Which Of My Subscribers, Has The Most Subscribers?

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • which of my subscribers has the most subscribers?? I wonder!!!
    George: thexvid.com/user/memeulous
    Main Channel: thexvid.com/user/BettySchwallocks
    Merch: willne.co.uk/
    Twitter: willne
    Facebook: WillNEYT
    Instagram: willne
    Snapchat: will_ne
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  • Don’t Read My Profile Picture

    Don’t Read My Name

  • Freedom Family
    Freedom Family 7 minutes ago

    99% of comments: People saying don't diss this dude he's a good guy
    1% of comments: The people in the video saying don't diss me

  • NiceAxe
    NiceAxe 35 minutes ago

    I report u for clickbait

  • V7bs
    V7bs Hour ago

    W2S / S2W

  • Conor Murphy
    Conor Murphy 17 hours ago +2

    Eddie Van der meer: *makes brilliant and touching musical content*
    Will: “MiNeCrAfT”

  • R3 Phoenix
    R3 Phoenix 17 hours ago

    Poor factions raven 😭

  • Donkichun
    Donkichun 19 hours ago

    Yeees Dark dom :)))

  • Shrek
    Shrek Day ago +1


    Edit: so apparently i dont, and this is bad

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Day ago

    Best in class is actually funny just watch his old videos

  • James Collins
    James Collins Day ago

    I had a chanle when I was six years old it was called cobra gecko react to it pls

  • I Am Orange Juice
    I Am Orange Juice Day ago +1

    Click-baiting annoyance.

  • Olaizen
    Olaizen Day ago

    He spelled w2s wrong

  • Dan
    Dan 2 days ago


  • Smars Bars
    Smars Bars 2 days ago


  • Laïla B
    Laïla B 2 days ago +1


  • jonny and kobi
    jonny and kobi 2 days ago

    pewdiepie does lol

  • Frazzle Mc Daz
    Frazzle Mc Daz 2 days ago


  • Mason Johnson
    Mason Johnson 2 days ago

    How do u check who subd to u?

  • Freaky Tsun
    Freaky Tsun 3 days ago


  • Freaky Tsun
    Freaky Tsun 3 days ago

    They looked at gacha...

  • Brorack -_-
    Brorack -_- 3 days ago

    Why did u copy W2S and put ur name as S2W

  • the one weird gacha garbage blitz kid uvu

    OMG DAILYPOTATO IS IN THERE (notsodailypotato i know her original name) SHES A GOOD GACHA TheXvidR

  • Fazza 2007
    Fazza 2007 3 days ago

    im obviously the person that has the most subscribers thats subbbed to u

  • Nicholas hhh
    Nicholas hhh 4 days ago

    well at least one of thems gotta have at least 3 subscribers

  • Gaming with Alex
    Gaming with Alex 4 days ago +1

    Hoo like loves watching him
    You know my TheXvid channel needs some love

  • DreamsTM
    DreamsTM 4 days ago

    omg the notsodailypotato goes to my school im not even kidding they are such a cunt :)

  • Terra_coc
    Terra_coc 5 days ago +2

    9:05 to 9:55 is the best 50 seconds of footage on this channel

  • I’m Jet
    I’m Jet 5 days ago

    @Mongraal 6:44

  • FaDed Vertex
    FaDed Vertex 5 days ago

    An anybody sub to my TheXvid please I'm trying to help out my mom Please

  • Peppa the Hoe
    Peppa the Hoe 5 days ago +9

    It’s interesting how I know a lot of these people

  • Xx Honey Xx
    Xx Honey Xx 5 days ago

    Out of nowhere, all the youtubers i watch suddenly know eachother. I agree

  • _WW_DEUS_WW _
    _WW_DEUS_WW _ 5 days ago

    Fam le grand jd he is really famous in France

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson 7 days ago

    Tux bird and best in class also messyourself they are some of my favorite all time TheXvidrs.

  • SoOphie
    SoOphie 7 days ago +1

    The way George was dancing made him look autistic

  • Memeboyie
    Memeboyie 7 days ago

    I bet I have the most subs


  • Ved Jenkins
    Ved Jenkins 8 days ago

    That Not so daily potato sket deserved that

  • Random creative Potato

    Got bored

  • Daddy Jungkook
    Daddy Jungkook 8 days ago +3

    “That’s enough misogyny” 😂😂😂

  • Black Friday 8
    Black Friday 8 8 days ago +2

    More attracted to the shuffle dancer than the boob job
    Thats saying something

  • Black Friday 8
    Black Friday 8 8 days ago +9

    7:39 he just ignored Dolan Dark bruh

  • swazzyplayz
    swazzyplayz 8 days ago

    Nee vid idea subscribers who have 30 - 48 subs

  • Lara M
    Lara M 8 days ago


  • 5ofcups
    5ofcups 9 days ago

    Ready to glare is my queen!!!!

  • Thuy Bui
    Thuy Bui 9 days ago +3

    You’ve been exposed to gatcha, animation memes, and more. Enjoy your ruined life.

  • Kieran Somni
    Kieran Somni 9 days ago +1

    Any russians in the comment section?
    Уилл и Руслан как кроссовер века хд

    • TheBigSAM
      TheBigSAM Day ago

      Скажем спасибо, что это Усачев, не Сус

  • Sam Hammersley
    Sam Hammersley 9 days ago +1

    I thought will was cancelled

  • VersalToxic
    VersalToxic 10 days ago

    Hey factions raven is a god 😂

  • JinsWonderland
    JinsWonderland 10 days ago

    tell me you didnt just dab will i-

  • Can I get1000 subscribers help me sub4sub

    Guess who got clickbated here?

  • Samboni 31004
    Samboni 31004 11 days ago

    The baby hotline is nabbed from jack stauber

  • Life Hacks
    Life Hacks 11 days ago

    2:45 UHM CAN YOU PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE ELEANOR NEALE thank you she’s bloody beautiful and amazing

  • Honey R
    Honey R 11 days ago

    A *russian donny*

  • Little Nell
    Little Nell 11 days ago

    OKAY but got to say..I Stan theOrionSound, Messyourself and Sircutieyuki

    DJ NIGHTCORE 11 days ago +3

    Lmao s2w
    W2s wrote to shaw be like hippity this is now my property

  • Better Remorse
    Better Remorse 12 days ago

    Tuxbird is the man

  • PixelGunner 123
    PixelGunner 123 12 days ago

    Omg thanks to this video it has reminded of mrwilliamo!! I used to watch all of his vids as a kid 😂

  • Steve Ramirez
    Steve Ramirez 13 days ago

    You don’t know who tuxbird is 🤧

  • Brandon Pantoja
    Brandon Pantoja 13 days ago

    At 7:26 Willines girlfriend walks in

  • SHSL Enthusiast
    SHSL Enthusiast 14 days ago

    ahahaha DailyPotato is even subscribed wow