Top psychiatrist: Trump's 'mental impairment' poses danger to world

  • Published on Nov 20, 2017
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    What if you knew a truth about someone that harboured dangers of such magnitude that it could be the key to future human survival? What if that "someone" happened to be the President of the United States? And what if you were told to keep silent about it? In a controversial new book, "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump", Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee and 27 colleagues argue that their "duty to warn" the world about Trump’s mental health overrides any professional gag order.
    Dr. Lee speaks to FRANCE 24’s Douglas Herbert about Donald Trump’s state of mind, and why remaining silent just wasn’t an option.
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Comments • 3 800

  • olnappy
    olnappy 4 hours ago

    Its quite obvious Trump was (s)elected to send the U.S. full-on into another Civil War, this time multi-racial. THAT is the way guns laws will be changed - legislation already in the works - and citizens will lose gun ownership rights.
    Immediately thereafter, the economy will be deliberately economically collapsed, to remove petrodollar indebtedness worldwide, and those that survive the chaos that followed the civil unrest violence, will next be subjected to, "mark of the beast", showing of patriotism, flag obeisance and such, as governements worldwide reign in the, New World Order and the anti-Christ in that non-mentioned foreign land's 3rd temple.

  • Steve Trueblue
    Steve Trueblue 11 hours ago +1

    Hatchet job on Donald Trunp so thinly disguised. LOL.Dr Li writing another book on Jeffrey Epstein ? HRC ? PODESTA ? Nancy Pelosi ? AOC ? I cant wait !

  • kozmic zian
    kozmic zian Day ago +3


  • Thuy Dao
    Thuy Dao Day ago

    Traitors ask Chinese how to make case against Trump through using "mental health" remedy

  • ida jane
    ida jane Day ago

    In America and other countries around the world, money is the gold standard of crime and corruption. Trump has done for an awful long time used money to BUY his way out of trouble and leave with a clean slate. That is why his record is clean officially but anyone that digs into his past you will find a litany of criminal and corrupted business actions.

  • Victoria Vines
    Victoria Vines 2 days ago

    African Americans slave ancestors can first hand tell you how the country exhibits psychopathic/Sociopathic behaviors. What I know is that black people will be/have been Systemic targets of Psychiatric disorders. The Psychiatrist's will hesitate to diagnose white people as a whole. You don't have to diagnose a person in person. A person in their own environment is evident enough.She just handed out diagnosis biasesly for Trump voters for exercising free will as part of their culture. She is attracted toward Psychology so that means you have pathologies? I ran a Psychiatric unit directly immersed in the environment of the patients. I've seen people in the general population that should have been on a locked unit. Challenge for you If Transgender is not Identity crisis then no one has PSYCHOLOGICAL disorders.

  • Ajay Nair
    Ajay Nair 3 days ago

    I always thought and I am positive that if Mitt Romney were a little bit more racist, he would have won the election. He couldn't sway enough people to get off their couch and go to the polls which the current occupant was able to achieve. I still think he would win reelection only because about 55% of the whites r racist and they will vote for him for that very reason. If there is another Republican challenger who can say US belongs to only whites and others should leave that candidate can beat the current one in a primary.

  • Hamilton Jet Sport Association

    Now I've heard it all. What does she think of CHINA, N/Korea and Iran's Human rights.? To verbalize an Opinion without Personal Interactions is Unproffessional. Step back and we will make an assessment according to my previous experiences. I find this type of analysis is Dangerous in itself.'

  • Gemma Weeraboonchai
    Gemma Weeraboonchai 3 days ago +11

    If he wins in 2020 that will be an indication of what the majority of Americans are like. Hateful, revengeful, jealous and petty.

    • Charles Warren
      Charles Warren 9 hours ago +1

      Hey, hoohee-poochee: let's keep the electoral college.

    • David Johnston
      David Johnston 11 hours ago

      @Boospoochie Definitely not cloudy, musty brown water like the leftwing politicians and followers live in. For sure !

    • Boospoochie
      Boospoochie 11 hours ago +1

      @David Johnston ~ bwahaaahaahaaa!!! Oh! The stories you trump-turds tell yourselves... What color is the sky in your world?

    • David Johnston
      David Johnston 12 hours ago

      @Boospoochie I think you need to get a reality check to see the truth as it really is. And why the Electoral college so the Democrats can cheat on votes and not get caught. Like they always do !

