Prince Andrew 'made a mistake' by agreeing to interview

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Constitutional Monarchist David Flint says Prince Andrew’s disastrous BBC interview was a mistake, telling Sky News host Chris Kenny this is a “time where it is better to say nothing”.

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  • adgo22
    adgo22 5 days ago

    Now taking bets how the Prince is going to off himself..! I'm going with bullet to the head with a note saying "Sorry Mummy I was'nt fit to be a royal" etc etc..Can't wait till they nab that Gslaine or whatever her name is chic and she starts spilling the beans..there's gonna be alotta very wealthy well know men cowarding away with their tails btwn there legs..i did'nt mean it, please don't kill me...

  • Scandle68
    Scandle68 5 days ago

    He's a gutless, perverted, narcissistic shit stain that should be in prison or executed. The "Royal Family" is such a bullshit concept. There's nothing special or great about any of them. Especially this pedophile/criminal.

  • M. A
    M. A 5 days ago

    I'm no pedophile expert but this guy is a pedophile. Thank you

  • s S
    s S 5 days ago

    No he made a mistake raping children

  • Claudea Bro
    Claudea Bro 6 days ago

    Still a kiss ass coward!

  • 069220
    069220 6 days ago +1

    Andy is a pompous, lying bastard with a lust for little girls! He isn’t the only royal that is like this, I am sure Phillip has had his share, and the late Lord Mountbatten. He felt he could get away with it because he thinks he is beyond reproach. NOT!

  • N B
    N B 7 days ago

    That’s just it. He sees his only mistake was doing the interview and NOT his actions and decisions as being mistakes. The interview was just his true self shining through.

  • Richard Benz
    Richard Benz 9 days ago

    Understatement of the decade!

  • Marc Lamparter
    Marc Lamparter 9 days ago +1

    Who is this disgusting old man?! He sounds like he would have been one of those men taking advantage of those girls if he could. How dare he defend that "Prince" Andrew. Oh sorry, I mean "Pedo" Andrew.

  • fattymoko
    fattymoko 9 days ago

    "He's not directly far." Sorry, I guarantee there are more pictures and probably even videos out there of the Prince so he needs to watch his words. "That's not my hand" could quickly turn into, "That's not my (beeeeeep)"

  • fattymoko
    fattymoko 9 days ago

    David, some of your spray tan got on your hair.

  • cutty Woods
    cutty Woods 9 days ago

    Ponce as guilty as fuck, anybody else would serve jail time.... but we all know that won't happen..Mommy has sent him up to his room, and he's not allowed out to play for a very long time ( no official duties ) that'll teach him !!!

  • Brainstorming Plus
    Brainstorming Plus 9 days ago

    Well, it depends on from which perspective one look at. Considering that millions and millions of people from all over the world agree that he is absolutely GUILTY!!!

  • BedHead Abundance
    BedHead Abundance 10 days ago

    He made his mistakes long before that interview. It’s disgusting to think otherwise. For shame!

  • Nelly Mayavanga
    Nelly Mayavanga 10 days ago

    This journalist has no brain, how could you say Andrew mistake was giving the interviewer, really? how will you feel if it was your daughter?shame on you, you too you are a disgrace. Shut up

  • Nelly Mayavanga
    Nelly Mayavanga 10 days ago

    Why you fuckin people bringing Harry and Meghan in this mess ? Harry is not a pedophilia, you people should leave them alone. Harry and Meghan only made a complain the way they have be treated by the press or those fuckin royal reporter and there is nothing wrong with telling the truth

  • lousyacrobat
    lousyacrobat 10 days ago

    his mistake was raping children. but yeah fine also the interview.

  • Sea shadowbanned N.Christopher

    Nothing will happen... He Owns half the world.... Hate him or not.... NOTHING WILL HAPPEN AND IF YOU CARE AND DO NOTHING, YOUR STUPID.

  • Ella
    Ella 10 days ago

    This man makes some excellent points in a calm, rational way.

