Conor McGregor vs Diego Brandão (full fight) | The Irish weren't here to take part...

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • What an atmosphere, what a night. It's July 19th, 2014 and Conor McGregor leads the Irish takeover of UFC with a brilliant first-round win over Diego Brandão in Dublin to make the world of MMA really sit up and take notice. They weren't here to take part...
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Comments • 631

  • k
    k 3 days ago

    why boo the fighter? just don't cheer in that case...

  • verykeen2please
    verykeen2please 3 days ago

    awful sound quality by BT

  • unreal one
    unreal one 4 days ago +1

    Never seen brandao so scared i thought he was ghetto on tuf

  • Jai Trotter
    Jai Trotter 4 days ago

    Roundhouse right on the chin
    Dan Hardy ‘looks like a slip from brandeo there’

  • G R
    G R 5 days ago


  • Damo S
    Damo S 6 days ago

    Late stoppage from the ref

    Ben SKELTON 7 days ago

    0:40 in Dublin IIiiiRRELllllannDD

  • Zerg
    Zerg 13 days ago +1

    Wow, do we have to go back this far to have a conor fight?

  • I'm a moron, also
    I'm a moron, also 17 days ago +4

    This really takes me back to when there used to be a live didgeridoo player at every UFC event.

  • Theo Green
    Theo Green 17 days ago

    5’11 Conor was a unit

  • tony rollins
    tony rollins 18 days ago

    Cowboy is to big for ya son

  • Akbar Zaman
    Akbar Zaman 20 days ago

    They both go to touch then bang coner throws a kick

  • Inquisitor Vex
    Inquisitor Vex 22 days ago

    “There’s no man that can beat me on this soil!”
    Khabib: “Hold my non-alcoholic beer.” 🍺

  • JHolland
    JHolland 22 days ago

    Ik he lost against khabib but I think Conor’s grappling is hugely under rated

  • Jonah Headley
    Jonah Headley 24 days ago

    Isn't that not the guy that pretended to be Conor and got knocked out 6:53 -6:56

  • drill monkey
    drill monkey 25 days ago +1

    When Conner actually cared. Unbeatable

  • trueguynolies
    trueguynolies 26 days ago

    hey....i will smesh your chicken 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣khabib on another level

  • nevergymless lee
    nevergymless lee 29 days ago

    "There's not a man alive that could come on to my own soul and beat me"
    Unless the man that does come to your soil is Habib.
    It would be great if Habib would rematch connor on his own soil and whoop him one last time.

  • Dan B
    Dan B Month ago

    Quickest rise and fall from grace ever

  • Murder Ballad
    Murder Ballad Month ago

    > sound provided by Official MMA Cauliflower Ears haha♥

  • Edward Elgar
    Edward Elgar Month ago

    i hate bet 365

  • WASD
    WASD Month ago

    Was cheap kick after the touch of gloves

  • General Kunta
    General Kunta Month ago

    Back when McGregor beat up guys naturally 2 weight classes below him...

  • Karl Marx
    Karl Marx Month ago +1

    Conor looks a lot bigger than he is, cant believe the dude is actually 5"7 and weights less than 70 KG....

  • cHAZE
    cHAZE Month ago

    I want to see him get smoked by Ferguson

  • AhenSos
    AhenSos 2 months ago +2

    Imagine uploading this video thinking the audio is acceptable 😂😂 and this is bt this ain't the dark ages sort it out

    • Street Rc
      Street Rc 17 days ago

      I have heard/seen worse, idiots lol

  • matt69savage
    matt69savage 2 months ago

    Was this a show fight because it was a mismatch not a real one. This was bs.

  • Sourlis 123
    Sourlis 123 2 months ago

    Is that James Gallagher at the end ? Mental.

  • dvz19777
    dvz19777 2 months ago

    Quite possibly the gayest fight ever

  • albert bahoogadin
    albert bahoogadin 2 months ago

    This looks like a total fix!!!

  • Decimination
    Decimination 2 months ago

    Best fans itw

  • daz n
    daz n 2 months ago

    The slapping he took from the best of all time floyd mayweather finished him.
    Too much money involved in that beating for him to want or need to carry on I know I wouldn’t

  • Mr.Mortal
    Mr.Mortal 2 months ago

    Jojo anyone?

  • Comment Connoisseur
    Comment Connoisseur 2 months ago

    We're not here to take part we're here to be chauffeurs

  • Forename Surname
    Forename Surname 2 months ago


  • Jonata
    Jonata 2 months ago +1

    Sorry Ireland. Brasil chants like a mf

  • Techtonic Shift
    Techtonic Shift 2 months ago

    Where can I watch all the seasons of UFC?

  • Jay H
    Jay H 2 months ago

    Just heard he's on a rape charge offered a million Denied

  • Alex Moult
    Alex Moult 3 months ago

    Neither have any power, neither have any coordination or form, they're just flinging themselves at eachother and what they call "ground fighting" reminds me of wrestling my big sister when I was 7...the commentator throwing in actual martial arts titles like either of them are showing them just makes it worse 😕

  • Reaper One
    Reaper One 3 months ago


  • Georgios Batalogiannis
    Georgios Batalogiannis 3 months ago +1

    6:55 young James Gallagher

  • megabowzer100
    megabowzer100 3 months ago

    At first i was like "wtf is leon wonderwomans"

  • SiLLoH
    SiLLoH 3 months ago

    5'11? Conor has never been that tall

  • Black Gold
    Black Gold 3 months ago

    Its a russian takeover, not british slave takeover.

  • Smith KT
    Smith KT 3 months ago

    Conor is the best fighter of all time.

  • ntmzaba Basheer
    ntmzaba Basheer 3 months ago

    Khabib khabib khabib khabib

  • MrReeK
    MrReeK 3 months ago +1

    Why does it sound like im in a zorb ball

  • Sali Saliev
    Sali Saliev 3 months ago

    What year was that in

  • Pablo Escargo
    Pablo Escargo 3 months ago

    Pre tap machine days lol

  • A BloominBrit
    A BloominBrit 3 months ago +1

    4:10 Conor "rapist" mcgregor

  • King Lukas
    King Lukas 3 months ago

    bad frequencies

  • Acehood 19912018
    Acehood 19912018 3 months ago

    This guys career has been a fix.

  • Justahumebeing
    Justahumebeing 3 months ago

    Who is the guy he is fighting?

    FAIRYS r REAL 4 months ago

    its fixed for conor.......

  • sid viciouss
    sid viciouss 4 months ago

    Another midget huh??
    Conor had ALOT of favourable fights on his way up.

  • Unbeatable_Oli
    Unbeatable_Oli 4 months ago

    why does audio sound robotic?

  • Chris G
    Chris G 4 months ago

    Palm strikes are allowed in ufc?

  • ryan
    ryan 4 months ago

    1:39 the way the announcer said notorious was so cringe

  • David Hollins
    David Hollins 4 months ago

    Back when McGregor was at a weight where his engine didn't have a 5 litre fuel tank! The heavier version is gassed at the end of round 1, I'd beat him by running around for 5 minutes then introduce the one bomb 😂