Borderlands 3 - Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU NEED TO GET!

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • Borderlands 3 - Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU NEED TO GET! (Legendary Weapon Locations, Unique Weapons & More)
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    Borderlands 3 - Top 5 Legendary Weapons SEEN SO FAR! (Legendary Weapons, Unique Weapons & More)
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  • Chance Hopes
    Chance Hopes 2 months ago +1201

    Best code is 5-5-4 left to right respectively for the one pump chump

    • Opie Kenobi
      Opie Kenobi 24 days ago

      Wrong its 1, 4, 5, 2 & 2!

    • Iain Smith
      Iain Smith Month ago

      there is a faster way

    • Anthony Stout
      Anthony Stout Month ago

      If you label them from left to right 1>5 the code is actually 1,4,5,2,2 works every time

    • Firndly _
      Firndly _ Month ago

      If I got this already can I get again?

    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha Month ago

      Pull long lever twice and spin the wheel... Done.

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B 11 hours ago

    I see this in all borderlands 3 videos, "borderlands 3 has more legendary loot then other borderlands games" guess my luck is just not good , i rarely get legendary, and in mayhem if i get them they are just simply bad... :(

  • Batz GameGuru
    Batz GameGuru Day ago

    I've gotten the westergun every time I killed beans

  • Freaky Behavior
    Freaky Behavior 2 days ago

  • Darth Devious Watch One

    Good list. Loved the video. Pls do an update after the latest patch. There has been so much nerf lately.

  • LearyC
    LearyC 4 days ago

    Oskillate and Lectro City lol need to sort your English out

  • Alfredo Dian
    Alfredo Dian 5 days ago

    im already level 35 but never had those guns ( only a few) if im going to the place where those guns spawned does it would followed my level?

  • Alex S
    Alex S 8 days ago

    The "maliwan shredifier" drops from gigamind eh? Lol

  • Rafael Patrón
    Rafael Patrón 8 days ago

    Smart gun is a tmnt reference

  • Andreas Deutscher
    Andreas Deutscher 9 days ago

    T.K.´s shockwave is the same crap like Tidal wave.

  • Tim Chan
    Tim Chan 9 days ago

    wait .... i just killed him..... how come the legendary didnt drop?

  • SeeY0u1nH3ll187
    SeeY0u1nH3ll187 13 days ago

    Some of the legendary smgs seem op tho lmao I had one I used from lvl 22-35 not complaining but damn lol

  • Tman Rusel
    Tman Rusel 13 days ago

    With the westergun I keep farming him but all I get is green guns...I've tried 20+ times already

  • Magneticitist
    Magneticitist 15 days ago

    It ain't the best but the speedloadin hellwalker is my shiiiit. That guitar note every time it fires is beast.

  • the messanger
    the messanger 15 days ago

    First weapon lying about it

  • Cyril Agnew
    Cyril Agnew 15 days ago

    For the One Pump Chump the lever sequence (looking at them from left to right) is 1, 4, 5, 2,2

  • Marina Pestova
    Marina Pestova 15 days ago

    Why all of you call Ludmila sniper rifle Laiuda? Ludmila is russian female name, a short version is Luda.

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 15 days ago +1

    The Predatory Lending is an end game "infinity SMG". When we made out our cash, it's a never ending pool of ammo otherwise just sitting there...

  • The Xardas
    The Xardas 16 days ago

    When I hear farm in solo games it makes me bored. Only reason I prefer to use pink or gold weapons because it easier to see when selling loot. Otherwise I honestly don't care. Any weapon at current level with half decent stats will do. Some legendaries are stupid and horrible to use.

  • David Wright
    David Wright 18 days ago

    why is the lending on this list? its a collectors legendary i dont think we need to get it

  • Willmar Guzmán
    Willmar Guzmán 19 days ago

    “Esta información vale millones”.jpg

  • ozzylaza
    ozzylaza 20 days ago

    i must not fear, fear is the mind killer. another egg. thats dune part II

  • umainebearman
    umainebearman 20 days ago

    As much bitching and moaning about the name of the vid I actually appreciate the run down of possible places to farm these weapons. I dont bother with legendaries until I hit 50 and anything you pick up at lower levels becomes obsolete pretty quickly. By the time you hit 50 most people will probably forgot who dropped them if they dropped at all.

  • m mcclean
    m mcclean 20 days ago

    1.25x speed

  • NewRedStoneKing
    NewRedStoneKing 21 day ago

    The mind killer shot gun took me though a 3ed of the way though the game

  • Kaitlyn Sander
    Kaitlyn Sander 23 days ago

    What should be on here is the Cutsman Maliwan SMG. I got mine from Aurelia, shock version, and I call it my boss shredder because it took me through the rest of the game from after I got it. If you get constant crits with it no enemy stands a chance.

  • Brandyn Tillman
    Brandyn Tillman 24 days ago

    "top 10" but 80% are mentioned to be "decent" for collectors.

  • Opie Kenobi
    Opie Kenobi 24 days ago

    Handsome jack hammer can also drop off gigamind got a few last night to drop but none with radiation tho!

