Hong Kong Police Tear Gas And Beat Protesters Trying To Escape University

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Parents gathered outside the university to beg police to let their kids go, while one protest leader called on the international community to prevent "Tiananmen 2019."
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  • VICE News
    VICE News  20 days ago +123

    PolyU has quickly become a symbolic battleground in the fight between pro-democracy protesters and Beijing, with one activist leader on Monday saying he feared it could soon become another Tiananmen Square.
    WATCH NEXT: Hong Kong Police Shot a Protester in the Stomach on Facebook Live - thexvid.com/video/h9KyBodO04I/video.html

    • Jenny Chew
      Jenny Chew 13 days ago

      TOO BAT

    • Wang Frank
      Wang Frank 15 days ago

      @Galax Chen who is killed?

    • Wang Frank
      Wang Frank 15 days ago

      VICE is supporting terrorism without showing the man on fire

    • Kris Kris
      Kris Kris 16 days ago

      Vice News,
      for reporting Bias Racist Unfair Untrue Misleading View of HK Police who are Law Enforcers with responsibilities entrusted to safeguard HK public safety and rights.

    • Hanz On
      Hanz On 16 days ago

      You are biased ti the finest.

  • Sol Rhopalocera
    Sol Rhopalocera 5 days ago

    all i see is the hong kong version of ANTIFA here. they didnt even care enough to research how the extradition bill actually worked. even though the extradition bill was repealed seeing as how thats why the riots started, these rioters still wont stop. their purpose for rioting is gone yet they still keep going.

  • Canadian Aussie
    Canadian Aussie 8 days ago

    Send in the army to get them out off uni next time then off to 🇨🇳👍

  • BW J
    BW J 10 days ago

    Another great piece of misleadning title and vidoe by VICE

  • shooterxd23
    shooterxd23 10 days ago

    Just fucking charge at them, they wont expect it, just do a masive breakout without fear, aisle the police into small units, beat em down and free those you can, ask for distractions arround the city, the police will be overwhelmed and over extended.

  • Dacen Rodriguez26501
    Dacen Rodriguez26501 10 days ago

    Riot officers... They are killing protesters. I think the government should just give Hong kong the demands the citizens want

  • Sean Wilkerson
    Sean Wilkerson 12 days ago

    If you have to beat up innocent, unarmed citizens, you're doing something wrong.

  • Ute Eller
    Ute Eller 13 days ago

    Ich wünsche alles Gute and lost of losging fand careful thinkiing.

  • clean cyclist
    clean cyclist 13 days ago

    Looks just like it did when England ruled. China is ok, right?

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One 14 days ago

    I work for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and I lowered everyone's credit score in the comments.

  • Justin Sydnes
    Justin Sydnes 14 days ago

    These people are actually fighting for a real cause👀👀
    Cough cough* Antifa

  • Paul M
    Paul M 14 days ago

    Henry Kissinger sad 2 days ago, HK conflict could be the start of WW3, no joke.

  • Ben Jin
    Ben Jin 15 days ago +1

    You guys are rioters and have to pay for what you have done to HK!

  • Mohd Fahrizal22
    Mohd Fahrizal22 15 days ago

    Ya mate btu bro

  • john westgarth
    john westgarth 15 days ago

    Zero sympathy……nothing democratic about killing seventy year old street cleaners with bricks, setting alight to guy who disagrees with you, stabbing a politician, intimidating innocent bystanders, beating up women and generally bringing Hong Kong to a stand still. If this is democracy we are all screwed.

  • Archibald Maule Ramsay
    Archibald Maule Ramsay 15 days ago +3

    Why aren’t vice reporting on the yellow vests in France?

  • CC Chan
    CC Chan 15 days ago

    They are Terrorists... Not students

  • Peter Tay
    Peter Tay 15 days ago +1

    Nerd, you are just dreaming. I thought u already asked Germany to help, are they coming ?

