• Published on Jan 15, 2017
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    Baking Bros Episode 1!
    Great recipe! Definitely recommend it :) Find the video we used here:
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  • Amie Phan
    Amie Phan 11 days ago

    Ofc he isn’t going to continue this “series”

  • Cyrena Norris
    Cyrena Norris 28 days ago

    When they intertwined arms I thought it was kind of Kismet, seeing as how they're married now.

  • Sadie Kartagener
    Sadie Kartagener Month ago +1

    4:46 MAJOR T.M.I. dude

  • Dumbgirldreaming
    Dumbgirldreaming 2 months ago

    chubacac bread wookies :)

  • Dumbgirldreaming
    Dumbgirldreaming 2 months ago

    chubacac bread wookies :)

  • Raventhunderstom 56
    Raventhunderstom 56 5 months ago

    He's making Wookie Cookies!

  • Eryn Dilks
    Eryn Dilks 5 months ago

    Ok, so, as a new youtuber I have to say I love watching your early videos and seeing things like ...the pile of dishes in the sink. It gives me confidence because there are definitely dishes in my sink and ....possibly a metric s**t ton of dog toys on my floor... Thanks guys, you're hilarious, relatable, and an inspiration.

  • Alissa Kullenberg
    Alissa Kullenberg 7 months ago

    Literally thought T.I.Y. meant Tyler it yourself!😂😂

  • Angelina Brown
    Angelina Brown 7 months ago


  • Jessica Richmond
    Jessica Richmond 8 months ago

    Please make more!

  • Silly Kitten
    Silly Kitten 8 months ago

    Gingerbread Wookies

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis 10 months ago +1

    It’s a “bandolier” Tyler (which is just an ammo belt)

  • Fatcat Wentzel
    Fatcat Wentzel 10 months ago


  • kay may
    kay may 10 months ago

    Why is this not called Ty it yourself

  • Kim Barbeau
    Kim Barbeau 10 months ago

    You look more like an Ewok. 😂

  • Irene Tsimos Diolaso
    Irene Tsimos Diolaso 10 months ago

    Still waiting for more of this series... great idea!

  • MsEEvaM
    MsEEvaM 10 months ago

    Gone sexualllllll lol

  • J Brown
    J Brown 11 months ago +1

    i wish this actually became a series

  • Zuzana Daoová
    Zuzana Daoová 11 months ago

    omg mark reminds me of Paul Rudd😀😀😀😀

  • Karla Finch-Cluff
    Karla Finch-Cluff 11 months ago

    You and Saf are So fun to watch! Mark was great too, hope to see more like this, thanks~!

  • browniesingresham
    browniesingresham 11 months ago

    gingerwookies missed oppertonnity lol

  • Aimz360
    Aimz360 Year ago

    I alrays eat a gingerbread man face first. Don't know where it came from but i don't like my victims to see themselves get eaten. Apparently i'm not the only one who thinks this ha ha

  • sam charlie
    sam charlie Year ago

    Binging ty's vids please upload more

  • Brianna Roberts
    Brianna Roberts Year ago

    Yeah knitting😋

  • nehal desai
    nehal desai Year ago

    You both so cute

  • lolitadeamor
    lolitadeamor Year ago

    Tyler could sing country if he wanted to

  • Mrs. Riddle
    Mrs. Riddle Year ago

    Whenever someone says "Satchel" I just go "Steel Panther? WHERE?!"

  • Kathleen Gregg
    Kathleen Gregg Year ago

    Alright, ya'll are just cute!

  • Michael King
    Michael King Year ago

    They will probably be a little chewy

  • Sergio Guerrero
    Sergio Guerrero Year ago

    Once I saw the spongebob reference I subbed

  • Jorja Brown
    Jorja Brown Year ago

    Wookie dough

  • Abigail Bolen
    Abigail Bolen Year ago


  • Gafdragon
    Gafdragon Year ago

    Now safiya is lord faarquaaaaaaaad

  • MissDeniz99
    MissDeniz99 Year ago

    The Little Mix Joke 😂😂😂

  • Omri Livneh
    Omri Livneh Year ago

    I know it's really late and I'm a pretentious dick, but the ammunition belt/sash thing is actually called a Bandolier.