  • Ian Knight
    Ian Knight 10 days ago

    This bloke is unbecoming my head in hes a fucking real worm

  • Ian Knight
    Ian Knight 10 days ago

    Who is this cunt hes worse than andy pandy

  • Michael Galvin
    Michael Galvin 10 days ago

    High time Australia, NZ, Canada, etc, cut loose of these sponging losers. The UK is a spent power, long dead. And "The Commonwealth" is pointless.

  • tjpm
    tjpm 11 days ago

    This whole ordeal is pure and simple blackmail. Being perpetrated by the only person who is free at the moment.

  • Ash Rebel Hen
    Ash Rebel Hen 12 days ago

    Mcdonalds is bringing out a new Prince Andrew burger. It's a 59 year piece of meat slapped between two 12 year old buns.

  • S. D.
    S. D. 12 days ago

    Where did they find this idiot? Is this the best person to talk about it?

  • Faviola Bloisa
    Faviola Bloisa 12 days ago

    Why they keep saying he made a huge mistake ? He just went there and act like he really is ! He shows guilty to me . and May be he is !

  • CJ Wents
    CJ Wents 13 days ago

    For the love of God somebody please kill him and his evil conspiring mother. Time for a revolution is what I'm hearing. His mother turned a blind eye and contributed to his child r ape for years. God only knows what she personally did...we all know she stole over a dozen children from the Canadian orphanage years ago. Where are they? Evil bitch probably bathed in their blood after her boys "played" with them.

  • Kristi Evans
    Kristi Evans 13 days ago

    He’s stupid. Inbred. Not unexpected.

  • Bev Mordek
    Bev Mordek 13 days ago

    Meghan markle is the best thing that has happened to royal family in years. So what's with you English snobs.
    Really give your heads a shake and see if you can come right in your scrambled brains

  • Martin Fernandez
    Martin Fernandez 14 days ago


  • Thomas Weeks
    Thomas Weeks 14 days ago

    The Royals have been screwing each other for centuries why not throw a few kids in to boot.The damned inbreds who think they are above all.

  • ralow702
    ralow702 14 days ago

    After hearing from pigs like Andrew, and disgusting apologists like David Flint and lady Colin Campbell, historical events like the French Revolution become more understandable.

  • Zeynep
    Zeynep 14 days ago

    The duke may be a scumbag. Probably is. But they still have to prove any charges against him, if they do indeed decide to charge him. But his political life is finished until further notice.

  • Wade Cahill
    Wade Cahill 16 days ago

    The royal family lives on blood money they have stolen over the centuries , they will always be mared with troubles and scandles, it's called Karma

  • GlobalCitizen
    GlobalCitizen 16 days ago +1

    Other such mistakes in agreeing to be interviewed were also made by Archbishop Hollingworth (who at the time was Governor General) and Kevin Rudd (who was PM)

  • Ginny Green-Morris
    Ginny Green-Morris 16 days ago

    OMG! A piggish misogamist! These old fools need a time on the rack.

  • personalsafetykam
    personalsafetykam 16 days ago

    Said he didn't sweat. Now he's sweating bullets.

    • Nicholas Johnson
      Nicholas Johnson 14 days ago +1

      He doesn't sweat cause he's a demonic reptile...

  • Philip BadAwesome
    Philip BadAwesome 16 days ago

    Mistake?! The guy took a shit on his own grave

  • roger watson
    roger watson 16 days ago

    I'm sure he regrets thinking he should do this interview. But he was the one who allegedly did all this garbage. He should have made better choices for many years.

  • Marie Tsikopoulou
    Marie Tsikopoulou 17 days ago

    Andrew is a MISTAKE....Period.

  • Sheila Isaac
    Sheila Isaac 18 days ago

    Another royal sympathizer that was set up by them.

