PRO DUOS GAMEPLAY!!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
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    THE BEST SOLO GAME!!!! (Insane Fortnite Battle Royale Game)
    MOST INSANE FORTNITE MOMENT!!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)
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  • Harshit Shingnath
    Harshit Shingnath 9 days ago

    Can anyone plz gift me vbucks or a skin?my account is harry13135655

  • Erica thomason
    Erica thomason 20 days ago


  • Rahman Ramzan
    Rahman Ramzan 25 days ago

    who play best
    your fortnite id

  • yai gamer
    yai gamer Month ago

    He said 30 kills give my time wasted on this video back

  • Ahmad Fauzi
    Ahmad Fauzi Month ago

    Mantap lah

  • Mike Donnan
    Mike Donnan 2 months ago

    If you get 1 kill you can get money

  • abderrahman lachhab
    abderrahman lachhab 2 months ago

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake is not 30kills

  • Tomas Vitkauskas
    Tomas Vitkauskas 2 months ago

    Wach this guy he is amazing!!!

  • Anda Abdellatif
    Anda Abdellatif 3 months ago

    Fortnite ped

  • Ahmed Ashraf
    Ahmed Ashraf 3 months ago

    Lol This is Fake Shit

  • نیما احمدی
    نیما احمدی 3 months ago


  • Alburt Holburn Lewis
    Alburt Holburn Lewis 3 months ago

    in 2019 they are the biggest bots on earth

  • Terri Jarrell
    Terri Jarrell 4 months ago +6


  • nor lhoda
    nor lhoda 4 months ago

    pour fairetnyt 🎪🎭

  • paul moreno
    paul moreno 4 months ago

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  • Dion Thaqi
    Dion Thaqi 5 months ago

    He ich bin besser als du

  • bob kowalski
    bob kowalski 5 months ago

    i like bread

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow 5 months ago

    Wow, you're so good at Fortnite unlike me...

  • R!ot Drumstick
    R!ot Drumstick 6 months ago


  • icon nick skin
    icon nick skin 6 months ago +1

    Your bad at sniping

  • Maria Diamond
    Maria Diamond 6 months ago


  • Mr Guinea Pig :3
    Mr Guinea Pig :3 6 months ago

    Stop saying bad words

  • Juana Beccar
    Juana Beccar 6 months ago

    Cizzorz you are the bes of creator of parkour

  • sonali chandra
    sonali chandra 6 months ago

    You are awesome wow bro I give you a one like for you

  • Ismat Games
    Ismat Games 6 months ago

    No 30 kils

  • Michelle Trainor
    Michelle Trainor 6 months ago

    I'm trying to get better at fornite lol I'm rubishh!!!!!

  • kid death
    kid death 6 months ago


  • Ribut Budianto
    Ribut Budianto 6 months ago

    Sangat pro sekali

  • aldho farel
    aldho farel 7 months ago

    Kau nob

  • cats rock
    cats rock 7 months ago

    Who else is obsessed with fortnite but can barely hit a shot?

  • Woss
    Woss 7 months ago

    Wow he looked slightly better in the past

  • SpoonierGerms Derp
    SpoonierGerms Derp 7 months ago

    Rip dusty depot : ( only og will remember 5:35

  • SpoonierGerms Derp
    SpoonierGerms Derp 7 months ago

    I watching from 2019 season10😂

    • Alex Rocha
      Alex Rocha 6 months ago

      SpoonierGerms Derp season 9

  • Monrovia Georgia
    Monrovia Georgia 7 months ago

    Sooooooooooooo cool

  • Monrovia Georgia
    Monrovia Georgia 7 months ago


  • ToxicAzn Bot
    ToxicAzn Bot 7 months ago +5

    lol I’m watching in 2019

  • Balram Sopra
    Balram Sopra 7 months ago

    chal juta ...vese first kill acha tha

  • Rezaa Arii Setiawan_99
    Rezaa Arii Setiawan_99 7 months ago +1

    Good Gameplay❤️🥂

  • Insane gamer Thompson
    Insane gamer Thompson 7 months ago +1

    I never thought that you cursed scissors

  • Gamer Topzx
    Gamer Topzx 7 months ago


  • Puji Astuti
    Puji Astuti 7 months ago


  • Jon Begaj
    Jon Begaj 7 months ago


  • KKS Thompson
    KKS Thompson 7 months ago

    No i don't get reminded of shawn mendas
    Bye dis nub

  • KKS Thompson
    KKS Thompson 7 months ago +1

    Btw that was me samebro was me You killed me O_O

  • KKS Thompson
    KKS Thompson 7 months ago

    Bruh samatha just got rekt finna get to times rekt

  • Synitha Bumphus
    Synitha Bumphus 8 months ago

    I’m a fan

  • ajay shanmugam
    ajay shanmugam 8 months ago

    Where you download fornite bro

  • Cole Morley
    Cole Morley 8 months ago +1

    2018 auto run is the future 2019 combat shotgun is the future (fortnite dies)

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 8 months ago

    Europeans will choose fortnite
    Asians will choose pubg

    What do u choose?

    AJ THE BOSS 9 months ago

    Cann you see my videos please

  • Nathan Lydon
    Nathan Lydon 9 months ago

    stop swaring

  • bnHasaan
    bnHasaan 9 months ago +3


  • Qusai Alwajeeh
    Qusai Alwajeeh 9 months ago +1

    I love your video keep up the work thank you for doing

  • QUALIFIED roux
    QUALIFIED roux 9 months ago

    Hey what is up my dude how are you doing today

  • Ulloa Howard
    Ulloa Howard 9 months ago

    Alguien español

    WHAT WILL HAPPEN? 9 months ago +1

    His a hacker he hacked my fortnite account.

  • Loai Ali
    Loai Ali 9 months ago

    Your mother fuck you 🖕

  • Kenny Murcia
    Kenny Murcia 10 months ago

    your so good at shooting at people at this game

  • Lil Bush
    Lil Bush 10 months ago

    Can I play with you plz a play on mobile fortnite

  • Magally Sanchez-Kock
    Magally Sanchez-Kock 10 months ago

    My name is auastress69