Rugby's STUPIDEST Brain Fades of the Decade | 2010-2019

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Comments • 72

  • Andrew Forde
    Andrew Forde  2 months ago +234

    Would you like to see a part two?

  • John O'neil
    John O'neil 2 days ago

    Brain cell Dillon Hartley again!

  • 2GudQuavo
    2GudQuavo 2 days ago

    1:45 I did that before in a game

  • Robert Leigh James
    Robert Leigh James 9 days ago

    Its the second time I've seen the Montpellier one. The last one, what is wrong with it? Can someone please explain.

    • Robert Leigh James
      Robert Leigh James 5 days ago

      @Tom Wootton Thank you

    • Tom Wootton
      Tom Wootton 7 days ago +1

      You have to kick the ball out of play. It is a penalty to intentionally just throw the ball out of the pitch.

  • Will Hunnisett
    Will Hunnisett 9 days ago

    What happened in that last clip?

    • Qwerty Yuyop
      Qwerty Yuyop 9 days ago +2

      You can't deliberately throw a ball outside the field . That's a penalty . He just had to put the ball down and o think the referee would have ended the game there because it was past the 80th minute. Instead it was a penalty in front of the posts

  • zabaleta
    zabaleta 10 days ago

    Get the fuck out of the way then Barnes!

  • BTBDech
    BTBDech 12 days ago

    What about Freddie Burns against Toulouse?

  • Prime Mate
    Prime Mate 13 days ago

    2:58 - is that John O’shea?

  • Bas Habes
    Bas Habes 20 days ago

    Yeah, please part two!!

  • jonnyf88
    jonnyf88 23 days ago

    The last one is just fucking stupid. Just kick it out!

  • Brian Meyrick
    Brian Meyrick 28 days ago

    Made me smile that did ... just a bit curious though for why the 'moment' mentioned by this Spanish chap didn't make the cut? :-)

  • Jean-Xavier Franco
    Jean-Xavier Franco Month ago

    At 4’20, it may not be 100% dumb: in the French championship, you need to loose by 5 points or less to get a defensive bonus (instead of 7 points elsewhere). As SF was led by 18-12, the drop goal helped SF loose 18-15 and get the defensive bonus, not such a bad deal as they were playing away (in Toulouse). Obviously, the head coach would have preferred they tried to score a try + conversion to win the game...

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy Month ago +2

    Can someone explain 5:15

    • Thys V
      Thys V 26 days ago

      @Llewellyn Lulu Correct - rules in rugby has changed recently to prevent any team carrying or kicking or throwing the ball back over the touchline in order to prevent the other team from using opportunities. It is also considered poor sportsmanship to do this.
      It is now a new rule resulting in an immediate penalty kick.

    • Llewellyn Lulu
      Llewellyn Lulu 27 days ago +1

      @Thys V I had it slightly different @thys v, although my understanding is partly similar to yours, is it not more a case of a player not being allowed to deliberately throw or pass the ball over the dead ball line, hence the penalty?

    • Thys V
      Thys V 27 days ago

      One cannot carry the ball back over the touchline to end the game.
      Any ball handled before the touchline should be played upfield, not back over the touch.
      That is an automatic penalty.

  • Daniel Elder
    Daniel Elder Month ago


  • Daniel Elder
    Daniel Elder Month ago

    0:36, smells like teen spirit

  • Keanan Lambrechts
    Keanan Lambrechts Month ago +2

    McCaw deserved that... sitting on the floor slowing the ball down

  • Vincent C
    Vincent C Month ago

    2:11 I do not want to applaud this scandalous gesture which deserved the red card BUT, how many rugby players from around the world have dreamed of passing their nerves on the "most offside player without being sanctioned" for the whole history of rugby. (His masterpiece of course being his duet with "Joubert the blind" during the final of the 2011 World Cup)

  • Allosaurus Fragilis

    What did that last guy do wrong? Should he have just touched it down? Excuse my ignorance of rules...

    • Derrick Botha
      Derrick Botha Month ago

      Yes, if he touched it down it would've been game over.

  • Talbot Pule
    Talbot Pule Month ago +1

    Its all those concussions messing with their heads

  • Killer Gopher00
    Killer Gopher00 Month ago

    2017 Varsity Cup final? Time up, up by 3 the #10 decides to take a drop goal. Off the upright, UCT run it back 100m to score and win

  • Beans
    Beans Month ago

    The stupidest brain explosion in Rugby in the last decade would have to be Rugby Australia’s sacking of Israel Folau

  • Brian HarrisHarris
    Brian HarrisHarris Month ago


  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson Month ago +1

    Hougaard ended his own career after that kick

  • Emchammer
    Emchammer Month ago

    Im new to rugby, I still don't quite understand what a "brain fade" is. 😅

    • Mr E
      Mr E 6 days ago

      In case the poster got a notification I accidentally disliked this comment. Sorry about that. Perfectly good question. Was just scrolling on my phone.

