Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!


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  • RoNf0i thE MoDDER
    RoNf0i thE MoDDER 7 hours ago

    Welcome in 2020

  • luka geo
    luka geo 7 hours ago

    Fuck russua, fuck yandex.

  • Random Slacker
    Random Slacker 8 hours ago

    With enough radar waves you will be able to microwave your food while walking on a sidewalk in the city ;)

  • Mihai Plopsoreanu
    Mihai Plopsoreanu 8 hours ago

    Is this sa same company that made the "automated robot" wich had an actual human inside in attempt to cheat on AI tests?
    Just asking

  • Kevin Ace
    Kevin Ace 8 hours ago

    so cool

  • Mike Ung
    Mike Ung 9 hours ago

    If this shit becomes successful then say goodbye to uber and lyft

  • danial Raja
    danial Raja 9 hours ago

    What if the taxi gets hijacked 😬

  • ank
    ank 9 hours ago +1

    why does that have a steering wheel if its driverless ?

  • widelings
    widelings 10 hours ago

    Driverless car
    *has stearing wheel*

  • Ritan Barman
    Ritan Barman 11 hours ago

    Oh man it's so cool

  • The World Is Mine
    The World Is Mine 11 hours ago

    I don’t like this.

  • TIlak Sevak
    TIlak Sevak 11 hours ago

    Конечно, тут ниху## им делать ! Видели бы дороги тут!!

  • Arty
    Arty 11 hours ago

    And then Yandex supports new iron curtain in Russia

  • Periflow
    Periflow 12 hours ago

    Yandex is russians google, but what is it doing on the car?

  • ullas babu
    ullas babu 12 hours ago

    May be taxi drivers become taxi attendents - just to enter the destination and to collect money.

  • LAGMI20
    LAGMI20 12 hours ago

    Well taxi drivers are going to be with no jobs sooner

  • ullas babu
    ullas babu 12 hours ago

    Who came just for the comments?

  • Putra Raziq
    Putra Raziq 12 hours ago

    The dislikes are all from taxi drivers

  • Kalyan Shankar Haldar
    Kalyan Shankar Haldar 12 hours ago

    So professional drivers are going to loose their job!

  • Tarun Jay
    Tarun Jay 13 hours ago

    Im scared but i would like to take a ride in driverless car

  • finnedKarma
    finnedKarma 13 hours ago

    What if you get pulled over?

  • John V. Fischer
    John V. Fischer 13 hours ago


  • Joseph Kattukaren
    Joseph Kattukaren 14 hours ago

    I doubt it being faring well in India...

  • Cookie Cookie
    Cookie Cookie 14 hours ago

    Can’t wait for driverless cars to actually come out coz doesn’t matter how you look at it humans can’t drive for shit!

  • And Be
    And Be 14 hours ago

    А отдельно эту систему можно купить ?

  • prithivi narayan shah
    prithivi narayan shah 14 hours ago

    taarzan the wonder car is real😱😱

  • Ar man
    Ar man 15 hours ago

    Wow, is the paint job just coincidence to your color theme and Yandex or they make it special for you? 😃

  • vitalik2187836
    vitalik2187836 16 hours ago

    That's great to know that at least one company in your country makes such a great things like that :)

  • pv_plays games
    pv_plays games 16 hours ago

    They had to use a Prius

  • Brent Ten
    Brent Ten 16 hours ago

    As long as I can push a button and take control. Okay, I’ll try it.

  • Yami Odymel
    Yami Odymel 17 hours ago

    The auto-pilot cars will need to be able to communicate to each other, otherwise it will never be succeed.

  • Rob Sch
    Rob Sch 18 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: If all cars were self driving on the road, the roadways would be much safer than they are now.
    Only iffy spot is incliment weather.

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 18 hours ago

    what if there system is hacked?

  • Alex
    Alex 18 hours ago

    Yandex is a Google counterpart in Russia.

  • Stu Pedasso
    Stu Pedasso 18 hours ago

    I enjoy driving my own car, and have zero interest in a self driving car.

  • Bima Le Beau
    Bima Le Beau 19 hours ago

    Good ride, Mark ass brown lee. 😅

  • Danyukhin
    Danyukhin 19 hours ago

    yandex is a fascist propaganda machine

  • Cornelius Shivambu
    Cornelius Shivambu 20 hours ago

    self driving cars are our future since it's way more safe to be drivan by a computer than a human

  • Eye
    Eye 20 hours ago

    I hope this gets so popular and cheap even for personal cars that all these insurance companies which charge like monopolies get shutdown because less accidents, low car insurance and smaller budgets for these companies to operate

  • Tyler Cereghino
    Tyler Cereghino 20 hours ago +1

    Hey, its better than the taxi drivers in gta

  • Moneerali 0
    Moneerali 0 20 hours ago


  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 20 hours ago

    Holy Bible

  • hasham333
    hasham333 21 hour ago

    Save me some Tips.

  • danielsjohnson
    danielsjohnson 22 hours ago

    How will Yandex make it unhackable and unstealable?