    • Boospoochie
      Boospoochie 12 hours ago

      Gemma Weeraboonchai ~ not true. It will be further indication that we need to ditch the Electoral College.

  • Suzi Hazlove
    Suzi Hazlove 3 days ago

    And it did escalate!

  • A R T
    A R T 3 days ago


  • jeanettesdaughter
    jeanettesdaughter 4 days ago

    Sooner or later we all sit down to a banquet of consequences. No passes! Live your life. Wait on this. All waiting is not wasted. Totalitarian personalities, totalitarian states eat themselves. They end in slaughter ALWAYS. This is how you know them: by their results. Keep yourself alive. Wait on it. Mentally impaired people elected a mentally impaired leader. Out live them. Full stop.

  • Vincent Conti
    Vincent Conti 4 days ago

    The average shrink is crazier than you and I!!

  • Vincent Conti
    Vincent Conti 4 days ago

    This is fear mongering!!! The rule of law is still with us. The courts have overruled potus several times. The Goldwater rule!!! It's a bad joke. Just as Goldwater was...and he is history!!!

  • xVSupremacy
    xVSupremacy 4 days ago

    Every time there is controversy over President Trump this supposed Psychologist bounces back and asks people to physically restrain the President so she can analyse him negatively 🤣😂😅 Bambi claims 100,s of serious Psychiatrists agrees with her. In fact initially she claimed to be a Psychiatrist initially - Liar . Bambi is a bigger fruitcake than the President and she is a liar 🤥. “On the evidence we hold about him “ he did not assault Stephanie Clifford , he paid for sex . According to this Democrat Potus has no redeeming qualities.

  • Lynda Mackrous
    Lynda Mackrous 4 days ago

    Why Democrats do not want jobs why Democrats don’t want the United States to prosper the proof is day had so many regulations that businesses could no longer show profits or went out of business
    Factories allowed to leave the United States and the cost of American workers who lost their jobs
    What exactly was Obama and Clinton up to with their private server which leaders were the conspiring with China it was obvious ask Biden, Tuten ask Bill Clinton and Hillary.
    One way to become a dictatorship country a communist Country is to connect with these leaders. Keep citizens poor makes it easier to be controlled that is my perspective of where the United States was heading
    Then comes Trump who opened up a can of political worms informing the country all that was wrong and his party agenda was to fix it because Democrats d talk Talk talk talk no action. Trump is elected

    Democrats talk block talk block talk block and have not accomplished one thing in 2 1/2 years except attack slander criticize and the man is still standing and Democrats are collapsing due to their socialism ideals, anti-Jewish, Pride for Al Qaeda, healthcare for 330 million citizens plus illegals, student loans cancelled, Open borders. I have a hard time believing that American citizens agree with the Democrats policies

  • S O'Leary
    S O'Leary 5 days ago

    Miss Lee if you so afraid of trump mental states, why don’t you move back to China 🇨🇳!. He is very dangerous to you life. Go and don’t come back please! What a joke!!! Trump 2020 !!!

  • joshua 11
    joshua 11 5 days ago

    So you have a French woman with Trump derangement syndrome analyzing Trump ..Really? More reasons to vote for him in 2020...

  • Janie Straub
    Janie Straub 5 days ago +6

    trump is the perfect example of who not to elect for president or anything else. For the first time I'm terrified to have an inept , dangerous, and insane person running our country.

  • Pam Mckellar
    Pam Mckellar 6 days ago +1

    She looks like chinese communist ! The democratic party is the ones who are nuts !

  • Ron Wright
    Ron Wright 6 days ago +3

    trump the mark of the beast !

  • Ron Wright
    Ron Wright 6 days ago +2

    top mental health doctors say trump is mentally challenged an needs help the only one worse is his base ! his base belongs in the cages like we have on the boarder ! round them up an deport them to a nationalist country like Russia or China! America wake up these people need to leave !!!🤗🙄😎😂😁😀😉😐🤨

  • John Seipp
    John Seipp 7 days ago +1

    Komrade Trump is BATSH*T CRAZY!!! Every time he opens his mouth or fires off a psychobabble rage tweet he proves to all the world that he is in fact dangerously mentally ill.

  • Rosee
    Rosee 7 days ago

    You are all insane, if you ask me! just saying !!

