coffee over that one.... I just ADORE Z!

  • BigReggaeMix
    BigReggaeMix 5 months ago +77

    Zefrank is a freaking comedic GENIUS - so underrated too. He could literally go on a standup comedy tour and absolutely dominate the industry.

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis 4 months ago +27

    I am weirdly proud of you putting that text in at 8:30. I know it's hard for a comedian to "spoil the joke", but it doesn't at all. It just preserves truth.

  • Dackson Flux
    Dackson Flux 6 months ago +51

    "... clamped over the anus."
    Everyone else:
    Zefrank: On accident?

  • Kimberly G.
    Kimberly G. 6 months ago +6762

    Next level: Zefrank invites the _actual_ scientists on the recording to come _re-record_ their commentary with him.

  • Peter Cruickshanks
    Peter Cruickshanks Month ago +16

    I’d actually really enjoy having some Zefrank in those live streams. I’ve watched quite a few and this could be a fantastic colab. Insert some fun jokes and just be blown away alongside them.

  • 144pandagirl
    144pandagirl 5 months ago +9

    Zefrank on an actual deep sea expedition would be infinitely more enteraining than Captain Kirk on a space ship and more valuable too.

  • Meandering Missionary in Mexico

    After 32 years of law enforcement, business ownership, I realize I missed my calling. I wanted to be an NOAA scientist or a meteorologist,band almost went to university for it in 1993. My scientist dad would have been proud.

  • ParticularBored
    ParticularBored 6 months ago +24

    After all these years, give this man his dream. He'll be happy, we wanna _actually laugh_ and learn, and this will only bring more positive attention to marine life and this service. *WIN.*

  • Olympic-grade lurker
    Olympic-grade lurker 6 months ago +6810

    Zefrank should be invited as a surprise guest. The channel would blow up!

    • haytam ha
      haytam ha 6 months ago +6

      In a comment above this one some of the crew members were talking of the possibility of him either going with them or being in a call with the scientists and their team may have already tried reaching out before this

    • WhenTheWindigoComes
      WhenTheWindigoComes 6 months ago +1

      Ze is quite intelligent as well as funny so I think doing a collaboration at least once would work well.

    • WhenTheWindigoComes
      WhenTheWindigoComes 6 months ago

      Yes! That!

    • Grey Jskills
      Grey Jskills 6 months ago

      They really missed the opportunity to invite him :((

    • スノーハッピー
      スノーハッピー 6 months ago +1

      @Guys look 👇 🅥 That... that was a trap. But one that I enjoyed

  • DachshundsRule
    DachshundsRule Month ago +2

    I watch this dives with passion, just love when the scientists "geek-out" they're hilarious and make science so much fun. Just love that ZeFrank fits in so well!

  • Brendan Patterson
    Brendan Patterson 6 months ago +12

    I've loved zefrank's videos for a long time however this feels like your old school videos. Loving it. Definitely do more of these lurking in the deep videos... Love the Michael Bay line, hahahaha

  • Laundry Toddz
    Laundry Toddz 6 months ago +7

    This was absolutely fantastic!!! You should do some more!

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 6 months ago +10

    As mind-boggling as it is that so much of the oceans are unknown in this day and age, I actually kind of like the fact that there's still some parts of our world that are a mystery to us 😊

  • Zehk
    Zehk 6 months ago +4769

    Zefrank commentary is always good, even when self-inserted.

    • sheep hearder
      sheep hearder 6 months ago

      Screw anyone who disliked this video. He’s the best!

    • steveosk8s
      steveosk8s 6 months ago +1

      @commatoes) 999ooolol)9

    • EnderWiggin
      EnderWiggin 6 months ago +1

      I'd say it's better in fact.

    • MsCalval
      MsCalval 6 months ago +3

      There's nothing wrong with self inserted lol

    • AngryKitty
      AngryKitty 6 months ago +2

      Hehehehehe…. Insert

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse 6 months ago +7

    I love watching the livestreams, hearing the scientists geek out is fantastic

  • Odd Kensei
    Odd Kensei 3 months ago +4

    I had a feeling it was voice-dubbing but after you confirmed it, it made the snail bit that much more impressive.