  • RayumiDraws
    RayumiDraws Year ago +1


  • Jana
    Jana Year ago

    you have such a beautiful connection with Saf!

  • makeup addiction
    makeup addiction Year ago +1

    I love his singing voice

  • Sara Perez
    Sara Perez Year ago


  • Eilleen Plante
    Eilleen Plante Year ago

    more TIY!!! I know its like almost 2 years later lol but these are fun.

  • Jackson Ray
    Jackson Ray Year ago


  • Lauren Haff
    Lauren Haff Year ago

    relationship goals im going to cry

  • Emily Anthony
    Emily Anthony Year ago

    The slash slinging!

  • Colette Sieder
    Colette Sieder Year ago

    tyler is actually a really good singer

  • horae
    horae Year ago

    oh no... i know this vid is a year old but in case anyones watching it in the future the recipe (ive followed it myself) calls for 3/4 cups of butter, THEN you melt it. commas are important...

  • Thais Schwartz
    Thais Schwartz Year ago +1

    This is CLEARLY me and my boyfriend, doing anything HAHAHA

  • Leann Ratliff
    Leann Ratliff Year ago

    Two thumbs up, loved the video!! You guys are great together!!

  • Enne Er
    Enne Er Year ago

    Is this rosanna pansino's recipe?? So kewll i luv it

    • Enne Er
      Enne Er Year ago

      Nope nvm apparently its buzzfeed'w

  • Zombie
    Zombie Year ago

    It upsets me more than it should that no one can spell wookiee :( (two Es!)

  • Alpana Grover
    Alpana Grover Year ago

    Omg!!!!Little mix @ 3:28 and 3:35 SKSKSKSKSKSKS

  • Hillary
    Hillary Year ago

    that is one good Chewbacca cry Mark

  • C r u s t Lime
    C r u s t Lime Year ago


  • Tahmina Faiza Mahmud Raidah

    Why not wookie cookie?

  • Zoe
    Zoe Year ago +1


  • Rebecca Moore
    Rebecca Moore Year ago

    you should continue baking bros!

  • Bea H
    Bea H Year ago


  • House.of.Balloons_ _

    T.I.Y is reminds me of the shop in Animal Crossing New Leaf

  • Jacy Rogers
    Jacy Rogers Year ago


  • LIVandME.31
    LIVandME.31 Year ago

    I love Star Wars so freaking much

  • Siddharth Prabhu
    Siddharth Prabhu Year ago +4

    Where's ep2 lol

  • lindanpearl
    lindanpearl 2 years ago

    Omg tyler is a ethan and hila klein fan this is amazing :D

  • Savannah Roy
    Savannah Roy 2 years ago

    what happened to tiy its been so long

  • Jun Min
    Jun Min 2 years ago +1


  • where's my pretzel
    where's my pretzel 2 years ago +6

    I feel so dumb.. I thought the T standed somehow for Tyler.. idk why

  • Kitty Taco
    Kitty Taco 2 years ago

    Can I steal your onzie?

  • Kitty Taco
    Kitty Taco 2 years ago

    A bowl tyler a bowl.
    This is the quality content I was looking for.

  • terejov
    terejov 2 years ago


  • Mimosa Amelia
    Mimosa Amelia 2 years ago

    What happened to Mark?

  • Isabella Williamson
    Isabella Williamson 2 years ago

    Cop cold processing prize investigate mine because way walk huge.

  • lazy cat
    lazy cat 2 years ago

    Rogue one? More like BRO one!

  • DL T
    DL T 2 years ago

    *wookie onesie

  • DL T
    DL T 2 years ago

    Love your cookie onsie

  • Savannah Monserate
    Savannah Monserate 2 years ago

    Do more cooking vids!!

  • jasxx
    jasxx 2 years ago

    I miss TIY!

  • Dalia Keegan
    Dalia Keegan 2 years ago

    You can tell Saf is Arab because of the way the cupboard full of snacks is organized 😂

  • mckaela14
    mckaela14 2 years ago

    When Mark made that wookie cry, I freaking lost it lol

  • Kimberly Brouwers
    Kimberly Brouwers 2 years ago

    Please do more of this

  • Chloe Barber
    Chloe Barber 2 years ago

    um excuse me what happened to this series Tyler!

  • Jess Rose
    Jess Rose 2 years ago

    Mark has such a cute babyface