  • Say What?
    Say What? 7 days ago

    The only one who endanger our Country was Obama when he Iran the pathway for Nukes. This psychiatrist is a moron, and a puppet and need to lose his license.

  • Do it Right now
    Do it Right now 7 days ago

    So funny
    Psychiatrist needs psychiatrist!
    So what! A degree big deal I have tons. Believe psychiatrists have highest rate of suicide.
    This has to be a joke or Paid for by Pelosi, Clinton Foundation for weak minded to oh at.
    So funny!

  • sclogse1
    sclogse1 7 days ago +10

    The Trump by Trump, Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Alan Weisselberg, was found guilty in a civil court in New York in 2018 of using it's charity monies raised for itself. In one case, 2.8 million from a Veterans charity was skimmed out of 5.6 million. The Foundation was also found guilty of using it's raised monies for the presidential campaign, self dealing, and Trump himself was found guilty of lying when he said certain monies that went to veterans came from his charity, when in reality it came from other charities. The action follows a court decision allowing Underwood’s lawsuit against the Trump Foundation. In a statement, Underwood said: “Our petition detailed a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation - including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more. This amounted to the Trump Foundation functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Trump's business and political interests. ”The attorney general had claimed the charity was used as a “piggy bank” to boost Don's 2016 presidential campaign, violating laws that bar not-for-profit groups from engaging in certain types of political activity. The Foundation has been ordered to be dissolved. This is all public record. I'm a veteran, and cannot ignore this.

    • Deborah Maupin
      Deborah Maupin Day ago +1

      THANK YOU! Just a small part of the corrupt Trump family! He is a lying, megalomaniac, bigoted, misogynist WAR-MONGER....
      he did NOT win the popular vote, the only reason he won was due to the antiquated Electoral College, probably invented by Republicans who also use gerrymandering to change districts when they know they can't win the popular vote and let's not forget about Voter Suppression!

  • Greg Poore
    Greg Poore 7 days ago +6

    Why do people try to tell other people what they feel? Im a democrat and I feel no "vicious hatred". I don't want to kill Trump, just want him to go away. Back to reality tv or whatever he did before. As president im forced to listen to him. Its nauseating.

    • Maca Rena
      Maca Rena 3 days ago +1

      Greg Poore
      He needs to be put in prison for treason against the United States of America.

  • Ballasster On
    Ballasster On 8 days ago


  • Janice McKee
    Janice McKee 8 days ago

    This is totally bogus and in violation of President Trump’s HIPPA rights. This is a self promoting gimmick on the part of this alleged psychiatrist.

  • Ellie DePrima
    Ellie DePrima 9 days ago +1

    I'm reading her eBook now. Well done Dr. Lee!

    • Janice McKee
      Janice McKee 8 days ago

      Ellie - She’s bogus and far afield from the Hippocratic Oath taken as a doctor. She’s a shameless self promoter and WILL be reported.

  • Lucia Y
    Lucia Y 9 days ago


  • Henry Foo
    Henry Foo 9 days ago

    You put Yale to shame brendy scumback. You are the one who is detached from the real world. Your mentally disabled boosts the economy to its highest. Brings in employment to the lowest, slashes the sky high price of the drugs, stops the influx of the illegals.And what have you done? Nothing but trying to get your 15 pathetic mins.

  • Tania Battiau
    Tania Battiau 9 days ago

    I think the psychiatrist is in need of a psychiatrist , not professional nor ethical to diagnose someone from afar and try to sell a book. Blaming one person for a world of unease makes me worried about the psychiatrist , scary thinking, scary talk. Let’s analyse every leader and those in power in every country and see who needs a psychiatric diagnosis.

  • Elie Tsagkas
    Elie Tsagkas 10 days ago +1

    This nice lady must see a doctor for mentail illness

  • cole k
    cole k 10 days ago +2

    I love this courageous woman.

  • cole k
    cole k 10 days ago

    ♥️ Great book title ♥️

  • maria briceno
    maria briceno 10 days ago +4

    He acts like a sick man,,,thanks

  • Doug H. Nuts
    Doug H. Nuts 10 days ago +3

    Sorry, one last comment...Why in the Hell don't we require a civics exam and mental screening for our public representatives in government?! If we screened them (both parties) today I bet the WH would be empty.