  • Ghiffar Kramawardhana
    Ghiffar Kramawardhana 15 days ago

    I support you hong kong in your fight for democracy

  • Raymundo Perez
    Raymundo Perez 15 days ago +1

    authoritarian regime cracking down on pro-democracy forces on the Hong Kong University Campus.

  • harry loo
    harry loo 15 days ago

    This is how these ppl treats women. They're getting what they deserve, rule of law.

  • Kathryn Rose
    Kathryn Rose 15 days ago +1

    CCP = Modern Nazi Germany or USSR
    They're doing this to HK, committing genocide against the Uyghurs, destroying the ocean by Shokaku, they stage invasions of the Taiwanese Palace & they already committed Tibetan genocide.
    What more will the world tolerate from Xi JinPing?
    Despite them being "radical vandals" Mainland China has radically violated the sovereignty & rights of Hong Kong. The reaction of these protesters is in proportion to the CCP's threats to Hong Kong's freedoms. China has already kidnapped many HK citizens in HK to be detained and even tortured in Mainland China.

  • The Middle East Roof Korean

    Hahaha that’s a classic

  • Hoiyat Tsoi
    Hoiyat Tsoi 15 days ago

    Thank you, Hong Kong police, for restoring peace, law and order. Arrest all Donald Trump's faceless storm troopers and send them all to the USA!

  • Bunnie OVES
    Bunnie OVES 16 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/3POspC9dmGo/video.html Brutality of rioters should be the main issue. Do not be misled.

  • blue copper
    blue copper 16 days ago

    A list of things done in HK thus far by these rioters whom western media and politicians call 'peaceful protesters, wanting democracy and freedom':
    *Stabbing policemen with knives
    *Destroying entire streets by digging up bricks and rocks
    *Throwing rocks at police
    * Throwing bricks at police
    * Shining high powered laser into the eyes of police and elderly HK citizens who do not support their violence
    * beaten up countless of Hong Kongers, especially mob violence against the single handed elderly, men and women, resulting in bloodied heads, mouths, eyes, noses etc
    * threw acid on policemen
    * used catapults at the police, ended up hitting and blinding a female protestor (and thus less and less catapults were utilised since then)
    * torching cars of other Hong Kongers
    * harrassing and doxxing people who were interviewed by the media, including their workplace and families (till now many Hong Kongers are fearful to appear on camera)
    * stoning an elderly Hong Konger in the head after a verbal exchange, old man died
    * threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at police
    * threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at elderly Hong Kongers trying to clear the debris after a night's rioting
    * setting fire and burning a man alive who didn't agree with their anti-social behaviour
    * blockaded entire roads and streets, not allowing any vehicle nor pedestrian to pass, people cannot go to work, children cannot go to school and elderly cannot go home, resulting in scores of people stranded..... if anyone complains on social media..... they are doxxed and they and their family harrassed and threatened
    * stormed and destroyed the parliament building, raised the UK flag and US flags on sovereign territory
    * multiple attempts to snatch police guns
    * Using bows and arrows at the police, hitting police officers with the shot arrows, piercing through
    * so far, about 3 elderly men killed by these masked mobs, plenty more in hospitals or at home with injury
    * destroyed banks
    * destroyed shops of innocent Hong Kongers
    * destroyed stores belonging to global multinational companies
    * destroyed and set fire to many MTR train stations
    * purposely threw debris to derail trains
    * derailed trains with passengers in them, causing untold injuries
    * making up stories of police brutality
    * charging at the police with batons, poles, baseball bats, umbrellas
    * used the suicide of a 15 year old girl due to mental illness as a false story of police brutality, claiming she was killed by police
    * the suicide victim's mom was interviewed and she shared that her daughter was suffering from mental illness and she reviewed all CCTV footage of the day, it was a clear suicide and had nothing to do with the protests nor police, and was doxxed by angry rioters for not allowing them to use her daughter as a martyr, and harrassed, given death threats and hunted down, even when she is grieving the death and loss of her daughter
    * occupied and destroyed universities
    * made thousands of petrol bombs during the occupation, more than 4000 were found
    * occupied and forced the national airport to shut down
    * occupied the airport and prevented travellers and foreigners from flying, leaving many in tears and literally begging the rioters to let them go home
    * destroyed traffic lights
    * destroyed street lamps
    * destroyed sidewalks
    * destroying taxis and cars
    * setting fire to multiple vehicles near the universities
    Feel free to add your own
    Most of them would have gotten shot by the police in most western countries, especially in the USA.
    So let's not be hypocrites here.