  • Opie Kenobi
    Opie Kenobi 24 days ago

    I can tell you the code to this puzzle for one pump chump is the same every time you simply go into the room and look down the hall way to the tv's when you do that look at items you can interact with and from left to right code is 1, 4, 5, 2 & 2 then the boss comes out of the door. Hope this helps all so you dont spend tons of time with buttons levers switches and a pipe wheel! Shocked not every one knows this by now lolz!!!!!

  • Opie Kenobi
    Opie Kenobi 24 days ago

    Good to know that 200 legendary guns equal tons of legendary's lmfao!

  • DIO Brando
    DIO Brando 24 days ago

    Night flyer is one of them

  • Steve Parker
    Steve Parker 25 days ago

    Lever lever wheel and bang.

  • Jay Efford
    Jay Efford 25 days ago

    Quasar - K-SAR Kay - SAR

  • Darklord DarthVader
    Darklord DarthVader 25 days ago

    I love this game!! I played all the games and I'm trying to finish this one

  • Sponsor Vignetti
    Sponsor Vignetti 26 days ago

    At high level the bankrolled predatory lending is basically free. You’ll pick up one cash stack for $1,000+ before you’ll ever be able to use 1000 bullets. It’s like unlimited ammo

    TURBO F.A.S.T 26 days ago +1

    Me: *defeats wick and worty and one punch*
    Also me : * didn't get the 2 legendary weapons*

  • Monstermasher YT
    Monstermasher YT 27 days ago

    Any one notice that he said quasar like croissant

  • Fred Baggs
    Fred Baggs 27 days ago

    this list sucks........ this is just weapons that you found that you used and said "hmmmm, yeah its ok, will go in my video"....... it's not weapons that "you need to get"......

  • Dire_Baka
    Dire_Baka Month ago

    I scrolled the comments and haven't found anything about that, so. Lyuda (Which is correctly pronounced as "Luda") is actually supposed to be Zer0's final reward for completing all Targets of Opportunity. You'll receive a mail with this gun in it once final TO is done.

    *The fact that 70% of legendaries in this game, instead of being obtained from certain places, can just randomly drop from random bosses, enemies (Not even rare ones. I've got a legendary artifact from just a random goon on Konrad's Hold) and chests is **_stupid_*

  • nick hornsey
    nick hornsey Month ago

    I was able to get the 9 volt from farming gigamind

  • IAxxHolic
    IAxxHolic Month ago

    man, Im getting these babies like no tomorrow! love this vid and am so glad you made this!

  • Markus Saula
    Markus Saula Month ago

    And what about the Night Hawkin huh?

  • John Boss
    John Boss Month ago

    megamind has dropped x2 legendary flakkers for me.

  • Russell Rogers
    Russell Rogers Month ago

    I got my first legendary 2day and it was from captain taunted he drop the double thunderball fist

  • Dante The son of Sparda

    Tbh the TK wave Shotgun is kinda shitty

  • C Unt
    C Unt Month ago

    My favourite legendary so far is Ruby's wrath a badass rocket launcher that fires 7 rockets with a tracker option and holds 7 in the clip can't remember where I got it

  • zambie killz
    zambie killz Month ago

    You can get the Lyuda from moxxis slot machine

  • ardhenn slemmer
    ardhenn slemmer Month ago

    ONE PUNCH MAN from the anime very nice.

  • im bad at fps
    im bad at fps Month ago +3

    i have a feeling you've played borderlands for less than 2 hours

  • Do0M Slay4
    Do0M Slay4 Month ago

    I've got the one pump chump on first try

  • Jorge tom tom
    Jorge tom tom Month ago

    IF you get the weapon at lower levels and sell it, could you get the same weapon again when you are a higher level for better stats

  • Chris Gates
    Chris Gates Month ago +11

    When you come to TheXvid for info, but nobody knows wtf they're talking about.

  • Cody Averesch
    Cody Averesch Month ago +1

    And they said Handsome Jack was gone.

  • Something Mildly Homophobic

    "A reference to home alone" you mean scarface the movie its playing dumbass

  • ya boii memestar
    ya boii memestar Month ago

    Did I just get unlucky? I already killed 7 of these bosses and got none of their legendaries
    Edit: Accidentally typed 6 instead of 7

  • Josh Stokes
    Josh Stokes Month ago

    I got 9 volt first time I killed duded

  • Andrew Leitzinger
    Andrew Leitzinger Month ago +1

    You get the jackhammer from Handsome Jackie. Alot of these were just world drops.

    • Mxmksn
      Mxmksn Month ago

      i got it from the grave vault boss

  • Marta Palacio
    Marta Palacio Month ago

    Why are u guys putting numbers for the one pump chump puzzle fucking nerds

  • TryMySaltedNuts
    TryMySaltedNuts Month ago

    The cryo shreddifier is insane with zanes barrier cryo build, only problem is it uses way to much ammo. The lucians call is better for that reason but the shreddifier melts

  • Nagelfar
    Nagelfar Month ago

    No flakker or cutsman?