  • Doug H. Nuts
    Doug H. Nuts 10 days ago

    Why would the American Psychiatric Association want to remain silent? Hmm...follow the money. They stand to really increase business under these new circumstances. Like the medical field...always promoting diets that cause all the illnesses they treat with synthetic pharmaceuticals & unnecessary surgeries when a simple dietary change can cure more than 50% (I'd guess 90%+ of illnesses based on my amateur observations) so don't look for relief from organizations and businesses that stand to profit from a sick culture full of idiots.

  • Doug H. Nuts
    Doug H. Nuts 10 days ago +2

    She only spoke of "the short list" or "cliff notes version" of all the psychotic symptoms coming from Trump and his WH staff (yes many of the staff also show these symptoms or cowardice). For example he also inflates numbers anytime it's in his favor as well as anytime it doesn't even if he fired a small Bolivian maid, he'd say she was a big, scary beast of a man but he was able to physically throw him out. Imagine all the stories in their professional data bases of the effect he's had on their patients who were normal in 2016 and the global data bases as to how it's rippled out and created a hostile environment not unlike the plague. Trump IS the plague and it's spreading exponentially )=

  • Michelle Vaughan
    Michelle Vaughan 11 days ago +3

    Impeach Trump

  • Andrew James Osterhoudt
    Andrew James Osterhoudt 11 days ago +2

    Real Article Title: Yale psychiatrist totally discredits herself... and reveals the lack of precision in her specialty. Every American president, left, right or center, should aim to be feared by foreign tyrants.

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin 11 days ago

    You don't keep your mouth shut! Duh! This isn't anything new! This has been done since 2017!

  • Michael Knapp
    Michael Knapp 11 days ago +2

    Remember when he made fun of the disabled reporter? He’s a dangerous pathological creep! Trump has no empathy in his heart. He’s a cold cold human being that only cares about himself. He’s a true narcissist that’s a real threat to the American people and the world. I gonna buy this book.

  • Michelle Vaughan
    Michelle Vaughan 11 days ago +1

    I Can't believe our country choose Donald Trump to be our president of United States of America,how embarrassing !

    • Maria Mulford
      Maria Mulford 11 days ago

      Michelle Vaughan
      yep!!! guess what? Four more years. If not diagnosis, please be quiet, and he is President Trump, our beloved Commander in Chief.

  • Richard Atkins
    Richard Atkins 11 days ago +1

    Stamp out the disease!

  • Greg Poore
    Greg Poore 11 days ago

    When I have something important to say to someone I sit and practice speaking the words to myself to make sure that it sounds right and im using the best words to convey my thoughts. That seems a little nutty. I mean a bunch of times! Like 2 days of practice seems like overkill.

    • Faye Hall
      Faye Hall 8 days ago +1

      This verse tells we have to lose our minds before we gain them. Well if trump has lost his mind he has already gained it.the Democrats lost their and might not gain them back because of the vicious hate they have

  • Nemencio Sauceda
    Nemencio Sauceda 11 days ago +1

    He's a nut job big baby

  • Will Shelton
    Will Shelton 12 days ago +31

    You only had to live in NYC in the 80s and see trumps daily criminal activity , on cover of every rag, to know he was batshit crazy, but Nazi fake Christian Republicans love him!!

    • Will Shelton
      Will Shelton 6 hours ago

      David Johnston keep lying to yourself nazi

    • David Johnston
      David Johnston 11 hours ago

      K8nda like Biden, cortez, clintons (all 3), comey's, Strozk's, ohrs (2), muellers, Palosi's oh and Schumer's (few listed) scandalous activities and schannigans. Course their most all on mag rag covers now days.

  • Stella Moore
    Stella Moore 12 days ago +4

    Trump and friends are a dangerous lot. Their children will follow in their foot prints. We must impeach and remove him and his followers in congress.Act now.

  • Nadia Venter
    Nadia Venter 12 days ago +1

    oh please. . .

  • epee kayay
    epee kayay 12 days ago +8

    Straight Jacket required.

  • Sylvia Luzania
    Sylvia Luzania 12 days ago +13

    It doesnt take a psychiatrist to tell he belongs on top of an ice cream 🍨

  • Sara Drake
    Sara Drake 13 days ago

    No licensed psychologist is allowed by law to make such comments about a person that psychologist has never met nor examined with consent. This psychologist has put her license in jeopardy, having violated both the laws and professional ethics. I hope the license is revoked.