    M.FILM. TEHRAN. 16 days ago


  • Serge
    Serge 16 days ago

    Taiwan #1

  • RyanSee
    RyanSee 16 days ago

    hypocrite western media, bias to a point with no common sense. Throwing Molotov is "pro-democracy protester", student who just want to escape the school.
    Police is the one beating civilian. Come on vice, not everyone is stupid like you think :)

    The west and Joshua shit was wishing so much for China to send the PLA, too bad they are disappointed :)

  • D Trump
    D Trump 16 days ago +1

    Bravo HK Police, finally you are doing the right things !

  • 杨树行
    杨树行 16 days ago +1

    00:09 did that man just burnt himself ?

  • SpaseGoast
    SpaseGoast 16 days ago +2

    0:14 So this is how revolutions are fought when you can't own a gun eh? Glad I have my guns.

    OANH THÚY 16 days ago

    Hong kong police arrest the protester just a like predator looking for a good,they just like animal

    • jimmy ellys
      jimmy ellys 16 days ago

      Which ones more animal? = thexvid.com/video/A8_YW8SkYBs/video.html

  • fengkuang yu
    fengkuang yu 16 days ago +1

    Call them rioter pls, do not double standard

  • sung s
    sung s 16 days ago

    This useless people should be treated this way

  • Sendyo Holmes
    Sendyo Holmes 16 days ago

    The title is almost saying "Police is beating and killing people", the fact is actually the oppsite, "protestors" using homemade bomb all over the city and try to assult, even murder officer using tracking app. But, well, who cares about truth at vice? haha. It's all about making it as much ugly as possible. Please keep on making these video, so people know who you people really are.

  • eyangshuo
    eyangshuo 16 days ago

    why dont you tell everyone what they did?

  • 通りすがりのはげ

    Oen country!!

  • Kenn Tan
    Kenn Tan 16 days ago +2

    Biased reporting from the west. Sensationalizing for their own gains.

  • Gunj Chowwiwat
    Gunj Chowwiwat 16 days ago

    This is so real!
    It's good show!

  • Wise Observer
    Wise Observer 16 days ago

    This is CIA paid propagandist. Sorry no one believes you.

  • Johnson Yuen
    Johnson Yuen 16 days ago

    If freedom is riot and destroying, I don't think intelligent good education good reasonable people can allow, accept and promote such characters for making harms, not benefits at all!

  • riccia888
    riccia888 16 days ago +2

    Never give up HK. Stop the evil regime

  • dennis ong
    dennis ong 16 days ago

    Fake News here. What a joke Vice News is

  • Kris Kris
    Kris Kris 16 days ago +1

    These violent protests are NOT prodemocracy.
    These violent protests have EVIL political agenda to bring down HK government and to terrorise HK public and to attack HK police and to break all basic laws.
    These violent protests have many elements of terrorism and extremism and seperatism.
    These violent protests are NOT LEGAL.

  • Sensor Excel
    Sensor Excel 16 days ago

    What a bunch of criminals. If I was the chief of police there these anarchist terrorists vandalising pulic and private property will be riddled with bird-shot

  • Luc Yen
    Luc Yen 16 days ago +1

    NWO will get you all. Everywhere LIES and no freedom! Think NOW!

