Conor McGregor vs Diego Brandão (full fight) | The Irish weren't here to take part...

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • What an atmosphere, what a night. It's July 19th, 2014 and Conor McGregor leads the Irish takeover of UFC with a brilliant first-round win over Diego Brandão in Dublin to make the world of MMA really sit up and take notice. They weren't here to take part...
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Comments • 518

  • Yassin vlogs
    Yassin vlogs Day ago

    Conor fight like a chicken 🐥

  • Unidentified
    Unidentified Day ago

    Why didn't BT Sport upload the highlights of Khabib vs Mcgregor fight?

  • Blast Oise
    Blast Oise Day ago

    Money ruins the beat of men, I hope he can return to his former self and fast before it's too late

  • xX90sWereTheDaysxX
    xX90sWereTheDaysxX 9 days ago

    He fights amateurs
    Remember when he fought Habib? 😂

  • Roland Recario
    Roland Recario 9 days ago

    sound engineer needs to mix out the audience and the jet plane landing

  • Henry Li
    Henry Li 13 days ago

    Back when Mcgregor fought fighters much smaller than him

  • ysituation
    ysituation 13 days ago

    To live up to the craziest pressure possible at the highest level... this guy is a one of a kind. Makes it look easy but its not

    ZAID SHAFIQ 14 days ago

    Mc tap out

  • iShinobi
    iShinobi 14 days ago


  • A b
    A b 15 days ago

    The crowed spoiled it

  • Labin Gurung
    Labin Gurung 15 days ago

    Rematch with khabib

  • Four Twenty
    Four Twenty 15 days ago

    Ahhhh where all the Conor fangirls hang out, reminiscing about the days before Conor got exposed 😊

    • Crunch HQ
      Crunch HQ 14 days ago

      Four Twenty exposed for what?

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan 16 days ago


  • Spiderman New
    Spiderman New 17 days ago


  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 17 days ago +3

    Why is the sound always bad on BT Sport?

  • MurryCoolz HD
    MurryCoolz HD 17 days ago +3

    Looks like Aldo 😂😂

  • Milosz Sztukiewicz
    Milosz Sztukiewicz 17 days ago

    Fake fight...

  • Tiger Balm
    Tiger Balm 18 days ago

    Boring fight

  • Keir McHugh
    Keir McHugh 18 days ago

    they were here to take over 🇮🇪

  • Iceman India
    Iceman India 19 days ago +30

    Some UFC “expert” defo thinks this is a new fight lmao

  • Maas Levi
    Maas Levi 19 days ago +2

    Who the hell is this guy.. I've watched ufc for the last year an not seen him fight once.. Myth or real fighter?

    • Saul11
      Saul11 18 days ago

      Maas Levi ur not funny

  • Stay Ready
    Stay Ready 20 days ago +1

    Khabib would beat him on Irish soil no problem

    GODSWILL CHILAKA 21 day ago

    Good fight

  • breakit46
    breakit46 22 days ago

    Piece of piss.

  • Shakib Miah
    Shakib Miah 23 days ago

    Why does this fight look rigged

  • exit 1Ø1
    exit 1Ø1 24 days ago

    lol, dan hardy, david byrne called from the 80's, he wants his suit back ...

  • If you laugh you sub!
    If you laugh you sub! 24 days ago

    When Conor took crack to make weight

  • Reece Potts
    Reece Potts 25 days ago

    Didn’t really do much damage Brandao just looked like he gave up like most of McGregors early opponents, mental warfare is what won him the fights before he even got in the octagon. Average fighter

  • kakadots
    kakadots 25 days ago

    McGregor had braids on top of his head lol

  • James Walker
    James Walker 26 days ago

    Why would u want to waste money for this dreadful sport to spend 100 plus pound for one and half minutes of voience!ban this sport!

    • K KRITZ
      K KRITZ 17 days ago +1

      mate if u dont like it click off u flower

  • MrPresidentoftheus
    MrPresidentoftheus 26 days ago


  • TheBarnster1008
    TheBarnster1008 27 days ago

    Get him up against Tony Ferguson

  • John001 Fits
    John001 Fits 29 days ago +4

    This Smelly Rat (Conor) seems so respectful and humble after fight with Khabib.

  • CrossUp tatsu
    CrossUp tatsu 29 days ago

    Jojo reference?

  • Space Man
    Space Man Month ago +7

    Still got his arse handed to him by Habib!

    YUSHUA ELIAS Month ago +1

    This guy always tried beating opponents first round cuz after that hes finished hahahaha

      YUSHUA ELIAS 28 days ago

      T C yh and did u see how gasless he was with chad he only won cuz chad fought oj two weeks noticed and he got tired and hes not that good but mcgregfor in that fight was finished gasless like i said

    • T C
      T C 28 days ago

      He's went five rounds twice before and won.

  • horsefaceemily
    horsefaceemily Month ago +1

    Now finished washed up and probably off to prison for well all most life for rape !, what a waste drink and DRUGS !

    YUSHUA ELIAS Month ago

    Connor the gasless fighter

  • Liam Graham
    Liam Graham Month ago

    Well done u beet his arse

  • fu ck
    fu ck Month ago

    Mc tap out and retire Greggor

    • brx
      brx 23 days ago

      Mc tap out and retire with millions In the bank greggor

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M Month ago +1

    Is this a hint of a come back I wonder...