  • Douglas Partello
    Douglas Partello 13 days ago +1

    We see the manifestations of Trumpt's incitement of violence leading to unstable individuals actually acting in violent ways. Hate crimes have gone up considerably during this Trumpt time. The daily tweets, acting out under stress, contradicting himself, paranoia, threats against allies, cozying up to autocrats are all signs the doctor is speaking about. Those are most alarming. The more alarming thing is the millions that are blindly loyal to this most dangerous person. We need to vote him out, and relegate him to obscurity.

  • Jordan Montana
    Jordan Montana 13 days ago

    Oh please you’re going to listen to all this garbage they’re going to say anything and do anything to try to not reelect the president if this was all true he would’ve been out of the office ASAP give me a break I think he’s doing a great job all you haters out there get over it Hillary lost and it wasn’t because of collusion it was because she was an idiot she cared more about yourself than the own American people common sense

  • rocco decrescentis
    rocco decrescentis 13 days ago +1

    Donald J. Drumpf, is the greatest charlatan the world has ever known, and he continues to demonstrate that he is a naïve, ignorant, delusional, unprincipled, disingenuous, divisive, inarticulate, incompetent, hypocritical, thin-skinned, grossly narcissistic sociopath; an uncouth, arrogant, autocratic, bloviating, bullying, misogynistic,Zionist ,pathological fabulator and congenital liar, and a political neophyte, with a febrile brain that continues “status twitterus” (a dangerous mental condition in which twittering fits follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them)-in sum, a classic, “Dunning-Kruger” / “Peter Principle” affectee-utterly unfit to be POTUS.
    Drumpf’s sole reason for being is to feed his insatiable narcissism, and underpin his - always exaggerated - wealth. Anyone that thinks that he has ever had any sense of service other than self-service, or that a man who has spent his entire adult life promoting his vulgar “brand” and the many scams to which he has licensed his name - to the cost of, usually, the “poorly educated” - now cares one iota about anyone else, or that he or his familial/crony parasites will pass up any opportunity to monetise his presidency, is naive - in the extreme.
    Patently, Drumpf is an idiot; had he not been born into great wealth it’s likely he would now be living under an overpass somewhere. Yet the “poorly educated” have elected this “bouffanted buffoon” to be POTUS, making the U.S. the laughing stock of the world.
    Drumpf has no principles; he offers only “snake-oil” tactics and delusionary or naively simple answers to complex problems - we will be lucky if this cretin does not cause some real tragedy to befall the country.
    “Trump is a man of flexible principles, the first of which is to display incoherent disingenuousness at all times.” -
    Now let's concentrate on the daughter!
    We are screwed, my friends!

    • Janie Straub
      Janie Straub 5 days ago

      My friend, I whole heartedely agree with you. I'm scared and nervous as hell about him

  • Ron Wright
    Ron Wright 13 days ago +13

    all the Doctors are right trump is mentally I'll terminal he really thinks he knows what he's doing !

    • paul w
      paul w 3 days ago

      most psychs are nuts too.....

    • Daniel Alves
      Daniel Alves 11 days ago +2

      ..mentally I'll terminal???
      What does that mean?

  • PeggyAnn
    PeggyAnn 13 days ago

    Please find another job dummies. Lier Lier pants on fire.

  • Adenah 1
    Adenah 1 13 days ago +5

    Remember Hitler

  • Deborah Cepeda
    Deborah Cepeda 13 days ago +1

    He was attractive to the American public for the same reasons that Adolf Hitler was attractive to Germany in the 1930's--Power is attractive to the already mentally handicapped!

  • Jim Woodard
    Jim Woodard 13 days ago

    this has to be the Largest group of Mental Illness I have seen Short of Killary or Bi-don Rally. Liberalism is a MENTAL ILLNESS , just read the posts. Sad , Sad Bunch of MORONS

  • kokomo kid
    kokomo kid 13 days ago


  • *
    * 13 days ago +25

    To be fair the GOP is largely comprised of PSYCHOPATHS, he’s just the biggest one of to Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon!

    • Charles Warren
      Charles Warren Day ago

      @Damion Lloyd You're going on with that ROFLMAO crap. Dude, that wasn't really very cool when it first came out in the 90's. It's so old hat now that it demonstrates how dumb and behind the times you are.

      Let me put it to you like this: Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 because she was an idiot. Donald Trump won, and will win again in 2020 because he's not. Boris Johnson will become the Prime Minister of England, which will drop out of the EU--because the EU is full of idiot socialists.