  • Amoursky Alexandre
    Amoursky Alexandre 22 hours ago

    Рандомный русский комментарий.

  • Konrad Pietruszka
    Konrad Pietruszka 22 hours ago

    They can map my commute and I can test it twice a day ;)

  • Legion
    Legion 22 hours ago

    why are people so mad when they realize this driveless taxi is developed by Russians?

  • Sam K
    Sam K 22 hours ago

    Yandex is a Russian company! GG Russia!

  • Giovanni Caravez
    Giovanni Caravez 22 hours ago

    This was really interesting. I think that I would feel safe riding around the city like under 45mph but once it gets to highway speeds like 65-80mph I would be pretty nervous riding in the car. I'm from the SF bay area and drivers out here are crazy IDK how the self driving AI would handle people cutting it off or tailgaters.

  • Modern Modern
    Modern Modern 23 hours ago

    Maybe they tricked you through driving the car from a distance with remote control!!!! And of course traffic simulation!!!

  • PiggyDash
    PiggyDash Day ago

    Yan from Yandex is from Yandere.

  • MerryADLG
    MerryADLG Day ago

    If a cop finds a reason to pull it over and no ones in the car what would they do.if?

  • C8SWAP
    C8SWAP Day ago

    Thanks for the full screen support

  • DimusTech
    DimusTech Day ago

    I can't wait to get a ride with such a car!!!
    I understood they are already doing some tests in Israel with such a car (they also lunched here their Taxi service, Yango)

  • Adam Peri
    Adam Peri Day ago


  • Awesome Games
    Awesome Games Day ago

    Can you steal the car? Askin for a friend

  • M
    M Day ago

    women at night can finally feel more at peace

  • emil
    emil Day ago

    Imagine it going over the speed limit, and youre the one that gets the ticket :D

  • Vladimir Strugov

    Nice thing. Can be used as a weapon as well, ISIS style. Imagine hundreds of cars like this simulataneously starting to run over pedestrians all over your country.

  • noah kjs
    noah kjs Day ago

    The problem with that car is someone who is riding it as a taxi can just steal it

  • Sulaiman Amir
    Sulaiman Amir Day ago +1

    The car is just turninoniown

  • Monzter Films
    Monzter Films Day ago

    Can’t wait for the police to profile a driverless car!!!😂😂😂

  • Young Jojo305
    Young Jojo305 Day ago

    Real people can’t even drive, so now I’m supposed to trust this car to drive me around, nahhhhhhhhh

  • Maniesh Ramanayake

    In Russia, taxi drives human

  • Dean De’Nathan

    Russians are pussies

  • Grimity Gaming
    Grimity Gaming Day ago

    Mark ass brown lee

  • Ace Tee
    Ace Tee Day ago

    They would absolutely rob that shit out of that taxi in my hood. Like absolutely strip it

  • Plata o Plomo
    Plata o Plomo Day ago

    What happen if is a flood how this taxi will avoid that 🤔

  • RaTtLe DeViL
    RaTtLe DeViL Day ago +1

    Cop pulls over this car.
    Car: Did you stop me because I am a self driving car? That's discrimination.

  • Saif Mdraj
    Saif Mdraj Day ago +1

    the real question is

    can it run Drift.

  • oknadbok sieovdw

    can you ride it in mumbai street?

  • It's David
    It's David Day ago

    What if a ghost is driving the car

  • poodle safari
    poodle safari Day ago

    Do the Tesla cars have all these sensors installed? Because they said that they have all the hardware for autonomous driving?

  • Stephen Chandler

    Road pirates wont be relevant in a few years. How do you ticket a 100% obedient computer?

  • Javier Arocho
    Javier Arocho Day ago


  • Herdiantri Sufriyana

    How does it know red traffic light?

  • The legendary lama

    Oh yeah yeah gang anyone

  • Kevin hatchett
    Kevin hatchett Day ago

    Can't touch it.

  • Hallie Galloway
    Hallie Galloway Day ago

    it was a missed opportunity to not use an old beat up blue Ford Anglia. 😂

  • J DF
    J DF Day ago

    Definitely no... unpredictable things...would meant death for someone

  • Raj Gupta
    Raj Gupta Day ago +1

    Something is terrifying me,😨😨
    Infact it's a 'ghost'💀 or a 'soul'👻

  • ImpisEUW
    ImpisEUW Day ago +1

    Haha bring this down to London or the whole of the UK and the tramps/chavs will either steal it or destroy it

    NISHANTH C N Day ago +1

    which is that orange car at *1:55*

  • Anton Allen
    Anton Allen Day ago

    I am so proud that it’s Yandex that presented that car, and not any other company. We Russians somehow just manage to get to everything first, and make it work 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Jaydeep Das
    Jaydeep Das Day ago

    If this is a self driving car then why did it have a driver seat?