  • Tony Wang
    Tony Wang 16 days ago +1

    Cause their were throwing Molotovs at the police

    • crs
      crs 14 days ago

      good thats no police these are thugs

  • Quang Hàn
    Quang Hàn 16 days ago

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    Đây là lời tường thuật của một nhân viên công tác trong Lãnh sự Anh, tức không phải là người biểu tình hoặc đơn thuần là người dân bị chế độ cộng sản bắc kinh quản lý theo pháp luật của trung quốc, vẫn có sự theo dõi giám sát, can thiệp của vương quốc Anh đối với các nhân viên làm việc cho quốc gia của anh Quốc, vậy mà bọn cộng sản không ngần ngại giở những trò tra tấn tàn bạo, ghê rợn... tôi muốn hỏi ông Trump và các nhà lãnh đạo trên khắp thế giới luôn vỗ ngực khoe khoang chống cộng sản, vì dân chủ tự do có hình dung ra các tội ác ghê gớm nhất, tàn bạo nhất, man rợ nhất mà bọn cộng sản áp dụng cho bất cứ người dân nào dám chống đối, phê phán chúng ??? những lời tố cáo là bịa đặt, là cường điệu để bôi bác những người lãnh đạo cộng sản ??? ông Trump và những người lãnh đạo dân chủ tự do vẫn tiếp tục ôm những lãnh tụ cộng sản, độc tài... làm bạn vàng bốn tốt miễn có lợi cho bản thân mình và quốc gia của mình như đã tuyên bố, gọi đó là lòng yêu nước,yêu dân tộc của mình ??? vậy thì tôi nhắc nhở cho ông Trump và thế giới cần hiểu rằng :
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    Biên Hòa 22/11/2019.

  • Yong Zhou
    Yong Zhou 16 days ago +1

    Where were the parents when their kids were trashing the whole city? I'm sure you can get your kids back, after you pay for all the damage they caused to public and private properties.

  • Amelyn Ong
    Amelyn Ong 16 days ago

    7專家轟催淚彈二噁英害人不淺 高官警察死撐安全! 唔敢公开成分,根本要消灭根本要消灭全香港人,没人可以逃避!

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One 16 days ago +1

    The terrorist disguised as protestors.... 100% of them!

    • Chosen One
      Chosen One 14 days ago

      @crs Or Canadian or whatever shithole country you live in.

    • crs
      crs 14 days ago

      @Chosen One not American but ok..

    • Chosen One
      Chosen One 14 days ago

      @crs Its the same as your American score 100 points.

    • crs
      crs 14 days ago

      @Chosen One nooooo....

    • Chosen One
      Chosen One 14 days ago

      @crs I am going to lower your Chinese credit score!

  • Funny Man
    Funny Man 16 days ago

    Speak up ???? Why the police didn’t use live rounds ????

  • Funny Man
    Funny Man 16 days ago

    Pro democracy protesters ??? With petrol bomb ??? Hahahahaha...... these are rioters....

  • Sebastian BLOH
    Sebastian BLOH 16 days ago

    China is killing their protestors!!

  • Yiyu Sun
    Yiyu Sun 16 days ago

    It seems like you know nothing about the real situation. The protestors attacked and crushed the majority of facilities in the university, polices were there to stop the violence. The police even found a lot of bombs at the university. So shut up western media.

  • Fei Atchia
    Fei Atchia 17 days ago +1

    God bless HK! In God we Trust!!

  • Constant Mejur
    Constant Mejur 17 days ago

    they are the one who built the blockade and fortified the campus... they even beat up Chinese kids on campus

  • Constant Mejur
    Constant Mejur 17 days ago

    Vice being Vice again... them Hong Kong rioters aint getting no respect from other HKers nor Chinese.. bunch of racist ass mobs

  • Niko Ji
    Niko Ji 17 days ago +2

    Feel so good when rioters got beaten or burnt themselves.