      When that happens, you keep going on with your ROFLAMO nonsense. And you keep on telling the rest of the world how smart you are.

    • Damion Lloyd
      Damion Lloyd Day ago

      @Charles Warren ROFLMAO You don't see it do you? ROFLMAO (in bugs bunny voice) What a Maroon...ROFLMAO

    • Charles Warren
      Charles Warren Day ago

      @Damion Lloyd No, you're being silly. I'm miles above you, intellectually. You're a babe in the woods.

    • Damion Lloyd
      Damion Lloyd Day ago

      @Charles Warren "I'm more educated than you." ROFLMAO Read that back to yourself, then your English Prof, and get back to us if you still think you have a superior education. I'm willing to bet you are unable to even see the irony "in" that statement. ROFLMAO

  • Jerry Hewes
    Jerry Hewes 13 days ago

    Do you have in mind someone who could pass these tests that are immune to these problems?

  • Seven Black Cats
    Seven Black Cats 14 days ago +7

    Question, would a mentally sound President, dye his hair Haystack Yellow, then wrap his wet hair multiple times around his head and step into a Texas Tornado for a blow dry?
    Answer, no I wouldn't think a mentally sound President would do such a thing.

    • Seven Black Cats
      Seven Black Cats 11 days ago +1

      @Shady Pine Thank you for your concern. There is that hate element out there that we have to just ignore and go on with our lives. People like Wonder never realize that they hurt our feeling by trying to be superior and acting like they know everything. Thanks again for your kind words Shady Pine.

    • Shady Pine
      Shady Pine 11 days ago +1

      @Wonder I don't think you should be criticizing Black People. They have a right to their views just as you have a right to yours. After all, you stated that Trump Sucks. Do you know him personally or are you just guessing that he sucks? What we don't need on this channel are bigots!!! Seven Black Cats, if you read this comment, I am apologizing for Wonder being so rude to you.

    • Wonder
      Wonder 11 days ago

      I do not think it is mentally sound to diagnose someone you have never met without any credetials based on their hair. Trump sucks, but stop demonizing the mentally ill in the process of criticizing him.

    • Olivia Shaw
      Olivia Shaw 12 days ago +1


  • pat nisbert
    pat nisbert 14 days ago

    You are also a cheap Dr looking for publicity,for a Dr like you I would die first before you examine me,you probably belong to the butcher club

  • Dee Rocker
    Dee Rocker 14 days ago

    Her Yale career was funded by the the Chinese government.... So obvious.

    • liam stacey
      liam stacey 13 days ago

      The assessment was by 27 psychologists. Nothing "Chinese" about here assessment to me. You make innuendo that something she said should be backed by the Chinese government... Can you point to any sort of specific evidence what-so-ever?

  • Jaqueline Varela
    Jaqueline Varela 14 days ago

    👿👿👿. Bunch of lies. Maniacs.

  • Wilma Phillips
    Wilma Phillips 14 days ago +3

    The people who voted are. also, have mental mental issues 😜

  • Paul Tuthill
    Paul Tuthill 15 days ago +3

    Bernie Sanders will halt "endless wars." America is the world's biggest thief and predator. Our wealth is based almost exclusively on being: 1. the cops and bully of the world and 2. the brigands of all world resources: oil, tin, copper, humans as slaves, bananas, technology, gold, and silver. Really, we steal / take whatever we can with our endless-war system. War does have a driving force. This is the hidden background behind all politics as usual

  • Wendy Misirly
    Wendy Misirly 15 days ago +1

    What she's doing is completely unethical she's using her own personal opinions completely unethical she should lose her license

    • Wendy Misirly
      Wendy Misirly 12 days ago

      @liam stacey Sorry but you are wrong you can NOT give a psychological examination without sitting down with that person one on one. And without that you have NOTHING just your own political opinion

    • liam stacey
      liam stacey 13 days ago

      She and the other 26 authors are providing professional opinion, with evidence, in an organized assessment. So you made a small error. More importantly, is our country more important than her license?

  • Mei Lin
    Mei Lin 15 days ago +1

    Very shallow views. This doctor doesn't seem to be very honest in my view. Won't be surprised if she is being paid or influenced for doing this (I don't mean by her institute).

  • Mei Lin
    Mei Lin 15 days ago

    What a "doctor"! She does not seem to be qualified for such judgement at all.

