Quick-Roasted Veggie Bowl Recipe • Tasty


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  • Quixotic
    Quixotic 22 days ago

    this takes at least an hour if not more to make, unless you have everything ready to go on the counter, which you dont

  • Simone Mair
    Simone Mair 23 days ago

    Just cooked this meal and it took me 1,5h...but it turned out quite delicious 😋

  • Andy Du
    Andy Du 27 days ago

    Me: ohh something easy!
    *video shows first ingredient*
    Me: nvm

  • flooP a d00p
    flooP a d00p 27 days ago

    This recipe was nasty as hell

  • ZhiQi Ho
    ZhiQi Ho Month ago

    Wow tis actl looks so gud 😍

  • Yulia Vorf
    Yulia Vorf Month ago

    Definitely not quick

  • Zaika Food
    Zaika Food Month ago

    tasty :)

  • Halah MA
    Halah MA Month ago

    Anyone know how much calories in this dish?

  • Lindsey Schuler
    Lindsey Schuler Month ago

    Why does their hand look so weird when using the pepper

  • Annie Ryan
    Annie Ryan Month ago

    *caution* tray will be hot
    *touches tray*

  • jennpenn5
    jennpenn5 Month ago

    Quick roast...what they don't tell you is that there are 5+ roasting sessions to get through it.

  • dragon mandy
    dragon mandy Month ago

    So waste of time. For a single bowl of veggies?

  • christinapeter
    christinapeter Month ago

    People, quick is relative. It´s normal that it Takes longer to do a vegetable roast than frying an egg...
    Also - if you worry about the olive oil in this video - you should not go and eat out😅

  • Autumm Dottir
    Autumm Dottir Month ago +14

    The idea that someone isn't scraping out that cup of tahini with a spatula INFURIATES ME. Like, how dare you waste those extra tablespoon of tahini, you privileged punks

  • lynnkoi
    lynnkoi Month ago +3

    I'm so triggered by the two chickpeas she didn't season

  • Jane Yums
    Jane Yums Month ago

    That’s so much oil. Good thing you didn’t call it a healthy veggie bowl lol

  • Idontwannabesocial Yay

    “Caution, tray will be HOT” ....

    .......Picks up tray with hands 2 seconds later

  • Muslimah
    Muslimah Month ago

    What is faro and where can I get it from? I've never heard of it before.

  • Globie na
    Globie na Month ago

    So much olive oil

  • Savy Hendrix
    Savy Hendrix Month ago

    RIP my sodium levels

  • Anannya Paul
    Anannya Paul Month ago

    Probably 1litre of olive oil was used..

  • Atul Kotian
    Atul Kotian Month ago +1

    Roses are red
    Rice is covered in bran
    If the baking temperature was same
    Why didn't they use one pan? 😑🤔

  • Destic
    Destic Month ago +1

    Tasty 👌

  • Spiral Breeze
    Spiral Breeze Month ago

    How is this quick?

  • Abigail Oneill
    Abigail Oneill Month ago

    It looks good

  • Naima Irfan
    Naima Irfan Month ago

    This looks appetizing. Mouth watering.

  • No11Scalpel
    No11Scalpel Month ago

    You don't dilute Tahini with water .Quite an insult to every Middle eastern mother that is ... Yogurt is your friend

  • Valerie Paul
    Valerie Paul Month ago

    Looks good minus tofu

  • karenamanda1958
    karenamanda1958 Month ago

    There was just a Tahini recall. Check the FDA website before buying or eating tahini.

  • Jevin Wilson
    Jevin Wilson Month ago

    What sauce can we use if we can’t get tahini

  • Jim Osman
    Jim Osman Month ago

    too much work

  • Jeremy Alexander
    Jeremy Alexander Month ago

    Do you not know what a mixing bowl is? And I love how a 50 step recipe of things that need to be cooked at different times is called "quick". This is literally one of the most complicated recipes I've seen in a while. Total fail.

  • shannon osullivan
    shannon osullivan Month ago

    Lot of oil.

  • Can't Relate
    Can't Relate Month ago +2

    Can I substitute the tofu with chicken

  • BTS? Korean Gods Of Beauty

    It may not be quick but sure looks heavenly 😍🤤

  • Princess Caty
    Princess Caty Month ago

    How many people is that supposed to feed? I can understand putting in that much effort and dirtying that many dishes to make dinner for a family, but for one person? Come one!