  • Groatswerth
    Groatswerth 6 months ago +8

    Ze needs to be on these livestreams for real. How do we make that happen?

  • Marianne Contrino
    Marianne Contrino 3 months ago +1

    I'm on my fifth or sixth viewing of this, and I laugh Every. Single. Time!!! It's all the subtle things he does to make it seem like he's actually one of the commentators....the "Hi, Chris", when he entered the conversation, or him apologizing when he "accidentally interrupts" someone, that make this so unbelievably funny to me. The brilliance of the editing on full display. Genuinely hope this becomes a series, as I could watch this sort of thing daily.

  • Hello world 25
    Hello world 25 6 months ago +3382

    MAKE HIM A GUEST! Zefrank would fit right in! He gets all giggly when he sees funny looking creatures too!

    • G kraith
      G kraith 6 months ago +1

      No it will be 80% boring stuff like staring at the bland sea floor, technical talk between the group and looking at the data.
      These highlights we see are occasionally in between boring crew work stuff. I know this because I've watched other livestreams of EVnautilus who do the same things as the crew in this video.
      And this why the scientists/crew are more eager, in awe and more chipper in the videos because it's a brief interesting thing they encounter between boring technical work unless they plan to extract and analyse it.

    • Dr. Bright
      Dr. Bright 6 months ago +2

      @Hello world 25 why do I feel this has now turned into a hostage situation?!

    • Denaris Noctem
      Denaris Noctem 6 months ago +2

      I would TOTALLY watch this!

    • TheSchultinator
      TheSchultinator 6 months ago +1

      @Brotlowsky rgseg Ah, neat, thank you!

    • Brotlowsky rgseg
      Brotlowsky rgseg 6 months ago +12

      @TheSchultinator Not sure what you mean, but if you're refering to the "not great, not terrible" line, that's a meme from HBO's Chernobyl series, which is definetly worth checking out.

  • Rob Noah
    Rob Noah 3 months ago +3

    Truly has to be the most unique presenters on TheXvid.
    Love the quality and the raw humor. Made my night.

  • Moonfall
    Moonfall 3 months ago +3

    I would love to see Zefrank narrate a history lesson. He could make anything funny.

  • Monkey Cat
    Monkey Cat 5 months ago +23

    I think inviting yourself was the best thing you’ve ever done brilliant ZeFrank brilliant!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • repeat defender
    repeat defender Month ago +5

    Holy shit, this is HILARIOUS! More of this, please.

  • ThePolkadog
    ThePolkadog 6 months ago +1280

    The creative writing that goes into working all the lines seamlessly with the commentary is SO impressive

    • Ivn
      Ivn 5 months ago

      @BluJean6692 I think YOU need to read more. You really thought that you did something with that basic ass comment. ✌️🥺

    • Aaron S
      Aaron S 6 months ago +9

      Pure genius. I'm cackling.

    • Cresto The Gecko
      Cresto The Gecko 6 months ago +46

      ikr? i was questioning whether or not he was actually there at first

  • Joshua Chandler
    Joshua Chandler Month ago +3

    Videos like this deserve a love button... I couldn't tell you how many times I laughed at this ..👍 great job..... Also thank you NOAA for all their help and hard work discovering a new world on our world.

  • Danielle X
    Danielle X 6 months ago +4

    I didn’t know such streams existed! They sound super interesting, but I bet they’d be even better with a real live Zefrank on board ;)

  • AJ Firefox
    AJ Firefox 4 months ago +4

    I was shrieking with laughter whenever you and the crew members lines just work so well together🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the Snail thing oh my god.