  • Metal Kitty
    Metal Kitty Day ago

    for all those moaning about change and how you don't want it.
    first of all, think about how you got your computers. - there was an uproar that administrators and paperwork filers and dictation assistants would lose their jobs... what happened ... we adapted
    Think of the people in the manufacturing where automation has already occurred.
    Automation came in - people stopped getting injured on the production lines, health benefits like RSI went down and companies were able to keep up with the demand that was being asked of them - a few lost their jobs - but rather than losing their jobs what did they do - they retrained... ok - if this computer is going to take over my job - then let me learn about how to program and manage and repair this thing that has taken over my job so I can stay relevant and keep a job.
    Car dealerships will not close - nope they won't - they will adapt and start offering a "classic car section" and the new Self driving car section.
    Taxi drivers. trust me - they won't lose their jobs for years to come - and why - because of people that are biased towards having someone behind the wheel. you lot have said it yourselves though Taxi drivers are crazy... a self driving car can react quicker and obey the speed limit - it can see pedestrians and obstacles up to 250 meters away.
    so with the fact that there will be bias towards drivers for the forseeable future what does this do for taxi drivers.
    Gives them time to learn how to maintain / fix / repair / program the new Self driving cars.
    allows them the time to retrain
    really it isn't so bad - and personally i would feel more comfortable in a car that can drive itself than in one with a crazy taxi driver complaining and waving his hands about in the air like a mad mad with road rage as he curses and yells at both driver less cars and cars with drivers in them.
    The solution is simple Adapt - learn - retrain - move forward with things that can offer us time with ourselves and family, bring us great comfort and improve our own sense of mental health by reducing stress.
    Think about your current costs in life with your current car.
    The Car itself when you buy it
    Petrol / Gas whatever you want to call it
    repair costs
    MOT - (British car check for the good running of your vehicle to determine if it is road legal)
    Road Tax (UK definately not sure about other countries)
    CO2 emmisions (green tax in the UK on heavy Polluting vehicles) - and harmful to the environment
    car theft - currently no real way of tracing and locating a car that isn't hooked up with a GPS system internally - car lost / sold / exported / scrapped etc. CAR LOST. And you still have to finish paying for it.
    costs with a self driving car of the future (Assuming Electric Vehicle)
    The Car itself
    Insurance (will be a lot cheaper once reliability is proven)
    Repairs and Maintenance - cheaper - fewer moving parts and probably - oh shit this isn't working on my startup check - turn it off and on again
    Car theft - oh look google has located it for me - it's here in xyz place - inform someone - instant vehicle recovery.
    Co2 Emissions - not producing any pollutants so no "green tax" and in the UK that means a cheaper road tax too.
    MOT - probably be a simpler easier MOT process - plug it into a computer and diagnosis runs - 20 minutes later you have the results and an indication of anything wrong with the car it can be updated and patched properly. - cheaper costs - so for mechanics and computer skilled engineers on these - more through the door and less time actually worrying about fixing something. - more profit for smaller mechanics in regards to business. keeping them open and in work for longer and their families fed and housed.
    The Process of manufacturing these vehicles will create more jobs within technology and IT industries along with some highly specialized mechanical engineers opening up more jobs, and the possibility of wage increases because people learned to adapt and are now multi skilled.
    if you can become a top manufacturer in this development exporting vehicles around the world boosting economic growth.
    And overall - if every car was designed and built with a uniformed set of regulations on the rules of the road world wide. even greater safety on the roads and streets for both road users and pedestrians.

  • Balázs Lakat
    Balázs Lakat Day ago

    I don't trust Russians. I can imagine some folk driving this car remotely.

  • Docomonater Skywalker

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Lolita Alieva
    Lolita Alieva Day ago

    Russians completely invaded America!!)))
    and will Make America Great Again))))))


    This is what stephen hawking feared.....AI will replace humans and many people will lose employment

  • Ishan Sharma
    Ishan Sharma Day ago

    This car won't last long in India xD

  • gwgization
    gwgization Day ago

    yeah sure mark ass brownlee Kappa


    I mean you can still hire the drivers if theres an error or you know maintaining the cars,at least help taxi drivers they have family too

  • Noah LeMire
    Noah LeMire Day ago

    So how will autonomous driving be integrated into the legal system in the future? If it makes a mistake and is pulled over, who would be fined? Does it even know how to be pulled over or how to differentiate between a cop and a civilian? And If it gets into an accident in which it is at fault, how will the court rule?

  • Paul Enriquez-Goehring

    I’m sorry but I love actually driving so I wouldn’t use driverless mode on any vehicle if I can drive it
    It’s relaxing to me to drive

  • Prakash M
    Prakash M Day ago


  • SuperV
    SuperV Day ago

    How in the ass is that possible?!!

  • Chirag Chandnani

    But will it work in India ?

  • Adrian Tan
    Adrian Tan Day ago

    Now what would happen if egotistical assholes won't let you switch lanes?
    There are plenty of them out there.

  • Aadvait
    Aadvait Day ago +1

    How do you pay this thing? Does it not open the door until u pay or some shit like that