  • Michael Bednarczyk
    Michael Bednarczyk Month ago

    Love the Kroger partnership! My favorite cooking app and my favorite grocery store!

  • Sana R Sarkazi33
    Sana R Sarkazi33 Month ago

    It wasn't quick...

  • saigonbond
    saigonbond Month ago

    You forgot the bacon.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood Month ago

    yall love to complain all the time 🙄 the oil is what makes it taste good but of it bothers you, use a silpat to roast the veg and you don’t need oil, and you can probably leave it out of the dressing because tahini has fat anyway

  • RequiemJr
    RequiemJr Month ago

    I'll just go to a Chinese food restaurant and ask for stir fried veggies.

  • Ameer Saban
    Ameer Saban Month ago +1

    They clickbaited us with the hyphen. It will legit take me the entire day to make this.

  • Sav O
    Sav O Month ago

    That’s a shit ton of olive oil

  • he E
    he E Month ago

    Too many progression, takes forever lol

  • Tim Wilcock
    Tim Wilcock Month ago


  • Gerre
    Gerre Month ago


  • Gayatri Dwivedi
    Gayatri Dwivedi Month ago


  • Ashley K. Daniels-Johnson

    POTATOES Is Not A Vegetable
    And TOFU Is Yuckkkkk

  • Life As Bethia
    Life As Bethia Month ago

    What is tahini

  • afreakenracoon
    afreakenracoon Month ago


  • Carmen ac
    Carmen ac Month ago

    Idk what some ingredients are :p

  • taste therainbow
    taste therainbow Month ago

    So much oil though

  • Vi Isaac
    Vi Isaac Month ago

    Olive oil = 1 cup omg

  • Richard Nji
    Richard Nji Month ago

    Who like this episode

  • Gary W
    Gary W Month ago +1

    Tofu is bad for you. Skip that and it’s good.

    • Tessa Red
      Tessa Red Month ago

      Gary W fun fact- GMO isn't bad for you and doesn't have any adverse health affects

    • 두부tofu
      두부tofu Month ago

      That's only if you eat ALOT of it but its healthy if you eat some

    • Gary W
      Gary W Month ago

      Lowers testosterone in men. Causes breast cancer in women and is a major GMO.

    • Tessa Red
      Tessa Red Month ago

      Gary W explain.

    • Gary W
      Gary W Month ago

      No soy product is good for you.

  • J Cassidy
    J Cassidy Month ago +1

    Oh No Tofu.

  • the gay tree
    the gay tree Month ago

    Yall be watching healthy crazy cool

  • Rachel Cisneros
    Rachel Cisneros Month ago +4

    "Caution: Tray will be hot"
    ***grabs tray with bare hands***

  • Meg Senelly
    Meg Senelly Month ago

    To any veggie newbs: it’s totally possible to roast veggies without any oil. Much less the 2 cups used here. Some vegetables even taste better dry
    roasted. 😜💚✌🏼

  • Noelle Bloomfield
    Noelle Bloomfield Month ago +1

    Tasty always gets me in a good mood

  • VoL.
    VoL. Month ago

    More vegan recipes please 🙏

  • Simranpreet Singh
    Simranpreet Singh Month ago +21

    Replace Tofu with sweet Potatoe and Add roasted Mushroom and I am all in.

    • Simranpreet Singh
      Simranpreet Singh Month ago +2

      +vanshika sansaniwal Oh Definitely, paneer would be good too. I like Paneer in Indian dishes quite a lot just not as a replacement in other dishes.

    • vanshika sansaniwal
      vanshika sansaniwal Month ago

      +Simranpreet Singh burrito bowl is one of the staple things that I eat & I love the paneer in it . I don't like mushroom at all ( weird texture ) imo & sweet potatoes make my throat close up so both of things are no bueño

    • Simranpreet Singh
      Simranpreet Singh Month ago

      +vanshika sansaniwal Frankly the texture of paneer wont go good with such a dish. But definitely if you like Paneer quite a lot it can be good replacement. For me replace Tofu with Roasted Sweet Potoes, Roasted Mushroom, Roasted Brocolli, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Refried beans.