    • Julian James
      Julian James Month ago

      @Emchammer Asking questions is how we learn. Not something to ever feel dumb about.

    • Emchammer
      Emchammer Month ago

      @Julian James Ah okay. That would explain as to why the examples in the video were all different. I feel dumb but thank you very much.

    • Julian James
      Julian James Month ago

      If you are being serious about not understanding... it's not a rugby term. It just refers to a moment where the brain doesn't engage and you do something stupid.

  • James Flynn
    James Flynn Month ago +1

    What happened in the first clip

    • Benji Bill
      Benji Bill Month ago

      James Flynn he called the ref a “fkn cheat”

    DARTH MONG Month ago

    I actually did the wrong line thing once. It would have been a peach of a try. Scorched between the 13 and 11 and dotted it down just behind the dead ball line. And I'm not Welsh so it could've featured here.

  • Hein Badenhorst
    Hein Badenhorst Month ago

    Dean bloody Greyling. Single handedly lost the boks that gam!

  • Barthélemy MARTIN
    Barthélemy MARTIN Month ago +3

    2:10 Wooooo thank you so much my dear, to give McCaw the treatment he deserved for so many years of cheating and disrespect. I mean, he is an anwsome player but what a poor mentality

    • Tim McDermott
      Tim McDermott Month ago +1

      You are everything thats wrong with youtube comments. "my dear"

  • Dan Nešněra
    Dan Nešněra Month ago

    If you dont understand it, you probably didnt play rugby.

  • Joe Dennehy
    Joe Dennehy Month ago

    Brilliant thanks

  • tewaewae
    tewaewae Month ago

    England celebrating a RWC semi final win like they had won something. Eddies brain fade, focused his 4 yrs on one game and it wasn't a final.

  • alessandro longo
    alessandro longo Month ago

    Why the last One Is penalty?

    • Owain Glyndwr
      Owain Glyndwr Month ago

      alessandro longo It is illegal in rugby union to throw the ball into touch or over the dead ball line.

  • rocithomas
    rocithomas Month ago +9

    Will have to add Dupont booting the ball out on the 79 minute for the next one!

  • cardigan3000
    cardigan3000 Month ago +4

    How can diving full length to punch Richie McCaw in the face ever be considered a "brain fade" - not only was it absolutely the right thing to do but the guy who did it should have been given a medal.

  • Paul Magee
    Paul Magee Month ago

    When you had a bet on the other team..

  • Michael Ellard
    Michael Ellard Month ago

    He will never learn.

  • BikerWolFF
    BikerWolFF Month ago +4

    Greyling socking McCaw one on the jaw...worth the breather in the sin bin any day...

    • Poa Vao 683
      Poa Vao 683 Month ago

      Richie the legend 🤙🏿

    • Cenotaur1
      Cenotaur1 Month ago

      Richie 'always offside' McCaw. Rarely pinged.

  • Daryl Wathen
    Daryl Wathen Month ago +6

    That Hougaard one stuck with me since I saw it. Never trusted him after that.

  • Sum Boi
    Sum Boi Month ago +10

    Dylan Hartley’s one is easily the worst. How on earth did he think he’d get away with insulting Wayne Barnes? 😂

    • Llewellyn Lulu
      Llewellyn Lulu 27 days ago +1

      @awinbisa exactly! I have no issue with a red after the player was warned to keep his tongue in check, and then goes and mouths off against a ref like Nigel.
      On a side note, Imagine rugby referees officiating over a soccer match, it will only be the ref left on the pitch!

    • awinbisa
      awinbisa Month ago +1

      As NIGEL Owens often says "this is not soccer "

    • Andrew Lovett
      Andrew Lovett Month ago

      Will Reply... so two scores ahead, pack going backwards. Clearly the sending off didn’t cost the saints the match. Although it obviously didn’t help.

    • Andrew Lovett
      Andrew Lovett Month ago

      Will Reply look at the scoreline before Hartley got sent off.

    • Andrew Lovett
      Andrew Lovett Month ago

      Will Reply didn’t cost them the game. Tigers were all over them before the sending off. As you can see from the scrummage.

  • Plati Puce
    Plati Puce Month ago

    Was that fucking Beauxis who thought he was a fucking football centerback??