  • John Keller
    John Keller 15 days ago

    This so called shrink is full of bs. I proudly voted for him and I'm not nuts. Shes a sham.

    • John Keller
      John Keller 15 days ago

      @Mike Massino thankyou for your service. I whent to Great Lakes. I had worked around mental health people . Now some of the psych techs were a bit batty. Lol. It seemed that weekends were a bit crazy when I pulled er duty. I was an ENT tech. So in a around about way I took a crash course in it. I did learn a lot.

    • Mike Massino
      Mike Massino 15 days ago

      @John Keller I was also an HM2 and served as a lab technologist in Gitmo for 2+years. We didn't receive any training in mental health in San Diego Corps school in '72. Did you?

    • John Keller
      John Keller 15 days ago

      @Mike Massino I was a hospital corpsman HM2/E5 with the Marines in Viet Nam . I saw HELL so I dont need you or her bs. Your and her and others like you have been babied and fed bs by the demoncratic machine.

    • Mike Massino
      Mike Massino 15 days ago

      What are your mental health qualifications? Better than hers?

  • Adammax maxon
    Adammax maxon 16 days ago +3

    Trump is 5 year old boy in the body of 70+ old man..

  • Ken Windrum
    Ken Windrum 16 days ago

    This psychiatrist is a Chines goose head.... Lots of Quack Dr around to take your cash... She told me she would like to sleep with Mr Trump...

  • Vera Armstrong
    Vera Armstrong 16 days ago


  • Terry VanderSchaaf
    Terry VanderSchaaf 16 days ago +1

    ha ha ha this show looks like Saturday Night Live... Ok without the humor... actually rather dry... humor

  • Susan Whitney
    Susan Whitney 16 days ago +13

    She has not pointed out anything an educated intelligent person can see.... this is sad that there are so many prepared to look the other way, my question is why!

    • varun009
      varun009 9 days ago +3

      Wonder no. Donald trump being an awful human being is one thing. He's merely the worst of what's come before him. His lack of mental capacity (an occupational requirement), is dangerous. It's one thing to have bad opinions, it's something else entirely when you're out of touch with reality, impulsive, potentially violent, have no attention span, border mental retardation and are a pathological bullshitter. If you anything about the mueller report, you'd know that he's surrounded by people only marginally more intelligent than he is, and that isn't saying much when you consider Cohen tried to obstruct justice twice and failed only because he was too stupid to do it.

    • Wonder
      Wonder 11 days ago +1

      You can say Trump is a bad president without armchair slapping "M-mental Illness" on him. It is basically saying "Trump is a bad person for having mental illness". Why cant we just agree that Trump is a bad person no matter if he has a diagnosis or not. Why do we have to forget ethics and sloppily label someone with something that dehumanizes everyons with mental illness.

  • Jan Fredericks
    Jan Fredericks 17 days ago +6

    Thank you for warning the public. Is this on the news?

    • Julian Trump
      Julian Trump 15 days ago

      @Truk Nevelk Yeah America is booming economy can't get worse for government Democrats there policies amount to name calling and give a ways to buy vote

    • Truk Nevelk
      Truk Nevelk 15 days ago +1

      Please take note the date of this report... Nov, 2017. Things have gotten worse.

    • Jan Fredericks
      Jan Fredericks 17 days ago +1

      Interesting that those who voted for him share some pathology.

  • winston ledford
    winston ledford 19 days ago

    his dr says nothing wrong with trump they have lawers you could be in trouble for fraud

    • Ms Fisher D
      Ms Fisher D 18 days ago

      Aside from the horror of your grammar, not one single thing you wrote makes sense. In fact, tRump's doctors have NEVER said ANYTHING about tRump or ANY diagnoses. You have NO IDEA what lawyers do (see the proper spelling). Lastly, you have NO IDEA what "fraud" is. I would guess you are part of tRump's under-educated, over-50, white base. Go back to school. Learn proper English. Take a civics class. You are an idiot and I am embarrassed that you are probably an American.