  • Leon Metcalfe
    Leon Metcalfe 23 days ago +1

    Such a unique/original style of video. Love it keep up the amazing work 👏 ❤️

  • Nicolas Osborn
    Nicolas Osborn 6 months ago +4102

    Zefrank! I was an officer on the ship that runs these expeditions, the Okeanos Explorer. We still live stream our dives every day when we're sailing.

    • C S ~ [Duke of Ramble]
      C S ~ [Duke of Ramble] 2 months ago +3

      @Nicolas Osborn I've always wanted to watch an ROV feed. What sort of thing do they enjoy eating the most? Or is it dependant in size where some prefer cable, others maybe LiPO or LiFePO4, and maybe the rare RTG _(Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator)_ as a lifetime sustaining "forever meal"?
      ....... 😊
      (sorry, been watching a bit too much Zefrank and couldn't resist myself! 🤣)

    • Nicolas Osborn
      Nicolas Osborn 2 months ago +5

      @Dr. Bright we have a monitor on the bridge where we can watch the ROV feed in real time. I would spend most of my time on watch doing my own commentary a la' Zefrank; "Here we see a gaggle of Dogfish. Despite the name, they are not actually related to dogs but Jerry keep insisting that their young are referred to as pups."

    • Nicolas Osborn
      Nicolas Osborn 2 months ago +1

      @Hello Corona who knows? We might be able to have him call in at a scheduled time and do some live commentary. Either way, it's great that we're spreading awareness about ocean exploration!

    • Hello Corona
      Hello Corona 2 months ago

      @Nicolas Osborn lol what ate you gonna try to make happen you aren't part of anything.

    • Nicolas Osborn
      Nicolas Osborn 2 months ago +3

      The Okeanos Explorer is currently sailing. Look up "Okeanos Explorer livestream" to watch the dives in real time. This is a short shakedown cruise at the moment but longer expeditions will follow. Unable to confirm nor deny Zefrank being on them.

  • quinndemand
    quinndemand 5 months ago +8

    Ze, I'm going through some gravely tough times right now. I've watched a ton of old "A Show" videos and find myself longing for more of your wisdom: "current day edition", lol. The world is so different now:( Would you please make even just one more? It would mean a ton to me.
    My question is this... I know you've dealt with a lot of hardships and difficulties and I'm sure at different points considered taking drastic action to make the hurt stop. What did you tell yourself in the last minute that kept you from going any further?
    Thank you so much for all of your creations. They've been very special to me for many, many years.

    • Roll0112358
      Roll0112358 5 months ago +1

      I'm not Ze, of course, but I'm so sorry you're hurting. We can't know what the future holds, and I look for hope in that haziness. ❤️

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou 6 months ago +2

    Zefrank is quite the magic man, sprinkling comedy everywhere he goes, even if it's self inserted

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 4 months ago +3

    Love what you do mate. Can't wait for the next master piece to be made.

  • また後で
    また後で 6 months ago +2

    Zefrank is making me want to be a teacher of this kind of subject just to be able to show these videos to kids and make them eager to learn

  • Lyle the LazyLungfish
    Lyle the LazyLungfish 6 months ago +3479

    ZeFrank is the child of Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough we didn't know we needed. I laughed WAY too hard at this, golden as always 😂👍

    • chauncygardner123
      chauncygardner123 6 months ago

      And with the voice of Orson Wells

    • Lyle the LazyLungfish
      Lyle the LazyLungfish 6 months ago

      @Chris Horne *wipes a tear*
      Beautifully worded, my friend

    • Ambily Nair
      Ambily Nair 6 months ago


    • Chris Horne
      Chris Horne 6 months ago +3

      ZeFrank's voice is what you'd get if Morgan Freeman were white...and not Morgan Freeman.
      ZeFrank is the love child of David Attenborough and Ryan Reynolds. He combines amazing nature cinematography with hilarious voiceovers, bringing joy to the masses because that is how ZeFrank do.

    • Kalina Desseaux
      Kalina Desseaux 6 months ago


  • Mr Fancy Pants
    Mr Fancy Pants 6 months ago +7

    Frank in this video is basically me whenever I try to interact with a group

  • A K
    A K 6 months ago +3

    I can’t stop watching this. This is a heckin masterpiece - and those editing skills…wow.