  • Dylan Steven
    Dylan Steven Month ago

    Now he’s just a drunk Irishman

  • Aron Skipp
    Aron Skipp Month ago +1

    When was this fight

  • akbar Mohammed
    akbar Mohammed Month ago

    Khabib kicked Connor arse

  • Jake R
    Jake R Month ago +2

    One more round and Mcgob would have been out of puff !

    • Mason Parrott
      Mason Parrott 19 days ago +1

      Jake R no he was fine that entire match and would be sorted for next round stop lying

  • baz28k
    baz28k Month ago

    Hats off to McGregor! Love him, hate him, it makes no difference. He was a great fighter in his day. He entertained the people, made his money and set himself up for life. I personally don't think he is on Khabib's level, never was, but in his weight class he was the no.1 fighter.

  • tHeBAdGeRp0kEr
    tHeBAdGeRp0kEr Month ago

    He was entertaining, he achieved incredible things. But we all know he is done. I would pay double for a khabib rematch, just for the chance Conor would win, but the United Federation of Cuddling says we need to be bored.

  • Ashton Waters
    Ashton Waters Month ago

    5’ 11”? Conor Grew by 2 inches just for this fight huh?

  • Adam james
    Adam james Month ago +1

    This Connor was a different animal to what we see now
    This Connor beats anybody

  • DaveBox G
    DaveBox G Month ago +1

    Back when Conor was the people's champ

  • Mr DG
    Mr DG Month ago +17

    I remember this clown, he beat up a bus then a real fighter beat him up and his whole team and he retired on all your hard earned money lol.

    • v_Keii
      v_Keii Month ago +1

      I mean the money he earned from the Mayweather fight is what really set this guy up for retirement

  • Mr DG
    Mr DG Month ago +1

    Conner who?

  • ScritzCure
    ScritzCure Month ago +1

    Conor and Tony should fight for position of who is the second best lightweight in the world

    • MADK 27
      MADK 27 Month ago

      Conor isn't even the 5th best LW his 1 - 1 the LW

  • Ashley Berridge
    Ashley Berridge Month ago

    When was this fight

  • Don Makaveli
    Don Makaveli Month ago

    Looked pretty good! But there's a lot of tough fights in front of him b4 he gets a title shot.

  • Ivan Hristov
    Ivan Hristov Month ago +1

    McGregor is good fighter ,but I can't understand ,why is that hype ,when hi doesn't compet any longer kind sad think to see how many people are hoping for his return ... But with the money his got ,it's kinda undesirable ... Don't worry crack on posting memory ...

  • Du Juan
    Du Juan Month ago

    Conor shouldn't have fought Khabib after a 2 year break from MMA.

      SUPERMOVA 18 days ago

      @Mason Parrott last i recall it was conor who got knocked down in their fight, dirty casual stfu he got completely dominated

    • Mason Parrott
      Mason Parrott 19 days ago

      SUPERMOVA stop lying he wouldn’t Khabib would be knocked out in 20 seconds

      SUPERMOVA Month ago

      wouldnt matter khabib would smash him anyway

  • Ingemar Kruger
    Ingemar Kruger Month ago

    Get some new content, bunch of leeches

  • MND17
    MND17 Month ago

    1:34, McGregor's height is what?

  • Mr ferno
    Mr ferno Month ago


  • Blackwell
    Blackwell Month ago +1

    Back when conor was a beast

    HUGO CUELLAR Month ago

    Where are the irish now?

  • Interesting Elements

    The commentator doesn't know the difference between his left and right 👀

  • Scott Maclean
    Scott Maclean Month ago

    When was this fight

  • Alex Moult
    Alex Moult Month ago

    It's like a kind of untrained tai boxing jujutsu mix, but without the locks or strikes of either...feral, uncoordinated and sluggish

  • Z A
    Z A Month ago +4

    And then came the Russian bear.and put Conner into hibernation.

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom Month ago +1

    Iconic. Simply iconic 🇮🇪

    SAMUEL ROBINSON Month ago +3

    Done, he'll never be back after khabib mauled him, embarrassingly.
    Naw it's good night from him now and Tony, cowboy, jorge etc would also maul him.
    Better off being a bouncer now
    cheers. 🥃.

  • Christopher Edison
    Christopher Edison Month ago

    This is when connor was connor full of passion fire heart and determination before dana white got his claws into him that changed to money, fame , glory and commercialisation and PPV ratings
    People who change there passion to revel in glory that's there choice but disheartening to see

  • Insightful Human
    Insightful Human Month ago +5

    One thing that deserves respect is how he treats opponents after beating them 👏

  • MMafieMc
    MMafieMc Month ago

    Connors Five year plan needs bottled and sold never mind Proper 12

  • Darren
    Darren Month ago

    Back when mcgregor was called mcgregor and not mctapout.
    Mayweather and Khabib ended this guys life with ease. Soo good to see 👍

  • Chris Templeton-Crosby

    Wish this Conor would come back. Was a big fan. Now seriously board of him. He needs to stay off the drink and Twitter!!

    • Natt GrenadeFace
      Natt GrenadeFace Month ago

      Chris Templeton-Crosby bro your spelling is atrocious it’s bored not BOARD

  • Pissed up Gamer
    Pissed up Gamer Month ago

    Up the ra

  • Taher Khan
    Taher Khan Month ago

    But Khabib really mashed him up though!