  • winston ledford
    winston ledford 19 days ago +2

    every one after trump first he defendes him self the left gains up pn trump. even top psychiatrist is demecates pay offs see demarcates and woman wants a woman to be president trump stoped war he must be smart look what he did or doing to help America she needs help probley trying to mame a book

  • Terry Caldwell
    Terry Caldwell 19 days ago +1

    Look at is actions what he's really after his for himself to be subprime leader like poutin and North Korea, Kim ....Just look at pass dictators and how they rose to fame in their country that's what Trump is doing ...please pay attention

  • john mcdonagh
    john mcdonagh 19 days ago +1

    Trump is a moron He is president because his Base can't differentiate brtween real life and Reality TV.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 19 days ago

    pumping book sales. wow, and this fake news network happily spreads this nonsense. btw, as a professional in my own career, one of the craziest groups of people i've ever dealt with are members of the psychiatric profession. as a group, these people are truly the one's that are batchit crazy. it's as if they go into the field on the basis of the many neurosis and personality disorders they deal with in their own lives.

  • LongJohn Silver
    LongJohn Silver 19 days ago

    The psychiatrist is mentally impaired.

  • tesladrive1
    tesladrive1 19 days ago +60

    I diagnosed that Trump was batshit crazy before he was elected! It doesn't take a professional! What amazed me, was how many people love crazy! And thats even more crazy! America has given up on sanity!

    • Charles Warren
      Charles Warren Day ago +1

      Your "diagnosis" is flawed.

      The NY Times reports that Trump will have gained more projected votes in the Electoral College in 2020 than in 2016.

    • paul w
      paul w 3 days ago

      @Gloria Burt problem is they have a right to feel that way in the USA, so their reactions are based on a solid reality and trump (and others) play on this helplessness/anger

    • paul w
      paul w 3 days ago

      ego always gravitates towards those who reflect and recreate itself--like a virus

    • Marilyn Cwik
      Marilyn Cwik 6 days ago +1

      tesladrive1, trump followers love crazy trump...just like HITLER’s followers loved him.

    • Nancy Ranft
      Nancy Ranft 13 days ago +2

      Not ALL of us, Tesla. And we're fighting...but we're as amazed as you are, believe me! Hopefully next year will see some changes. Keep your fingers crossed, lol.

  • FRANKO7514
    FRANKO7514 19 days ago +2

    everybody feel the same way today 07/01/2019

  • Jacquwline Werner
    Jacquwline Werner 20 days ago +2

    Your breaking all medical laws including HIPAA law how dare you call your self a Doctor

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 20 days ago +52

    Don’t need a psychiatrist to know that Trump is not mentally competent...just observe the man & his actions.

    • Tango Bango
      Tango Bango Day ago

      kansasthunderman1 YOU are a moron.

    • kansasthunderman1
      kansasthunderman1 Day ago

      There are a lot of people who will say the same thing about YOU.

  • Bernard Martinez
    Bernard Martinez 20 days ago +1


  • jorge pearl
    jorge pearl 20 days ago +1

    never before has a president fired so many of his people, never before....

  • Alperen Atalay
    Alperen Atalay 20 days ago +2

    The body languec tell evrething who you are, if you read trumps body languec he is paranoïde !
    I guess in his child year’s nobody loved him. And now he act to prove himself he is the world leader!
    He proved that to start war vs Iran and after 10 minutes he called his soldiers back! That say enouf who sick he is.

  • Dale D.
    Dale D. 20 days ago

    One underlying reason he got elected was shown during the recent Democratic presidential debate: all TEN Dem candidates raised their hands when asked should US taxpayers fork over their hard-earned money to pay for illegal aliens (yes illegal aliens) to get free health care! Leftists love to give away other people's money, but Trump seems to have more empathy towards the US taxpayers. Many voters admire Trump's empathy towards hard-working American citizens. This will likely lead Trump (not saying I'm endorsing him, though) to victory in 2020 as the left seemingly becomes more and more extreme with each passing month.

  • Kathy Schuft
    Kathy Schuft 21 day ago +4

    I don’t understand what kind of country trump supporters want to live in. Seems they enjoy the hate he spews.

    • Ecarg Smith
      Ecarg Smith 20 days ago

      Democrats enjoy the HATES. Those were the days my friend, you thought it will never end the Obama days.

    • Ecarg Smith
      Ecarg Smith 20 days ago

      We want to live in a country that is run with freedom of speech

  • Debra Williams
    Debra Williams 22 days ago +1


  • Debra Williams
    Debra Williams 22 days ago +1


  • sunflower40
    sunflower40 22 days ago

    you're Communist ah ....
    Uh UH UH UH l