    • vanshika sansaniwal
      vanshika sansaniwal Month ago

      Replace tofu with paneer ✌️

  • FCN_ Art
    FCN_ Art Month ago

    Yes bitch!I needed this!

  • Natastiana
    Natastiana Month ago

    Good luck with mixing chili powder bare hands... I don’t recommend this.

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger Month ago

    Farro is my favourite grain

  • ConnieP
    ConnieP Month ago

    *oLivE oiL*

  • Krushev Thapa
    Krushev Thapa Month ago

    I thought it was a quick recipe. Just the Baking added up takes 50 mins lol

  • 연남이 Yeon-nam ASMR

    Yummy ❤️👀❤️
    I wanna eat 😯

  • stormbob
    stormbob Month ago

    Why did you put the garlic powder on the potatoes and carrots followed by the salt, but put the salt on first on the broccoli? Does it matter?

  • 7363896281 Justin
    7363896281 Justin Month ago


  • Cinderroob
    Cinderroob Month ago +1

    Down with this minus the tofu. 🤢

  • Youtuber VS Food
    Youtuber VS Food Month ago


  • It Burns
    It Burns Month ago

    I wonder why they had the sheet pan on the floor for most of the shots.

    • Miranda Mom
      Miranda Mom Month ago

      It Burns You should watch the behind the scenes tour of Tasty on Alix’s TheXvid channel. She shows that the countertops you see in the videos are really just short sections, so they can vary the background.

  • Christian Altamirano

    My fat ass thought the pink potatoes were chopped sausages.

  • Taste & See with Flo


  • Jupiter Kaleidoscope

    Half of this recipe is olive oil

  • Mad Willow
    Mad Willow Month ago

    45 min just for the roasting thats not including the prep and clean up! Its a nice dish you don't have to lie about prep time. By doing so you may discourage novice cooks by giving them unrealistic expectations. This dish is a lot of things but quick it is not!

  • Zirko Hrastic
    Zirko Hrastic Month ago

    Please try to make a coton candy

  • Mad Willow
    Mad Willow Month ago


  • Toothsome Discoveries

    Looks like the perfect New Year’s resolution food I’ll have to try.

  • ghost rider
    ghost rider Month ago

    (I got this)
    *(Watches whole video)*
    (gets bowl)
    (Puts bowl back)
    (Orders Uber Eats)
    (Takes photo)
    (Puts it on Snapchat)

  • janette dai
    janette dai Month ago

    When can Americans realize those white cream is disgusting, and not healthy?

    • Nadia Khoshaba
      Nadia Khoshaba Month ago

      janette dai Lol, it’s not a white cream or dressing...it’s a middle eastern food called tahini, and it’s made from ground sesame seeds.

  • Birtycle 204
    Birtycle 204 Month ago

    Woah, dot in every title, that's new

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor Month ago

    Quick?! You've gotta be kidding me. Hello, Dominos? I'll take a large Pepperoni please.

    TheFULLMETALCHEF Month ago

    (caution...tray will be hot)picks up with bare hands...AND managed to turn this into another commercial.

  • Christopher Hammond

    Needs more olive oil

  • Amber B
    Amber B Month ago

    They say the tray is hot and then they pick it up with their bare hands

  • Emarelda
    Emarelda Month ago

    TRAY WILL BE HOT! -proceeds to grab hot out of the oven tray with bare hands-

  • Jaaaayde
    Jaaaayde Month ago

    Greasy... :(

  • AdventurezOfGeib
    AdventurezOfGeib Month ago


  • Coorvaldx Veronica Rosenberger

    Living for the vegan recipes

  • fresh lumpia
    fresh lumpia Month ago

    Going to a salad bar is quicker than this

    • Skylark
      Skylark Month ago

      And also a lot more expensive

  • fresh lumpia
    fresh lumpia Month ago

    “Caution! Tray will be hot.”
    *proceeds to pick up with bare hands*

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  • Andrea Suarez
    Andrea Suarez Month ago

    Why dont u put all together in the same tray ????????????

  • Marlyn Garcia
    Marlyn Garcia Month ago


  • willcwhite
    willcwhite Month ago

    Looks delicious!

  • OG E49 100 0 400
    OG E49 100 0 400 Month ago

    Nice it just take me 1 and a half hour to make this. Thats rly quick