  • Rathnait Mullen
    Rathnait Mullen 18 days ago

    Andrew benefitted enormously from Epstein’s
    “ unbecoming “ conduct. No wonder he didn’t regret his friendship as it was
    “ an opportunity to learn “
    Learn what, better sex techniques?
    And increased his
    “ contacts ?“ Certainly!
    Yep! He wouldn’t have had all that sex with underage girls if he hadn’t been a friend of Epstein’s!
    Look, stop skirting around.
    Andrew is clearly a spoilt son of a bitch, who moved on from having all the things he wanted to amuse him, to all the people he wanted to amuse him. He’s come a bloody cropper big style, end of, and I for one hope he gets everything that’s coming to him. Incidentally, your man talks about white males? How badly treated they are. Yes POOR WHITE MALES are the new victim group in some ways. But he doesn’t say anything about the fact that WHITE MIDDLE CLASS MALES have been getting away with murder since time immemorial.

  • Social Gadfly
    Social Gadfly 18 days ago

    Ow would be funny for him to pull the ‘white card’, race card to justify a convicted pedophile GE? Can’t make this shit up?

  • Fly by night
    Fly by night 18 days ago

    Get ready folks. This is going to get nasty. Hes obviously guilty and everyone knows it so they're going to make an example of him. He better PRAY this doesnt go to the high court. He lies under oath and hes finished. Can we jail a found guilty modern royal? How does that work? The shame alone to live with forever isnt enough of a sentence. Just a DUMBASS to give that interview. All of England is hating him right now. Even the entire Royal family who watched that interview ALSO knows he's lieing. I wonder how that feels. Wow.

  • Fly by night
    Fly by night 18 days ago +2

    Give this guy a lie detector test and the thing would explode.

  • My Time
    My Time 18 days ago

    Andrew was being a pig

  • Melodye Grochowski
    Melodye Grochowski 19 days ago

    Love the tie, the so called royals are simply misfit lying idiots but not you Kate or Di,

  • Kent Holm
    Kent Holm 19 days ago


  • Heiko Plötner
    Heiko Plötner 19 days ago

    Nr. 1 ❌

  • Mr
    Mr 19 days ago

    @ 00:58. Who is that Flint boy saying that royal family is not dependent on the British tax payers. Errata old boy THEY are and always have been. It is only over the last 30 years that the queen pays income tax on her huge fortune earned by bleeding her subjects white and her forefathers as well, for hundreds of years.
    To prove my point , Andrew is losing his 290,000 Pounds of PUBLIC money a year, AKA as tax payers'funding.

  • Kevin Marshall
    Kevin Marshall 20 days ago


  • Gary Edwards
    Gary Edwards 20 days ago

    his only crime was being too honorable

  • Kev AZ
    Kev AZ 20 days ago +1

    So because he’s a prince he can’t go to jail what year are we on 2019?

  • Susan Whitehall
    Susan Whitehall 20 days ago

    Prince andrew might be bumped off next because he must know a lot of powerful people that were at these seedy parties

  • Louise Ayden
    Louise Ayden 20 days ago

    Andrew is NO prince of anything other than lies! He should be in jail for the criminal he actually is. What an Arrogant prick. obviously thought he could talk his way out of this.

  • Corrado Conrad
    Corrado Conrad 20 days ago

    self funded but they never publish it........pig's ass. To sit there and defend these blue takes a lot of gall

  • SayWhat IThink
    SayWhat IThink 20 days ago

    Prince Andrew made a mistake molesting and abusing children more like

  • Ken H
    Ken H 20 days ago

    Andrew isn't only a pedo, he has no intelligence nor coming sense. He lacks many elements as normal human or as a member of royals. He is a defect.

  • Andy Macrae
    Andy Macrae 21 day ago

    His father was involved in the christine keeler scandal and Stephan ward who was basically the equivalent of Epstein "committed suicide" whilst facing trial.

  • Sherene Mcfarlane
    Sherene Mcfarlane 21 day ago

    Why didn't the interviewer, ask about Jimmy Saville, and his strong ties to the Royal family.
    Another sex offender 🤔.