  • polemius01
    polemius01 Month ago +2

    I'm glad somebody finally took on those airheads in the submarine!
    They're quite annoying.

  • SplatterEffectGaming
    SplatterEffectGaming 2 months ago

    This was FRICKEN HILARIOUS!!! Thank you to everyone involved in this video, and especially you @zefrank1, for being one light that brightens my day, and makes me not want to do what that snail did, and jump into the gaping mawl!

  • Jeremy Payne
    Jeremy Payne 6 months ago +2035

    "This is something I've seen in the paleozoic."
    "I did not know you were that old, Chris."
    You've gotta love that highly concentrated dorky energy. I'd be talking that way after one day on the job.

  • leanne 🌱
    leanne 🌱 5 months ago

    This is SO funny and SO informative!! I really enjoyed watching this. Thank you for True Fact videos through all these years!!!

  • Ross Temple
    Ross Temple 6 months ago +1

    Zefrank1 definitely needs to be added to the live stream. Make education fun again.

  • Geidi Rodríguez
    Geidi Rodríguez 3 months ago

    You are so creative with your videos! I love each and every one of them! I am very interested in science and you make it extra interesting and funny! Thank you

  • Tamra Friesland (Tam)
    Tamra Friesland (Tam) 3 months ago +1

    I love your videos Ze Frank. Your jokes are hilarious. I think you could be serious commentary potential for NOAA one day.

  • Lucas Figueiredo
    Lucas Figueiredo 6 months ago +1470

    Dude the fact that sometimes I can’t tell if he’s actually talking to them or not just proves this man’s genius hahahaha so fucking funny… and educational.

    • Unicorn Rainbow Vomit
      Unicorn Rainbow Vomit 6 months ago

      @Cheezay Ballz probably didn’t get that far yet

    • Cheezay Ballz
      Cheezay Ballz 6 months ago +8

      Could have just read the text at 8:27 :D

    • blarg2429
      blarg2429 6 months ago +20

      @MonkeyMan1242 Thanks for helping me further appreciate the skill on display here.

    • MonkeyMan1242
      MonkeyMan1242 6 months ago +87

      @blarg2429 If you listen closely all the lines are edited. Parts of sentences have been removed to make zefrank's commentary sound more natural, but he's also sometimes added parts where people talk over him or interrupt him to make it sound even more natural because that's what actually happens in natural conversation.

    • blarg2429
      blarg2429 6 months ago +67

      @rotten nanas I don't know, but I suspect he's simply editing his lines into pauses between other people's lines. You can hear him start to say something only to be talked over by an NOAA host at one point.

  • Derek White
    Derek White 4 months ago

    I could watch this for hours. Love the videos ze frank! With all the craziness in the world right now, your TheXvid videos are my favorite way to decompress. I look forward to seeing more.

  • debra Miller
    debra Miller 4 months ago

    YES. 💪🏼⚡️💪🏼
    I ❤️❤️❤️ that the narrator is participating in this deep sea adventure with his particular way of asking and answering our burning desires as to just what’s going on in my mind as well. Makes the entire adventure understandably 😳😁 ❤️

  • Karl Mark
    Karl Mark 6 months ago +1

    This is just too perfect. I couldn't get over the "is it possible that the foreskin evolved from that?"

  • Allan Ambro
    Allan Ambro 6 months ago

    The timing and dialogue is simply great! Another success for the bipedal, omnivorous primate!

  • Hannah Kitt Gilmore
    Hannah Kitt Gilmore 6 months ago +2956

    "Just because your toddler wants a numnum, you can't eviscerate the milkman!" underrated quote, absolutely fantastic

    • Jonathan Foster
      Jonathan Foster 3 months ago

      I sense a Monty Python influence to Ze's humour. Something along the lines of "Some moistened bink distributing scimitars is no basis for a system of governance!"