  • Meeean Azz
    Meeean Azz Month ago +4

    2:10 *Mr Unbreakable*
    146 Tests
    2 World Cups

    *Goat* ☝🏽🇳🇿

    • Meeean Azz
      Meeean Azz Month ago

      @Adam Porter so says the *troll* lol

    • Adam Porter
      Adam Porter Month ago +2

      And he did it all offside

  • 11Acky
    11Acky Month ago +4

    Dylan Hartley has had more suspensions than any player in the history of the game, he is a grub and should have been banned for life

  • MightyAj
    MightyAj 2 months ago

    That last one got me in stitches.

    • Damien
      Damien Month ago

      @MightyAj I haven't heard of this rule. Deliberate knock down sure but throwing it out I mean.. hmm

    • rob smith
      rob smith Month ago +1

      @MightyAj well i learnt somethinh there thanks

    • ________
      ________ 2 months ago +1

      @MightyAj In that case you're right, bloody hilarious. Thanks for clearing that up btw, I thought deading the ball in any way after the 80th min was kosher

    • MightyAj
      MightyAj 2 months ago +3

      @________ You are not allowed to deliberately throw the ball out of play in rugby union. All he had to do was either kick it out or catch and ground it for time to be up and end match (The clock was passed the 80 minute mark). But because he threw it deliberately out, this awarded the opposition a penalty which they won with.

    • ________
      ________ 2 months ago +1

      Care to explain the foul play here? Am confused

  • Naim Iman
    Naim Iman 2 months ago +2

    Joey carbery kick vs japan

    • Jonathan Henly
      Jonathan Henly Month ago

      That was a deliberate decision to preserve the losing bonus point, which at that moment may well have become crucial further down the road.
      Not a brain fade. Questionable decision maybe but he and the rest of the team knew fully what he was doing.

  • sanchez12344321
    sanchez12344321 2 months ago

    Are we meant to think rugby players normally have brains anyway?

  • Brad die Irriterend III
    Brad die Irriterend III 2 months ago +1

    Bakkies was a breker..and a doos.

    • Nicholas Vanlierde
      Nicholas Vanlierde 2 months ago

      @Brad die Irriterend III bakkies had his moments for sure

    • Brad die Irriterend III
      Brad die Irriterend III 2 months ago

      @Nicholas Vanlierde I stand corrected. But honestly, that dive was so thuggish it looked Bakkies-esque.

    • Nicholas Vanlierde
      Nicholas Vanlierde 2 months ago

      @Brad die Irriterend III that's dean grayling. One and only game for bokke, for obvious reasons 😋

    • Brad die Irriterend III
      Brad die Irriterend III 2 months ago

      @Nicholas Vanlierde Number 17 at 2:13.

    • Nicholas Vanlierde
      Nicholas Vanlierde 2 months ago

      Who in this video is named bakkies?

  • Brandon Du Preez
    Brandon Du Preez 2 months ago +119

    Who shoves a referee??? 😂😂😂 might as well be shoving you're grandad down some stairs.

    • Ryan Martin
      Ryan Martin 27 days ago

      @wibbers01 come on.. he looked at him straight in the eyes and gestured for him to move out of the way. He knew it was the ref. A brain fart for sure but it wasn't a mistake.

    • David Kymdell
      David Kymdell Month ago +2

      @darragh O are you for real? Youre seriously arguing that the dude was justified in pushing the ref? Hahaha what a classic

    • darragh O
      darragh O Month ago +4

      No the ref had positioned himself in the worst position possible and the player probably didn't speak English and thought poorly on his feet. Really that one should be on Wayne Barnes for standing directly in front of the pod at the breakdown

    • wibbers01
      wibbers01 2 months ago +3

      Probs thought he was a Bath player infringing offside. Dark Grey and Black are similar colours.

  • John Stones
    John Stones 2 months ago +1

    Some real retards featured

  • Cmax g2G
    Cmax g2G 2 months ago +28

    The one person you shouldn’t mess with in the field of rugby.. the Ref
    He is the law

    • Donald Taylor
      Donald Taylor Day ago

      Brian Reid so youd be ok with a referee calling you a fucking dumbass every time you dropped the ball? Got it

    • M4ri4n4sG4t3k33p3r^*^333
      M4ri4n4sG4t3k33p3r^*^333 Day ago +1

      Here’s the league dunce who had brain damage from being a crash test dummy before he was a tween

    • Brian Reid
      Brian Reid Month ago

      The ultimate little man. Union refs are pussies who need to feel big by being untouchable.

    • Donald Taylor
      Donald Taylor Month ago +2

      Adam Porter if it was a 22DO, it can’t be kicked directly to touch since it has to be done successfully. Same way a scrum that is reset doesn’t end the half either.

    • Adam Porter
      Adam Porter Month ago

      Jesus looking back it was a 22. It might just have been ok lol

  • George Rustic
    George Rustic 2 months ago +3

    lools south africa kicked ball out instead of tap

  • Noppawee Wadee
    Noppawee Wadee 2 months ago

    Nathan Hughes in the Prem Final against Exeter....cost Wasps a thropy

  • Grindcore Rager 67
    Grindcore Rager 67 2 months ago +20

    Wrong bloody line! Have this one...


  • Max Sharp
    Max Sharp 2 months ago +6

    Greyling’s hit on McCaw ain’t a brain fade, that’s just simply a deserved yellow card!

    • StorminOGorman
      StorminOGorman Month ago

      @Meeean Azz True, they all do it, he just seemed to get away with it the most.

    • Meeean Azz
      Meeean Azz Month ago +1

      @StorminOGorman it's safe to say he wouldn't be the only one in the game who's pushed the limits

    • Able Willing
      Able Willing 2 months ago +2

      Yellow!!! Try an out and out red

      RUGBY ADDICTS 2 months ago +1

      @StorminOGorman frustrating I guess 😏

    • StorminOGorman
      StorminOGorman 2 months ago +1

      True, but can you imagine what it's like watching McCaw sat on his arse, sticking his hands into the ruck and the referee just ignoring it?

  • Hammersteyn
    Hammersteyn 2 months ago +4

    McCaw biggest cheat ever.

    • Hammersteyn
      Hammersteyn Month ago

      @Owain Glyndwr Yeah well even Flatman called him a cheat even though he admires him

    • Owain Glyndwr
      Owain Glyndwr Month ago

      Hammersteyn ‘Lying in offside positions and slowing down ball’. How many rugby players have not done these things? If these are cheating then every rugby player who has had a penalty given against them for these offences is a cheat and those who have done them and not been caught are also cheats. That covers about 99.9999% of those who play the game. I suspect that David Flatman, an English prop, has committed these offences many times.

    • Hammersteyn
      Hammersteyn Month ago

      @Owain Glyndwr
      Start there kind sir

    • Owain Glyndwr
      Owain Glyndwr Month ago

      Hammersteyn Ok. Give me a factual account of an instance when he cheated?Cheating is when You pre arrange to dive out of a lineout as if you have been poleaxed to win a penalty or a wing forward knocking the ball out a scrum half’s hands as he is about to put the ball into a scrum. McCaw played on the borderline of illegality many times ( but so do many other forwards, especially flankers). I do not regard that as cheating in the same way as the other two examples given. McCaw was a great player and captain.

    • Hammersteyn
      Hammersteyn Month ago

      @Owain Glyndwr Sure, just ignore every story about him cheating ever.

  • el omber
    el omber 2 months ago +1

    Make a this is rugby but do it for the decade. Use the same song as this is rugby 2019

  • Boeta Louw
    Boeta Louw 2 months ago

    Repeated clips from previous brain fade videos = dislike

    • Andrew Forde
      Andrew Forde  2 months ago +14

      oh no - I forgot there was a rule that prohibited repeated clips, even in a situation where it's a round-up of the decade. Thanks for reminding me!

    DARTH MONG 2 months ago +2

    Liam Williams no arms hit on Cornall Hendricks' face in 2014 was a bit of brain fade.

  • UK DRill
    UK DRill 2 months ago this is mad😭

  • Joseph Message
    Joseph Message 2 months ago +9

    What's the rule for the last one?

    • grumpy sod
      grumpy sod 2 months ago +2

      Let us check.
      1. He took the ball in the field of play. Taking it back over the try line is carring the ball back and results in a scrum
      2. the ball is then thrown over the dead ball line. Throwing the ball out of play is a big nono.If you do it over the side line or put it out of play by throwing it out, penalty.

    • Builder Mcleod
      Builder Mcleod 2 months ago +4

      @Eeskeediit You cannot throw the ball intentionally over the dead ball line. Has nothing to do with opposing team.

    • James Marshall
      James Marshall 2 months ago +10

      You can't throw the ball directly in to touch. Has to be off the boot/accidentally goes into touch. Otherwise a penalty

    • Eeskeediit
      Eeskeediit 2 months ago +7

      Cant throw the ball behind the dead ball line when the opposing team is within a certain amount of metres

  • Ben Southall
    Ben Southall 2 months ago +88

    Where is varhamahina against wales in the 1/4 final at World Cup ??????