    • AJ Firefox
      AJ Firefox 4 months ago +2

      "Well as my mother always said if you want calories a milkman." Somehow I thought this quote would just work so well with it.

    • greenchevalier99
      greenchevalier99 5 months ago +3


    • Nafereus kortex
      Nafereus kortex 6 months ago +9

      Particularly if they're dairy free, mailman's probably healthier in that case.

    • Zach Steiner
      Zach Steiner 6 months ago +13

      Well, shit. I’ve been doing it wrong.

  • Michael Wintermantel
    Michael Wintermantel 5 months ago

    This was amazing to watch! I would love to see you do siphonophores and other superorganisms.

  • Falling Stars
    Falling Stars 6 months ago +1

    Working for NOAA is a dream of mine, but my excitement is doubled in the hopes that one day... I could be edited into a funny bit by ZeFrank

  • Nix
    Nix 6 months ago +2

    @zefrank1 I have had "the Puffin Stuffin" song stuck in my head for MONTHS!!! LOL
    On a funnier note, I clipped the part of it "I wanna see boobies!" and it's now my bf's text tone lol.
    A little embarrassing when I forgot to turn it down on the oncology floor when I was visiting my son (he was diagnosed with leukemia in February and is officially in remission!). The oncology nurses got a giggle out of the mildly inappropriate, LOUD clip lol. I fumbled the phone and it went off twice more before I could get it from the floor... So I sent the nurses to your TheXvid! 😊
    LOVE your stuff. Even the way far back stuff. Human test Etc. ❤ stay safe!

  • Kendra Cherrett
    Kendra Cherrett 6 months ago

    You've probably watched as much of that as I have, nautilus is so awesome, I love that they live stream. This is hilarious

  • Dave Hughes
    Dave Hughes 6 months ago +2030

    To be fair, their commentary is quite often funny, especially when they are nerding out over a new species. Ze’s added voice over just adds his sprinkle of hilarity :)

    • dražen g
      dražen g 2 months ago +1

      sorry but i found this woman's laugh too irritating for my taste...

    • Professor
      Professor 5 months ago +2

      No, no they are not funny.

    • Isaac Marks
      Isaac Marks 6 months ago +22

      Damn lol, I thought he was actually a part of the conversation 🤣🤣🤣 I thought that he was just sarcastic and keeping the mood light

  • Cardicianist
    Cardicianist 6 months ago +1

    🤟😁👍 This is hilarious! I've seen a few of the NOAA deep sea dives like this 1. Ya those scientists finding new creatures all the time. This was a great idea & I really hope it's the 1st of many to come....with the NOAA "uncollaboration" with ZeFrank✌️

  • Karen Su
    Karen Su 4 months ago

    Thank you Zefrank (and Jerry) for once again making my day!

  • Artemis red
    Artemis red 4 months ago

    I like that ze is actually asking questions though shows that he was listening
    Such amazing editing for the interruptions with the conversations
    I love how as you read down the comments all of the voyagers of noaa were like THATS ME!!

  • Kayvaan McShrikeman
    Kayvaan McShrikeman 6 months ago

    OMG! This is exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you so much as always you took it to 11 alright everybody else just goes to 10 and you my friend like I said yours goes to 11! Thank you for doing what you do which is basically making a crap ton of us blow milk out of our noses at inopportune moments while then proceeding to sob tearfully laughing into our arms as to not draw attention to ourselves which also failed miserably because we are unconstrained laughing LOL! Hope everyone reading this had a great day and hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving on the morrow! Thank you again can't wait for your next installment hopefully it won't be while I'm trying to chew or I will probably die from choking but at least I will die with a smile on my face LOL!

  • Angiki
    Angiki 6 months ago +781

    I hope that someday Zefrank gets a gig on a proper, feature-length nature documentary. He would be perfect.

    • Rookee Alding
      Rookee Alding 6 months ago

      Did he not do cat food commercials a few years ago.

    • The Honorable Orochi
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