    • André Maubé
      André Maubé Month ago

      he couldn't control himself, the fault was obvious ... I admit it was really stupid 😖 🇫🇷
      but it’s not that rare in rugby. However the context was special

    • Max Sharp
      Max Sharp 2 months ago +14

      That ain’t a brain fade that’s just being a twat 😅

  • Ben Southall
    Ben Southall 2 months ago +3

    What did Hartley do ?

    • cakes
      cakes 2 months ago

      @Travel with Minky and his defense was that he was calling youngs a fucking cheat...which isn't a great defense anyway

      DARTH MONG 2 months ago +1

      In my mind that's just Dylan being a knob as usual. The biggest brain fade was Myler's to kick the 22 straight out despite being told not to. The entire scrum situation was avoidable.

    • Travel with Minky
      Travel with Minky 2 months ago +4

      He called Barnesy a fucking cheat

  • Robin Mitchell
    Robin Mitchell 2 months ago +85

    Finn Russell getting pished should have been there

    • j j
      j j 2 months ago +2

      Robin Mitchell so unlucky for Scotland🤧 I mean I don’t see why they can’t let him play, anyone who plays club rugby has been here plenty of times, never really effected my performance😂

  • Archie Craigie Halkett
    Archie Craigie Halkett 2 months ago +6

    1:40 😂

  • Thibaud Duhamel
    Thibaud Duhamel 2 months ago +35

    No Vahamahina V Wainwright? A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

  • Ben Goode
    Ben Goode 2 months ago +2

    What's wrong with the final clip?

    • Brad die Irriterend III
      Brad die Irriterend III 2 months ago

      @Phil's SW Weight Loss Diary Kinda a dumb law tbh.

    • Phil's SW Weight Loss Diary
      Phil's SW Weight Loss Diary 2 months ago +2

      Hubert Cumberdale - you can’t deliberately pass/throw the ball into touch in the dead ball area. Kicking it out is part of the game, I think throwing it out is seen as being a bit unsportsmanlike.

    • Hubert Cumberdale
      Hubert Cumberdale 2 months ago +1

      Leith scrum half so you can kick the ball out of play but not throw it? That weird

    • Leith scrum half
      Leith scrum half 2 months ago +4

      You can always kick the ball off the pitch, if the last defender had done that after the missed penalty then the match would have ended and his team would have won the game. Because he deliberately passed the ball directly out of play he was penalised so play carried on. The (much easier) penalty was scored and his poor decision turned a certain victory into defeat.

    • Ben Versi
      Ben Versi 2 months ago +1

      They got a penalty from like 20m closer cause the guy threw the ball out to stop them which is illegal

  • rigby
    rigby 2 months ago +7

    that Japan guy really, just brilliant

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys Jones 2 months ago +49

    Dylan Hartley 😂😂😂

    • elliott b
      elliott b Month ago +2

      loved that, cost him a lions tour

    • Sky
      Sky Month ago +2

      can't believe he captained england. ill disciplined piece of shit

    • OLI PRJ
      OLI PRJ 2 months ago +6

      Once a bellend always a bellend 😂

  • sendittoherlihy
    sendittoherlihy 2 months ago +27

    Francois Hougard for me. Even if it hadn't gone out on the full, wtf was he at.. Total brain fade

    • Karma
      Karma 2 months ago +2

      Bok fan here. Two Bok brain farts shown in the video and the common denominator was Heyneke Meyer. We just seemed to have no clue how to play the game under him and it got even worse under Coetzee. Thank goodness Rassie was there to bring us back!!

    • Archie Craigie Halkett
      Archie Craigie Halkett 2 months ago

      Only possible reason for that. Imagine the stick he received for that from his teammates.

    • inBODwetrust13
      inBODwetrust13 2 months ago +3

      Only thing that could possibly explain it would be if he thought it was only a free kick and not a penalty

    • Alan Chapman
      Alan Chapman 2 months ago +3

      sendittoherlihy As a South African, I have to agree with the commentators. "Why does he do that?" is something I've often thought about the Springboks. Until last year of course

  • JD Jordaan
    JD Jordaan 2 months ago +14

    RWC Tip tackle on Duane Vermeulen

  • Joe Sullivan
    Joe Sullivan 2 months ago +130

    Got to give it to Scott Williams for that try line tackle

  • K K
    K K 2 months ago +6


  • NewBailong
    NewBailong 2 months ago